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Highlights: Alabama 48 Kentucky 7

Video Highlights of Alabama vs Kentucky

Game Notes: Alabama 48 Kentucky 7

Alabama Football at Kentucky Postgame Notesvia UA Media Relations
Alabama Captains
• Alabama’s captains for tonight’s game at Kentucky were AJ McCarron, C.J. Mosley and Kenny Bell. The Crimson Tide won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kickoff.

Alabama vs Kentucky Series Notes
• With the win, Alabama is 36-2-1 against Kentucky and has won five straight in the series. The Tide now boasts a 16-2 record in the state of Kentucky (15-2 in Lexington & 1-0 in Louisville).

Alabama vs Kentucky General Notes
• Alabama now holds a 17-game winning streak away from Bryant-Denny Stadium, which is the longest active streak in the FBS. The 17-game streak includes both true road games and neutral-site games and dates back to a 24-21 loss at LSU on Nov. 6, 2010.

• Under head coach Nick Saban, the Crimson Tide has held opponents to 10 points or fewer 44 times since the start of the 2007 season. Alabama has shut out the opposition 11 times during the Saban era.

• For the seventh time in its last 10 games, Alabama has held its opponent scoreless in the first half. In addition to today’s game, the Crimson Tide shut out Georgia State (Oct. 5, 2013), Ole Miss (Sept. 28, 2013), Colorado State (Sept. 21, 2013), Notre Dame (Jan. 7, 2013), Auburn (Nov. 24, 2012) and Western Carolina (Nov. 17, 2012) during the first two quarters of play.

• With Cade Foster’s 25-yard field goal in the second quarter, Alabama has scored in 162 consecutive games – the longest streak in program history.

• Attendance for tonight’s game was 69,873.

Alabama Offensive Notes
• For the first time in program history, Alabama had a 300-yard passer and two 100-yard rushers in the same game. AJ McCarron finished with a career-best 359 yards passing, while Kenyan Drake and T.J. Yeldon added 106 yards and 124 yards rushing, respectively.

• Kenyan Drake and T.J. Yeldon both eclipsed the 100-yard rushing milestone, marking the 16th time in Alabama history that a pair of Tide rushers has done so in the same game. It is also the third time in the last eight games it has occurred, with Eddie Lacy and Yeldon achieving the feat against Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship game and against Georgia in the SEC Championship.

• The Tide’s 668 yards of total offense is the most for Alabama in the series, surpassing the previous high of 464 set on Sept. 13, 2003.

• AJ McCarron finished the game with 359 yards passing, bringing him to 7,306 yards for his career. McCarron is now 618 shy of John Parker Wilson (7,924) for No. 1 on the Tide’s career passing leaders list.

Alabama Defensive Notes
• The Alabama defense limited Kentucky to only 62 yards of total offense in the first half (21 passing, 41 rushing). Kentucky was 0-6 in third down attempts and had only four first downs.

• The Crimson Tide did not allow Kentucky to cross the 50-yard line until its second drive of the third quarter.

• C.J. Mosley continues to lead the Crimson Tide defense, finishing with a team-high seven tackles. The senior linebacker now has 48 total tackles on the season.

• In head coach Nick Saban’s 86-game tenure at Alabama, the Crimson Tide has limited opponents to under 300 yards of total offense 57 times, or 66.3 percent of the time.

• During head coach Nick Saban’s last 74 games at the Capstone (since the start of the 2008 season), the Crimson Tide defense has held the opposing offense to fewer than 200 yards of total offense 28 times.

Alabama Special Teams Notes
• Kicker Cade Foster set a career high for points in a game with 12. Foster had two field goals, first from 25 yards, then from 20 yards, and six extra points.

47 thoughts on “Highlights: Alabama 48 Kentucky 7”

  1. When somebody figures out what this dumb sumbitch is talking about please let me know. I mean I’m sure I could find the article or statement that pissed him off, but why bother. The fact is he’s sounds like a Bryce institute mental patient, and this clip that ESPN provided he sounds like a gawddamn fool. And Corndogs and Barnturds had the audacity to rip; Bama because Nike once said damn or shit? Bwaa Haww Haww! Fukin’ Corndogs. RTR!
    Les (Grass Eater) Miles rant. Actually I think he ate Loco Weed!

