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Will Muschamp likely not able to fix Auburn’s red zone offense

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Auburn’s latest hail mary to try and keep up with big brother involves the hiring of former Florida head coach, Will Muschamp. Nobody wins a press conference like the Tigers, throwing dollars at the name of the week in order to appease the AU cult. How’s that Bruce Pearl hire working out?

Muschamp, who struggled as a head coach at Florida, replaces the fired Ellis Johnson, who struggled as a head coach at Southern Mississippi. After just two seasons, Johnson was shown the door following a 55-point free-for-all at the hands of the Tide. But if Auburn had won the Iron Bowl, would Johnson still be on Gustav’s staff? I’ll answer that for you…wait for it…


But the fact is, Johnson was the fall guy for Gustav’s inability to score in the red zone against Alabama. All we hear is that Gussy’s dipsy-doo, trickeroo offense is built to outscore its opponents, but when his pants were pulled down in prime time against the program by which Auburn measures itself 24-7, 365, something had to be done. And since OctaGussy couldn’t fire himself over five field goals, Johnson took the fall.

Will Muschamp says lots of bad words.
And I’ll call it right now. The hire will be a disaster. Muschamp will remain in Auburn exactly two seasons before bolting, being let go, or being fired along with Malzahn’s other staff over sub-performance. The knock on Gus’ brand of junior high offensive football by defensive coordinators is that it doesn’t compliment defenses very well. Auburn, once known as a defensive stalwart, hasn’t had a good defense since Tommy Tuberville roamed the sidelines. “But Muschamp was D.C. in 2006-2007 at Auburn and their defenses were good.” No, in reality those units were nothing special, earning Auburn exactly nothing. No hardware to show, unless you count the FOY Sportsmanship Trophy, which at the time winning over Bama was like taking candy from a blind baby.

When Gene Chizik won Auburn’s only national title post the 1960’s, nobody was crying over the defense. And that Auburn defense was horrific. “We just outscore everybody!” is what you heard from koolaid slurping aubies. Kentucky scored 34 on them that year. Ole Miss got 31 (and not the good Ole Miss of today). Yet, because Gus’ offensive was clicking, all was well.

But an Iron Bowl loss, where you can’t get first downs or touchdowns when they matter, will upset the apple cart. So here we are.

The coach who legend has it doesn’t allow profanity on his practice field (*chortle, tsk, gufaw) just hired the biggest potty mouth this side of Louis CK. Muschamp uses cuss words like adjectives. There are some marriages that just don’t work, and again this one won’t, and not because of all the bad words about to be volleyed on the practice field, sidelines, in cafeterias, in church, and at children’s birthday parties and family gatherings.

It won’t work because Muschamp has worked for the best, and Gustav is far from the best. His candy apple, high school way of doing things will not be a home run with Muschamp, who will not gel with Gus and his staff. There’s no coaching history between the two. Rather, the hire reeks of a PR stunt by someone Malzahn answers to, a move to soothe the wounds left by Bama playing for its fourth national title in six years. I would’ve been less surprised if little brother had named Matthew McConaughey as the new D.C. Again, nobody wins a presser like the Tiggers.

But good for Will for cashing in. Still earning his $6+ Million buyout from Florida, numbers tossed around have been as high as $1.5 Million a year for his services in Lee County. This for a guy whose defenses were as bad as his offenses while in Gainesville. Alabama has hung 42, 38 and 37 on his defenses the last three times they’ve faced him. And recruiting? The reason Florida was so bad was because they didn’t have any players. But at least krazy Kristy will soon have a new shopping buddy, collagen Carol.

The hire and dollars involved just scream of desperation, and admittedly Auburn could’ve done a lot worse. But it will be enough to nurse the fears of the Auburn faithful who yet again have to see big bad Alabama set up as the golden standard in the college football world. At least until next season when Gus’ offense again can’t score in the redzone against the Tide.

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88 thoughts on “Will Muschamp likely not able to fix Auburn’s red zone offense”

  1. 1.5 million a year? This is the same football program that now OWES ANOTHER COACH money who will be sitting at home on Saturday. Also the same football program that reportedly posted a $900,000 deficit in 2013. WDE? Whatever it takes to TRY to win, I guess.

    1. It’s like the USSR trying to keep up with the USA in technology. Saban’s long range plan is to force AU to spend itself into the ground, ultimately becoming like UAB and dropping FB! LOL!

  2. You’re wrong about Auburn not scoring in the red zone next year. Saban’s faster, quicker reading defense will not allow very many trips into the red zone next year. Auburn would have to get there to not score in the red zone. I don’t see Bama’s D getting beat with the long ball much next year w AU sporting a new QB. Our secondary will be better with a year of experience. RTR!

    1. Barnergeddon has been tough on ol’ Scarbuttinsky. It’s hilarious how he’s jumped on the Bama bandwagon lately.

    2. from the comments section of that scarbinsky piece posted by an amazingly prescient individual caling him/herself “hukker”:

      “If the Auburn family was not concerned after this years team performance on both sides of the ball, the players attitudes, the assistant coaching merry-go-round, etc,..etc…etc…then this latest hire should do the trick. Chizik’s reign will go down in history much like Milli-Vanilli’s did…
      He does however have a bright future on ESPN.”

      milli vanilli. (snicker)

  3. Um … “dipsy doo” (LOL) put up 44 on Kirby Saban and beat your azz last year. Easy to mock when you hide real name behind those three little letters. Oh and AUbsessed!

    1. It put up 36 real points and a garbage touchdown at the end. And no, it didn’t “beat your azz” last year. It resulted in 21 legitimate points. Blown officiating on the tying TD and a kick-six resulted in your final 13 pts.

      But don’t let facts get in the way of your argument.

      1. Then why not fire the DC last year?


        Win the Iron Bowl, Auburn doesn’t fire anyone, including this year.

        Lose the Iron Bowl, Auburn immediately fires a coach the next day, or starts talk about “what do we have to do” like in 2010. It’s no coincidence.

      2. If it had been the NFL, it would have been a blown call. But it is college, so it was within the rules. Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story. Then again, you never do. Unless of course, it is wrongdoing by UAT(DJ Fluker comes to mind.)

        1. @Elite Tiger

          I love when you bring up Fluker.

          I really do.

          Every time.

          It’s hilarious.

          You throw it at Alabama fans like you probably throw the holocaust at German women when you introduce yourself to them, only it makes even less sense.

          The way you are completely stuck in your prejudice about anything Fluker-related isn’t just cultish, it isn’t just Little Brother, it isn’t just obsessive, it’s Auburn culture in a bottle with a blue-and-orange nlpple on it.

          “Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.”

          At least you’re not commenting without a sense of irony. Again, it’s just so redundantly cult-like (“what are your crimes?!”). I can’t help but be fascinated by you Elite Tiger.

          I think I love you.


          I know I love you.

          Never stop. Never change. Please.

