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MORE NCAA CORRUPTION: Ole Miss won’t do time

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Ole Miss cornerback Carlos Davis played in six games last fall while being academically ineligible to do so. Yet the Rebel Black Bear Thingies are not thought to have to do a bit of time for it. Those wins include last year’s Egg Bowl…listening, Mississippi State fans?

The freshman walk-on played in six games in 2012. “Without the school’s knowledge,” the ACT was reviewing his test scores. The testing center ultimately canceled those scores, making Davis a nonqualifier and ineligible for play while potentially exposing Ole Miss to penalties.

But because Ole Miss didn’t know, there won’t be any penalties.

Say wha???

I thought it was the individual school’s responsibility to review and assure the academic standing of each of its student athletes. Isn’t that why compliance departments were invented??

I guess we’re to assume that in 2006 and 2007 the University of Alabama’s athletic department knew full well that a few players were misusing their textbook privileges for the benefit of dozens of dollars. The result was the vacating of a handful of wins from both years…wins that were few and far between in that span of time.

Like Ole Miss, Alabama self-reported the infraction to the governing body of college athletics. Unlike Ole Miss, Alabama was punished.

And remember $cam Newton? See, Auburn just didn’t know that he was being shopped by his dad…and doggone it, neither did he. So Auburn walked.

The point is, the NCAA is like the wicked stepmother in the Cinderella story, favoring some her children over others. In the last decade, no one has taken a bigger brunt of punishment from this corrupt organization than the Tide. That Alabama has risen to dominate the game is a miracle in and of itself.

The Jovan Robinson grade changing case in Auburn remains a mystery, though many believe the wheels are turning as we speak (not to mention the issue of how Reuben Foster’s mom mysteriously received a great job in Auburn, where the five-star prospect just so happen to get to attend the same high school and play on the same team as two former Auburn assistant coaches.)

The old joke used to be that Tennessee just committed a secondary violation, so the NCAA was adding 2 years probation to Alabama. Listen people, it really isn’t that far from the truth.

The NCAA is as corrupt as any shady organization in America, and the only way to beat them is to do what Alabama has done…dominate the game, and operate above reproach to the point that there is no conceivable argument against you.

But until the organization is disbanded, or given an injection of justice and logic, we’ll continue to see rules selectively enforced, as we have now seen in Oxford, Mississippi.

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39 thoughts on “MORE NCAA CORRUPTION: Ole Miss won’t do time”

  1. As a practical matter, I don’t necessarily disagree with the decision (though I know no details of the story).

    And in terms of the NCAA, this shouldn’t surprise us. They are the definition of inconsistency.

    1. I don’t disagree with the decision either. As time has proven, we’ll beat Ole Miss with or without sanctions.

      It just isn’t consistent with other decisions along the “we didn’t know” line. But then, this is the NCAA we’re talking about.

  2. “The Jovan Robinson grade changing case in Auburn remains a mystery, though many believe the wheels are turning as we speak (not to mention the issue of how Reuben Foster’s mom mysteriously received a great job in Auburn, where the five-star prospect just so happen to get to attend the same high school and play on the same team as two former Auburn assistant coaches.”

    Fact: He never played a down of football at AU.
    Fact: AU Admin reported and investigated it.
    Fact: AU, when notified, didn’t even allow him to step foot on the practice field.
    Fact: He now says UA is where he wants to “run” the ball.
    Fact: Reuben Foster now drives a new hummer, which is red, “mysteriously” received this after he committed to ALAbama…

    I understand you are paid or just enjoy discrediting AU’s name, but it goes both ways. Bama, as much as you fans want to believe, isn’t squeaky clean either. Not saying they are paying their players, but Foster’s mom got a job at AU and he is still going to Bama. She still has her job at AU so if they really just got it for her for Fosters commitment, they failed miserably.

    Those folks who, how did you put it? Oh yes, ” though many believe the wheels are turning as we speak”, on the Javon Robinson, were these the same people that work for Roopstigo?

