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Auburn fans slow progress of cure for cancer in children

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A charity event to benefit “Roses From Linda,” a nonprofit organization that helps cover transportation costs for family members wanting to visit terminally ill loved ones, as well as children’s cancer research, has taken a hit due to the apparent blind hatred of some Auburn fans.

The event was to feature Harvey Updyke in a dunking booth or a pie throw, where Auburn fans (or any for that matter) could “get even” with him for poisoning their beloved trees. But death threats and other negative messages on social media towards Dee Bonner and Katherine McCarron from our orange and blue brethren have led to the canceling of Mr. Updyke’s appearance.

“It seems to be taking away from the primary purpose, which is raising awareness for children’s cancer,” Bonner said. “We don’t want to take away from the focus. We needed to get away from it.”

Updyke would’ve been a natural draw. The man who has paid his restitution to society for the unfathomable attrocity of poisoning a couple of trees would have brought a crowd to the event by being there. But the blind hatred, not forgiveness or grace, for the man who made a life-altering mistake is just too precious not to point out. This from the fanbase that likes to paint itself as “family and faith” oriented.

That notion definitely took a hit last winter when Rashaan Evans, a prep player from Auburn High School, committed to enroll and play football at the University of Alabama. The Evans family subsequently underwent constant harrassment and verbal assault from those not happy he wouldn’t be playing at Auburn, their family store in Auburn being targeted for boycott in retaliation.

Updyke pleaded guilty in March 2013 to one count of unlawful damage of an animal or crop facility. He was sentenced to six months in jail and served 76 days after being credited for 104 days of time already served.

The event will still go on, however, taking place September 29, and will now certainly have a much smaller crowd than it would have had if Updyke had been permitted to appear. His absence will now likely translate to less financial resources for this deserving charity through the event.

There you have it. Auburn fans love trees more than cancer research that benefits children. Auburn fans, when are you finally going to stop slinging hate and death threats and forgive this man and reach out to him with the love you like to portray yourselves as having?


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54 thoughts on “Auburn fans slow progress of cure for cancer in children”

  1. You tell’em, ITK. Death threats are only appropriate when directed toward your team’s kicker for costing you the ballgame.

    1. @Ranger Rick

      You at least have to understand that one more, right?

      For one, you’re talking about actual football; you know, the part that matters to many at least as much or more than charity. At least arguably his mistake cost more than a game—-it essentially cost a national title. I don’t want to get in an arugment about what he did and the other mistakes other people made who didn’t get death threats, but at the very least it was relevant.

      Second, the game wasn’t rasing money for an important cause where there’s reason to suspend some level of passionate vitreol.

      Finally, Bonner and McCarron had nothing to do with Updyke’s crime. They’re women related to a football player who also didn’t commit or encourage the crime, and frankly were explicitly trying to do good. Why kill either of them? I can understand not being able to accept the punishment of $800,000, jail time and never being allowed in any college sporting event ever, but the Updyke part of the fundraiser wasn’t their idea regardless.

      It’s like saying a loss is a loss, when 49-0 simply isn’t the same as 6-9 in overtime. Good grief.

      1. It’s called sarcasm and no, I don’t “understand” those death threats any more than these. They’re all unacceptable.

        1. @Ranger Rick


          Because I never said death threats are acceptable. I just wanted to make that part as clear as crystal.

          Instead, I said there’s a difference in motive for the belief in a kicker’s mistakes costing a championship versus wanting to kill a woman and her mother-in-law for the crime of a man neither woman ever had anything to do with whatsoever, particularly when one is a fundraiser in the first place.

          You’re the one that said they’re equally as bad, so I’m sorry I didn’t pick up on your sarcasm?

          But hey, the opportunity is still there. —>

    2. @ranger dick

      Death threats over football are never appropriate. But I’m sure you’re just as outraged over your fanbase’s actions as you are ours.

      Oh wait…

      1. @ITK
        Yes, I hate when anyone does stuff like that. Those type of people are a disgrace no matter who they root for.

  2. It’s in their nature. It’s the cult mentality——–“what are your crimes,” and the treatment of “non-believers” the same way as Scientologists.

    Think I’m exaggerating? Look up some Scientology videos or anything by Marc Headley. It’s creepy how similar the mindset is. It’s a part of Auburn’s culture, whether even they like it or not, and nobody ever really seems to do anything to change it.

    Yes, we know Auburn fans helped after the big tornado in Tuscaloosa (IF you’re one of them, thank you again), but that doesn’t rescind the cultural mentality for revenge and anger over justice and rationality. And no, I’m not excusing or defending Updyke——–point is it’s not about Updyke, but the cultural inability to cure the culture from its own furious anger. If you say it’s only the fringe that’s making threats, don’t they still greatly outnumber the numbers and severity of a guy like Updyke?

    Maybe it wasn’t the most politically correct idea to have an Updyke-themed event, but death threats to people who had absolutely zero to do with Updyke’s crime isn’t just going way too far, it’s frankly embarassing and, at this point, somewhat characteristic of the culture as a whole. Disgusting.