          1. You think it is funny that a player was given money by former UA players. Wow!! That says something about you, and it isn’t good. My point in bringing it up often is, this site continually wants to dog Auburn for Cam Newton. That is fine, except for the fact, there is not a documented piece of evidence Cecil ever got any money. Doesn’t mean he might not have, but if he did, there would be proof.
            But there is proof that has been documented DJ Fluker got money from agents/runners, who just happen to be former players for Bama. And this site has to this day, doesn’t even acknowledge it could have happened. ITK has never had an article about the suspension of Trey Depriest at the start of the year. Why was he suspended? Did he get improper benefits like DJ, Clinton Dix, or at least 2 other players who got his scholarship money, before he was eligible to get it? And your ‘great’ compliance staff, somehow missed that it happened not once, but twice. And we know Mark Emmert will never try to find out if anything improper went on. Nick is not one of his problems, or so he says.

          2. @elite tiger

            Um, everyone dogs Cam Newton. It doesn’t make us special.

            And you brought up Newton again, not us.

            “…there is not a documented piece of evidence Cecil ever got any money. Doesn’t mean he might not have, but if he did, there would be proof.”

            No, there wouldn’t be proof. That’s the point. That’s the difference. You can’t prove Cam didn’t know he was shopped at all, either. It’s like saying I can’t prove you like the taste of pizza.

            Look, they made a new rule about it a month after Cam was proven to be a deity anyway so don’t worry about it. A player can’t be shopped now thanks to the Newtons, even if the player says he doesn’t know about it.

            But you’re the only one who just plain can’t think clearly about Fluker.

            “…there is proof that has been documented DJ Fluker got money from agents/runners, who just happen to be former players for Bama. And this site has to this day, doesn’t even acknowledge it could have happened.”

            Um, yes we have. I have personally, too. In fact, I spoke about it with you way more than I should have. You didn’t listen. You let your hate cloud your judgment. You didn’t look elsewhere.

            That’s cult.

            It’s not that it’s hard for you to change your mind, it’s that it’s impossible to accept information, no matter how clear and well-documented, that might not fit your narrative that the University of Alabama helped pay DJ Fluker to play football for them, never mind the other schools and other players in the exact same story that you simply don’t care about enough to hate like you do Alabama.

            Now it’s a conspiracy with Mark Emmert again, you say? Tell me that’s not cultish thinking. I mean, good grief.

            Let me know if you can find why DePriest was suspended. I never knew. You’ll assume the worst, I’m sure, but calling this site out for not writing an expose on DePriest’s suspension when it occurred is redundant and pointless. Alleging it’s because DePriest was paid instead, well, that’s an awfully stringent accusation. Think about what you’re saying. Is that what you really think happened only because we don’t know?

            What bothers me about you the most is how you love Cam and profess his innocence as if this site is the reason why anyone ever thought he was shopped or may have accepted money to play at Auburn. I mean, the NCAA made a rule implicitly to stop what the Newtons did just one month after Cam left Auburn, not having anything to do with actual money. I’m not saying Auburn did anything wrong, and since there’s no proof then there’s no point even suggesting they did, so let’s do the same with Alabama.

            You can’t though. It doesn’t work. And it’s easy to see why, but I don’t expect you to take my word for it, so see for yourself.

            Wait, it’s even better.

            Alabama isn’t responsible for Fluker being paid in secret (or again, any of the other players from any of the other schools you don’t hate as much) and Alabama certainly seems to be at least defensible when it comes to impermissible benefits against your allegation of our “great compliance staff” being inept enough to miss a guy purposely hiding what he did wrong. When a coach loaned a player $500, he was immediately fired, in spite of the loan being paid off, never mind the purpose of the loan being something I’d like to think nobody would consider immoral.

            Instead, you like to think Alabama is responsible for Fluker (what about the UT and UM players?) hiding cash payments and allege that Alabama paid Fluker to play for them, or at least that he was paid while playing for them and Alabama didn’t care but lied about not knowing, and therefore Alabama should….what, get the death penalty? Forfeit ever game Fluker played in? But on the other hand we already know that wasn’t the case with Auburn, hence why they suspended Cam Newton in the first place, correct?

            Or is that why you’re saying Auburn is innocent and Alabama is in a conspiracy with the NCAA still?

            Cult creepy.

            So again, you’re saying it’s the fault of the University of Alabama, not Fluker, and never mind the difference between Fluker and Newton’s alleged variances since $1 is the same as $250k in the NCAA’s eyes, so let’s assume Fluker got $10 million so the rest of the story can become more clear. After all, you’re still saying it’s outright “wrongdoing by UAT.”

            If that’s really how you think, I see no reason for you not to storm Auburn University in a gregarian revolt, complete with pitchforks and spades, demanding a better answer.

            Wait, what about scholarship money? Not eligible?

            My word man.

            Look, don’t take my word for it. I know I can’t change your mind, but you’re digging your own hole again and again. It’s insane, like, literally fits the clinical definition of insanity. Clear your head. Read about the Fluker story from somewhere else, anywhere else, so you know it’s not tinted with bias from an Alabama fan, or secretly edited by the NCAA. Go on. Let me know what you find. Because it’s not a secret, it’s not a conspiracy, but when you find the information let me know what you think the punishment should be for the University of Alabama and why since you’re the one saying it’s “wrongdoing by UAT.” I’ll hold.

          3. While searching for rebuttals, I did come across an article from this site about DJ, and the allegation. So, I stand corrected. I am man enough to admit I was wrong. In the case of Depriest, don’t know why he was suspended, though based on prior events at UA, it wouldn’t shock me if it came out he got some sort of improper benefit. Oh wait, Bama doesn’t do that. This is a site for Alabama athletics, and yet to my knowledge, no story was done as to even admitting his suspension, let alone why it happened.

          4. OK, now take the “elite” off your name.

            This site didn’t run a story on why DePriest was suspended so this site is just Alabama propaganda keeping you down.

            I guess it’s time to go complain to ESPN, yahoo sports, CBS sports and CNN. Because, you know, they did the exact same thing. .

            Again, speculating about a suspension is one thing. But alleging Alabama was aware of impermissible benefits and suspended him is not just dangerous and misleading, but it kinda completely contradicts everything any school might do no matter how much you hate them, but particularly Alabama because of fear alone. He probably missed a practice or got drunk or something, like it or not, rather than what you’re predisposed to believe thanks to cult teaching

          5. I asked why Trey was suspended, because it is not known to this day why. If this had been an AU player, the media would have hounded Gus about it. Not to mention this site. But this site is devoted to Alabama athletics, and they report nothing about him being suspended. Understand why ITK wouldn’t speculate on it, but it was news at the time. But he was too busy writing another article about Auburn, to report on what he should be covering.

          6. It doesn’t matter why Trey was suspended for a single game – if it had been something to do with the NCAA, then you’ll hear about it at some point – likely the offseason. If it was an internal matter, though, you may never know what it was about, and you have no ‘right’ to know.
            And the missed call on the Marshall pass that occurred as he was committing to a run play that lead to a touchdown featured an ineligible receiver downfield blocking for the planned run. That should have been a penalty, just like it would have been in the NFL.
            So – you’re bringing up Fluker is at best a deflection from your erroneous statement about NFL rules, or just pure ignorance on your part. I’m voting for the latter.

