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Blame Trump: President’s rhetoric diminishes human worth, says church leader

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary grad & former NYC extension director and church planter, now Magazine editor attacks President Trump.

Claims Donald Trump diminishes human worth with tweets and rhetoric.

Providence: A Journal of Christianity and American Foreign Policy’s managing editor attacked President Donald Trump’s rhetoric as dehumanizing. The magazine equated the President’s rhetoric to the thinking that pulls the trigger in mass murders like El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

“Trump’s speeches and Tyson’s tweets did not kill those helpless souls last weekend. But the underlying tendency in both men’s rhetoric to diminish human worth is the same tendency necessary to pull the trigger,” Drew Griffin wrote for Providence.

The magazine’s managing editor is Drew Griffin, a graduate of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Previously, he ran the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s New York City extension center. Also, he served as a Southern Baptist church planter for a plant in New York City partnering the North American Mission Board with Cross Church, Ronnie Floyd’s former church in Arkansas.

Griffin’s Providence bio explains, “Drew served for four years as founder and pastor of Cross Church NYC, a Protestant church plant in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.” Notice how the Southern Baptist Convention plants stealth churches—Protestant. However, it was, as Southern noted a Southern Baptist effort.

This is not the first time Griffin wrote about the intersection of violence and politics.

In 2013, he attacked the Second Amendment rights of Americans. He falsely asserted, “I do not think that it was their (the Founders) intent that the freedom go so unchecked that thousands every year be gunned down with assault rifles and large magazine and armor piercing bullets.”

That’s nonsense.

Thousands are not mowed down with rifles every year. Thousands are not hit with rounds fired from large magazines and armor piercing bullets. Handguns are what kill the most in America.

Here’s a handy fact check. In fact, it explains, “Little wonder then that a 2004 study commissioned by the Department of Justice found that the federal ban [on assault rifles] didn’t lead to any decrease in gun crime or gun deaths. For starters, rifles, assault or otherwise, are rarely used in gun crime,” Adam Winkler, a constitutional law professor at UCLA Law School, wrote in a 2015 Los Angeles Times op-ed.

So, not only are your Southern Baptist Theological Seminary graduates Social Justice Warriors, they also use fake stats to make lame cases to deprive you of your constitutional rights. So, Dr. Mohler, you need to improve your seminary.

I know all those millions of Southern Baptists who voted for President Trump and appreciate their Second Amendment right to own guns would appreciate it.

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