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USA Today 2013 preseason football poll released: Bama is #1; Auburn is nowhere in sight

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The 2013 college football poll inches one step closer with the release of today’s USA Today preseason college football poll. Who’s #1? You guessed it: The Alabama Crimson Tide, but it wasn’t unanimous.

1. Alabama (58)
2. Ohio State (3)
3. Oregon
4. Stanford
5. Georgia
6. Texas A&M (1)
7. South Carolina
8. Clemson
9. Louisville
10. Florida
11. Notre Dame
12. Florida State
13. LSU
14. Oklahoma State
15. Texas
16. Oklahoma
17. Michigan
18. Nebraska
19. Boise State
20. TCU
21. UCLA
22. Northwestern
23. Wisconsin
24. USC
25. Oregon State

Others receiving votes:
Kansas State, Miami (FL), Michigan State, Baylor, Virginia Tech, Fresno State, Arizona State, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Utah State, Brigham Young, North Carolina, Northern Illinois, Tulsa, Ohio, San Jose State, Arizona, Cincinnati, East Carolina, Kent State, Mississippi State, Washington, Central Florida, Arkansas, Arkansas State, Rutgers, Tennessee and Toledo.

Keeping national insignificance alive, the Auburn Tigers

Notice anybody missing? Sorry Auburn fan. Nobody believes in the magical, mystical Gus Malzahn Offense® but you. But don’t worry, it’s everybody else, not you. Right? You couldn’t even beat out Toledo or Tommy Tuberville’s Cincinnati in the “also ran” category. But they’re all wrong, not you.

Anyway, it’s interesting to note that Bama garnered 58 of the 62 first place votes, but Texas A&M, at #6, managed one…just one of two other teams other than Alabama to do so. As if the September 14th rematch could get any bigger.

Also of note, the poll features five SEC schools in the top ten, but you don’t brush up against a Big 12 team until Oklahoma State at #14. Listening Bob Stoops? Once again, it’s apparent that your mutterings about the SEC have fallen on deaf ears.

Proving you don’t have to make sense to be a college coach, Bob Stoops.

It’s also interesting of note that Alabama has never been ranked preseason #1 and run the table to win the title. But then, we were told Nick Saban would never come to Alabama…Nick Saban would never stay at Alabama…Alabama would never recover from the Shula years…they’d never win another title…they’d never win back-to-back titles… Shall I go on?

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18 thoughts on “USA Today 2013 preseason football poll released: Bama is #1; Auburn is nowhere in sight”

  1. They said Saban’s never had back to back ten win seasons and never had an unbeaten team before he came here too. Look how that went.

    1. Obviously, he only did it because of the REC!

      The REC is more powerful than the Illuminati and Stonecutters….Combined!

  2. Coach Nick Saban never had a Heisman winner before coaching Mark Ingram at Bama! The marriage between Coach Saba and Bama has been a very productive arrangement!!

  3. Alabama is the defending national champions. They should be number one until proven otherwise.

    But the TAMU vote honestly surprised me a little. Not that they’re bad, but that I imagine they get a vote for beating the team that was the best. Still, I don’t know.

    It’s going to be hard for Alabama this year. There’s never been a bigger target on anyone’s back.

    But it certainly won’t be boring. Just look at the top ten alone. Stanford, who I never thought much about, has become one of my favorite teams to watch.

    Clemson and South Carolina are neck-and-neck, that’s got to be a first, right? So Spurrier is getting better every year at a school that didn’t do much before he showed up, while Clemson is bringing home the bacon with a fellow Capstone champion.

    Ohio State I don’t really know how to judge? I won’t be surprised if they go undefeated this season just like last season, but they also don’t have much competition this season to judge how good they really are, right? I was in Ohio last year for a wedding and tOSU was losing to a team so inferior I can’t remember their name. The Buckeyes came back to win, but it wasn’t the only game of the season like that, and again, how do I judge to put them at the first runner-up? I suppose I can’t say they don’t deserve to be there just as much as you can say they do.