  4. Only Auburn fans think a Last Second Miracle and a tying TD that should have been penalized is an ass kicking, whereas 55-44 is just luck. Auburn sentvAmari Cooper to NYC

  5. I just find it hilarious that Auburn fired Ellis Johnson who gave up LESS yards to Alabama than Muschamp did.

    Now THAT is funny!

    1. It’s not funny. It’s characteristic Auburn.

      Auburn doesn’t set a goal to be the best, only to beat the best. That’s the difference. That’s Auburn.

      And that’s funny.

      They simply can’t escape it, no matter how many times that creed is thrown at us.

      After all, Will Muschamp is Auburn’s best defensive coordinator hire since….Will Muschamp.

      That’s right Auburn, you already tried to win with Muschamp as your defensive coordinator. Are memories really that short? It wasn’t even a decade ago if I remember right.

      While he may have given Auburn some good defensive performances in the past, has Muschamp ever been able to beat Saban?
      Actually, the answer is yes, in Saban’s first year as Alabama’s coach, and against players Saban didn’t recruit, the last time Alabama was unranked, and at Jordan-Hare, and by one score, but that’s enough to have hope on the plains, I suppose. I remember how they celebrated..

      He couldn’t beat a Saban-led team at Texas.

      Then he couldn’t beat a Saban-led team at Florida.

      Now he can’t help beat a Saban-led team at Auburn…again.

      Texas promised Muschamp the head coach job when he was the Longhorns’ defensive coordinator, pending Brown’s eventual retirement. Muschamp couldn’t wait. And he won’t wait at Auburn, either. The job he wants will be sending him offers constantly, and it’s not his nature to say no or be patient (nor should he, necessarily). Auburn will want to keep him…until he loses the Iron Bowl in 2015.

      Muschamp will improve Auburn’s defense, but it won’t be enough. Look, it’s no secret he wants a head coaching job (and salary). I don’t expect Muschamp to spend much time on the plains (there’s no way he’ll stay there 3 years like was announced), and I certainly don’t expect any change in his success against Alabama.

      This is a reaction hire like only Auburn could do. Throwing Johnson under the bus might have silenced Tiger fans long enough to make the Muschamp hire look providencial, but it’s only surpassed by its desperate appearance by nature of the Iron Bowl, and Auburn isn’t exactly promising Muschamp the head coaching job if he sticks around, either.

  6. Elite Tiger:

    Your “Fluker documents” were never verified because they were doctored, kind of like Cecil Newton’s mortgage. See how this works?

    1. Charles Robinson does a better job verifying things, than anybody in the business. There is a paper trail a mile long, but the NCAA let’s Saban do what he wants. The extra staff you have is fine for you to have, but when other schools started doing it, the NCAA put a freeze on hiring. That created an advantage big time for UA. See no problem with that, if other schools are allowed the same opportunity, but chose not to hire assistants. But Emmert and Saban presided over a grade changing scandal at LSU. He will never look at Saban because of questions he would have to answer.
      If Muschamp is a bomb, that is good for y’all, and bad for us. So you have nothing to worry about, or do you? He is a good defensive coach, and if he gels with Gus, it is on!!
      One last thing about DJ, the difference is, in our case the NCAA(and the FBI) looked, and found no wrongdoing. The same can not be said in your case. Not only that, we were hounded by the media. You get a collective yawn from them. With TTown Tom, and the car place in Mobile, and others, they have plenty they could look at. But like the BOT influence in shutting down UAB, they won’t look for anything. I still don’t understand why you do nothing to help a campus in your system. And then have Ray Watts lie about it. But what else would you expect from a person with gambling interests, and an insurance fraud cheat like Bryant Jr?

      1. Conspiracy, conspiracy…SMH…So Sad…Sorry, but there is no document trail where items can’t be verified. The NCAA only accepts the original documentation, not PDF files, copies and the like. Have you ever worked in business of any kind?

        With Auburn being the SEC leader in probation infractions and THIRD in NCAA history, maybe you should be more concerned about the University of Auburn Eagles

        1. Is a thug culture tolerated at Auburn? Three football players (two former, one current) murdered in the last two years. And remember that home invasion?

          What goes on in other places (skipping classes, selling autographs, etc) is nothing compared to that.

          Someday the lid’s going to blow off.

        2. We haven’t been on probation since 1994, and you have been 3 or 4 times since then. I am not naive to think we never do wrong. Most of you seem to think Bama never does any wrong. Hint: You do.
          I look forward to next year, when we get the chance to take you on again. We will see if Will was as good a hire for us, as Lane has been for you. Personally thought that hire reeked of desperation on your part, but it worked out. The fact is both teams do things in response to what the other one is doing. A few examples for you: Bill Curry, Mike Shula, Major Applewhite, Doug Nussmeier come to mind. Each of those guys was let go, in part, or whole, because of their record/performance against Auburn. So it is not just Auburn responding to what you do.

          1. Mr. Elite: Can you tell me which one of those assistant coaches was fired the day after the Iron Bowl, since you suggest the result of that game was their firing? No, you can’t. Because all of those coaches stayed on until the season was completed so that their evaluations by the AD would include their total body of work. There’s only one team that has fired a coach directly as a result of that team’s Iron Bowl performance.

            Sorry for your loss(es). Hope Boom can inspire Gus to do a better job with the offense.

          2. Not an assistant coach, but Mike Shula was fired right after the 2006 Iron Bowl. If you recall, Joe Kines took over head coaching duties for the bowl game. Why did Shula get fired? Because he couldn’t beat Auburn. He was a season removed from 10 wins. Of course there was the beat down from Auburn.

          3. You guys remember when Alabama paid Fluker to win us that national championship? It sure was nice to have the NCAA’s president do us so many favors that only elite tiger knows about. Or maybe the media was too scared to report it. Yeah, that sounds better.

            You lack the ability to think clearly about Alabama. But you don’t have to. Anything you read here you will always assume to be tainted by pro-Alabama bias, so don’t read it here. Read elsewhere what you think Alabama’s punishment should be for Fluker, or what new rule should be created by the NCAA like was created for the Newtons.

            I’d cite links, but I’m afraid you would claim I only posted the ones that fit my narrative. So find them. There are plenty, I promise. We know what’s documented—-that hasn’t changed. Fluker allegedly got money from Luther Davis, his friend, who by the way has been banned from campus by the University of Alabama in spite of, well, I won’t spoil it for you. Go on now, find the rest.

            Or better yet, never change. Please don’t change. Please don’t investigate the Fluker story without bias and a cloud of hate.