    And finally, please don’t whine about the NCAA not showing Bama any love. Are you kidding me? Bama is everyone’s golden child right now. I admit you guys deserve it….you have won ALOT!! ESPN, NCAA, even 60 Minutes wants to show Bama off. Please stop with the NCAA hates Bama talk. Its old….really really old. You are winning and will continue to as long as you have Saban. Enjoy it and please stop trashing everyone else. You are a perfect example as to why people don’t like Alabama fans. None of you can just enjoy where you are without trashing anyone else. Just shut up and enjoy the ride!

      1. Is there a link to the $180,000 that Cam Newton has, the grade change of Javon Ronbinson, or any other player for that matter or is this just more Bama fans being slanderous again?

        1. I’ll provide those links as soon as you provide links to the money being found in the Albert Means case. And throw in verification from a rival coach’s testimony, who stood to directly gain tremendously for giving testimony to the NCAA. So yes, when the NCAA acts injustly, expect us to be pissed about it.

          But don’t expect us to quit winning championships, or beating the stew out of your program in November.

    1. Lots to say here. In order:

      JR was recruited, signed, brought to campus and part of the team’s regimine before the scandal was uncovered. The inconsistencies in his grades should have been caught; that’s why AU is supposed to have a compliance dept. And, the staffer at question in Memphis was an AU alum. Unlike UA’s textbook case, it was NOT self reported. So yes, it “appears” AU’s hands are dirty, like it or not.

      Reuben Foster’s decision came after Chiz, Trooper and co. were shown the door, after AU’s season tanked. The chips were in place to get him in place at AU before this happened. That’s what’s damning, not his final decision.

      That’s the first I’ve (or anyone) has heard of a hummer, so sounds like speculative garbage/internet rumor.

      Any love Bama has received hasn’t been afforded to them. We’re not on the welfare program in Tuscaloosa. We don’t have to manufacture interest in our program through perception, smoke, mirrors and beatwriters who spin news to attract orange and blue readers with Pollyanna-type headlines. It has instead come through hard work, and a commitment to be the best. As the article states, what Bama has done, despite what the NCAA did unjustifiably early last decade, is nothing short of remarkable. Alabama has shoved its fist down the throats of every hater in the land, and told them to like it. And don’t kid yourself, with the power shifts, the haters will too.

      In closing, I really couldn’t care less if you or anyone else “likes” Bama fans. That’s not my personal mantle to carry. Seeing and reporting the truth is, and what I see is the NCAA being inconsistent, again. Coupled by whiny fans of other programs who don’t want to hear it.

      1. That’s not my personal mantle to carry. Seeing and reporting the truth is, and what I see is the NCAA being inconsistent, again.

        So much for me to say here as well:
        First of all the first part of your sentence and the second part don’t coincide. The truth and what you see can be two very different things. You say your job is to report the truth, well lets start with Cam Newton. The TRUTH is the NCAA didn’t find anything on him or AU. Now PERCEPTION is that he is guilty, and he very may well be, but the TRUTH is that he is found to have done nothing wrong. I am not saying that the NCAA has it all together, because even us AU and UA fans can agree that they are pathetic on enforcement and wishy washy on their findings. But under their current regime Cam Newton and AU are not guilty…that is TRUTH. Why cant you report that if you are all about the TRUTH ITK?

        Once again the Reuben Foster/mom job at AU situation and the Javon Ronbinson grade change situation have not implicated anything about AU. No TRUTH to AU doing anything wrong. Now if this changes and AU is implicated and proven to have done wrong then I will be the first to come on here and apologize to you ITK.

        Remember your words were, Your job is to report the TRUTH, so far you have only reported speculation and rumor. Once you find the TRUTH please let us know.

        1. I think you’re confusing truth and determinations. It was determined that OJ Simpson was not guilty of killing his wife, but was it the truth. Come on…did you believe that?

          What was perceived in the Newton saga was a league commissioner intervening in an investigation late in the season, between the Iron Bowl and the SECCG, with the facade of a “real” university suspension, again once the Iron Bowl was secure. With literally millions on the line for all parties on “this” side of the NCAA, the determination was predictable to say the least.