  2. I was kinda impressed with this game. Do you realize that Louisville only scored 27 and won by 14? That Florida scored 24 and won by 17? That So Carolina scored 35 and won by 7? And all those teams played the starters the whole game. If not for the two fumbles inside the 10 we would have scored 62, the same as the Barnturds scored on Western Carolina; which by the way is the same that Samford scored on them. Bwaa Haww Haww! Wasn’t overly impressed with LSU either. Only 17 points? Miami scored 21 with only 200 yards of offense. They’ll have to score a hell of a lot more than that to be competitive against Bama. And if I were the Corndog’s I wouldn’t get too excited about holding the Nations #104 scoring offense to 6 points either. Actually they held one of the nations 10 worst offenses to 14 below their average while Florida held the Corndog’s to 26 below their average. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  3. Crimsonut you scared! Admit it gump! You’re team wins big and all you can post about is LSU beating Florida. Earlier you thought LSU wouldn’t be able to beat Florida and there “tough” defense, now your hypocrite ass has to come on here and make an ignorant comparison about how which team held the other below their averages. If LSU had shut Florida out, in addition to not letting their team sniff the endzone, the most LSU could have held Florida below their average is 20 points.

    And the truth is Crimsonut, Florida’s offense is ranked 95th in the nation and Kentucky’s is ranked 102nd. So take your own stupid advice and don’t get too excited about holding them to just 7 points!! LMAO

    And since you brought up comparative stats gump, here are a couple of more for you. Florida’s defense IS ranked no. 3 in the nation (ahead of bama’s despite bama’s weak ass schedule) compared to Kentucky’s defense which is ranked 95th in the nation. So if I was you I also wouldn’t get to excited about how many points you scored on them. If I were you I would worry about how many fumbles and dropped passes they caused your team to have. And if you say it wasn’t them but your own players then I would worry more about that if I was you!! LMAO

    Since you like stats so much gump, here’s another one for you. Despite half of his games this year being played against 2-4 Colorado St., 0-6 Georgia State and 1-5 Kentucky, your all everything QB is ranked 43rd in the nation compared to Mettenburger who is ranked 5th. And Mettenburger has played against 4 SEC teams compared to just 3 by McCarron and all 4 of those are better than 1-5 Kentucky. In fact there are 6 quarterbacks in the SEC raned ahead of McCarron.

    1. I love that you live Bama football more than we do. May the never ending success contribute to your personal hell.

      And congrats on your big win over Western Carolina. There has been a seismic shift in the world of 1-AA football.


      1. Is that what your dumb arse thinks ITK? LAMO
        My post was in direct response to one of your fellow gump fans and readers, who felt the need to discuss LSU in a post to your article about the accomplishments of the bama football teams. It would appear to most intelligent people that it is he who loves LSU football more than we LSU fans do. But then again as much as YOU write articles here about Auburn and its program, aren’t you a bit hypocritical in your comments OR do YOU in fact live Auburn football more than the Auburn fans do??

        May your never ending false superiority complex curse you and create your own personal hell for you because you know as well as I do that the current run bama is having won’t last and will end as it has in the past. They all do. Just look at the history of college football for proof. But instead of just enjoying bama current success, whether legally or illegally obtained and/or maintained, you gumps have to act like redneck gumps who have never been there before.

        And I know gumps aren’t very bright, but LSU did not play Western Carolina, and I know I have informed you on at least three occasions that I am an LSU fan because you can’t seem to figure that out by yourself from my post here. You might just be dumber than that drunk Crimsonut.

        1. @LMAO I think the bottom line is nobody really cares who you’re a fan of unless it’s Alabama. This is an Alabama fan site. Good grief.

          But you’re right, the current run of success at Alabama can’t last forever.

          It must feel like forever though, because even though one day it will probably stop, it doesn’t show any signs of slowing as Alabama makes a run for yet another national championship. Alabama has been ranked #1 the entire season already. I can’t imagine what that’s like for you.

          For us, though, it’s brilliant. Roll Tide.

          1. Its not a matter of whether you care or not, to that point I could care less if you care or not, but you sound ignorant when you are replying to one of my post and congratulate “ME”on my win over a team “I” or the team I root for didn’t even play. But by all means continue to sound ignorant if you want too.

            With regards to your comment about bama making another run at the national championship, bama is not the only team making a run at this years national championship. At this point in the season bama is not even certain it will win the western division of the SEC!

          2. @LMAO

            Wait, you could care less? You seem to care a lot, so I agree that you could care less.

            Good grief.