          4. Never said those coaches were fired the day after, but that they were fired as a result of not beating Auburn. Ellis Johnson was fired because of his total body of work, not just the Bama game. The last 6 SEC games, the opposition never scored less than 31, one of those others they scored 21, and the only time in 2 years an SEC opponent scored less than 17, was this year against LSU. That is a pretty consistent record of giving up points, and it is not a good pretty. 2 of 16 under 21 points.
            If Boom can help the defense give up less, that will help the offense. It is a simple concept. And to give you something to think about, if we had scored touchdowns instead of field goals, inside the red zone, we would have scored 70 on you in Bryant Denny. Let that sink in. We should have scored 70!! So this little high school offense still has your defensive brain trust baffled, and will keep on having them trying to find ways(maybe the rules committee will help do what you can’t on the field) to stop it.
            So come on down to Jordan Hare next year,and we will be waiting on you to see if we can get back bragging rights. And then we will see what assistant coach you get rid of.

          5. @Gibson: Like the Chiz, Shula had a dismal last season at Alabama, 10 wins the season before notwithstanding. At least he didn’t have a bought and paid for Natty on his record the season before. Are you saying that Chiz’s firing was a result of the Iron Bowl beatdown? Because that’s where that kind of thinking leads. Shula was fired because he had proven that he not only couldn’t beat Auburn with some of the best recruits HE could get, but that he couldn’t beat anyone else either. Even Saban had a difficult time his first season dealing with Shula’s recruits, thus the loss to LaMo that season. Shula was only fired after the Iron Bowl because it was the last game of the season, and Bama was going to a third-tier bowl game. There was a collective sigh of relief from the non-delusional fans who didn’t think he needed “another chance” to prove he could actually be more than an assistant coach. The majority of us were done with 4th quarter fall-aparts and constantly losing close games. By the way – do you remember who his defensive coordinator was?

          6. Pete4tide-
            “Shula was fired because he had proven that he not only couldn’t beat Auburn with some of the best recruits HE could get, but that he couldn’t beat anyone else either.”

            Right. His record against major rivals was 1-11.

            And the one win – TN 6-3 – had a miracle finish when a Tennessee back fumbled the ball through the end zone.

          7. Shula was fired because Saban was signing on and leaving Miami and the NFL. We liked Shula.

            That’s also when Auburn hired Muschamp the first time (he was with Saban at LSU and Miami).

            Johnson was fired because Muschamp was available… again. He would be the head coach at Texas, but instead he’s back at Auburn waiting for the next best head coaching job to open up.

          8. The Conduit-
            “We liked Shula.”

            I did too (and still do). But not as a head coach in 2003-2006.

            The Peter Principle.

      2. @elite tiger

        Wait, you’re one of the guys who sincerely believes Bryant Jr. shut down UAB’s football program?

        This I have to hear.

        Please, continute. I know you won’t disappoint.

        1. Even Lee Corso and the losers at ESPN didn’t buy Ray Watts story he was the one who made the final decision. If Watts had done it the right way, there would be nothing to complain about. UAB is part of the UA system, and yet the BOT tried all in their power to make sure it died. They had pledged money to build a stadium, and PBJ wouldn’t let it be brought up before a vote. Would ask why, but I would get 6 paragraphs of drivel, and I have better things to do with my time than read that garbage. If they had shut it down after last year, nobody would have said anything, but it is odd that when attendance is up, interest is up, and the team seems headed up, the program is shut down. And no one but UA fans would think a coach would be dumb enough to take a program for one year, knowing the program would be axed.

  7. elite tiger, “Most of you seem to think Bama never does any wrong. Hint: You do.”

    The irony is that Alabama fans know what Alabama has done wrong better than any other school’s fans know about their university, it’s that the punishment was so much more severe that the risks can never be ignored. It’s not a coincidence Alabama has such a good compliance department; it’s a causality.

    You can claim Gump bias all you want, but Alabama got pounded by the NCAA in the early 2000’s. I’d say it was dangerous and outrageously unfair, but you’d say Alabama deserves the death penalty. The end result is the same, and that’s my point———-Alabama is terrified of the NCAA.

    You suggest the NCAA does favors for Alabama, but the evidence suggests exactly the opposite, and in a much more dramatic scale.

    Simply put, Alabama reacts more quickly and more stringently than anyone, and it’s likely out of fear, not providence, not defiance. Alabama will fire staff members or revoke scholarships from any student or ban any former player who has anything to do with anything that might get them into associated trouble with the NCAA. There are plenty of examples, including 5-star athletes. It’s not worth it. You can say I’m suggesting Alabama is just trying to be high-and-mighty about it, but fear is just as logical and just as relevant.

    And yet you continue to suggest Alabama risked it all, including a national championship season, because of one player, a player who didn’t get money to play there in the first place?

    For your sake and for the sake of sincerely trying to understand where you’re coming from, let’s go with the absolute worst-case scenario here.

    Let’s assume Alabama didn’t just know Davis was giving stacks of cash to Fluker, his friend, but the university encouraged it or even gave him the money to give to Fluker. I get that you hate Alabama, I do, but do you really think they would risk all that for one player, a player who was already playing for Alabama the year before when they already won a national title? Or are you saying it’s even worse, and it’s just indicative that Alabama would do the same thing for all their star players and they’re just so good at it nobody has found out yet, except the NCAA who you favors Alabama?

    Like, I get that Saban and the NCAA president are friends, and I even get the suggestion that he would treat his friend better than someone else perhaps. It’s just that we’ve seen it to be the opposite.

    Let’s put it like this—–if Auburn were treated by the NCAA the way Alabama was in the early 2000’s, I’d be right there with you suggesting the NCAA had a grudge against Auburn and treated Auburn unfairly because of Emeritt’s bias towards Nick Saban. It would be headline news. The punishments weren’t just severe; they were exorbitant. Alabama cooperated then, and Alabama cooperates now, but these days it seems it’s better to deny than outright cooperate, as was the case with Manziel, Newton, UNC, Miami, and most recently, Todd Gurley.

    You probably think Johnny Manziel spent a weekend in a hotel room working his butt off signing 3,000 autographs for a stranger 600 miles away simply out of the kindness of his heart (not to mention paying for the plane tickets with his own money), but more to the point, can you be as objective about Cam before saying it’s a witch hunt by this site?

    For example, Cam Newton messed up and had to go to junior college. Then he had the opportunity to play football for a man he loved and trusted, a man he spent holidays with, a man whose family considered Cam as family, the same man who recruited him to a team that nearly won consecutive titles and produced a Heisman-winning QB teammate, a man who was poised to earn Cam a national championship at Florida as his partner and QB coach, Dan Mullen, and at an SEC West school, no less. Why wouldn’t he? Hell, why wouldn’t he, of all recruits, make that choice…for free?

    Wouldn’t he? I’m not insulting Auburn here, but surely it’s not that crazy to see why MSU was his first choice after leaving Blinn, right? You know the playbook, you love and trust your coach who got you your first college scholarship, and he’s had remarkable success.

    But then not only do you pick Auburn for free, but your dad asks for $250,000 to change his mind to play for a guy he loved as much as he loved Dan Mullen?
    Even if you think Chizick was the most likeable guy on the planet, is it that crazy to think it was hard to ask for that kind of money to play for Mullen?