          But you have a father who admits to shopping his son to one school for $180,000, and yet one month later lets him sign with another for free? Oh yeah, and we’re to believe the son knew nothing about it even though he and his father are extremely close? Yep, only if you’re starving for your first taste of national significance in 50 years do you believe that.

          So the truth and a determination are somewhat skewed, wouldn’t you say?

          And I wouldn’t go as far on the Robinson case, or any other matter involving the NCAA. I agree with you, NCAA enforcement is ridiculous. But I wouldn’t say those chapters are closed yet. Would simply be wishful thinking by a fan of a program trying to get off life support.

          1. Well right now wishing is all we got! But in all seriousness i hope AU gets their act together from a media standpoint. It is getting old having these allegations come out. A few seasons with no media coverage would be great. Hoping that our new staff can swing this…if they are a segway to getting back to winning them I am okay with that as well. Bama is great and has always had a great national brand…my in laws are HUGE Alabama fans and all of their daughters, including my wife, are AU grads so it’s fun at holidays. Well not lately, but I am hoping that we can at least be competitive again. It did take Saban a year to get back to winning….Malzahn may take two or three but we AU fans have to give the guys a chance to try. Not sure if he is the answer, probably not, but we have to start somewhere. Sorry for the harsh replys but it gets tiring being and AU fan right now. We have enough issues trying to win…couple that with Bama fans kickin you while you are down is not easy to stomach! Have a good one ITK! Here’s to hoping I don’t have to come back on here and apologize to you for the Javon/Reuben saga’s!

            1. You don’t ever have to come on here and apologize; the discourse here is what makes this site fun, and rivals are always welcome. But believe me, an injust action by the NCAA at the turn of the century and six years of misery during the streak, and my vigor on the subjects probably wouldn’t be as intense. This is all just a game, and there are more important things in life (and eternity) than Alabama and Auburn football. But it does make for a good diversion.

              An honest take on Malzahn, I think he can catch a few opponents looking, but in the long run more teams are already doing what Auburn is trying to do. The value in his first stint there was that his hurry up-spread brand was new, which meant you saw one team all season like that. Now you’ll see as many as half a dozen, so preparation isn’t as hard as it once was. Believe me; seeing Auburn two weeks after Texas A&M for Alabama was a relief last year. Plus the first time around he stumbled across a once in a career kind of quarterback. Auburn’s permanent solution to their problem is doing what Bama did….dismantling the good’ole boy network and handing the keys (and a wad of cash) to a proven winner. Anything else is just a bandaid solution.

              But who knows. Maybe it’ll work. I’ve been wrong before. Once. 🙂

            2. The “TRUTH” about Cam Newton is he was asked to leave Florida in the first place.

              Florida, at a time when more arrests were had at that team than any SEC team in the BCS era (nevermind anything that didn’t involve arrests, just “TRUTH” arrests then), decided to ask Cam Newton to leave. Not drunk drivers. Not players arrested for drugs or for failing drug tests. Not players who got in fights. Not Aaron Hernandez.

              So the problem with the “TRUTH” (why all the capital letters anyway?) is that it’s just too hard to believe Cam Newton was a perfect little angel after whatever happened to kick him out of Florida(sorry, they asked him to leave, “TRUTH”) and then ask us all to not care about his dad shopping him and to believe Cam didn’t know and on and on. There’s no proof, fine, but Cam is a dick with a record. Deal with it.

              The best “TRUTH” is that a month later the NCAA made a new rule that would make any player in Cam’s position in the future ineligible. Funny that. “TRUTH.” It’s what’s for dinner.

          1. I think it’s incredibly racist to suggest a young black man’s family can’t afford to buy him a car, especially when he faces zero education costs in the coming years. I drove a beat up Honda in college, but only because I was also paying my tuition, apartment and living costs. A full ride may have changed that for me.