            It’s not certain Alabama will win the SEC West, true. It’s just that they don’t have to beat any (more) top-ten teams to do it. Awkward…

            Yes, I agree, Alabama and Oregon, today, 11/16/13, are the two teams controlling their desiny at a run for the national title. Clemson and Florida State play this weekend. Don’t know if you hate Clemson now that they beat you too, but it’s probably incidental since I don’t know what it would take for either team to jump Oregon this weekend outside of a 4-possession victory in the real Death Valley.

            So that’s another week of fear, dread, remorse, and butt-hurting, I’m afraid. Sorry. Roll Tide.

  4. Like I said before shit-for-brains, the only fucking stat that means anything is #1 scoring defense and to a lesser extent scoring offense. Bama is #2 in spite of the 42 points by A&M, who is still the very best team that any top 10 team has played to date! To wit fukfart, Florida’s overall offensive rating of 95 means nothing compared to the 104 rating of being able to score. Va Tech is now #16 dumbass. Va Tech, A&M and Ole Miss give Bama the toughest schedule to date of any team still in the top 10. If the Gayturds had played A&M their overall defensive rating wouldn’t be worth talking about. I gave you the score of the Bama-Corndog game. Hell I might decide to make it a bigger spread now. Me Worried? Naw, limp dick; I just fuking hate LSWho and it interests me to dis you motherfukers. Your coach just showed what a dumbass dick he really is below that calm retarded facade he tries to wear! Bwaa Haww Haww! Funny, the money people seem to think just like me. We were favored by 17 over an undefeated Ole Miss who at the time was considered an arriving power. But the Corndog’s are only favored by 8 over a 3-3 team who was whipped by Awbie. Bwaa Haww Haww! Dumbass response in 3-2-1–. RTR!

    1. Hey Moron, yea you Crimsonite, if as you say “the only fucking stat that means anything is #1 scoring defense and to a lesser extent scoring offense” (which is a contradictory statement in itself) then why did YOU come on here with your first post and start spouting off other other stats like Offensive scoring averages of LSU and Florida? Because your a drunk moron, that’s why.

      Make up you mind moron are you going to make your predicted spread of the LSU/Bama game bigger or not now? Or is that just your drunk ignorant mind and mouth rambling on again about something you have proved over and over you don’t know what you are talking about.

      AND The only way you would know if and when my dick is limp is if you are also a perverted peeping tom. And as many times as you use terms like that and ass rape, my guess is you are and uneducated to boot. You come across here as another Harvey Updyke, but I’m sure that is a badge of honor to a gump like you Crimsonut.

      So now Ole Miss was “whipped” by Awbie?! You change your thoughts and comments more often than you probably change your underwear! LMAO

  5. It just tickles the shit out of me that A&M is ranked over the Corndog’s in spite of LSWho winning their MARQUEE game over the Gayturd’s who lost to Miami who has been 2nd tier ACC for 10 years. By the way Licking.My.Ass.Off., I never said Florida would beat the Corndog’s. I was however one of very, very few who said they would hold LSWho to less than 20 points. RTR!

  6. Harris Poll just released. Same ol’, same ol’. And Florida has fallen behind Va Tech. A&M is now unanimously ahead of the Corndog’s. AND there is not a single Top 10 team except Alabama and A&M who have played a team in the Top 10. Even Clemson’s Marquee win over JawJaw is now Kaput as a Top !0 game. With Stanford losing, Oregon just may have lost their only Top 10 game, unless UCLA plays better than they did against Cal the rest of the Season. The only undefeated Top 10 teams left who play a schedule as tough as Bama is Clemson and Fla St and one will eliminate the other, and UCLA who will either beat Oregon and stay undefeated or lose and go away. RTR!

  7. LSU stats should get better their next game against the powerhouse they are playing. And you thought we had a cupcake schedule . Looks like LSU schedule really isn’t that tough as well. LSU will have 3 losses this year the next one is to Bama and then Johnny football will finish the swamp people off . Have fun at the toilet bowl this year coonasses ! After watching the LSU Florida game …. you guys don’t look that tough after all. REAULX TIDE !!!!

    1. Lets see, from the SEC East Division LSU played Georgia who was ranked in the top 10 when LSU played them, before they lost their top two running backs and two of their top receivers and is still ranked in the top 15 ahead of Va. Tech. And they played Florida who was ranked in the top 20 at the time we played them and is still ranked in the top 25.

