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AJ McCarron signs deal with Bengals worth $2.4 Million

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Former Alabama quarterback has reportedly signed a deal with his team with a max value of $2.559 Million, including at signing bonus of $181,652.

Not bad for a fifth rounder.

Though some were well-earned, those taking shots at the former Alabama quarterback after his draft “free fall” may need to check their pay-stub for comparisons.

McCarron’s contract covers four years, earning him just $500,000 or so per season.

Did you hear what I just said? That isn’t big money in the NFL, but for most of you reading this article right now it will take you the better part of a decade or more to come close to his wage for the upcoming 2014 season.

Once again, stating that the best job in America is 3rd string NFL quarterback. He may not end up there, but if he does, I’d trade places with him in a heartbeat. Where’s my clip board?

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13 thoughts on “AJ McCarron signs deal with Bengals worth $2.4 Million”

  1. AJ McCarron earned his paycheck.

    It’s that simple.

    And it should be nothing but an exciting thing to see these guys who worked their butts off for us (all of us, every team) get paid, particularly for being a champion like AJ McCarron.

    He earned it. I don’t know what he’ll do in Cincinnati, but I can’t wait to find out. I’ll definitely go see him play in the Queen City if he becomes the starter, get some Skyline chili. Mmm. Who Dey, and Roll Tide.

  2. Excellent for AJ. I’m sure it’s money well invested for the Bengals and I’m sure AJ will earn every dime and then some. The Panthers on the other hand are spending 22 million for 4 years of NFL bust Cam Newton and have a .500 QB to show for it with 1 playoff appearance and 1 playoff choke job.getting publicly humiliated by Colin Kaepernick. The real Superman would have 3 Super Bowl rings already. Not much return for the Panthers for such a huge give-away, judging by his results on the field.

  3. Here’s hoping AJ will be the first ex-Alabama QB in a long time to make it big in the NFL. Skyline chili? Don’t they put that stuff over spaghetti? RTR

  4. no surprise qb’s drop -it’s only one position on the field and non rotational…..ol 5 positons …dl 3 4 and 3 4 more rotate ideally…lb’s 3 4 db 4 5 6 positions….wr 4 5 wr sets….etc

  5. Well actually it’s $600,000+ a year. But what’s rediculous is the inability to negotiate for top dollar under the current system. For instance the Barnrat’s Ford because he was drafted 23, got a $10 million deal. Just how stupid is that? Well even if he gets decent playing time, the odds of him actually impacting a win is pretty slim as a DE. But as a QB, if McCarron makes backup, or especially if the starter gets hurt, then every play of the game he will have the opportunity to make an impact. An if he becomes an integral part of the team or even the starter, he will be stuck at $600,000 for 4years. Dumb system. And Barnrat’s, I’m not saying Ford isn’t worth his pay. I’m saying McCarron is worth a lot more than he’s being paid. RTR!

    1. Endorsements. You get them if you’re good, you don’t if you’re not. There’s millions yet to be claimed, so let’s just wait and see.

    2. “I’m saying McCarron is worth a lot more than he’s being paid.”

      “But only if he makes backup, or especially if the starter gets hurt.”


  6. It appears the so called “writers” of this site have writer’s block. Here’s an idea write about Alabama’s baseball team getting shut out by Keeeennnnaaasaaw State! Or how your baseball team needs a new stadium.

    1. How about they continue to write about what a complete national laughingstock your team is. Those are the best.

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