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Texas A&M following Auburn blueprint regarding Manziel

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The new college football season is now just a stone’s throw away, and with all the upheaval this offseason regarding Johnny Manziel, you can count on one thing.

He will play every down for the Aggies.

Auburn blueprint for cheating1Why? Because they need him; he’s the cornerstone of their offense…even their team…the very key to their potentially unprecedented success in 2013. So what will that mean to his status to play in the wake of unbelievable evidence against him that he violated NCAA rules in accepting large sums of cash (allegedly five figures from one broker among six who have come forward)?

He will play every down for the Aggies.

Texas A&M has become Auburn West. The parallels are staggering, even humorous. A proud agricultural little brother to the bigger, more accomplished state school. A cultish, nauseating facade of integrity (Auburn Creed, Aggie Honor Code). The key to their team and immediate success, their quarterback, at the center of controversy. Mind boggling obvious indications that money changed hands and NCAA rules were trampled.

And yet, he will play every down for the Aggies.

It’s clear in the Johnny Manziel case the Aggies are employing a plan we’ve seen somewhere before. They want to live on credit, rather than hard earned cash. They want the experience of the ride Manziel can take them on in this, certainly his last, season in College Station. And the consequences? Well, we’ll think about them tomorrow, right Aggs?

His presence on the field September 14 will only mean a smaller margin of defeat to the Crimson Tide, and certainly there isn’t a man on the practice field in Tuscaloosa today that doesn’t prefer the opportunty to shut him down…over him being suspended.

And there’s no reason to believe, even with a money trail, the NCAA will do anything of real importance. Georgia’s AJ Green got a four game suspension for selling a jersey for $1,000. Do you really think the NCAA has the kahunas to send a message to rule breaking and sit this superstar for the “latest game of the century” involving Alabama in week three?

But we’ve seen this plan before, and it worked for the Aubies, though the front of innocence has become a well-earned punchline for a program hungry for significance. Looks like another punchline is on its way to south Texas.

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20 thoughts on “Texas A&M following Auburn blueprint regarding Manziel”

  1. I think you’re getting a little sensational there ITK. This has yet to reach anything like the freak show surrounding Scam. And although the Manziel family seems to be a pack of assholes, from what I’ve read Texas A&M has not yet behaved anything like Aubie did. They actually seem to be taking it rather calmly and doing their own investigation while waiting on the NCAA to ante up. If the NCAA doesn’t come up with anything in the next 2 weeks, I myself have no idea what aTm might do in regards to playing Manziel. It’s a decision that I’m glad I don’t have to make. You can bet there is a lot of agonizing going on right now. We all know he’s guilty. That is not the point. The point is, the NCAA has to prove it, and without supeona power they cannot force the brokers to testify. So the burden is on the NCAA, not aTm or Manziel. Regardless, you don’t have any grounds to be dissing aTm by putting them beneath that bunch of tea sipping assholes in Austin. Manziel is guilty as hell, but unlike Scam and Aubie I don’t want the hammer to fall. I want the little SOB on the field in 4 weeks. RTR!

      1. I am certainly not trying to speak for ITK but “state school” would be in reference to Texas not Auburn. I however commended T A&M when they flipped the middle finger at the longhorns and the rest of that overated conference and moved to the SEC. It was a logical,financially gainful, and frankly a ballsy move. I do believe however that the Sept 14 game @ College Station will not go well for the Aggies.

        1. “The parallels are staggering, even humorous. A proud agricultural little brother to the bigger, more accomplished state school.”

          Texas A&M is the little brother to the University of Texas, typically referred to as the school sharing the same name as the state, or “state school” (University of Alabama, University of Texas, University of Nebraska, etc.).

          And Texas, from a football standpoint, has much greater history and on-field accomplishment than TAMU.

          Just like Auburn can’t hold a candle to the legacy of Alabama football.

          Now, I do think the move to the SEC was a good move for TAMU. But they were running from the big brother they couldn’t overcome. The win-loss record the last two decades shows that pretty clearly.

    1. “The point is, the NCAA has to prove it, and without supeona power they cannot force the brokers to testify. So the burden is on the NCAA, not aTm or Manziel.”

      amazing how short memories are.

      the ncaa has to prove nothing. yes, they can subpoena no one. but by the same token, member schools have zero rights afforded to them. the lack of subpoena power has never stopped them from slamming programs before.

      (one would think a fan of the university of alabama would remember)

      the ncaa is about motivation. in our most recent debacle, the ncaa was motivated by the embarrassment caused by gene stallings (throwing an investigator out of his office) and the stupidity of the drunkard logan young, his mouth and his ties to the football program.

      the ncaa was so motivated to get alabama, they relied on manufactured evidence conjured up by a snitch who happened to be coaching a rival. (fat phil fulmer)

      in the case of scam, they had cleared him to play a season before and to come back and penalize auburn would leave them w/ egg on their face. couple that with the public proclamations of the idiot danny sheridan and that the ncaa cleared auburn should have come as a shock to no one.

      anyone who thinks the ncaa enforcement process bears any resemblance to the american justice system is delusional. they do what they want to when they want.

      if the ncaa wants manziel to play, he will. if not, he won’t.

      evidence (or lack of) be damned.