    Even if it’s impossible to be empathetic for loving Mullen, it has to be easier to understand the benefit of playing for a guy who you already spent more time with learning his style and his offensive playbook, a guy not one year removed from winning a national championship and coaching a Heisman winner. Newton would have been ready to play immediately for Mullen at MSU, and it’s not like Mullen doesn’t know how to coach mobile QB’s like he always has.

    With that in mind, don’t you have to at least question the $250k? Look, I’m not accusing anyone here, so don’t start with the witch hunt crap. All I’m saying is if that’s the route you’re taking with Fluker, you have to concede that if the asking price for Newton to play at MSU was $250k, then the price Auburn would have paid for him could have been MORE than $250k, proof or no proof. It could have been $100k, it could have been $1 mil, but with no proof we concede it was zero no matter how little sense it makes.

    For Fluker, that’s just not the case. OK, so Cam didn’t know what his dad was doing and Auburn paid nothing. Fine. Let’s go with that. But Fluker was friends with Davis. Taking money and gifts from friends I don’t even think is a literal rule (think about it, otherwise complain about Manziel’s travel money to sign free autographs in FL), but the plausible deniability is at worst just as bad as believing without any doubt that Cam Newton chose to ditch his former father figure and mentor with a proven track record to instead play for a head coach with a disparate losing record and an unknown OC fresh out of high school football. That makes more sense to you? I’m not accusing anyone, but you sure are certain in your accusation of Alabama being in bed with the NCAA so they could keep Fluker paid AFTER his first national championship. Even in Cam’s situation, at best everyone can say they just didn’t know. Does it really seem more likely that Fluker couldn’t hide cash, not to mention the MSU and UT players in the same story you’re not upset about in the slightest? Think about it. Then tell me what the University of Alabama’s punishment should be.

    1. Not to be as boring as you, I will keep it short. I looked and the only rebuttals were from Alabama websites. Hardly impartial to say the least. The other sites that reported it, used this as an excuse as to why players should be paid. In Cam Newton’s case, some of these other sites provided rebuttals to the “facts” that were alleged, and none of them ever made the point he should have been paid. Brevity is the sole of wit. Some of us have a life, not writing small books of nothing to prove a point that is not able to be proved, one way or the other.

      1. I didn’t expect you to read anything, little brother. It’s too much to expect.

        Just don’t ever say I didn’t give you the benefit of the doubt or that we didn’t talk here about Fluker, you know, like you asked for.

      2. Mr. elite tiger: Boring? BORING? Only someone with your perfectly amazing knack for logic and reasoning would find this discussion “boring”. YOU are the one who brought up Fluker. YOU are the one who asked the question. YOU even brought up the Camster. NONE of us were even discussing any of those things.

        Are you really sitting in a dayroom at a state hospital for the mentally deficient somewhere? I can’t believe you could have gone to any educational institution past maybe the 11th grade with the capabilities for independent thought and problem-solving you have exhibited here. Unless it was Auburn. I can completely believe you if you went there. I don’t think you actually graduated – they probably needed you back at the store to put out produce or sack some more can goods – but I could believe you went there.

        The level of conspiracy that you think circles UAT, the BOT, the NCAA, LSU, and the troubled athletic program known as the UAB Blazers is truly astounding. I can’t even get my wife to keep a secret about my kid’s Christmas gifts, and you think a conspiracy of this level is actually taking place?

        You know, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren’t real. I hate to be the one that lets you down like that, but you obviously have difficulty with the real world.

        Again – sorry for your losses. Hope Boom can teach Gus some red-zone offensive schemes. I’m not holding my breath.

        1. I don’t find the discussion boring. I find his 9 page response on everything to be boring. I have seen enough corruption by UA athletics to put me in an institution. Thanks for your concern about my well being, misplaced as it is.

          1. Just an excuse, but here is a FACT for you, cherry picker: AUBURN is FIRST overall in the SEC in NCAA probations, and THIRD overall in the NCAA. Google Bobby Knight’s opinion of Auburn’s historical cheating ways, the 3 time NCAA National Championship, since you value Lee Corso’s opinion. Seems Auburn wants to begin football in 1982 but discount their cheating during that time span. CHERRY PICKING

          2. Bobby Knight is not exactly a bastion of virtue, especially when it comes to the rules, both on and off the court. (Not a fan of Lee either.)You are right in that we are first in the SEC, but as I stated above, we have not been on probation in football since the 1993-94 seasons. Since then, you have been on probation several times, and 2 of your last 3 NC’s were won while on probation. Once again, those are facts. And as much as those on this site want to try to make it so, the 2010 NC was won without probation tied to it. You can think what you want, but it doesn’t make it so.
            By the way, the Bruce Pearl hire is beginning to look like we thought it would. That is what happens when a leading scorer is hurt, misses several games, and finally comes back, along with getting a few other late transfers who became eligible, and are starting to make a difference.

          3. And now you’re a basketball fan.


            Just so you realize, that’s the clinical definition of a bandwagon fan, m’kay?

            You are the perfect Auburn fan. I can never get enough elite tiger.

      3. Wait, you only found rebuttals from Alabama sites?

        Then you simply didn’t look very hard.

        Unless you consider USA Today an Alabama site?

        Which you probably do. Looney.

          1. Hilarious.

            Seriously though, you’re the one saying if it isn’t trying to bury Alabama then it’s written by a homer. Try again. After all, you’re the one making the accusations here, I’m only responding to your questions for help.

          2. I could post the link directly but like I said, then you will cite bias. Nice try though.

            Seriously, I don’t think you’re looking.

            You mean to tell me every article about Alabama and Fluker is either written by an Alabama graduate or is scathing against both and otherwise just uses it as a model to pay players?

            What exactly are you searching for anyway? My guess is even your search terms are biased against that one team you hate the most. Seriously, I searched two words, so my guess is you’re overcomplicating it and, without sounding like a total jerk here, I think you’re doing it on purpose.

            I wonder how you felt about Cameron Newton when he was at Florida and had the laptop thing? Did you feel the same way?

            Then again, you won’t listen to me, why would you listen to anyone else trying to make logical sense out of it all? You never do answer what you think Alabama’s punishment should be, after all.

          3. You’re welcome.

            It’s the least I could do, really.

            I wish I could thank you for your time the same way.

            Unfortunately, you didn’t do anything worth anyone’s while with your time.

            I wish you had any opinion on what the punishment should be for the university itself even in the worst-case scenario of all the articles about Fluker you were able to find on your own.

            Then again, I don’t expect you to think for yourself.

            Like, ever.

          4. After you read my post that answers most of your questions at the bottom of this thread, you won’t be so quick to get embarrassed next time because you jump to conclusions. You try to read too much into what is said, or is not said by other posters.