  3. Breaking: After an exhaustive investigation Lowdertown PD has determined no charges will be filed against their keyboard psycho and has turned the matter over to the University. President Jay Gogue has dropped the hammer handing out a 5 minute suspension from all student activities effective at 8:00am Monday morning.

  4. 1 updyke from bama vs 1000s of nameless faceless barners who urinated defacated vandalized bear’s grave..burned score into honor grass…vandalized desecrated saban lakehouse

    updyke faced the music it’s time for the 1000s of barner updyke’s to face the consequences..

  5. The twees are still a little sore spot. I think the Bama jerseys with the number 80 with SPIKE as the name are hilarious. It will never get old. Wear one, and you are guaranteed to get death threats from even the mildest of the cult members.

  6. So what makes auburn fans cult members again? Please enlighten me one more time. From @nope and @ITK ONLY THOUGH.

  7. So just for the shit and giggles of it, how would the bammers have reacted to lets say an Auburn lead charity event where you could throw pies or dunk Gene Gelks? Would the turds welcome him with open arms? HELL NO. Hell we are talking about the very same fan base that was throwing bricks threw coaches windows because they could not beat Auburn. I will be the first to tell you that every damn idiot that made a death threat to anyone related to that charity should be thrown in a cell and left there to rot. With that said , I have to wonder what the hell was they thinking by asking Updyke to come? Harvey Updyke is by no means a celebrity , and I thought everyone with any ties to bama did not want anything to do with him? Then I have to also ask why is no famous Alabama alum, Coach, or celebrity volunteering to step into Updyke’s place to help raise money? Why is lil nicky not stepping up for the cause? I mean If Saban just agreed to shake hands and sign a few autographs in Mobile, they would raise 10 times as much money then they would by having Updyke’s Wyatt Earp looking ass there.

    ITK….do not stoop lower than you already have . If you truly care about the charity like you claim, you would not turn this into an Auburn Vs. Alabama match just to get a few more readers. Hell you should volunteer to go into the dunking booth! I know I would be more than happy to drop $20 to dunk your ass.

    1. Does anyone still believe the “brick throwing” fairy tale from 25 YEARS AGO?

      Dig deep and keep it down home ‘cuz.

    2. Gene Gelks has actually worked his way back to being respected in the Alabama community. Look him up before you deflect like Auburn’s culture does any time Auburn’s culture does anything worth criticizing. Nice try though.

    3. Auburn sure did allow Eric Ramsey back with open arms. (Which is a closer match to your Gene Jelks example).

      I think a better charity event would be to sell Updyke autographed pictures of Toomers Corner, pre-dead twees. Can we make that happen?

    4. @dose of reality

      “So…how would the bammers have reacted to lets say an Auburn lead charity event where you could throw pies or dunk Gene Gelks?”

      Immediate deflection. I understand the logic, but don’t ignore what Auburn’s culture did just because the story is (also) on an Alabama site—-this story is on nationwide sites too, after all.

      “Would the turds welcome him with open arms? HELL NO.”
      Pessimism based on anger, not truth. Truth is Jelks (not Gelks) has reestablished himself in the Alabama community. He found redemption and forgiveness.
      There’s also some really nice irony in you trying to take the high horse with Jelks when it was Auburn’s cultural supporters who gave him a house, money, and anything else he wanted to attempt to bury Alabama. Perhaps you forgot that part, or perhaps you didn’t know what you were saying.

      “Hell we are talking about the very same fan base that was throwing bricks threw coaches windows because they could not beat Auburn.”
      Of what dost thou speaketh?
      I know Bill Curry, Alabama’s coach after Bear Bryant’s death, had a brick thrown through his office window; one brick (ie, not bricks).
      But it was because he didn’t beat Auburn, you say? Then why throw a brick through a window 11 months after losing to Auburn? After all, the window was broken after a homecoming loss to Ole Miss, not Auburn.
      Also, just for the record, nobody claimed to be the brick-thrower. In other words, we don’t know if it was an Alabama fan upset about the loss to Ole Miss or an Auburn fan or a Buddhist monk. At least in the Updyke case we know who it is, but like the brick-thrower, Auburn’s cultural response to Updyke’s involvement was shrouded in a veil of anonymity, only their secrecy was made easy by the internet and their attacks were deliberately clear, and en masse.

      “With that said , I have to wonder what the hell was they thinking by asking Updyke to come? Harvey Updyke is by no means a celebrity…”

      Yes he is. Harvey Updyke is a celebrity, like it or not. In a world where Kim Kardashian is famous simply because she was in a sex tape with a b-grade rapper, is it really that hard to accept? You don’t have to like it, and I certainly don’t, either, but that’s the world we live in.
      Perhaps his celebrity is only exacerbated by the fact that he cannot appear on television due to the court ruling and as a result his infamy is relegated to that of an urban legend.

      “Then I have to also ask why is no famous Alabama alum, Coach, or celebrity volunteering to step into Updyke’s place to help raise money? Why is lil nicky not stepping up for the cause?”
      I think you’re confused? Plenty of Alabama celebrities are already helping. Some were even the targets of the death threats from Auburn fans. Katherine Webb McCarron, for one, is a bigger nationwide celebrity than perhaps AJ himself, believe it or not. And you assume Saban wouldn’t donate? Why? He’s already donated millions, including starting his own charity, and frankly I strongly doubt he isn’t helping give money to the cancer fundraiser. I’m speculating, sure, but then again, you’re the one deflecting and making gross assumptions and making judgments off them.

