AJ McCarron signs deal with Bengals worth $2.4 Million

  • by ITK

Former Alabama quarterback has reportedly signed a deal with his team with a max value of $2.559 Million, including at signing bonus of $181,652.

Not bad for a fifth rounder.

Though some were well-earned, those taking shots at the former Alabama quarterback after his draft “free fall” may need to check their pay-stub for comparisons.

McCarron’s contract covers four years, earning him just $500,000 or so per season.

Did you hear what I just said? That isn’t big money in the NFL, but for most of you reading this article right now it will take you the better part of a decade or more to come close to his wage for the upcoming 2014 season.

Once again, stating that the best job in America is 3rd string NFL quarterback. He may not end up there, but if he does, I’d trade places with him in a heartbeat. Where’s my clip board?

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