Michael Dyer was afraid for his life in Auburn

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Following the 2010 BCS title game, a terrified true freshman running back at Auburn took steps to protect himself.

“You’ve got fans that get drunk and come knock on your door at five in the morning,” he said. “They want autographs. All types of crazy stuff. I couldn’t go to Walmart. I had to get somebody to go to Walmart for me.”

In a story profiling the tainted former MVP’s plight since the 37 yard run that made him famous that January night, Dyer is described as a well-meaning kid from a bad neighborhood whose 4.37 forty wasn’t fast enough to help him escape trouble. The article, “Red Flags,” goes on:

“Dyer bought a gun. The purchase was legal, and, in Alabama, unremarkable. Dyer struggles to explain why he bought the gun. He liked Auburn fans. But he had an inchoate fear of strange people in a strange place. ‘You got locals around who don’t like you,’ Dyer said. ‘So you go to a party and you’re guaranteed to have to argue with them or have some kind of dispute.’ In June 2012, two members of Dyer’s recruiting class were murdered and another was shot when a gunman opened fire at a party near campus.”

Dyer’s gun was used in the robbery of the now infamous “Auburn felony four.” The running back who broke Bo Jackson’s freshman rushing record at Auburn and has struggled with the wacky weed has been without a college football home for going on two years, though he says he as picked “a big D-1 school,” where he can start playing next month. No word on where that school is at this point.

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