      “ITK….do not stoop lower than you already have . If you truly care about the charity like you claim, you would not turn this into an Auburn Vs. Alabama match just to get a few more readers.”
      Again, tell it to ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, NBC Sports, et al. This isn’t an Alabama-only story. It is, however, an opportunity to change Auburn’s culture. Sadly, it’s an opportunity nobody has taken.

      All of this deflection, it really bugs the hell out of me. Auburn’s cultural identity is apathy; you can’t accept responsibility long enough to make a positive cultural change and instead point the finger.
      This whole mess with Updyke’s involvement, no matter how misguided, at least has to be seen as another attempt of many to raise money for a family devastated by a child with cancer. You didn’t know much about Jelks, but what do you know about John Oliver, “Ollie,” the boy this fundraiser is still going to help? His mother spent this past Mother’s Day with him in the ER because he couldn’t breathe, for example. Now he requires care 24 hours a day. It’s an opportunity to help, but instead of outright criticizing the countless death threats outright, there’s an explanation for their motives? And that’s followed by total deflection?
      Why explain the reason for some Auburn fans making death threats while at the same time not accepting the reason some Alabama fans thought Updyke’s involvement was worth the money it could raise? Gene Jelks is not the answer. Ollie should be.

      1. As far as I can see it was ONE Auburn fan that made the “threat”. And the police actually didn’t even see it as a threat. No Auburn fan is defending it.

  8. I agree that death threats, whether they actually occurred or not (no one has proven one way or the other, only word of mouth from two people), are wrong and should be met with appropriate action, having Updyke represent this chartiy is inappropriate. This charity has stooped so low that they ask a convicted felon to appear, and probably for a fee. I can’t really use an “apples to apples” comparison because I can’t recall an Auburn fan committing an act like Updyke. However, if the tables were turned, Alabama fans would have the same reaction. Not only do I believe that he should have been rejected from appearing, I don’t believe he should ever have been asked. Bad judgement. Fire away.

    1. @Gibson – you are a humorless Aubie fan that only proves ITK’s theory and the point of his story rather than refuting it. The whole point of having Updyke appear at all was so people could throw stuff at him and vent their animosity. I know there are some among the Bama nation who think what he did was both deserved and correct, but the vast majority recognize him for what he is, a semi-intelligent country boy gone bad that took it upon himself to poison a couple of trees that the Barn has decided are more important that any other two trees in all of Aubie-land (although the way they showed their reverence to the aforementioned trees was a little suspect). If anything, the Barn nation should have been lined up down the road to get the chance to duck ol’ Harvey into a vat of water and get him cleaned up for once. It would have been fun for all, and the charity would have racked up with the donations. Instead, Little Brother couldn’t handle being reminded of their Great Loss, lo these many years later, so, if they couldn’t have any fun, by God, no one can.
      So mature. So intelligent. So cult-like. And so meaningless.

      1. I don’t know about you, but I would not want, nor would I want my kids, family, friends, etc., to be anywhere near a convicted felon. Maybe it is all in fun to Alabama and some Auburn people, but he is a convicted felon. He “made his name” by vandalizing an object because he was upset over a football game. Whether it is trees, a building, a car or a person, he did it out of spite. Had he hung an Alabama flag on an Auburn building, like the guy at Texas A&M (which I thought was funny and in no way should have been cause for termination), most people would have been mad for a minute and got over it. No harm, no foul. I thought the level headed Alabama fans wanted to distance themselves from Updyke, not put him on a pedestal yet again. You could get a bunch of Auburn fans to the charity event by bringing, I don’t know, maybe an Auburn celebrity. The charity organizer had to know he would receive some backlash. What say you.

        1. And to another one of your points, let’s say that ole Harvey got up in that dunking booth or the pie stand and some over zealous Auburn fan took it upon himself to right the wrong by misdirecting his throw an really hurt Updyke. What would you say then? All that person was doing was “venting his animosity”, but ole Harvey is in the hospital. Why even put him or any fan in that situation. Bring in real celebrities to sign autographs and climb in the dunking tanks. Just makes more sense. Alabama and Auburn fans need to forget about Updyke because he is a blackeye on both fan bases. Why give him a spotlight again? Trust me, there is no humor in Harvey Updyke.

          1. If an Auburn fan did that I’d say, “look over there at YOUR crimes!”

            Wait, no, I wouldn’t say that. That’s kinda cultish, isn’t it?

            But that’s exactly what you just did. You made up not just an imaginary situation, but an imaginary result based on biased speculation and a cult mentality to defend ANY action on behalf of Auburn’s culture.


            Just stop.

            Speculating on what Alabama would do immediately takes the blame off what Auburn’s culture did do, and could still do.

            After all, Updyke says he was already beaten up plenty in jail in Auburn. I didn’t hear an outcry, did you? Did you make one up?

            Yes, we get it—-the Updyke part was a bad idea. And it’s been scrubbed.

            And you’re still not happy.

