ESPN: BAMA, college football’s four letter word

  • by ITK

by ITK

ESPN and Gene Wojciechowski nailed it. With a video just released, taking only a minute and thirty-three seconds to watch, ESPN encapsulates the feelings of an entire generation of college football fans in regard to the University of Alabama’s football program.

Those who frequent this and other Alabama fan sites are exposed through this video, which reaches deep into their souls to tell their true feelings when it comes to Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide.


For those of you who can’t or won’t watch…here’s what you’re missing:

“Think of it as college football’s four letter word.


“Admit it. You’re tired of the Crimson Tide. Tired of seeing them win even when they suspend some of their best players. This past Saturday they beat Georgia State. This Saturday Bama will beat Kentucky.

“You’re tired of Nick Saban. His success annoys you. His intensity intimidates you. What’s the deal with that Panama hat?

“You’re tired of AJ McCarron. Afterall, how many championship rings does a guy need?

“You’ve had your fill of houndstooth, or that thing Bama players do with their gloves. The never ending series of Bear Bryant tributes.

“You’re tired of seeing Bama always get the top rated recruits. The most TV appearances. The highest number of votes in the weekly polls.

“You’re tired of watching Bama do what Bama does best. This. Nobody can hoist a crystal football over their heads better than the Tide. Then again, they’ve had lots of practice.

“You’re tired of Bama? Tough.

“Don’t be a hater. Instead, be in awe. DVR their next win and show it to your kids, your grandkids.

“Why? Because you’re witnessing history. You’re witnessing a seven-letter word.


That’s not a Bama fan talking smack on a message board. That’s the world-wide leader in sports expressing the sentiments from the souls of every college football fan alive.

That’s Alabama. Now quit making excuses, quit manufacturing success that isn’t really there, and quit holding your program to a lower standard that will never enable your (insert team mascot name here) to beat the Crimson Tide.

Deal with it. Or shut up and learn to enjoy second place. Then again, what choice do you have?

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