    2. You mention 250 k, and don’t know where you got that number. Kenny Rogers talked with Cecil, and said I might can get you 180 k from MSU. No one from the coaching staff wanted to do that, and finally a month after it was talked about, reported it to the SEC after Cam signed with Auburn. Oklahoma and Tennessee both recruited Cam, and both coaches( one named Lane Kiffin by the way), said money was never brought up. So it would not be unlikely that money was ever discussed at Auburn. If Cecil was really shopping him around, it would be better for them to have 4 offers, instead of just 2. I would say the same thing if Alabama was involved, because the odds favor money not being discussed, if it has only been confirmed to be said about one school, but none of the others.
      I try to look at all the facts, who is reporting it, who is refuting those facts, and does those refuting it have any ties to the school. If it is only beat writers, bloggers for said school, I view those responses with skepticism. Not that they can’t be objective, but they are less likely to. But like with Selena Roberts hit piece about a year ago, multiple sites, including CBS Sports and USA Today, if I remember correctly, along with Auburn sites, ripped her article to shreds. So much so, that even Finebaum commented, he had never seen an article so thoroughly discredited as fast as that one was.

      1. You can’t read my response (you remember, the one you insisted on), so why read yours, especially when all it’s doing is defending the Newton situation which I implicitly and deliberately said wasn’t the point whatsoever?

        Good grief man, you are dense. You are terrifying.

        1. I did read your response, and said it was boring and long winded. Bama fans will always think Cam is guilty, and no amount of facts will ever change that. Until the NCAA rules, I will think DJ got money while he was at Bama. And I know of other players who have gotten money from boosters, and other benefits.

          1. You read it. You just didn’t listen. You never listen. If you had, you might have noticed I said the same thing.

            No amount of facts will change if Bama fans all will always think Cam is guilty?

            But you’re the innocent and objective one, right?

            All I know is you either didn’t read what I said or you simply didn’t listen because once again you contradicted what I said ad nauseum.

            You know of other Alabama players who get impermissable benefits?! Where’s the expose? You have facts, I’m sure, otherwise you wouldn’t make such accusations against what you think is so wrong for us not to have facts for. After all, Cam wasn’t exactly a saint, hence why he didn’t win two national titles at Florida.

            DJ got money. Let’s say it together and let’s both take the worst-case scenario here. DJ got money. How? And what should the punishment be for the university and why? See?

            Good grief man. You are a danger to society. Never breed.

      2. Yes, I mentioned $250k


        I also mentioned a million dollars, and $100k, and other numbers just to illustrate the point, which was completely lost on you in favor of nitpicking the parts that support your narrative.

        You know, like any cult member would do in any cult anywhere.

  8. ELITE Tiger:

    Nobody cares about textbook gate, but everyone outside Auburn knows Can Newton was paid. There was no competitive advantage in textbook gate. The point of it all is nobody here really cares what you think. We are annoyed (maybe) that you keep defending Auburn on a Bama site after your fan base, publications, and websites make a living off doing it to Alabama. It’s hypocritical of you. Second, you or the rest of the Auburn fans can’t cherry pick which history you want to remember. If you don’t want to remember your sordid history of probation pre-1993, I want your Heisman Trophies pre-Cam, Punt Bama Punt, Bo over the Top, and your probation 1957 bowl-less National Championship erased from the books. I think I’ll call Navid Nousel, the Pig, and recommend he give them to me.

    1. I’m less annoyed at sticking up for the cult than I am with the continued assault on logic and reason regarding a single player in spite of the information simply because of where he went to school.

      1. That’s typical Auburn, though. Hypocrites to the core. They only supposedly put football on a pedestal when they win. The fact they use the Kick 6 in their ads to promote their ENTIRE University speaks volumes

      2. If it is such a slam dunk in the Fluker case, why has the case not been closed by the NCAA? just googled it, so I mean as of Sunday night.They have closed Tenn and MSU, but not you. They will do nothing to you, and I don’t want them to. When we beat you, I don’t want you to have an excuse, though you(UA) fans, will have one. But if I was a Bama fan, that would make me pause.
        In the Cam case, until they found nothing, it was cause for concern. Because you never know what they will find.

      3. If it is such a slam dunk in the Fluker case, why has the case not been closed by the NCAA? just googled it, so I mean as of Sunday night.They have closed Tenn and MSU, but not you. They will do nothing to you, and I don’t want them to. When we beat you, I don’t want you to have an excuse, though you(UA) fans, will have one. But if I was a Bama fan, that would make me pause.
        In the Cam case, until they found nothing, it was cause for concern. Because you never know what they will find.

        1. It will be a LONG time before Auburn wins the Iron Bowl again. Second, the Fluker case is CLOSED. I know this. Gone…Done…because THERE WAS NO ORIGINAL (KEY WORD) DOCUMENTS that could be verified. If you ever practiced law or worked in business, you would realize Copies and PDF files are not held up. Sorry, bro. However, Cecil was all dirty in trying to sell his son. Auburn was and continues to be dirty in the whole thing. Congratulations, you and the bagman (Freddy Weygand) got away with it

    2. If Cam had been paid, the FBI would have found the money. They thought we were guilty, but couldn’t find 1 questionable donation in 4 years(2009-2012.) so those who think he got paid believe a lie. For centuries people thought the world was flat, but they were wrong also.
      We were on probation in 1957( we paid 2 recruits $500 each,and your boosters offered them both a rent free apartment for their 4 years, which would be more than $500 each),58(where an Alabama asst. coach planted evidence), and 73 where the money was traced back to a Bama booster in Huntsville. Also, NC’s in 1910,13,, and 14( not giving up a single point all year.
      If this site would quit putting out articles about Auburn, there would be no need for us to come on here.

      1. The FBI found plenty dumbass. They found Bobby Lowder’s banking and mortgage fraud when they seized 26 billion dollars in assets. They found corruption at McGregor’s Victoryland which they shut down. The NCAA having no subpoena powers is the only thing that saved Cam’s ass. Tigerdroppings wrote an extensive article about it. Every word was true.

      2. Yes, people once thought the world was flat.

        And today, you think the NCAA is in bed with Alabama.

        I can’t get enough of you elite tiger.

        When you beat us?

        I think you meant to say when Auburn beats Alabama.

        Instead, we won. Suck it. The state is back in harmony with space and time with Alabama being the Iron Bowl victor instead of snake eyes at the craps table.

          1. We’re enjoying the bragging rights.

            That’s because Auburn was crushed by Alabama. It’s like you forgot or something.

            And I know you’re blinded by hate and that you don’t remember Muschamp the first time he was Auburn’s defensive coordinator, but that’s also why I don’t expect you to have any idea what Alabama is bringing next season. Remember, 2014 was supposed to be a rebuilding year.

            You really have no idea, do you?

            Man, that Iron Bowl was fun. Crushing. Left Auburn in the dust and made it look more like a basketball score. Roll Tide.

    3. You might want to read from an article dated June 17,2009. The title of it is “An In-Depth Look: Textbooks, the NCAA, and UA Moving Forward.” If you think it was no big deal, it is hard to keep things secret, or no competitive advantage could have been gained. Because the writer details all of that, and how a PLOI from the NCAA was kept quiet for 15 months. And he details what would have likely been the result for UA, if that had become public knowledge November 21, 2007, or very shortly there after.
      That article shows one can be written, tell the facts, and leave the commentary to how UA can, and should take steps to correct past mistakes. All while not mentioning Auburn even once.