      Now remind me and everyone else again Fat_mouth, who is on bama’s schedule from the SEC East division?
      That’s right that would be unranked 1-5 Kentucky and unranked 3-3 Tennesseee, right?! Yes, you are correct bama has a cupcake schedule.

      And you’re right LSU doesn’t look any thought than you thought we did the last time they went to tuscalooser and beat bama. Don’t you remember what you and your fellow gumps were saying before that game. I guess for you gumps you have to know what the word history means before you could ever learn from it. LMAO

      1. Look stupid ass, it doesn’t matter what they WERE ranked. It only matters how good they really are. You Corndog pussyfart, do you think the first two teams who played So Cal last year get credit for playing the best team in the nation just because people were stupid enough to rank SC #1. No, they get credit for playing a piece of shit team who couldn’t beat their way out of a wet paper bag. Georgia has lost 2 games. Good teams don’t lose 2 games by mid season, especially when they dedicated the season to avenging the SECCG. Yes, they have a lot of injuries, but I’ll lay odds the same injuries would not have handicapped Alabama. Last year by the 4th or 5th game we had lost Black, White, Bell, Fowler, etc. At A&M this year we were missing 3 of our 4 starting secondary against the most dangerous HUNH in the SEC. So either Georgia doesn’t have as good of team depth as people say they do, OR they do and they just aren’t as good as people thought they were period. They lost to Clemson. I’m not sure they ever were that good. When Fla St bitch slaps Clemson Saturday, then how good does that make Georgia. Before Saturday Florida had lost to a yet to be determined type of Miami and had played no one else. Still their anemic offense, the worst in the SEC, could only muster stats of 95th overall and 104 in scoring. Yet LSWho allowed them to win time of possession 34-26. And you think you suddenly found your defense in that game? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

      2. Hey ignorant moron you like to argue both sides of the equation don’t you. Just a few post up from here you posted “We were favored by 17 over an undefeated Ole Miss who at the time was considered an arriving power”. So based on this latest post, you are arguing against that previous comment. You really are a moron and I love using your own words and arguments against you. Its like shooting fish in a barrel. LMAO

        And yes sometimes good teams can loose two games by midseason under certain circumstances such as losing your top two running backs and your top three receivers or possibly your quarterback.

        Hell if bama had lost McCarron do you think they would have beaten A&M? Just a question. Yea yea we know you gumps think you could lose every player and your second team could go undefeated, that’s what makes you a gump.

        And why are you talking about time of possession did you already drink enough moonshine today to forget what you said earlier about the only defensive stat that counts? MORON When it takes the other team six to ten plays to cover 30 yards that Hill is getting in one of course they are going to have the ball longer. You really are stupid.

        More stupid comments by Crimsonite in 3,2,1…….

        1. No, we wouldn’t have beaten TAMU without AJ McCarron.

          Feel better?

          Didn’t think so.

          Problem is we do have AJ McCarron and we are #1 and we are undefeated and you are coming to Tuscaloosa.

          Do you think LSU would only have the one loss without Hill? Feels good, doesn’t it? Nobody cares about his record or the assault video at LSU because you need Hill like we need McCarron.

          Only we’re undefeated. Roll Tide.

        2. “Lose” is and has never been spelled “Loose”. As much as you experience that result when getting your little hopes up while playing Bama, you’d think you’d have that one down by now.

  8. I thought Alabama looked incredible.

    Mosley has become the leader the defense needed him to be. Sunseri is the most under-exposed player in college football. Plenty of backup players got more in-game experience, which I’m always thankful of.

    Alabama made a lot of mistakes though. Sure, they were fundamental, fixable mistakes, but we’ve made them every game. Every team makes mistakes in every game, for the most part. But the ones Alabama has made this year often would otherwise result in a game shift such as a first down, touchdown, turnover, or interception.

    Fumbles happen. There’s some irony in so many fumbles happening against a team like Kentucky to better prepare for stronger teams down the stretch.

    But the bottom line is Alabama still clearly looks that good. There are people who try to argue with their blind hate for all things Crimson, but the people who vote can still see through the mess to put Alabama at the top. Yes, other teams played more SEC teams. And they lost. Alabama continues to put exclamation points on their #1 ranking.

    1. Alabama looked like a complete Nick Saban team Saturday night, even with two lost fumbles in the red zone. The score could and should have been in the 60’s, not that Saban ever does that to an opponent. Bama isn’t the kind to go for two late to run the score up. But then, we don’t have to do that to garner attention.