    Also, Louisville. Look at that. Just look at it. That’s pretty incredible. I never thought I’d care about Louisville football.

    I’m looking for the Ohio Bobcats to pull it out this year. Oh, wait.

    Vegas puts their money on the Tide. The country puts a target the size of Montana on the Tide’s back. I put my Saturdays on standby for the next 4 months and make sure I have plenty of bourbon. Roll Tide.

  4. and the state of alabama will still be a backwoods, inbred redneck state that is 49th-50th in everything that counts….but by golly geeezzz we good in “footbaw”!!!!!

    1. It hurts, doesn’t it devin? I’m glad that you are able to get to sleep at night by telling yourself these funny tales that make you feel better about yourself.
      And, BTW – try something new. We’ve been hearing this $hit about Alabama for decades, and we’ve only gotten better since. What sordid $hithole do you come from?

      1. And, yes – I live in Alabama. And there are more PhD’s per capita within 20 miles of where I live than any other place in America. Again, what $hithole do you come from?

  5. I am so ready for the season to start just to see how some of the new players will be used. It is crazy with our WR depth this year. Stay healthy and RTR!!!

    1. I agree with that—-there are a lot of new guys I can’t wait to see out there on the field. Derrick Henry, for example, missed A-Day with an injury, but just the pictures of that guy scare me.

      1. The picture of Henry standing next to Fowler and making him look “small” caused opposing secondary personnel to wet their beds.

  6. After Auburn wins there first 3 games, we will be top 25, or right there. I can understand why the coaches are unsure of us. We are not sure who our starting QB is, though we think it will be Nick Marshall. We won’t get much respect till people see how we do games 1-3, and most want to see how we do against LSU. Play them tough, or beat them, and folks will take notice that “It is a new day.” Like always, we have to earn what is handed to us, and I don’t want it any other way.

    1. Elite, as you have seen some of my previous post, you know I am no Auburn fan. However, I believe many of the “experts” being the print and t.v. sports media people are wrong about Auburns first year on the Gus Bus. I believe they are going to be better than advertised. 8-9 wins is entirely conceivable. I am not yet convinced of Gus’s long term success(only time will tell)but with the schedule, the fact most of these players were recruited by CGM, and most importantly a renewed optimism,Auburn comes out swinging. The biggest concern I think will be the amount of attrition of many of the highly ranked players that were (ahem) recruited by the Trooper Luper show.

      1. It is good to have debate and not name calling as is too many times the case on blogs. We will see if you are right about the attrition at AU. If Auburn doesn’t get to a bowl game this year, I will come back on and say I was wrong.

  7. jonny tennisballs

    I cant wate for the Tide to put the whippin on a&m and auburn. tigers toilet bowl bound again this year. ROOOOOLLLL TIIIIDDDEEE!!!!

  8. The Bammer Crimson TURD carries a NUMBER 1 ranking in other areas also:

    #1 Fans with no class!
    #1 Number of bandwagon fans!
    #1 Lack of teeth!
    #1 Teabagging!
    #1 Tree killers!
    #1 In marriage to close family members!
    #1 Lack of any education!
    #1 Most obnoxious!
    #1 Body odor and lack of hygiene!
    #1 Idiotic cheers!
    #1 Unhealthy desires for barnyard animals!
    #1 Delusional fans!

  9. Whasamatta Vol? The rest of your family die from AIDS, so now you have time to post again? Ready for that next 40 point beatdown? How entertaining you are. Bwaa Haww Haww? RTR!

  10. I’m glad I’m not the author of this “article”.

    If I wrote this article I would 1- apologize, and 2- resign as a “writer” of “articles”.

    1. You blame the author for writing an accurate report of the pre-season votes?

      Get mad at the voters, if you want (now that more than zero football games have been played and, surprise, the team standings have changed). Congratulations—-Auburn isn’t one of the worst teams in the country this year.

      Still little brother.

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