            No, actually, you’re furious. At Alabama. For a family’s misguided attempt to raise more money than they could without it for a family that is desperate for it.

            But that’s not good enough? You’re still MAD and trying to defend it by saying “Alabama would do worse.” I don’t get it. They made a bad choice, then they fixed it after receiving death threats, and all you can say is they deserved it and should have known better and Alabama would have done worse?

            One of the primary definitions of cult behavior is an “us versus the world” mentality. You don’t just refuse to look inside, but it’s more like you simply can’t. No leaders ask you to, and you don’t make your mind up for yourself (that wouldn’t be very cult-like, after all).

            Defend at all costs. That’s another cult behavior. “Alabama would have crucified him, or worse!” Great. I see where this is going. “You would have done worse to the Auburn fan that hurt Updyke than to Updyke himself!” Defend, deflect, and induce feelings of guilt or shame. Just to be clear, no Auburn fan was hurt during this event that didn’t happen.

            You even lack the vision to believe no Alabama fan would also throw a pie at Updyke with an intent to hurt. What if an Alabama fan did hurt Updyke at the now-defunct event instead of the poor Auburn fan you invented for your defense? It’s like you’re projecting your own cult mentality onto yourself…? Alabama didn’t victimize any Auburn fan here. You’re speculating based purely off bias and without any doubt for your own cultural responsibility (another cult concept as questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged and even punished).

            You don’t want justice; you want revenge. I can at least understand that, even if I can’t relate to what you feel as a result of Updyke’s crime, but at least this time there is a beneficiary in need and there is no longer any Updyke involvement, so stop saying what would have happened could have been worse than what should have happened. The fundraiser is still going to happen without Updyke. That part matters more than defending a handful of Auburn’s fan’s death threats to people who had nothing to do with Updyke’s actions in the first place. It was bad judgment and NOTHING HAPPENED—-the Updyke part was cancelled after the death threats were received. It’s over. No Auburn fans were hurt or threatened.

          2. I don’t want justice or revenge on Updyke or Alabama. Alabama had nothing to do with Updyke. Nick Saban did not give Updyke the orders to poison the trees. I just want him forgotten. I don’t want him mentioned anymore. He’s had his 15 minutes. Why bring him back up. Do Auburn fan’s despise him? Yes. Why stir that pot again. Do Alabama fans despise him? I thought so. But, judging my this article and the comments, he might have a few loyalists.

    2. @gibson

      Bad judgment. That’s it. I agree. You’re great.

      Look, I’m sure LeBron James thought his “taking my talents to Miami” press conference was a good idea, too. Both had good intentions. This part of the fundraiser wasn’t meant to explicitly glorify Updyke—-it was meant to try to get more money for a family that needs it badly.

      Was it desperate? Yes.

      After all, it only makes more sense to be desperate when you spend your Mothers Day in the ER because your child can’t breathe. I don’t know how desperate I would be if my kid needed 24-hour care, but keep in mind that’s exactly what we’re talking about here.

      And again, that’s what really bugs me about all this. Yes, it was bad judgment, poor taste, and they found out the hard way. But that’s what you’re so upset about? You keep pointing to Updyke, Alabama, and now even speculating about if the death threats were real (really?), all so you can say it was Alabama’s cultural fault? Or is it just to ignore the point at hand?

      At this point I’d be ok if Auburn’s culture just said “good riddance” to the Updyke part they got cancelled and moved on, maybe even helped, or even just ignored the whole damn thing—-I could understand ignoring the fundraiser more than chastising Alabama for what Alabama’s culture MIGHT have done in the same situation.

      It’s like your hate so completely clouds your judgment that you don’t really SEE what’s happening. Maybe you can’t? That’s a cult mentality. And that’s what sucks about Auburn’s culture. It’s not going to change. Nobody wants to change it at Auburn. But when you point at Alabama for it you sound more naive than vilified.

      1. I can’t tell your stance on this. Are you defending the choice to have Updyke at the event or criticizing Auburn fans for wanting no part of it? This has nothing to do with Alabama, this has to do with the event organizer who foolishly thought that recruiting Harvey Updyke was a good idea. I’m all for the charity. I actually donate to a similar charity. I’m not as familiar with this one.

        First of all, my love for Auburn or my “hate” for Alabama has nothing to do with my feelings on Harvey Updyke. He could have been an LSU or MS State fan and I would feel the same way. He is a convicted felon. What does irritate me is that this event organizer (an admitted Alabama fan) thought that by getting Updyke to this event was a smart choice. Again, I thought most Alabama fans wanted to distance themselves from him. Why are you so mad Auburn fans when you yourselves should be just as outraged. Like it or not, he is still a representation of the Alabama fanbase.

        But don’t act like Auburn fans are evil because they will not support a charity that is being represented by a convicted felon. I know that I keep using “convicted felon” alot, but that fact cannot be pushed aside.

        Again, I don’t know much about the charity. I have read about it. It seems legit. But, I have a hard time trusting a charity that will stoop to enlisting the help of a convicted felon. How do I know it is on the up and up.

        I did not send death threats. I chose to ignore it. But I also understand the anger that some Auburn fans feel about trying to make a buck by asking Updyke to atend an event.

