Iron Bowl: The waiting is the hardest part


Time heals all wounds, but the waiting is the hardest part.

It was a tough off-season to be an Alabama fan.  We’ve had our noses rubbed in replays of the Kick Six like a puppy that soiled the living room rug.  It was a long, long winter, spring and summer.  The new season couldn’t get here fast enough, and now the regular season has passed by in a blur.

The 2014 season, to this point, has been pretty satisfying.  The loss to Ole Miss in Oxford, and nail biters at Arkansas and LSU were taxing on the nerves, but the Tide has excelled at Bryant-Denny Stadium, looking like a championship team and earning the number one slot in the CFP Poll.

Now, we are on the verge of finally wiping away that one second that has lasted for an eternity.

Last year, Alabama had a chance to make history if it could beat Auburn, win an SEC title, and capture a third consecutive BCS championship.

This year, the stakes may even be higher for the Tide.  At this point, Auburn really has nothing to lose.  If Auburn loses, its fan base will fall back on the mantra of “Saban has never defeated a really good Auburn team.”

If the Tigers win, their fans will revel in the fact that Auburn will be 4-4 against Saban, will have defeated Alabama 10 out of the past 15 games, and will own an 8-2 record at Bryant-Denny.

All of the pressure is on Alabama.  A loss would demote the Tide to a meaningless bowl game which usually spells disaster for the “good guys” in crimson.

Winning the Iron Bowl would propel Alabama into a position to win a possible third SEC Championship and fourth national championship of the Saban era.  If that comes to fruition it will cement the Saban-era Crimson Tide into the most dominant college football dynasty of all time.

The game kicks off at 6:45 p.m. and will likely last until almost 11 p.m.  It is edging toward 1 p.m. as I write this.  A watched pot never boils, and the one I’m staring at is simmering ever so slowly.

I suppose I could watch as the drama unfolds for the other  CFP contenders.  But I don’t really want to.  I want to see the Iron Bowl.  I can’t wait.  Alas, that is my only option.



An Iron Bowl win could propel Alabama to a fourth national championship of the Saban era.