  9. Wow ITK are you and that other gump Conduit actually spouting off that bama “looked Incredible” and “looked like a complete Nick Saban team” based on playing 1-5 Kentucky? LMAO

    If ya’ll think bama looks incredible and complete now wait till you see how good they look against Chatanooga! Ya’ll will probably piss your pants! LMAO

    And before you try to make a stupid comment like Crimsonite would and say something about LSU losing to Kentucky in 2007, just know that Kentucky team was 5-1 at the time LSU played them and not 1-5!! LMAOA

    1. @LMAO If you didn’t think Alabama looked good in executing more offensive yards since the 1960’s against a conference opponent regardless of their record or yours, then either you didn’t watch the game or you’re a troll. My guess is you couldn’t take your eyes off the game but you’re still upset about your loss. Alabama looked great on offense and defense, and, perhaps more importantly, they were very well-balanced on offense.

      No wonder Alabama is the #1-ranked team in the nation.

      No wonder you’re scared.

      No wonder you’re so upset that as a result your favorite daily hobby has become spending time here on chatting with champions.

      Say what you want about Kentucky, Colorodo State, , Virginia Tech, LSU and all the other teams on Alabama’s schedule, but teams play harder against the #1-ranked team. It’s simple. Nevermind being the two-consecutive-time defending national champions.

      But you wouldn’t know about being ranked #1, defending a run of national championships, or even being undefeated. Let me tell you, it’s a lot of fun. It’s very exciting. It’s Alabama football. Roll Tide.

    2. You like stats. Here’s some for you:

      32-2 – Bama’s record the last 2.5 years of football while winning or pursuing national championships

      29-5 – LSU’s record in that same span of time

      2 – The number Crystal footballs Bama has shelved in that period

      0 – The number of Crystal footballs LSU has gathered in that same window of time

      2 – The winning streak Bama currently enjoys over LSU, soon to move to 3

      25 – The number of days when this move will occur

      4 – The number of wins Nick Saban owns over LSU while at Alabama

      1 – The difference in the series

      That’s all that matters, friend. No matter how you slice or dice it, Bama is better than LSU in this time period, or any other period in history. Now go back to your stat sheet and drum up some more B.S. for us to laugh at.

      1. Well ITK obviously you like stats too. So here are some for you:

        107-25 LSU record the last 10 years of football while winning or pursuing national championships

        94-37 Alabama’s record in that same span of time

        7-4 LSU record over bama in the last 10 years

        5-4 Les Miles record over Alabama while at LSU, soon to move to 6-4

        22 – The number of days when this move will occur

        3 – Then number of BCS National Championship games both LSU has played in during the last 10 years the SAME number that bama has played in.

        2 – The number of Crystal footballs LSU has in that span

        3 – The number bama has in that time span

        That’s all that matters, friend. No matter how you slice it or dice it, LSU is better than bama in this time period despite having one less crystal football. So while you have enjoyed bama football success for the last 2.5 years, LSU fans and myself have been enjoying LSU football for the last 10 years. NOW go back to your stat sheet and pick another arbitrary period in ancient history and drum up some more B.S. for you gumps to get excited about. LMAO

  10. Instead of looking at bama’s schedule through fan/rival glasses , lets take a real close look at it using numbers /game results.

    Va. Tech : 6-1 on the year . No true ” major” victory on the season unless you consider wins against middle of the pack teams Ga. Tech, NC, or Pitt a major win. They have not won a game against a ranked team.

    Texas A&M : 5 – 1 on the year. They biggest win so far came against Ole Miss who is also an unproven middle of the pack SEC team. Texas A&M has not beaten a ranked team this season.

    Colorado State : 2-4 on the year. Their biggest win came against UTEP. Also lost to Tulsa and San Jose St. No wins vs. a ranked team this season.

    Ole Miss : 3-3 on the year. Their biggest win came against a struggling Texas team. They have not beat a ranked team all year.

    Georgia State : 0-6 on the year. Have loses to Samford, Chattanooga, West Virginia , Jacksonville State, and Troy. This is a true bottom feeder program.

    Kentucky : 1-5 on the year. Their only win was against Miami ( Ohio ). Their claim to fame this season is keeping a couple of games close.

    So what can we take from these numbers? Alabama’s opponents have not won a single game vs. a ranked team all season.

