Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?

Many Tide fans would like to see the Anthony Grant era of basketball put out of its misery.

In his sixth season, Grant has led Alabama to only one NCAA Tournament.   Barring a miracle, that won’t change this season.   Alabama may pull a win out of its back pocket, against Florida, in the SEC tournament.  If they do, that is a win/lose scenario.

The reward for that will be a beat down from Kentucky.   After that, it is still conceivable for Alabama to be invited to the NIT Tournament.   Most basketball fans consider the NIT to be the equivalent of a Dot.Com Bowl in football.

Grant’s attributes are being honest and running a clean program.  His shortfalls are not winning enough, not recruiting great players, and not keeping the good players around. See this story for one big example.

Grant has a good record against Auburn.  That’s another feather in his cap.  But Auburn has a new sheriff in town in the form of Bruce Pearl.   Pearl hasn’t won big in his first year, but he has energized the fan base and recruited well. See this story on Pearl’s recruiting efforts.

Grant had a losing campaign last season, and has engineered a mild comeback in 2014-2015, winning 18 games so far, and improving slightly in road games.

Grant’s biggest advantage, as far as keeping his job, may be the fact that Alabama athletic director Bill Battle is deemed to be a short-timer.   Battle will likely leave the decision on hiring a new basketball coach to his successor as AD.

Spring football has sprung.   Most Alabama fans will be pacified with that now, and have already put the basketball season behind them-  if they were ever watching.

So, who is in Grant’s tomb?   The answer is, everybody who cares about Alabama basketball.