  2. Nobody here is stupid enough to not realize aTm is both bigger, richer and higher ranked overall in education than Aubie. I don’t know what the current rankings are, but in the past Aubie was the #1 University in the School of Veterinary Medicine. . If you ask me the SEC has gone to the dogs what with Aubie, Miss St, LSU and now aTm. Bwaa Haww! Anyway, here’s a little gem for those interested. Type it exactly or you won’t find it: Enjoy! RTR!

  3. US News and World Report 2013 college rankings
    65. Texas A&M
    77. U of Alabama
    89. U of Auburn
    * of the three, A&M is the only one that is a member of the prestigious AAU

    * endowment: Alabama: $631,000,000
    Auburn: $451,000,000
    A&M: $7.6 billion

  4. How about all your thug divas on the football team pimp slapping girls in the face, selling drugs in the parking lot next to the stadium, etc. I could go on for hours about all the corruption of Redneck Nation. You guys think your gonna stay on top forever is insane. aTm will beat you again by more than 2 touchdowns.

    You may have won the last two BCS championships, but know this you had 1 loss years, meaning you LOST, no perfect season and that eats you up. AU is going no where and here is a middle finger to ITK and his fat mom. Blowtide

    1. There it is. Typical barner delusional fantasy, topped with a healthy dose of wishful thinking. Silly, silly barner.

      49-0, and by the way, that’s 3 out of the last 4 BCS National Championships. Get it right, little man.

    2. Losing football games doesn’t eat us up——–everyone loses football games. It’s a simple fact that once you learn you can enjoy the game a whole lot more.

      I think Alabama winning championships is what eats you up instead.

      I’m not going to go any farther though as this comment is completely off-topic except to say I have no idea what you mean by Alabama players selling drugs and pimp-slapping girls.

      1. Oh you could not be more wrong about this one!!! Losing football games does in fact eat you and the rest of the bammers up. Especially the one that went down in November of 2010. The one where bama had a commanding 24 point lead and could not manage to hold on to it Vs. a so called ” 1 man team ” . That one game where your hated rival used bama as a stepping stone to the National Championship. That ” 1 man ” lives in the nightmares of every gump alive. So much so that idiots like ITK brings him up in his reports that has nothing to do with the 2010 Auburn season/team. bammers are fighting demons in their head and will continue to for many years to come because of that ” 1 Man” and the 2010 Iron Bowl. I would have to say ( and take much pride in this ) that was the most painful loss in bama football history by far. Can any of you gumps show proof where Auburn fans went on for YEARS bitching and crying over a single loss to bama or a player that was ” rumored” to have broke NCAA rules? I think not. Now will sit back and wait for the insults, myths, and crappy posts instead of actual facts. Thats just the mindless bammer sheep way of behaving.

        1. Exactly right. It’s not losing, it’s what you do with losing. Alabama lost to Auburn in the Iron Bowl.

          The result? The “Never again” speech.

          And ever since then Alabama hasn’t let anyone else win a national championship.

          The end.

          PS——–not that it matters, but that wasn’t the most painful loss in Alabama history. We weren’t on our way to a national title, for example, or in a national title game. Hell, we’ve had more painful losses to Auburn alone. But WOW, do you hate Alabama.


    here are two of the latest examples of the ncaa and it’s sense of fairness and patriotism.

    the first a player loses a possible year of play over EIGHT MINUTES played in a scrimmage as a sophomore.

    the second, one of our nation’s finest is forced to redshirt over intramural games played while in the military serving our country.

    scam plays, a Marine doesn’t.


  6. No matter what happens, Johnny freaking Hancock becmoes a hero.

    If he is ruled ineligible by the NCAA, he then becomes a martyr for the unpaid semi-pro college athlete.

    If he does play and wins outright, he represents the Cinderella story but without the Cinderella poverty.

    If he plays this season and loses football games, the most likely scenario in my opinion, it’s because he was distracted by the NCAA investigation that found nothing for his thousands of free autograph sessions with his passing arm.

    Worth the risk? Hell no. Forget that. Longevity takes discipline. I don’t think TAMU is aware of the risks they could be putting themselves in for future earnings. Auburn made hundreds of millions thanks to Cam Newton’s adventure in NCAA scrutiny. It may seem worth it, but the NCAA closed the loophole as soon as they could regardless. Auburn lost nothing. TAMU could stand to lose a whole lot more.

    The NCAA may be corrupt and hypocritical, but they’re also vengeful and seemingly always tired of being looked at as money-hungry pawns. Either nothing happens or TAMU gets a storm of infractions. In either case, TAMU isn’t going to make that call, you’re absolutely right that they’ll ride Johnny Hancock to the end, and I just hope he gets to play this year so we can see him fall.

    1. Would disagree that Auburn lost nothing with the NCAA. We lost momentum from a MNC, and didn’t really get to enjoy it as much as we should have. We lost out on recruits, who were told by every other school, don’t go there because they will be on probation. We lost out on public perception among media, and other fans across the country, who thinks we bought a title. And the Marine has been cleared to play, as he should have.

      1. Auburn made hundreds of millions of dollars. I know we all love football, but you can’t blame Auburn for taking the trade of two terrible seasons for that kind of profit. I’m sure they want it again, but that’s incidental; the money was worth it, the Cubs and the Raiders and the Bengals among others all don’t really have to care about winning as long as they’re making crazy money.

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