        I will say they were smart by cancelling his appearance. But the “we were receiving death threat” excuse is just tired. How about “looking back it was a stupid decision to even think about asking a convicted felon to appear for a charity used for the research of cancer.”

        You are right though, Auburn fans should have just ignored it. But the event organizer should also shoulder the blame.

        But a cult? This has nothing to do with a cult. It has to do with a fan base still upset over an individual’s actions that led to the desruction of beloved trees. I know, I know “they’re just trees”. Well if those trees were in your or my front yard, you would probably feel different.

    1. My father passed away when i was 14 years old. My most cherished memories of him are fall in Auburn and toomers corner. The trees are now destroyed by hatred. Some folks feed on hatred. What if updyke destroyed Denny chimes? Its just mud and stone right?

      1. @bgg


        No, we can’t relate. I’m sorry. I don’t understand your pain and I do wish Updyke hadn’t poisoned them. Nearly all Alabama fans do, too, and Alabama’s leadership publicly condemned the actions and raised money in support of the tradition’s rehabilitiation. It’ll never be the same, but one day you’ll have trees there again.

        But look, do you think all Alabama fans didn’t like those trees? I thought the tradition was unique if not kinda hilarious, but particularly when they got trashed whenever Alabama lost a football game (or any other sporting event as it wasn’t exclusive to football) and the victor wasn’t Auburn. It’s one thing to celebrate a win, but it’s Auburn to celebrate Alabama’s loss with a tradition, so I loved those trees.

        A group of mighty trees were ruthlessly destroyed by a misguided rival fan. Denny Chimes arguably doesn’t mean as much to Alabama fans as the Toomer’s trees did to Auburn fans.

        Half our town was destroyed by nature, not man, so we simply can’t relate.

        But that bothers you more than the death threats or the dying kid? That’s what I don’t get. Have you even seen the kid, Ollie? I get the “us against the world” mentality, but now? I mean, the Updyke thing was cancelled soon after it was announced. It was cancelled because of death threats.

        I don’t know what it’s like to lose my tradition because of a lone, selfish rival fan.

        I don’t know what it’s like to lose a boy to cancer, either.

        And yet that matters more to me when talking about whether or not Updyke should have been involved in raising more revenue than Auburn’s still-hurt feelings. I imagine the pain of losing those trees will never really die, but threatening to kill AJ McCarron’s wife because the man who killed the trees might contribute to help a boy live? It’s short-sighted at best, but I’m afraid it’s cult-like at worst.

        What makes me the most disappointed with the Auburn culture’s reaction to Updyke’s previous involvement in the story is that we know who Updyke is, that being the man that got caught poisoning the Toomer’s corner trees. But what if he hadn’t? What if he hadn’t been so stupid to get caught so blatantly that we never found out who injected the poison in the soil? It’s scary to think about. We can only speculate, so all I’ll say is thank God he was identified and caught.

        1. Do you have proof of the death threats? If you are speaking the truth, we will see an arrest next week just like the updyke and new Orleans tea bag guy…

          1. @bgg

            I almost wrote something about the speculation of the death threats. I gave y’all the benefit of the doubt.

            You squashed it.

            I’m not so sure they would have cancelled it without the alleged death threats, so why are you so sure they didn’t?

            Deflection, that’s why. .

            I don’t know who killed JFK, either. Pretty sure he died, though. Unreal

        2. You have used “us against the world” many times in your arguments saying it is cultish. Isn’t that the motto of every fan base? Do not all fan bases unite for common causes? Are you saying that Auburn fans should not all be upset about Updyke? Are you saying Auburn fans are evil for not supporting something that is tied to Updyke? I have seen Ollie. I feel for his family. But for you or ITK to sit here and say this charity with not make money because we can’t have Updyke at this event is crazy. Again, I think the event organizer did not realize how silly recruiting Updyke was. But, for you to say we are crazy to not still hold some animosity towards Updyke is also crazy. I hope the charity does well. I may decide to donate myself, once I read up on it more. But I will not support an event that Harvey Updyke is asked to attend. That is not cult. I could care less of other Auburn fans feel the same way. I do not support felons.

          1. @gibson


            No, in fact I said the exact opposite?

            Heck, look for yourself, right up there, just today even.

            I said I have no idea what losing those trees is like. I’ve tried to sympahtize, empathize, even donated money, but I can never know and I can never truly relate.

            And I didn’t say you shouldn’t be upset with him. But isn’t that why they set the up to be able to throw pies at him in the first place? Again, misguided and distasteful, I agree, but the intent wasn’t to spite Auburn fans vs the reasons Updyke’s participation was cancelled.

            Don’t you also realize (again) that the hate for Updyke isn’t limited to Auburn fans, and, more to the point, is shared by many if not most Alabama fans?

            Wait, I said the event won’t make money? Huh? Please stop. I can’t compete with this. You’re putting words in my mouth.

            I also didn’t say you shouldn’t be upset with Updyke. STOP.