    Even the ” major ” Win Vs. Texas A&M is in question seeing how they have played one of the weakest schedule out of conference schedules in the nation. ( Rice , Sam Houston , and smu) then throw in the struggles against ARK and Ole Miss.

    The 2nd toughest game that bama has won this year was vs. Virginia Tech. They have struggled to beat east carolina, marshall, and ga. tech. All three of those wins were by less than 8 points or less.

    Alabama has only played 2 games against teams with a winning record to date. Neither of those teams have a “quality win” on their record.

    The combined record of bama’s opponents this season is 17-20. I say it is safe to say that calling bama’s schedule weak is pretty accurate regardless of the color glasses you are looking through.

    1. @curse of fluker

      Nobody is saying Alabama’s schedule is the hardest in the country.

      But what’s your point?

      Are you saying Alabama shouldn’t be ranked #1 not because of their success but in spite of it? You’re saying Alabama got past TAMU but everyone else is easy?

      Well then it’s a good thing Alabama gets to play LSU and the SEC East champion, isn’t it?

      Oh, except LSU isn’t a top-ten team either according to some, so that’s not ok either?

      Let’s put it this way——you’re trying to say it’s rival glasses or prejudice that’s putting Alabama in the #1 spot regardless of being the defending two-time national champions and also suggesting teams don’t play any differently against a #1-ranked team with unprecedented success. Fine.

      But remember that wins, losses, and competition strength aren’t the only factors that determine rank. Otherwise Alabama doesn’t get to have a shut-out national championship win against LSU (yes, I claim that one, I saw it so I claim it) and the BCS doesn’t die, and we don’t have the playoffs starting next year.

      Could you say what you’re saying against Oregon? After all, isn’t the point that they’re not moving out of second place without a loss?

      Calling Alabama’s schedule anything but the toughest in the SEC is one thing, but I’m not sure why you’re saying that to begin with unless you’re saying Alabama shouldn’t be #1. That’s what I think you’re implying. If that’s the case, the wins only matter if they’re top ten, but even LSU isn’t a top-ten team, so what’s the point? If Alabama and Oregon go undefeated, is it unfair?

      You want to make it sound like you’re saying something unbiased, but you’re saying it here implicitly to show your bias against Alabama, here, again, on an Alabama fan site. It’s just kinda funny is all.

      If Alabama wins all its games they don’t drop below #1. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sorry the team that has beaten Alabama more than any other in history still isn’t good this year. I’m sorry the top-ten win against TAMU isn’t good enough. I’m sorry LSU isn’t top-ten anymore. I’m sorry you think a zero-point shut-out against Ole Miss is the same as a victory over Colorodo State.

      Most of all, I’m sorry the only thing you can see in Alabama is your own hate and bias. The past 7 years have been hard for you, and the next 7 won’t exactly get any easier when it comes to enjoying college football. I’m sorry.

      1. Conduit your response to Curse is written like a typical gump and you take liberties with the comments and points that he made. For example he doesn’t say anything about a top 10 team, he states a fact that none of bama’s opponents have beaten even ranked at all in the top 25!!

        I also like the way you try and make bama’s schedule look tougher by assuming bama is going to play the SEC East Champion!! But I will say this bama does have a better chance of playing in that game BECAUSE of their weak schedule! I promise you LSU would still be undefeated if they had played Kentucky instead of Georgia or Florida.

        You gumps hate when anybody reasonably questions anything about bama like whether they deserve their to be ranked no. 1, but in your mind its ok to make a moronic statements like “Oh, except LSU isn’t a top-ten team either according to some” or “I’m sorry LSU isn’t top-ten anymore”.

        Lets see LSU is ranked 6th in the AP poll, 8th in the USA Today Coaches Poll, 8th in the Harris Poll and 6th in the Legends poll. And by most projections would be ranked 6th in the BCS rankings. So I guess the “some” you refer to in your post are other gumps and the only poll LSU would not be considered a top 10 team would be the gump poll. Talk about your own hate for a team. Is that because LSU has had more success than any other team against bama in the last 10 years? Or are you really just that stupid?

  11. are you that damn stupid? That post was in response to the nonsense that crimsonshite and wish I Knew was spewing about how tough the bama schedule has been. You turds are just alike. Try to keep up with the topic and stop letting your hate and bias influence your responses. Aint that right fucktard!?

    1. “You turds are just alike.”

