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Recruiting: JC Hassenauer left Bama no choice but to offer

Recruiting video of JC Hassenauer

Recruiting Profile of Center JC Hassenauer

Minnesota is a lovely quaint sort of place. They are known for their lakes, poor weather, and dairy products, not football players. Minnesota borders five states. The University of Alabama has no players on the current roster from Minnesota, or any of their neighbors (Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin). Next year, that story will be different. East Ridge High School’s JC Hassenauer committed to the Tide in June. The 6’2” and 295 pound center has proven his ability despite not coming from what southerners might think is a football hot bed.

JC Hassenauer committed to Alabama. He is considered a solid verbal.

“He has great feet and great hands, not a lot of guys have both,” said East Ridge coach Mike Pendino. “We play in a big conference, 6A, one of the best in the state. He see’s good competition. He has been evaluated on film and in camps. Obviously he’s done well in both. He was the MVP out in Oregon at the Nike Camp. I think he’ll start 30 or more games at Alabama.”

Pendino says that Hassenauer’s mentality makes him special.

“His work ethic, character, toughness, and desire are amazing,” said Pendino. “He’s got it all. He’s a nasty son of a bitch on the field.”

With offers from Minnesota and Vanderbilt, it was obvious that Hassenauer possessed talent. Some were surprised when Alabama reached out to him. For Hassenauer, getting attention from the Tide was exactly what he had set out to do.

“His goal was always to go to Alabama,” said Pendino. “He went to camp there as a junior and did very well. He was 270 pounds then. This summer he went back and was 300 pounds. He left them no other choice but to offer.”

Originally from California, Hassenauer’s family moved to Minnesota when he was young. Pendino says he is the total package.

“He has a 3.3 GPA, a good family, he’s a good kid,” said Pendino. “He’s been a captain for two years and is a team leader. Kids gravitate towards him. He’s the first in the locker room and the last one out. On the field, he’s as nasty as they get.”

While it may take Hassenauer a year to adjust to life in the SEC, he’s succeeded thus far at every challenge thrust upon him. Pendino is certain whether it be on the field or off it, the preseason Minnesota state player of the year is prepared and ready.

“He gets it,” said Pendino. “He has stepped up for us when we needed it, he’s a D1 player, and he always rises to the occasion.”

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