            1. I wasn’t intending to be racist by any means. Sorry if it came off that way. You’re right, the scholarship takes away many financial worries. So the car could be legit. But couldn’t Cory Lemonior have gotten his car the same way? Anyways, hope you have a great rest of the day/week! Thanks for the conversation ITK. Always fun arguing about football in the offseason….makes the time fly by! Hoping this year’s Iron Bowl is at least fun for AU fans to watch…win or lose!

          2. Couldn’t agree more about the good ole boy system! It is ridiculous here in AU. We are tired of the Powers that Be making the wrong calls!! Looks like it could be a few more years however with the current folks in charge. So we may have to make the best of a mediocre situation. No fun when Alabama, LSU, Florida, and now A&M are looking to be powerhouses. Bottom feeding is for the birds! Thanks again man!

            1. I still don’t get the car thing.

              If players were getting cars illegally at any school, or at least using a car in a way that was against NCAA rules, it would be the simplest infraction to investigate You can’t skirt insurance, liens, titles, you need a parking pass a lot of places on campus (notably the athletics facility), I mean even an illiterate freshman could prove any player’s car would make him inelligible….if that were the case, anyway.

              And even when they do find players having cars that are against NCAA rules, it seems almost incidental, like at tOSU——maybe the cars alone wouldn’t have been enough to do anything to a guy like Terrel Pryor, but he still didn’t miss any games, did he? It was the drugs and tattoos and lying that got tOSU a whole 14 weeks of penalties.

              But Alabama nearly gets the death penalty because the ladies swim team (among others) are making tens of dollars selling their textbooks back after receiving them for free due to their scholarships? Does anyone really believe athletes were coming to Alabama explicitly because they could make tens of dollars from school books? Isn’t that the issue? Cars and drugs and tattoos are one thing, but the almighty dollar is the devil in the hands of collete athletes according to the NCAA.

      2. The problem with the NCAA selectively enforcing their rules – which affects all NCAA members, not just Bama – is that we are now in a situation where the NCAA might enforce a rule one way on one occasion, and another way on another occasion. How would you like it if your boss, or your parents, or the local cops decided to treat the rules that way? No NCAA member’s compliance department can reliably do their jobs without some doubt as to whether the NCAA will in fact follow their own rules in making decisions – some with Million Dollar consequences for teams, players and schools – when there is either a discovered infraction or a self-reported infraction. The NCAA has now set the precedent for either throwing the book at a member school, or just slapping them on the wrist. Or, in the case of Ole Miss, doing nothing at all. No organization or school can work in such conditions. I wouldn’t want it at work – who can be very productive if they don’t know whether their boss will come in in a bad mood and fire everyone, or come in with doughnuts. This is a bad precedent for all member schools to have to deal with. The NCAA either needs to be consistent in their administration of punishment, or they need to disband. There is no safe middle ground for anyone – except the NCAA.

    2. There is nothing the NCAA does that would surprise
      me!!! Scam Newton and the way the NCAA has handled
      the Miami investigation is just TERRIBLE!!
      Alabama football past with the NCAA is not good and
      I hope that it never lets a idiot booster try to buy
      a recruit like the Albert Means case!! RTR

    3. There is not a major university that doesn’t have at least 5 athletes driving cars provided to them by boosters. A lot of these players drive nicer cars than the average working person. So to not think something is wrong is naive.

      1. I see plenty of children on college campuses with extremely nice cars, not just athletes. I see college football players with cars that are affordable (if not cheap)—–not Ferraris, not Fiskers, not Audi R8’s. I think believing every major school has football players (why not baseball players?) with impermissable cars is ignorant, not naive. It would be one of the easiest things to bust people for—-insurance, liens, titles, loans, you can’t just hide all of that stuff. If every school were doing it, one, just one of them would get in trouble for it at least onece every five years, right? Instead, nothing pretty much every year? Maybe it’s that we don’t understand how they use their money.

      2. Once again…a full ride with no education expenses + a market where ANYBODY can get financing whether than can afford it or not + a mindset for bling = the clear pathway for families to provide this king of thing. To think it’s automatically boosters is just racist.