      There’s the unbiased reaction I expected.

      You didn’t reply to anyone else, so no, I don’t think I’m that stupid. Besides, the entire comment is off-topic to begin with if you’re going to go there. It’s an article about how good Alabama was against Kentucky.

      As an aside, hate and bias are a lot easier to have clarity over when you also have success. I wasn’t being biased or hateful. You’re the one who hates Alabama but chooses to make sure people know about it….on an Alabama fan site…

      The only thing I’m disappointed by is you didn’t respond to my questions at all, then you’re asking me to keep up with the topic?

      So I’ll ask again—-what’s your point arguing against Alabama’s performance vs comparitive strength of schedule? If you’re just trying to remind everyone how much Alabama football disrupts your life, at least that I can understand. If you’re trying to argue Alabama should not be ranked #1, here’s your chance to explain why everyone else is wrong. I’m not calling you names or swearing at you for it. Good grief.

      1. Why don’t you take your own advice Conduit and explain why everyone else or every poll is wrong that says LSU is a top 10 ranked team?

        1. Depends on when you ask, really. One day LSU is in the top ten and Alabama is playing a top-20 Ole Miss to a shut out, next thing you know LSU loses another football game and is out of the top ten while Ole Miss is kicked out of the top 25. Then Ole Miss loses by a field goal to another now top-ten team, one that Alabama beat, and LSU is back in the top ten. Yay.

          You’re biased, that’s all. You use it one way or another just to come here to hate the best team in the nation? I mean, LSU lost to Georgia, who lost to…Clemson and Mizzou? Didn’t LSU lose to Clemson not to long ago? By a game-ending field goal, like Ole Miss to TAMU last weekend?

          Besides, what difference does LSU make? The implication was that Alabama is, what, #9? #3? I don’t get it, that’s all. I’m not saying LSU shouldn’t be in the top ten, the implication I asked about that wasn’t responded to is Alabama shouldn’t be #1, that’s all.

          But I’ll be more direct. LSU is a top ten team. They’re probably a top 5 team.

          But Alabama is #1. Go on. If they were anything else maybe it wouldn’t bother you so much.

          Watch this.

          Roll Tide.

          1. “depends on who you ask, really”, what a ignorant response.

            I’m biased, but you’re not? LMAO

            The implication is that based on strength of competition and on field performance there are several teams that at this point in the season should be rankded ahead of Alabama, except for our “system of you don’t drop in the polls until you lose”. So preseason polls that don’t mean anything have a lot to do with where teams are ranked at this point and not what current teams have done on the field.

            You want an example of a poll that doesn’t follow that philosophy:


  12. Ok follow me here….I told you ” That post was in response to the nonsense that crimsonshite and wish I Knew was spewing about how tough the bama schedule has been” . My post was not intended as a response to the original topic of bama’s win over a piss poor kentucky team. Got it now? I was not swearing at you either. Crimsonshite is the ” fucktard” that was mentioned. Also I could not care less how disappointed you are in me or my posts. I will sleep just fine tonight either way.

    Plus this is not a ” alabama fan site”. Capstone report has claimed for years that it was a source for alabama football, but always mentions its rivals in about 90% of its stories. Besides with the lack of responses and visits I think that ITK and CSR need people like me to keep the gullible gumps pissed so they will come back to read more. Get over it.

    1. Oh I’m over it. It’s better than being filled with hate.

      Besides, you didn’t answer anything I asked about. So I checked again, just to be sure. Alabama is still ranked #1.

      Hell, even Clemson got a 1st place vote in a poll.

  13. Conduit , I must give it to you. You tap dance around topics/posts better than any other gump i have ever seen . Good job! Hey has crimsonshite told you why he thinks that TERRY Bridgewater will not win the heisman yet? roflmfao!

    1. @Curse of Fluker

      I’m not the one who doesn’t answer questions.
      I just asked what the point was about the argument against who Alabama does and doesn’t play and when because the implication was that Alabama shouldn’t be ranked #1.

      I’m also not the one posting on a site for a team I hate.

      Then again, I don’t hate.

      Roll Tide.

