MORE NCAA CORRUPTION: Ole Miss won’t do time

  • by ITK

Ole Miss cornerback Carlos Davis played in six games last fall while being academically ineligible to do so. Yet the Rebel Black Bear Thingies are not thought to have to do a bit of time for it. Those wins include last year’s Egg Bowl…listening, Mississippi State fans?

The freshman walk-on played in six games in 2012. “Without the school’s knowledge,” the ACT was reviewing his test scores. The testing center ultimately canceled those scores, making Davis a nonqualifier and ineligible for play while potentially exposing Ole Miss to penalties.

But because Ole Miss didn’t know, there won’t be any penalties.

Say wha???

I thought it was the individual school’s responsibility to review and assure the academic standing of each of its student athletes. Isn’t that why compliance departments were invented??

I guess we’re to assume that in 2006 and 2007 the University of Alabama’s athletic department knew full well that a few players were misusing their textbook privileges for the benefit of dozens of dollars. The result was the vacating of a handful of wins from both years…wins that were few and far between in that span of time.

Like Ole Miss, Alabama self-reported the infraction to the governing body of college athletics. Unlike Ole Miss, Alabama was punished.

And remember $cam Newton? See, Auburn just didn’t know that he was being shopped by his dad…and doggone it, neither did he. So Auburn walked.

The point is, the NCAA is like the wicked stepmother in the Cinderella story, favoring some her children over others. In the last decade, no one has taken a bigger brunt of punishment from this corrupt organization than the Tide. That Alabama has risen to dominate the game is a miracle in and of itself.

The Jovan Robinson grade changing case in Auburn remains a mystery, though many believe the wheels are turning as we speak (not to mention the issue of how Reuben Foster’s mom mysteriously received a great job in Auburn, where the five-star prospect just so happen to get to attend the same high school and play on the same team as two former Auburn assistant coaches.)

The old joke used to be that Tennessee just committed a secondary violation, so the NCAA was adding 2 years probation to Alabama. Listen people, it really isn’t that far from the truth.

The NCAA is as corrupt as any shady organization in America, and the only way to beat them is to do what Alabama has done…dominate the game, and operate above reproach to the point that there is no conceivable argument against you.

But until the organization is disbanded, or given an injection of justice and logic, we’ll continue to see rules selectively enforced, as we have now seen in Oxford, Mississippi.

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