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Alabama #1 in latest college football playoff poll

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The College Football Playoff Committee has spoken, and apparently they liked what they saw in Bryant-Denny Stadium last Saturday afternoon. With this latest poll, now the only one that really matters, for the seventh year in a row, the Crimson Tide has now been ranked #1 at some point in the college football season.

The fourth College Football Playoff Top 25:

1. Alabama (9-1)

2. Oregon (9-1)

3. Florida State (10-0)

4. Mississippi State (9-1)

5. TCU (9-1)

6. Ohio State (9-1)

7. Baylor (8-1)

8. Mississippi (8-2)

9. UCLA (8-2)

10. Georgia (8-2)

11. Michigan State (8-2)

12. Kansas State (7-2)

13. Arizona State (8-2)

14. Auburn (7-3)

15. Arizona (8-2)

16. Wisconsin (8-2)

17. Utah (7-3)

18. Georgia Tech (9-2)

19. USC (7-3)

20. Missouri (8-2)

21. Oklahoma (7-3)

22. Clemson (7-3)

23. Nebraska (8-2)

24. Louisville (7-3)

25. Minnesota (7-3)

Being ranked #1 again, this many times in this many consecutive seasons is called sustained success. Not a flash in the pan like our brothers to the east, but year after year after year of not just winning, but championship caliber football.

Further, a win over the Catamounts Saturday will ensure Bama its seventh season in a row of 10 wins or more, or six back-to-back 10+ win seasons in a row…a feat only accomplished once in the history of the cow college that continually compares itself to Alabama. Interestingly, before coming to Alabama Nick Saban had never had back-to-back 10+ win seasons. He’s about to do it seven times in eight seasons in Tuscaloosa.

Of SEC note, it’s interesting that Ole Miss hung on to stay in the top ten, at #8 just two spots ahead of Georgia, the team with the identical record as the Black Bears though the Rebs were beaten by the same Auburn team that the Bulldogs destroyed.

It’s also interesting that Mississippi State remains in the top four (for now). If Alabama goes on to win the SEC Championship, and if State stays in that spot following all the conference championship games, you can knock me over with a feather. I’ll literally believe the SEC is getting two teams into the playoff when I see it. This whole set up reeks of politcal self-interests from around the country, and ending the SEC’s one-sided dominance was/is partially in order. Remember, the reason we have this system now is because after three national championships in four seasons, Nick Saban pillaged the BCS to the point that no one else felt like they could win it consistently. If Bama wins out and things stay the way they are, look for there to be a lot of upset Bulldog fans in Starkville. The Committee will likely slide someone else in that fourth spot.

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