    4. Excuse me while I get a bit personal with my opinion.

      First, I think it’s the right call to let the player come back and miss games this year he should have missed last year. I think it’s outrageous that any school could be so foolish to miss test scores the way Ole Miss allegedly did, and if they had received a worse punishment it would be incentive to avoid the same issue ever happening again.

      But now they can’t get away with it again, and in the meantime the NCAA didn’t ruin this kid’s college career. He’s going to be better for it. Already he has (had?) his grades up.

      And for what it’s worth, I would sincerely hate Ole Miss to be screwed out of their 2013 season because of a punt returner’s low test score. Ole Miss recruited like crazy and I honestly want to see what they can do this year without enormous penalties.

      But that’s what really bugs me. On one hand, the NCAA says they’re all about student athletes, not athlete students—–the grades and academics come first, even if it’s often just a nice sentiment. This guy didn’t have the grades and misses a few games while Ole Miss gets a warning ticket, but on the other hand Alabama almost got the freaking death penalty for student athletes turning in their free books for tens of dollars?

      Impermissible benefits are wrong. But does anyone really believe the student athletes on the womens’ golf team were literally choosing Alabama over other schools and scholarships because they could get enough money from their free school books for a new CD and an oil change? Do you think the same thing of the football team, the baseball team, or the track team?

      Players will never be allowed a dime from the NCAA no matter how much money they bring into their schools (right or wrong) because the NCAA treats a dollar like murder and treats grades like speeding. Even cars, drugs and tattoos don’t carry the same weight as George Washington, Abe Lincoln and Alexander Hamilton.

      I don’t want Ole Miss to get in trouble for this mess. But yes, Alabama got hosed, and ever since then I haven’t seen anything come close to the same severity of punishment for what I think (and what the NCAA seems to publically say) is much more detrimental. I could be wrong, and I don’t think the NCAA is “out to get Bama,” not at all, but the constant inconsistency for NCAA decisions bugs the hell out of me. Say one thing but do another. I’m glad at least Coach Saban doesn’t do that.

      One last thing—-for anyone who says Alabama isn’t squeaky clean either and everyone cheats, I disagree. I can’t say Alabama is perfect, but I care about college sports and Alabama is a clear example of how to set and entire athletic department as straight as possible and the results are absolutely brilliant for the athletes themselves. It’s something we should be proud of whenever and wherever it happens, and Alabama doesn’t stand alone there either. A small part of me wishes Nick Saban actually would coach at other schools and see if he can clean them up.

      Too bad for everyone else he’s staying at Alabama at least another seven years. Roll Tide.

    5. An internet photo of a car behind Foster? Hilarious! You can’t even be sure if it wasn’t Photoshopped. Did you check the registration? Is it even his? Want to see a hundred or so photos of me over the years with someone elses car, boat, motorcycle, etc in the background? Besides, 10 year old used Hummers are not expensive and you cannot tell from the photos what year the car is. Is that all you have? Smells like T-town Mens Store and Antler spray to me. Bwaa HWw Haww! RTR!

      1. Really? You see nothing wrong with that first hit? He never looked for the ball, he deliberately looked for the big hit. Watch it again—-if he’s ever looking for the ball, he’s probably coming away with an interception—-instead, his head is staring at the grass.

        We could argue all day about the Murray hit. But it was unmissable and nobody flagged it. There are plenty of articles showing the rules for why it was legal no matter how soft you want to play, and there are millions of people who will still say Alabama should lose the championship for that hit. Good grief.

        As for the sumo-plex, I assume that means you don’t know what Saban and Fanning did afterwards. I’ll let you look that up and see if it was enough for you. I assume nothing would be, but still, I remember, and I thought it was a very adult way to handle a very immature mistake.

        Regardless, following the hit he was targetted by Mizzou until he was pulled, but you and I aren’t crying over their actions either, are we?