            What bugs me is nobody seems to be upset that threats to people completely unrelated to Updyke’s actions only at least TRYING to do something good aren’t chastized by Auburn’s culture—-instead, they’re defended? Don’t you realize that’s what so many are saying? Is it that hard to see it at least as a possibility of cult-like defense? I’m not saying you need to lavish us with how badly you wanted to throw a pie at Updyke, but just not to so strongly defend the reasons why it was cancelled rather than being disgusted by them.

            And no, I didn’t say it’s “cult” to not support the charity fundraiser that almost had Updyke participate in raising more funds. I think you’re deliberately misinterpreting what I said in absolute defense of all things Auburn, which is, by definition, cultish, but I do understand where you’re coming from and that you’re upset.

            Instead, I said, and will say again, that it’s cult-like to spend more time defending Auburn’s cultural reaction to it, not limited to death threats, than criticizing it for being more harmful than the original inclusion of Updyke in the fundraiser was distasteful. It wasn’t the first time an Alabama fan was accused of being distasteful, but that doesn’t merit threats to someone else, ever. It just doesn’t.

          2. @gibson

            And no, “us against the world” is not the same.

            Look, and I don’t mean this as insulting but I’m afraid it’s only going to sound that way, but I don’t think you can understand the difference explicitly because you are in that same mindset.

            For example, tOSU goes all-in with “us against the world.” I think they even printed it last season.

            Auburn’s leadership proclaims it too, and while Auburn certainly isn’t alone there and also it doesn’t have its merit for a “David and Goliath” mindset, what it isn’t is the same as everyone’s mindset.

            Case in point, it’s not Alabama’s mindset. Alabama’s leadership, not limited to football, doesn’t focus on the opposition. In fact, it doesn’t address the opposition inherently at all. That’s the different. Be YOUR best. It’s simple. It’s not results-driven, but it does tend to accumulate positive results.

            It doesn’t work for everyone, but I love it and I live by it—-I don’t see myself as competing with my competition, but rather with myself. Yes, everyone has the “do your best” slogan or something like it somewhere in their locker room. But from a CULTURAL standpoint, from the positions of leadership and how a generalized mindset approaches a situation, you simply can’t have it both ways. You’re either out to beat the best, or you’re out to be the best.

            Those differences in identifying characteristics are often what make the diversity of college cultures so great. LSU is the rock party. Notre Dame is the sanguine scholar. Oregon is the new and high-tech vision of the future. Clemson is the Southern dinner at church.

            And Auburn’s difference is their cultural IDENTIFIERS are so intrinsicly linked to another football team that it’s become “us against the world” to a cult-like degree. It’s something that most Auburn fans are proud of. I almost respect that—at least they have an identifiable culture. But I definitely believe more in Alabama’s cultural mentality and that’s the difference, that’s why someone at some point thought Updyke would be able to raise more money for that family and therefore it was worth trying. Saying they should have known better than to not expect death threats, well, that’s just not the same kind of spirit, and it’s definitely not what I would consider the point.

          3. @nope

            Death threats are terrible. I have said that. I think anyone who makes a death threat on someone is the lowest type of person. I ALSO THINK ANY AUBURN FAN THAT SENT DEATH THREATS TO THE ORGANIZERS OF THIS CHARITY, IF IT DID IN FACT HAPPEN, SHOULD BE ARRESTED. There is no place for that. There, are you happy? There are more peaceful ways to solve a problem than with death threats.

            So, I guess we both agree on that.

    2. @bamabino

      This is hilarious.

      Not because of what happened, but because of how poorly it’s written and still people believe it. Thanks for the link. Hilarious.

      1. It’s beyond absurd. It went viral on facebook with most of the Barners buying it hook, line and sinker. Allegedly the incident happened Friday and by Sunday an investigation had been completed, charges filed and a court date set. You can’t fix stupid.

          1. I didn’t go to law school, but I did shop at Piggly Wiggly Express yesterday. I bet you’re one of the many barner gumps that believed the BS. Common sense tells you that on a charge as serious as attempted murder, bail is set by a Judge and they don’t work on Saturday.

  9. If AJ’s Mom is one of the promoters of this fund raiser, why has she not reached out to find a decent replacement for Updyke? Would Aj, Saban, or any other former bammer not step to the plate for such a great cause? I also know before I ask this question the response I am going to get , but I am going to ask any way. How many of you bammers have donated a single penny to this charity? MY POINT EXACTLY. If ITK was really that concerned about raising money for this cause , he would have wrote the check by now. Instead he uses this to scratch up a few more responses for crapstone report. This is not Auburn Vs. Alabama as some of you try to spin it. This is basic common sense to not ask a felon to represent your charity. Maybe it’s just too much bama in AJ’s mom……

    1. I donate thousands to charity.

      Thousands. Every year.

      I donate money, time, supplies, and, most importantly in my case, original items for auction. My work sells more at auction than anywhere else, and I take no cut. As a result, I get to enjoy the fundraisers in person, plenty of them, including this one (which, for the record, I didn’t even know about until the Updyke drama unfolded, so it’s impossible for me to say it did no good).

      Point your finger at me again. Deflect. I haven’t donated yet because I’ll be at the event to donate. Just keep deflecting the responsibility though. I wouldn’t expect anything more, and yet it never ceases to surprise me.

      You’re right about one thing—-this isn’t Auburn vs Alabama. That’s why the story is nationwide rather than just some “hit grab” on this Alabama website. Unreal.

