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A few good reads to prepare for Ole Miss-Alabama

Waiting for the Wednesday afternoon Saban press conference and surfing the Web.  Here are some of the best reads so far this week.

Rebels jive talkin’

Last year, Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace said he was confident the Rebels would move the ball and score points on Alabama. The result was a 25-0 loss in Tuscaloosa.  This year, Ole Miss has yet to learn its lesson about giving bulletin board material to the Tide.  At least one Rebel didn’t mind taking on the role of motivator, and his thoughts were shared with Tide players via social media.

Ticket for Tide and Rebels showdown tops Forbes list

Here is an interesting article about ticket prices for top college football games this weekend. The Alabama-Ole Miss ticket is a hotter commodity than the LSU-Auburn ticket.

D.J. Pettway takes the long road back to T-town

Alabama defensive end D.J. Pettway has worked his way back to Tuscaloosa after being exiled to a Scooba, Mississippi junior college following a well-publicized assault charge.

One of the victims of that assault speaks movingly about his own recovery from the incident in this article.

Blake Sims extraordinary journey

Blake Sims has worked hard to become the starting quarterback at Alabama.  Here is an extensive read detailing his journey. At one point, in high school, a coach told him he would never be more than a juco quarterback.  I’m glad Sims didn’t believe it, and he has worked hard on and off the field to earn his place in Tide history.

Sims worked hard to earn the starting QB role

7 thoughts on “A few good reads to prepare for Ole Miss-Alabama”

  1. “He’s taken a little bit from all of us,” Sonny said. “He knows the only way he’s going to thank us is to have a successful life. I sent a boy to Alabama and they sent me back a man. I know if my son doesn’t play another down of football, he is set for life.”

    jamies winston he’s definitely not.

    and after reading that it seems crimson hammah is just one of many doubters Blake has proven wrong.

    “I sent a boy to Alabama and they sent me back a man.”

    wow. make Sonny a co-recruiting coordinator.


  2. Great stuff.

    I guess we’ll never really know everything about the Pettway case, and that means the hate and doubt will never end, either. But the article is great and it’s interesting to say the least.

  3. I believe the Ole Miss game is gonna ba a lot of fun…for Alabama.. Miss will surely test Sims but I believe Kiffin will spread the ball around enough I can’t wait
    This happens every year…you blink and we are in the sixth week of the season! wow

      1. @nope

        Ole Miss did break out the powder blue helmets But Billy Brewer and Curry wil not b coaching LOL

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