        But all of these are for plays in a subjective and difficult situation as live-action referees, not sanctions for anything that ever gets anyone in enough trouble with the NCAA to talk about———-no team gets sanctioned for a false start or an unsportsmanlike celebration. Money, drugs, and ineligible grades are one thing. On-side kicks? Clipping? Facemasks? Come on. You’re missing the point. Textbook money vs ineligible players winning football games is something to talk about. Next time just show the clip of Legerrette Blount punching that Boise State player. Nevermind him punching his own teammates now in the NFL. Wah, indeed. Give me a break. Hope you didn’t spend too much time looking through Alabama highlights online to find these clips.

    6. You need to re-read my post Conduit. I said athletes not football players, but I could have said that. The cars are Ford Explorers, Expeditions, Escalades, and the like. No one is going to be driving a Ferrari, but Mercedes and BMW are popular as well. I have seen the $100 handshakes at the Alabama hotel site where I used to work, and would have seen the same if I lived/ worked in another college town. If Nick Saban did leave to coach another school, it would not take long for the Bama fan base to accuse him of cheating, probably the first time he beat you for a recruit. Actually that would be fun to watch, because when he was at LSU, y’all didn’t think too highly of him and with good reason.

      1. Yes, but I never see people post pictures of baseball players, including ones who have graduated and have a contract with a pro team, with expensive cars and people crying foul. Let me know if you do.

        I bought my first BMW convertable Z4 for less than my Kia SUV. You judge but you don’t accept you could be wrong and that people with a scholarship can afford a nicer car than you expect. Still, even if they did have a booster-car, I don’t understand why so many people don’t see how easy that would be to bust people for.

        You could have been a star if you saw all those $100 handshakes at the hotel you worked at and did something. I don’t know why you didn’t do anything but I hope you don’t have too much regret. Missed opportunity, I guess. It could even explain the car payments.

        But accuse Nick Saban of cheating just for leaving Alabama? What are you talking about? Plenty of other good coaches have gone to other schools after Alabama. Hell, even Gene Jelks gets a good reception in Tuscaloosa. But we didn’t think too highly of Nick Saban at LSU? Really? Mal Moore (Alabama’s athletic director, RIP) was trying to get him even then! I don’t think you know me or a lot of my friends very well, but I also don’t think it’s worth trying to argue over anymore, either. I’m sorry you hate Alabama so much. I don’t hate LSU and I was hit with an unopened bottle there a decade ago. Good grief. Roll Tide.

      2. You are correct Elite, to have to compete against Saban would really suck, but thanks in part to millions of people, primarily but certainly not limited to the Auburn nation, we (the Bama fanbase)dont have to worry with that. Again many many thanks!

    7. I didn’t do anything about it because if Bama wants to cheat, then knock yourself out. I have seen a lot of things over the last 30 years of living/ working in Tuscaloosa area as far as violations go, but would never turn you in as a result of it. You may not have had a problem with CNS at LSU, but his comments that irked Dennis Franchione didn’t sit well with fans at the time. Not to mention the play on the field where DBs committed pass interference on key plays that wasn’t called( no different than current day,) and non holding calls on key plays( same as now), are still mentioned to this day by Bama fans. More so the first than the second. I don’t mind debating, but I don’t take personal shots and won’t do so. By the way I know CNS didn’t make the comments, but do remember how mad fans were at the time. Do you really think if Saban was somewhere else, he wouldn’t be accused? Bama fans think they have never cheated, which is laughable. Mark Emmert and him had a grade changing scandal at LSU that was swept under the rug. As long as Emmert’s the head of the NCAA, CNS will not have to worry about any look into possible wrong doing on his part, and he know that.

      1. K, you simply hate Alabama. You can’t stand their program. You ask questions expecting an answer that you pretend you’ll listen to. I tried to keep up, but good grief.

        If you want to speculate what Alabama fans will think of Nick Saban in the future, I can’t argue anymore. I think he’ll be a legend at Alabama for all time among all Alabama fans. There, I said it.

        I’m sorry you hate such a brilliant example of a good college athletics program (not limited to football), and I’m sorry about your losses. Suggesting Mark Emmert is in secret cohorts with Nick Saban isn’t insulting as an Alabama fan; it’s pretentious paranoid prejudice as an adult.

