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Texas A&M deserves better than foolish Johnny Manziel

Highlights of texas A&M 52 Rice 31

Impressions of Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel returned to Johnny Football Saturday, but it was a disgusting display of narcissism. Texas A&M went to bat for an obviously guilty Johnny Manziel during the autograph scandal, but Manziel repaid that loyalty with a self-centered display on the field.

Sure, he tossed three touchdown passes in the second half, but he also earned an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for taunting a Rice defender.

Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin said the penalty was “foolish” in his postgame press conference.

Sumlin said he “addressed that” situation on the sideline following the play.

Unfortunately, Manziel appeared to take no heed of his coach. Manziel walked right on by Coach Sumlin.

It was insulting to Coach Sumlin and it was insulting to the entire football program.

Here is the problem with Johnny Manziel—Johnny Football believes he is bigger than the Texas A&M.

The A&M administration catered to this during the autograph scandal. The media has catered to this narcissism too.

Manziel appeared so brazen in his contempt for the rules, he used a fake autograph sign to taunt Rice.

What hath the NCAA wrought?

Johnny Manziel with his bad behavior today made the last scandal tainted Heisman Trophy winner, Cam Newton, seem like a nice guy in comparison. And we can’t forget that Cam Newton had a laptop problem.

Notice the problem here? Instead of talking about Texas A&M getting off to the right start by winning its season opener, it is easier to talk about the disgusting antics of Johnny Manziel.

A&M needs to improve on defense, but the suspension of five defensive players certainly played a role in the defensive weakness most evident in the first half of the game. Fortunately for the Aggies, those important defensive players will be back in time for Alabama.

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