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The case against J.D. Greear as Southern Baptist Convention President

J.D. Greear says he was disillusioned with SBC, but came to understand every organization has its ‘Crazy Uncles;’ Joins criticism of fellow Southern Baptist pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress of FBC Dallas; Praises Russell Moore

J.D. Greear cannot be trusted to remain independent of Russell Moore’s George-Soros-style immigration policy. Greear has repeatedly thrown his public support behind Russell Moore, the embattled president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. Moore has associated himself and the ERLC with the George Soros-financed immigration reform organizations.

Greear made clear he stands with Russell Moore and the entrenched denominational elites. In a podcast published by The Gospel Coalition, Greear declared Russell Moore as one of the best things about the leadership of the SBC. (Audio) Greear’s interview with Mike Cosper of The Gospel Coalition was posted to the TGC website November 14, 2017.

“I’m pretty excited about the leadership of most of them,” Greear told The Gospel Coalition. “Kevin Ezell at North American Mission Board is fantastic. I think he is very humble and approachable, and of course David Platt at the IMB. Russell Moore is a great representative at the ERLC.”

Southern Baptists might scoff at the thought of Russell Moore as a “great representative,” of the Southern Baptist Convention. Moore’s feckless attacks on fellow Southern Baptists in the last election remains a stain on the Southern Baptist Convention and its trustees who allow Moore to remain in office. However, attacks on fellow Southern Baptists are not shocking these days. And something even the SBC presidential frontrunner engages in on The Gospel Coalition podcast.

At approximately the 12:30 mark, Greear was asked about the “difficulty of being associated with Baptists when something comes out in the news or some Baptist pastor says something crazy on CNN or Fox News or has one of Fox News in his pulpit on Sunday morning.”

Both Cosper and Greear chuckled as they discussed a Southern Baptist pastor having a Fox News personality who was Roman Catholic “in the pulpit on Sunday morning, the same week he called Roman Catholicism a pagan blood cult.” This was an apparent reference to and attack on Southern Baptist Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas. Dr. Jeffress invited Sean Hannity of Fox News for a conversation about Hannity’s new Christian-focused movie.

J.D. Greear defended his church’s membership in the SBC by telling The Gospel Coalition host that every organization has its “Crazy Uncles.”

Greear’s answer to being associated with the SBC was not a stirring defense of the Southern Baptist Convention as one of the greatest missionary sending forces in Christian history. Instead, he offered this reply, “Part of it is the dilemma of being in any large group of people,” Greear said. “I think very quickly after I had grown a little disillusioned with the SBC, I found out that every other network I started to get in, there was like: They have crazy uncles in here too. I think I’m the crazy uncle to some of these people….God has always worked in these imperfect things. There comes a point at which hypocrisy is so bad that you can’t go on, but at some point, you have to make a decision that you are going to be with fallen people and fallen people bring these issues and you got to get in there and fight.”

Southern Baptists are left to wonder, where are the leaders who are proud to be Southern Baptists?

While Greear might be “disillusioned” with some Southern Baptists and disagree with the politics of most Southern Baptists, he fully endorses Russell Moore. This support for Moore should not be shocking; Greear revealed himself to adhere to a Kuyperian political theology and identified as a follower of Abraham Kuyper.

Greear said, “Christianity touches every sphere, which means Christians ought to think Christianly about tax policy, healthcare and racial issues, but it doesn’t mean necessarily that the institution of the church ought to take on all those burdens.”

A vote for J.D. Greear is a vote for Russell Moore’s and George Soros’ immigration policy

Immigration is one area where Greear has joined with Russell Moore in pushing for immigration. Greear signed a letter pushed by the Soros-backed Evangelical Immigration Table to protect Dreamers. (See how the Evangelical Immigration Table has ties to George Soros.)Moore’s rhetoric on immigration has drawn criticism from many conservatives including Mark S. Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies. “There are people I respect who think highly of @DrMoore, but to equate killing an unborn baby with enforcement of immigration laws is morally fatuous,” Krikorian tweeted.

Greear tweeted out his thoughts on immigration policy and Donald Trump during the last election. Greear said, “Is Donald Trump wrong about Muslim immigration? (Hint: yes),” along with a link to his blog. Greear’s ministry blog published by his staff during the election attacked Trump’s immigration policy and promoted Russell Moore’s opposition.

The blog said, “Recently he suggested that we close our border to all Muslims. This is an obviously foolish agenda, and one that flies in the face of Christian principles. For the sake of religious liberty, for the sake of integrity, and for the sake of basic humanity, Russ Moore says we’ve got to reject this for the folly that it is.” (Link)

Folly is using cooperative program money to fund legal briefs to help build mosques. Folly is helping Russell Moore on his open-borders agenda. Folly is not calling Russell Moore out for his connections to George Soros funded open borders immigration groups. Folly would be electing Greear at a time we need leadership to stand up to Russell Moore and stop the progressive attack on pro-life values.

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  2. Lol what a horribly written article. Stick to football. Your reasons for J.D. not being president are pretty much because he doesn’t line up with all your political views and in an interview he spoke as kindly as he probably could about how diverse yet united our denomination is. Please post another article with actual reasons that would disqualify him.

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