  14. Im not sure what you are trying to get at but ok …I’ll play along for shit and giggles. I never implied that bama should not be #1. That is just another ignorant guess on your part. My point was directed at the argument that 2 of your fellow gumps were TRYING to make how bama’s schedule is ” much tougher” then the preseason SOS rankings originally said. Im not sure why you are trying to read something into what I said then expect me to explain your wrong perception. Get with it lil buddy.With the current system of preseason polls, Alabama being preseason #1, and have not loss yet, they should still be #1. I never said , or hinted at anything different. Now do i feel they earned it….I would say no , but they have done what they needed to do to keep that preseason poll #1 based off of pure gump hype. Did I answer you little question or do you want to go cherry pick something else to try to prove your false point?

    1. That’s confusing.

      You say you never implied that Alabama should not be #1, then you say Alabama is ranked #1 because of “pure gump hype” and that you explicitly don’t feel they earned the #1 spot.

      So you are saying the voters are wrong, like I asked.

      Look, I know you hate Alabama. We all get it. I don’t expect to get a respectful answer as a result. But you did answer my question. Alabama is #1 and you don’t think they should be.

      So I’ll ask again, what do you think they should be ranked? Forget the “pure gump hype” of ESPN, ABC, NBC Sports, Yahoo! Sports, USA Today and the coaches poll, and nevermind the BCS selection committee. I disagree that it’s a conspiracy of pure gump hype for Alabama being even in the top five, but I’m asking what you think, that’s all. You said Alabama isn’t #1 after saying I was wrong to ask if that’s what you were implying, now I just want to know more about where you think they should be ranked and why. No name calling. No insulting. Good grief. I understand you’re upset at your loss(es) but taking it out on Alabama’s ranking just doesn’t make sense, at least not to say everyone else is wrong for putting Alabama ahead of tOSU, Clemson, LSU and TAMU, for example.

      1. Hey hopycrit Conduit, weren’t you saying the voters were wrong when you said LSU wasn’t a top 10 team? So why are you calling him out when you did the exact same thing.

        Here is a ranking by someone who doesn’t wear crimson or purple and gold glasses that based on his calculations, which he documents and explains, thinks bama should be ranked sixth at this time. You asked the question, here’s an answer. I’m sure your “pure gump hype” rebuttal will follow, because I know you think you are smarter than him.

        1. @LMAO

          No, I didn’t say the voters were wrong when I said LSU wasn’t a top 10 team, actually.

          I’ll repeat myself from above and say that I personally believe LSU is a top ten team, probably even a top five team.

          What I said was LSU wasn’t a top-ten team. Then they were again. Back and forth. Personally I’d have never dropped them out of the top ten, so don’t call me a hypocrite, it simply isn’t accurate.

          I like the link. Interesting. You’re still saying everyone else but you and him are wrong about Alabama, which is weird and incidental. Who knows where LSU will be ranked when the come to Tuscaloosa?

          If I’m reading it right he says Alabama is 5th though, not 6th.

          Do you agree? Do you think an unbeated Alabama doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs at this point? Or do we have to wait until they play LSU regardless of whether or not LSU is in the top ten at the time? You make the same arguments for Oregon without their schedule strength by comparison, but nobody else is ranking Oregon and Alabama near the rest of the pack heading into week 8.

          Clemson or Florida State goes down this weekend. So do they jump Alabama, too? Do they jump Oregon in any of the polls that matter? I don’t think they do but my vote doesn’t count either, I’m just saying what I hear and what the polls that determine who goes to play for the national title game show. It’s a pretty interesting link though. I’m not putting Alabama or Oregon behind Clemson until I see how the Florida State game goes tomorrow. I’ll be there at Gameday.

  15. My god man I said with today’s system they are #1. Do you want me to write it down and hand deliver it to you!? If College football would ever go the route that many experts suggest and not come out with the first poll until at least week 4-6 , Alabama would probably # 3 – 5 at best. All you have heard about is how this is not the bama team of the last 3-4 years. That would affect where the people would put them and not just carry on speculation of a preseason poll. Auburn might be top 25 but would be close. Im not sure how many ways you would like me to answer this but Ill keep trying to put it in a simple enough way for your gump mind can grasp it.

    1. It’s not my mind that’s not grasping it, it’s the questions that aren’t being answered still.

      Alabama isn’t the team they were the past 3-4 years? But they’re still #1. Were they really that much better than everyone else that they can take such a dive and still be the best team?

      With today’s system they are #1. I don’t know what system they wouldn’t be, that’s all I’m saying. But what I’m asking is again where do you think they belong. Behind tOSU and LSU? It’s a good chance to state your position, not get so upset at us championship-winning gumps.

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