  10. @Nope

    How much to THIS Charity. You know…the one ITK is talking about in above article. Please try to keep up. Of course you will be on hand to donate/volunteer! I would not expect anything less from a fine bammer such as your self. pfffttt

    Then lets really talk about who is deflecting. ITK and crapstonereport is trying to get the attention off of the train wreck known as the QB position at bama. IT IS GAME WEEK! Someone that calls them self ” In The Know” should have some inside info on something actually dealing with bama football….for the bama football website he writes for. Here is some bama news for you. Bama still has no starting QB, and Saban will rip Kiffin’s head off by week 5.

    1. And maybe he will admit he was wrong about the 3 suspended UA players being admitted back before Nick Marshall played. Yeah right. That would cause him to write about UA, you know the site he is supposed to be writing for. And 2 of the suspensions being lifted had nothing to do with an injury to Ashawn Robinson. Sure it didn’t.
      As far as Updyke, he needs to apologize to Auburn and our fans, then keep his mouth shut about it. But we know he can’t do that. He is trying to milk his 15 minutes of fame for all it is worth.

      1. @Elite Tiger

        Really? The same story you always delfect to, again?

        Aside from being completely off-topic, remember those players have already missed a lot of time.

        I don’t get it—–do you not believe it or are you just being hateful? Because what you’re saying isn’t true. Nick Marshall hasn’t missed anything yet, and the players you love to hate already missed at least 14 hours worth of practice and scrimmage. Think Nick Marshall will miss 14 hours of anything?

        Think Nick Marshall will miss 14 minutes of anything?

        Think I won’t expect you to come here after the Arkansas game to cry about the previously-suspended Alabama players versus Marshall missing some in-game snaps? I know better than that. I know I can count on you, Elite Tiger. Don’t let me down.

        And a final word, just to clear up the confusion, Updyke’s involvement in this fundraiser wasn’t his idea. It’s kinda weird to blame him for milking his 15 minutes of shame even more when it was someone else trying to milk his 15 minutes of shame to get money for a family whose kid died, John Oliver.

        You know what really bugs me about all this?

        Auburn is the HOME of second chances. Where would Auburn be without just the QB’s alone who were kicked out of other schools?

        I’m not saying Harvey Updyke deserves it, or that the $800,000 going to Auburn will help anyone stop treating him as the leading representative of Alabama, but posting death threats to AJ McCarron’s wife and mother for a fundraiser to support a family who just lost their kid to cancer and vilifying anyone who has a problem with it? I mean, if you read it on paper, it just SOUNDS like a cult, doesn’t it? But in real life it’s Auburn, so nobody does anything but defend Auburn and slam Updyke. It’s insanely uncompromising. I hate Updyke, too. That was the entire point of his involvement. Unreal. I mean, wow.

    2. @dose of reality

      You are my new favorite person. I think I love you. Please, never stop.

      I don’t have to do this, but since I like you so much and since you asked twice, I’m going to follow up with the fundraising amount once we have those numbers. No need to thank me.

      Now it’s a QB choice question? Wait, no, it’s a “train wreck,” and this whole article is only meant to distract us from the awful QB situation in Tuscaloosa?

      Oh boy. I don’t even care about the deflection in this case—-I like you too much not to respond.

      Let’s start at the top.

      Saban’s first choice for his first offensive coordinator at Alabama was from the PAC12 and had success including a national title and a Heisman-winning QB. Later, he took a couple head coaching jobs where he did poorly, but Saban still wanted him as OC.

      Now he has him; Lane Kiffin. Saban wanted Kiffin before Kiffen earned his bad head coach reputation in the first place, kinda like how Mal Moore wanted Saban before he was regarded as the best in the business.

      OK, maybe that means nothing. Fine. But for all the speculation about Blake Sims, I don’t think it’s a coincidence he’s developed since Kiffin, a QB specialist, landed in Tuscaloosa.

      But it’s Blake Sims, right? He’s no good, right?

      Here’s the thing—-how good were Greg McElroy and AJ McCarron? Sure, they both won national championships their first year as starting QB, but they weren’t great, right? They were decent, but “game managers” was the usual criticism. At this point in the preseason, people weren’t exactly thrilled with either of them.

      But does anyone think Sims or Coker are less talented now than they thought of McElroy or McCarron then? Do you? I mean, the argument is Sims and Coker have more QB talent…but it’s a bigger problem?

      I don’t get it. Truth be told, Alabama might actually have a great QB instead of a good QB. Not naming the starting QB forces WV to prepare for both a pocket passer and a dual-threat QB; if nothing else, it’s a strategic advantage even if Saban already knows who the QB will be (which I don’t think he does).

      So what if it’s true? What if Alabama finally has a great QB? Trying to figure out which one is better, well, that’s a luxury Alabama can afford, at least for the first three games this year. Isn’t that better than naming a conerback in his first year at the school, a player who had already played at two other colleges, as your starting QB in August? That’s not an insult to Nick Marshall, but rather a reminder that Coker and Sims are both QB’s and have always been QB’s and, frankly, have talent at QB, and one of them will be the starting QB at Alabama within a month.