      1. This response was to RC, not to Nope. He had stated textbook gate was no big deal, and found an article that cast a different light on it. And from a Bama site, at that.

  9. Nope: You try to confuse the issue by asking a bunch of questions, and I will not answer all of them. However, I will answer a few of them, and you won’t like the result.So here goes.
    1) You ask how I know of other infractions at UA. I know because of first hand knowledge of them. I will give you a few of them, but it is by no means all. In the late 1980’s, 8 of us were playing basketball on a street basketball goal at one of my youngest brother’s friends. Because it was at the street, we had to stop play when a car came by. A Chevy Trailblazer comes, and we stop, and then he stops across the street. We go over to see who it is, and saw it was Derrick Oden, who was in the graduating class at Hillcrest with the guy who lived there. They were good friends, and they talked for a while. Our team went and was talking about what to do in the game, and when he left, one of the friends said, “I know his parents own the store, but that vehicle is a bit much for them to pay for.”(This was 1 week after he signed with UA.) The other friends, 5 of them UA fans, and one who graduated from there, said Yeah right. After a few seconds, He said Ohhh. We then resumed play. I said nothing and didn’t report it, and never would.
    2) While getting dinner at McDonald’s on 15th Street one night, a player came in to eat. Some friends of his from school saw him, said” hi Derrick(Thomas), great game, and love your car.”he said” thanks, and that Biscuit bought it for me.” Now anybody who knows anything, knows Biscuit is Cornelius Bennett, and DT admitted he bought it for him. It had “ISACQBS” on the plate. I saw it, walked to my car, as I had to walk past his Mercedes Benz to get to my car.
    That is 2 examples, and doesn’t include damage to Holiday Inn to the tune of $5,000 in 1987, a player on the 1992 Championship team who had his ACT exam taken by someone else, because he was illiterate(confirmed by more than 1 person who had classes with him), $100 handshakes seen at the hotel I worked at, and the team stayed there on gameday weekends, when the game was in Birmingham during the 1980’s. And several other things I know about, but will stop there.
    3) You keep saying I have not looked for articles that show DJ has been cleared of wrongdoing. I did searches that totaled over 200 articles. I did finally find 2 USA Today articles, but neither one of those said he did no wrong. One talked about a story of how he grew up not having his own bed, and he should have been paid, because he has made UA millions of dollars. The other was about him being a victim of identity theft, in the hacking of his Twitter account. Actually in that one, it did use the words “He was cleared.” However, that was in relation to another agent saying, he thought DJ was telling the truth about his account being hacked.
    As you, and 1 or 2 others have said, UA has been cleared in the case. However, in those over 200 articles, there is not a single ONE of those that say that. So what you are saying about the case being over, simply isn’t true. But you don’t have to worry. Bama will get nothing for former UA players paying players from at least 3 teams.
    4) and by no means last, you ask what the punishment should be. You think I am dodging the question, because I can’t think for myself. Nothing about that is true. As already stated, I don’t want you to get anything. When Auburn beats you this coming year,(or when it happens, and it won’t be long), I don’t want to hear the excuse “We were hurt by probation.” In effect because of the Cam Newton case, we were on probation the last several years. but when you beat us, you beat us. We should have beat you, but didn’t.
    Here is what the NCAA should penalize you in the case( though they won’t): Because he got money in 2011 and 2012, both those titles should be forfeited. Vacating of wins is the wimpiest thing ever. it has always been if a player is not eligible, those wins are forfeited, and the win giving to the team(s) they played and beat. The money from the 2 BCS games should be given to Oklahoma State in 2011, and to Florida, who was 3rd in 2012. This same standard should be applied if they ever find that Cam was paid by Auburn, and that would have went to TCU. The money should be given to them because they should have been in the game, because of using a player who should not have been in the game. Now it is possible that Bama could have won both years, but there is really no way to know that.So I apply the same standard to both teams, something that it rarely done by Bama fans.
    I know you will be a tough team next year, but if we play our best, you won’t beat us. So I don’t worry about what you have. And I say we and us, not Auburn and Alabama, because I want to, and don’t need approval from anyone. No one at Auburn tells me what to think, and I disagree with them on some things. Not every Auburn fan agrees with me, and that is okay. Oh, and because I love basketball, baseball, and pretty much every sport, makes me well rounded, not the kind of fan who only knows 1 sport. Those other sports crown the champ the right way, and while it is good that we now have a playoff, they didn’t include enough teams. When you have 128 teams, the top 4 is not enough to have a playoff. But it is what we have, and is clearly better than the BCS, which has always been Beyond Common Sense.
    You need to quit taking things so personally, just because someone disagrees with you. You are not right all the time, and neither am I. The difference is, when I had wrote something earlier about no article from this site about DJ, and did search, and found one, I corrected what I had posted. I am sure I didn’t answer every question, and have more important things to do. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. That is not being sarcastic, because I don’t wish ill on anyone. I hated Joey Jones got his nose broke, Kenyon Drake breaking his ankle, and also Treadwell and Gurley
    getting hurt this year. I don’t even like what happened to Rolando’s house. I had my house catch fire 14 years ago, and don’t wish those kind of things on anyone.Anyone who laughs, and makes fun of those things is sick, and needs help.
    And I will apologize to you, because I complained about you with long posts. Actually I don’t care they are long, but they tend to say the same things over and over, which is boring. But when I started typing, the words just kept flowing. So I understand how some of yours get long. And I did erase a few statements, for various reasons. As I have at other times, like one I had typed that I had did over 200 searches.

    1. And again, you put words in my mouth.

      Not only that, but you end up making decisions based on that implicit belief in the first place about what I said, even though I never said it.

      You literally believe I said something I didn’t AND you judge from it.

      That’s cult.

      That’s dangerous.

      And ultimately that’s what pisses me off so much about you Elite Tiger.

      Consequently, it’s also the reason I never expect you to change. You can’t. It’s called narcissism, and it’s clinical. It’s not that you can’t listen because you have NPD; it’s that you have NPD because you can’t truly listen, but you’re so convinced that you listen better than anyone else in the group you hate that it makes you even more convicted in your beliefs, even in spite of clear evidence to the contrary (such as calling me out for things I never said here or anywhere else).

      So stop telling me you’re the hero (“what are your crimes,” again) and that since you can show “mercy” that shows us how just and trustworthy you truly are. I don’t put words in your mouth, but I still can’t believe the things that come out of it.

      Then you have all this evidence. Oh wait. You don’t. You have as much as, hey, wait a second, it’s just as much as that Cam Newton guy you bash all of us for what everyone else says about him! How SILLY!

