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College Football Contest: How many games will your football team win in 2013?

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UPDATE:I had a couple of questions about how to enter, so I thought it best to answer here. First, make sure to enter your email or facebook information through the contest box. You can enter just by doing that, also, you can enter by sharing the contest on Twitter, Facebook, etc. But, while it isn’t required, comment in the comment section at the bottom of this post and share your prediction for how many wins Alabama or whatever your favorite team, will post in 2013.

College football season is almost here! You can feel the excitement as the season starts in just a few days. Let’s celebrate with a college football contest. Use the contest box below to enter and share your thoughts.

The 2013 college football season is almost here. Celebrate with a college football contest with no pressure to pick a winner. Discuss how many games your team wins in 2013. You have to use the contest box above to enter, and there are multiple ways to enter beyond sharing your thoughts including sharing the contest with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Since we’ve started the college football contest discussion with a question: How many games will your team win in 2013? Let’s give you a few win totals from teams our readers are sure to be interested in discussing.

According to one Internet sports site, Alabama total wins over/under 11, and Auburn total wins over/under 6.5.

My thoughts, Alabama’s regular season at 11 sounds about right. I always hesitate picking a team to run the table and even more so when the team is in the SEC. As for Auburn, I can see a scenario where the Tigers hit seven wins. I can see a scenario where the Tigers win 3 or 4 games. Forced to pick, I’d go with Auburn getting bowl eligible despite the problems facing Auburn on defense.

So, what do you think? Where will your favorite team finish the season?

3 thoughts on “College Football Contest: How many games will your football team win in 2013?”

    1. Thanks Cortrina.

      Honestly, I can see Auburn winning more than that if they get a few breaks. What will be fun to watch this season is if Auburn or Ole Miss ends up being the better team. Part of me thinks Ole Miss is a better team with better talent at the moment and I like Hugh Freeze’s approach and how he prepares his team, but then part of me thinks Auburn will have a more sophisticated version of that type of offense. While I’m not a big Gus fan, I think Gus is at least more innovative than Freeze.

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