    8. I hate Alabama and you hate Auburn. Actually I hate more the double standard that is shown the 2 teams, especially on this site. Dee Liner while an Auburn commit was called a thug frequently, but never the same to an Alabama commit from Mobile area( don’t remember his name), twice arrested for rape, and never a mention of it in an article. Urban Meyer gets slammed for Aaron Hernandez, but Nick Saban doesn’t get the same treatment for enabling Rolando McClain. To this day we don’t know the 3 players with him, when he broke a students jaw. Why does the sports media not question him like they did Urban? That is just 2 examples and if I gave all of them, I wouldn’t do any work today. Don’t know the answer to my question, and you don’t either. Mark Emmert said” I have 99 problems, and Nick isn’t one of them.” Sound like he can do what he wants to me.

      1. Nick isn’t one of them because he has a huge staff (because he can afford to) who does things by the book. Simple as that.

      2. That’s the trick————you hear a guy say Nick Saban isn’t a problem for him and you swear it’s because they have a secret billion-dollar handshake instead of considering the possiblity that Nick Saban might be the kind of coach that does his job the right way and severly enough to be an example.

        Sorry. I actually brought up Rolo myself. And the rape thing you’re talking about you’re asking me to pretend I don’t know what it’s about. Try again. Or just look it up and state your prejudice over it. She was 17.6 years old, he was 18.1, and her daddy hated him. Twist it, go on, it’s rape, good grief.

        I hate Auburn. Fine.

        You ask why the media doesn’t treat Saban in relation to Rolo the way Meyer was in relation to Hernandez? Did you think about that first though? It sounds like you’re just hating everything Alabama just to be a dlck to people here who love Alabama.

        Nick Saban doesn’t get the same flack as Urban Meyer because Meyer had a huge plethora of arrests at Florida under his tenure including Hernandez, not to mention Newton. Rolo was punished at Alabama, by the way. And Rolo didn’t commit murder, but what he did was wrong and now he’s done. Personally, I think it’s a shame and I wish more people cared about his poor example. But you can twist that into Saban being Jesus in the eyes of Earth and Meyer not invited to the special conspiracy meetings with Saban and the NCAA.

        1. There was a second rape and the girl was 14, but it hardly ever got reported. I don’t have time now tto look up his name, but will get it for you. If the NCAA gave Bama the exam they gave us I don’t think you would like the results, but if they did and found nothing, at least they looked. There is more than enough evidence of wrongdoing. Not sure what RM punishment was but it never caused him to miss a game. I know Nick is a good coach, but he is not God. He makes mistakes as does everyone else.

    9. It is the well meaning boosters like TTown Tom(when I was 18-22 a men’s wear store is the last place I would be), Hot Wheelz, and others that haven’t been documented that provide said benefis, not to mention the REC whose stated mission is to take care of Bama athletes. To buy a car for someone wouldn’t be that hard to cover it up. Put in a family members name has been done quite often.

      1. When I was 18-22 I wasn’t a super star. Our golf team looks nice, too. Notice how every player at Alabama comes to the games off the bus in a suit? I love it. What, they’re all comped, the entire roster, by a nice booster? Or just the superstars?

        What about the other teams that show up looking nice? I think it’s fantastic. Maybe they’re supposed to for team rules? They look sharp. I can’t imagine seeing an Alabama starter show up in jeans and a hoodie. But plenty of other teams do.

        Tradition. It’s good for us.

        Have you really never heard anything at all about the players having to keep receipts? Or do you just ignore stuff like that which might affect your prejudice hatred for a team that’s just getting away with absolutely everything?

        I’m not trying to change your mind. Alabama will always be a lying, cheating, car-taking, money-grabbing, panda-burning, suit-gifting, baby-punching devil of a conspiracy to you, so it makes it hard to respond. It just doesn’t make it any less fun to enjoy Alabama athletics, that’s all. Roll Tide.

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