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BREAKING: Bruce Pearl hired at Auburn

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I have it on a very good source that Auburn University has extended an offer to former Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl, and that Pearl has accepted the offer.

Bruce Pearl will be Auburn’s new basketball coach.

And I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Pearl is still serving under an NCAA show cause for lying to the NCAA while at Tennessee, which expires in August.

Still, Pearl will return Auburn basketball to the top of the league in very little time, and will sell the Auburn program like no other. And Alabama, under Anthony Grant, will have a very difficult time beating him.

It’s worth mentioning, no program has ever hired a coach actively serving the dreaded NCAA show cause penalty; the distinction ended former Alabama assistant coach Ronnie Cottrell’s career.

But then again, this is Auburn we’re talking about. They’ve perfected dealing with the NCAA. Perhaps another trait we could stand to learn from little brother.

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19 thoughts on “BREAKING: Bruce Pearl hired at Auburn”

  1. Can we go back to talking about Katherine Webb? Because that is one Auburn-related story that I’m more than happy to think about…..

    Seriously though, basketball just got interesting in this state and Auburn and its new arena and new coach are the epicenter of it. Since the departure of Wimp Sanderson at Alabama, there has been no sustained excitement about the basketball program at UA. Grant has failed to ignite any enthusiasm and pretty much has failed on the court.

  2. Yeah, since Battle decided to suck Grant’s d*** we’ll have to suffer through another year of bullsh*** and then go looking for some other half assed coach to make rich. Maybe we can lure Izzo from Mich St. Or maybe we can swap dips*** for his former assistant at VCU who went 26-8 so far this year.

    1. LOL @ EGG HEAD! The Crimson TURD BB team SUCKS like the football team and both will get kicked around by Auburn!

      1. @Indian Vol

        Tennessee hasn’t come so much as a whiff’s distance from beating Alabama since 2006.

        Last season’s “sucky” team went 11-2, and to a BCS bowl.

        If you had a pair, you’d give your nuts to have a sucky season like that. Heck, you’d give one just to go to the bowl.

        You re-write the book on being an idiot every time you come in here, Indiana Vol.

        1. ITK,

          You should change you name to DKS; because you Don’t Know Sh*t! You think you are the end all, be all, but only in that pea brain. Bammer was supposed to win an SEC and Natty this year. The Vols slightly exceeded expectations! Which program made improvement, hum genius? If I were you, I would be preparing excuses for the time coming soon when Butch Jones impants his foot in Nicky Satan’s @ss!

  3. “But then again, this is Auburn we’re talking about. They’ve perfected dealing with the NCAA”

    Mark Emmert, Derrick Crawford and 10-second-Saban all say ‘Hey’

  4. Look.

    Saban at Alabama was the catalyst for Auburn’s football program’s recent success. “What do we have to do,” if I remember correctly.

    So maybe this is exactly what needs to happen for Alabama to get serious about basketball—–watch Auburn win a few games and maybe get into the tournament, then maybe Alabama has no choice but to respond? I dunno. I don’t really like basketball though, so I’m just spitballing here.

  5. Auburn beat the Crimson TURD to the punch and hired Bruce Pearl, which means Bammer will get an ass-kicking when they play Auburn in BB, as well as football!!

    Congrats to Auburn; they hired a hell of a coach!!

    1. Nice d**k-riding there, Vol. I’d probably do the same if my school sucked as bad as UT’s at both basketball and football. Well, at least you have women’s basketball to get excited about – for a while, at least.

    2. They sure did. But a miraculous, incredibly improbable final play doesn’t translate into an ass-kicking.

      What we’ve done to you the last seven years translates into an ass-kicking.

      How has it felt, Vol? Have you enjoyed it? Because I sure have.

      And can’t wait for #8 in a row this fall!!!!

      Roll Tide!!!

    3. I have it on good account that Lane Kiffin is looking very forward to the Rammer Jammer sing along at Neyland Stadium this year. He is hoping the UT faithful will join in considering how well they know the words.

  6. I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon and think Pearl will automatically turn Weagle into a champion. Did Bartow turn UAB into one? No. Did Hall of Famer C M Newton turn basketball crazy Vanderbilt into one? No. Weagle has never done squat in basketball – period. It will probably take more than an NCAA shy retread from UcheaT to do magic in Lee County. RTR!

    1. I don’t think any Auburn fans are expecting a NC in basketball. Just making the tournament is enough for us. We’re not a basketball school and we know that. But there’s no denying that Pearl is a fantastic coach and he’ll have Auburn competing for the conference title at least.

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