      1. You said I didn’t look for the articles. I stated with facts how many searches were done. You said I don’t know of other violations, and I gave a few. I know of 10-15 more but not going to list them because there is no need. That is not putting words in your mouth. You wrote them to me. I responded to them.
        I may be wrong, but I think what makes you mad is, I answer what I want to answer. And not what you want me to. If that makes me narcissistic, then so be it.
        I should have left this site long ago, because I said I would. I am going to live up to my word, and do so, with one exception. If Bama wins the playoff, I will come back on here and congratulate Alabama, and the fans, with a special congrats to you. If you don’t win, you will not hear from me after the 31st of this year. And maybe even sooner than that.

          1. You said you have the link, that says DJ Fluker and UA was cleared. I searched and could not find it. So post it, I will read it, and if wrong will admit it. It is time for one of us to put up or shut up. So the ball is in your court.

          2. “You said you have the link, that says DJ Fluker and UA was cleared. I searched and could not find it. So post it, I will read it, and if wrong will admit it. It is time for one of us to put up or shut up. So the ball is in your court.”

            I said I have the link that says DJ Fluker and UA was cleared, you say?

            And you’re saying you will admit it if you’re wrong?

            Then start by admitting I didn’t say that.

            Because I didn’t.

            Copy and paste where I did say that, or admit you base your accusations against me on beliefs that don’t have evidence, you biased, prejudicial, narcissistic little-brother jerk.

  10. On Dec. 17th at 12:58 pm you wrote ” I’d cite links, but I’m afraid you would claim I only posted the ones that fit my narrative. There are plenty, I promise.” You then said, “Seriously,I searched two words…”, and you then stated my search was biased, if I even did one. To which I replied, “Tell me what to type in.” You refused to do that.
    On Dec. 22nd at 3:16 pm, you wrote ” I could post the link directly, but like I said, then you will cite bias. Nice try, though.”
    So on 2 different times in this thread, you said you could post a link that would change my mind on DJ Fluker. Or that is how I took it. And if I took that wrong, that would then have to mean you think Alabama did wrong in the case, and I know that is not what you believe. And on at least 3 different times, I have asked you where these articles are found, but in doing over 200 internet searches, I can’t find anything by outside sources that back up your claim.And you have not posted any link, or told me what to type in to find it myself. So that tells me, the articles that would prove I am wrong, simply don’t exist. And if they do, prove me wrong. Post the link, so that way I don’t mess it up. That way, I have no excuse for not finding what is supposed to be so easy to find. I will read it.

    1. You didn’t just take it wrong, but you can’t admit that you took it wrong.

      You accuse me of saying things I didn’t say, then promise to apologize in spite of it if you’re wrong, but you don’t, you just throw more accusations and demand more proof and Fluker’s DNA (probably next)?

      Then you refued to search for or read anything that didn’t fit your narrative, not mine, which I deliberately didn’t state and explained why to avoid any sense of bias.

      You refused, not me. And you’re the one who already said you couldn’t trust many of the articles you found because you speculated why they were written and who they were written by.

      And then you infer cuplability!? THAT’S why I won’t post the links, you say? Because of reasons you decided that mean I admit the University of Alabama’s guilt?!?!?

      Do you see a little more clearly now why it’s so dangerous to think the way you do and why it’s so impossibly hard to talk to you and expect a fair response? That’s implicitly why I asked you to look for yourself instead of asking me to show it to you and infer bias——you infer bias anyway when I’m not even saying what you’re already convinced I believe.

      I’m not posting a link. You’ll discredit it. You’ve said as much already. 200 seaches you say?

      That’s a lot. I mean, yikes dude.

      That leads me to believe you’ve likely already seen the same articles, and you simply discredited them or didn’t read them. It’s “going around in circles.”
      I’ll say I searched for two words just now, “Alabama” and “Fluker,” and I’m sure you already did that so it’s hard to know what happened outside of discrediting everything that didn’t ask to bury Alabama immediately, albeit those are just as rare if not moreso, by the way.

      And I’m not trying to say the same thing you are. For example, “if I took that wrong, that would then have to mean you think Alabama did wrong in the case, and I know that is not what you believe.”

      But you do believe that.

      You think Alabama should forfeit wins and national championships for a guy who wasn’t paid to pick Alabama, only after the fact and deliberately hiding it, not to mention there isn’t exactly anything like a pattern of that happening (there were two players involved at another school although you’re not obsessed with forfeiting their wins). I just think the only reasons you think that way are you hate Alabama and your “us against the world” mentality.

      “If Malzahn’s player was suspended the media would be all over us!” Stop it. You don’t know that (of course), even if there’s more reason for speculation. It works the same way in civilian life too, by the way. Once you’ve got a criminal record, you don’t get the same benefit of the doubt. You’re comparing guys with records who were accused or arrested like Newton and Marshall with guys who are clean and an event that hasn’t actually happened…but you’re speculating on what we and the entire national media would say anyway and it fits your narrative.

      Then why don’t you say the same thing about Fluker? Is it only because he went to Alabama and you can’t think straight about Alabama because of your blind hate?

      Except they’re not all saying the same thing about Fluker. You’ve seen that for yourself. See how that works?

      Of course you don’t.

      Fluker probably got money. It may have been impermissable. It may have actually and very literally been permissable by definition, but I don’t know, you don’t know, and it’s largely incidental because what’s the point? You know, the accusations against Newton compared to Bush or Miami make more sense because they imply school choice based on benefits. That’s not the case here whatsoever. So I can understand why you think Alabama’s titles should be revoked, I just think it’s completely misguided and vengeful rather than seeking justice.

      So, once again, for your sake, let’s assume the worst. Let’s assume he got, say, $100,000 from an agent in his last year at Alabama.

      That doesn’t mean Alabama doesn’t have one of the best compliance departments in the sport. But how do you stop something like that? How do you punish it? How do you find it? Do you stop all contact permissable by the agent immediately? Do you hide it from the NCAA? If you work for a company and you are selling drugs on the side, what should your company’s punishment be since they have a zero-tolerance policy for drugs? What should the University of Alabama have done and what should they do now? The same thing as MSU and UT? What if it was Auburn and, say, Dyer or Williams?

      Again, it’s not a pattern, and if anything did happen Fluker hid it on purpose (duh, right?), but it doesn’t change the reasons why he was at Alabama in the first place and he didn’t get treated differently regardless…even though you suggest the opposite for both of those things? Why? Where does that come from? You say you’ve seen so many hundred-dollar handshakes and guys telling you who bought their cars for them and more stories you won’t tell us and you do nothing. I don’t get it.

    1. They don’t have press conferences, but the school that has been cleared, will do a press release. Like MSU did in the agent case, because the NCAA couldn’t find Luther Davis. So if UA had been cleared in the DJ case, we would have known about it, because ESPN would have had it as its lead story. And other news sources would have had articles about it, and rightfully so, But none of that has occurred to this day. Because they can’t find Luther, UA will get off with nothing in the case.
      And as for Jovon Robinson, he knew he had been cleared by the NCAA, as any player would. An article from USA Today states that he knew he was cleared.The article is from Sept.23, 2013, and entitled “Rid of controversy, Jovon Robinson taking long road back to FBS.”

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