      Bottom line, Alabama now has real talent AND depth at QB, the one position that has truly excelled less than perhaps any other position under Saban (in spite of McCarron breaking so many school records at the position).

      Don’t forget, Jameis Winston wanted to play baseball and Saban wouldn’t let him. He would have sat on the bench last year regardless, but many have compared Coker to Winston.

      Let’s assume they’re exaggerating though, for the sake of your argument. Maybe Coker is nowhere close to Winston and they were all lying or had alternate intentions for making the comparison. With that said, do you still think he’s more talented than McCarron or McElroy were at the same point or not?

      So Sims, right? I mean, we all saw the spring game. AJ McCarron looked bad then, too. Sims wasn’t great, but we’ve heard that everything since has been better. Maybe, for example, he’s brilliant in practice but not good in live games? If that’s the case, Alabama will have the luxury of finding out on the field and can bench him to play Coker instead.

      Is that worse than starting a Georgia cornerback at QB?

      Is starting a Georgia cornerback at QB worse than having two QB candidates work it out on the field? Don’t forget, Coker has already graduated, plus he has another year of eligibility after this one. Even if he doesn’t start at all this year, he’s better than McCarron and McElroy were at this point, right? Then you give him another year to develop and without having to worry about school?

      Alabama has a question mark at QB right now, I agree. I just wouldn’t be surprised if that question mark becomes an exclamation point in a way we haven’t seen yet under Saban, and quickly.

      1. Coker may be have more QB talent than McCarron, but not Sims. Thats just ridiculous.

        And I dont see how you can even judge Coker at this point. To say he’s better than McCarron or McElroy at this point is nothing more than homer optimism.

        1. @peachy

          OK, Coker has more talent than Sims.

          And it sounds like Sims might have more skill. Talent is a gift, skill is learned, so the comparison makes sense (Sims has been in the system longer, hence he’s learned more).

          But it’s homer optimism to say either of them has more talent than we thought McElroy or McCarron had?

          I think maybe you’re simply confused at what I was saying, so I’ll try to explain again.

          Before AJ McCarron or Greg McElroy became the starting QB at the University of Alabama, what did you think of them?

          Do you think LESS of Sims and Coker at the same point in their career, before starting in a football game?

          For example, Greg McElroy was a 3-star recruit…just like Jacob Coker.

          AJ McCarron was a 4-star…just like Blake Sims. Is it really that ridiculous to say he looks more talented than AJ did before earning the starting gig? Hell, I’ve said here plenty of times I thought Phillip Sims looked better than AJ, but Blake Sims looks worse to you at this point?

          And I’ve sure heard a lot of praise of Coker. Maybe they’re all wrong, every single one of them who says things about Coker’s abilities, but I simply didn’t hear as much about the talent of McCarron or McElroy as I have about Coker before any of them took a snap as Alabama’s starting QB. I only say that to suggest that there’s logic in being more optimistic than doom-and-gloom.

          Case in point, neither Sims or Coker were cornerbacks at the University of Georgia last time they were on a division-1 roster. It’s not a worse place to be than any other year we broke in a new QB (and subsequently won the national title).

          1. Cokers high school work out videos look better than McCarrons NFL combine drills. No doubt that Coker has talent. He just hasn’t been there very long. That is guaranteed to change. Now, Sims, he has been there since McElroy was there. The A-Day game? Not a very good showing for sure, but the format took him out of half of his game. McCarron looked terrible in his last A-Day game as well. I think it is mostly exhibition and vanilla, giving the fans a bone situation.

            I thought Sims looked good in the back up role last season. Everyone at Bama seems to think Sims has stepped it up since Cokers arrival. I don’t think it is a big issue as Auburn people think it is. There is a lot of talent at ALL the skill positions, 2 and 3 deep. More than Auburn has right now, that is for sure. Auburn has what, 2 good receivers now with the JC transfer? A 4th string Bama RB transfer is the starting RB? Bama has at least 6 receivers that are as good as any Auburn has got. Auburn can’t match Bamas depth at running back or tight end either.

            Bamas defense has reloaded and is as deep as it has ever been with Saban. Last year is motivation, and this team has the potential to be Saban’s best yet.

            But you Auburn people keep repeating the gloom and doom for Bama. If you say it to each other enough, you can wish it into existence.

            The truth is, most people see that Bama is going to be really good. We are just not sure how good they are going to be yet. Same with Auburn. Bottom line, Bama has more talent overall, and Auburn can’t survive on luck alone this season.

  11. Typical response from the sewer-dwelling, toothless, inbred Bammers! Blame Auburn fans for this??

    The Bammer TURDS hold Harvey Updyke up and wordhip him as an idol, when he is nothing more than a poster child for the scumbag Bammers. The Bammer that came up with the idea to use Updyke is dumber than Hell not to think such an idea was inappropriate. Why could the organizers get a Bammer celeb and/or and Auburn celeb to participate? Updyke got off easy and and has yet to apologize for his actions. What would the Turd fans think if an Auburn fan tore down Bryant’s statue or defaced Nicky Satan’s statue? The Bammers would want revenge.

    While I do not agree with the death threats, the thought of using Updyke was just stupid!

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