Your Sunday Cup of Coffee…A Confession

  • by ITK

cup of coffee

It’s just hard to worry about your season knowing this guy is at the helm.

I have confession and an apology to make. I really haven’t been keeping up much with Bama football the last couple of weeks. For the last few weeks I’ve been busy with summertime, family things that take a lot of your time.

Things like vacation in Disney, Fourth of July events and grilling out with friends. I’ve kept a passing eye on what’s going on in Tuscaloosa, but haven’t been delving into things there, in Lee County or around the country for that matter.

My problem has been, well, Nick Saban. See, for those of you who aren’t Bama fans or alumni, bear with me. You may not understand this. But when your program is in the hands of the greatest coach to walk the sidelines at any program in decades, you can take your eyes off the road for a while and enjoy the ride.

Now this guy, I’d worry.

If you’re an Auburn fan, you have to listen to the manufactured hype about Gus Malzahn and put forth effort to get excited about your upcoming season. You have to buy in to the hullabaloo about his offense, like it’s the kryptonite that other teams can’t stand up to. You have to believe that Ellis Johnson isn’t a washed up, backstabbing hack that the game passed by years ago. And in general, you have to listen to Auburn apologists like Stan White, Phillip Marshall, and other Koolaid distributors serving up the sugary bull crap for you to slurp up to believe “this is our year!”.

But not at Alabama. At the Capstone we know what we have isn’t counterfeit. It’s tried and true, dyed-in-the-wool truth that stands at 68-13 with two SEC crowns and three crystal footballs since Coach Saban’s arrival. We look at marquee games this upcoming season, not taking them for granted, but knowing we don’t have to swing for the fences at every at bat in order to win, metaphorically speaking. We see wins on our schedule right now that others don’t. We understand the team has to show up in order to get them, but we know whose hands our team is in, and don’t worry.

Speaking of counterfeit…

And to that end, I’ve allowed myself to drift for a couple of weeks, I confess. I’ve missed the NCAA giving Oregon a spank on the hand with a goose feather. I almost missed (but didn’t) Urban Meyer’s skirt being blown up as a former player displays the wreckless (and now criminal) behavior he exhibited under Meyer’s unwatchful eye at Florida. I missed Urban turning in his old school to the NCAA, and the Florida faithful now mentally striking him from the record books at UF. And I admit, I’ve glossed over Alabama gaining the commitment from the massive OL Montel McBride and top QB David Cornwell as Bama nurses the #2 recruiting class in the country.

SEC Media Days is in a few weeks, with practice beginning shortly after. All the hype will begin to stir on that first day in Hoover. But until then, I have to be honest. It’s nice coasting with two staight Natty’s under your belt, unprecedented recruiting, and every opponent on your schedule knowing they have to play out of their shoes to beat your Tide this season.

It’s good to be a Bama fan. But again haters, don’t get mad because you don’t understand. It’s just a Bama thing.

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