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Your Sunday Cup of Coffee…A Confession

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cup of coffee

It’s just hard to worry about your season knowing this guy is at the helm.
I have confession and an apology to make. I really haven’t been keeping up much with Bama football the last couple of weeks. For the last few weeks I’ve been busy with summertime, family things that take a lot of your time.

Things like vacation in Disney, Fourth of July events and grilling out with friends. I’ve kept a passing eye on what’s going on in Tuscaloosa, but haven’t been delving into things there, in Lee County or around the country for that matter.

My problem has been, well, Nick Saban. See, for those of you who aren’t Bama fans or alumni, bear with me. You may not understand this. But when your program is in the hands of the greatest coach to walk the sidelines at any program in decades, you can take your eyes off the road for a while and enjoy the ride.

Now this guy, I’d worry.
If you’re an Auburn fan, you have to listen to the manufactured hype about Gus Malzahn and put forth effort to get excited about your upcoming season. You have to buy in to the hullabaloo about his offense, like it’s the kryptonite that other teams can’t stand up to. You have to believe that Ellis Johnson isn’t a washed up, backstabbing hack that the game passed by years ago. And in general, you have to listen to Auburn apologists like Stan White, Phillip Marshall, and other Koolaid distributors serving up the sugary bull crap for you to slurp up to believe “this is our year!”.

But not at Alabama. At the Capstone we know what we have isn’t counterfeit. It’s tried and true, dyed-in-the-wool truth that stands at 68-13 with two SEC crowns and three crystal footballs since Coach Saban’s arrival. We look at marquee games this upcoming season, not taking them for granted, but knowing we don’t have to swing for the fences at every at bat in order to win, metaphorically speaking. We see wins on our schedule right now that others don’t. We understand the team has to show up in order to get them, but we know whose hands our team is in, and don’t worry.

Speaking of counterfeit…
And to that end, I’ve allowed myself to drift for a couple of weeks, I confess. I’ve missed the NCAA giving Oregon a spank on the hand with a goose feather. I almost missed (but didn’t) Urban Meyer’s skirt being blown up as a former player displays the wreckless (and now criminal) behavior he exhibited under Meyer’s unwatchful eye at Florida. I missed Urban turning in his old school to the NCAA, and the Florida faithful now mentally striking him from the record books at UF. And I admit, I’ve glossed over Alabama gaining the commitment from the massive OL Montel McBride and top QB David Cornwell as Bama nurses the #2 recruiting class in the country.

SEC Media Days is in a few weeks, with practice beginning shortly after. All the hype will begin to stir on that first day in Hoover. But until then, I have to be honest. It’s nice coasting with two staight Natty’s under your belt, unprecedented recruiting, and every opponent on your schedule knowing they have to play out of their shoes to beat your Tide this season.

It’s good to be a Bama fan. But again haters, don’t get mad because you don’t understand. It’s just a Bama thing.

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20 thoughts on “Your Sunday Cup of Coffee…A Confession”

  1. I find that if I have been busy with things other than the Tide that I really enjoy catching up on all the good news that I have missed. RTR

  2. Luke 18:9-14

    9To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: 10“Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. 12I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’

    13“But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’

    14“I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

    1. 2 Timothy 3:16-17
      16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work…

      …not for arguing about college football. Leave scripture out of your butt hurt over Bama’s dominance, please.

  3. “For every good work” – that’s EVERYTHING you do including college football fandom, work, or cutting the grass.

    The fact that you use terms like “butthurt” informs me you are a child and not worthy of discourse.

    I hope you grow up soon.

    1. And I hope you get used to being dominated by your cross state rival and irrelevance in the college football world.

      And the fact that you’re living on an Alabama fan site as an Auburn fan informs me that you are indeed butt hurt about scores like 49-0. Don’t worry though. I’m sure Gus Bus’ one year of head coaching experience can compete with the iconic Nick Saban.

  4. I agree.

    And if you don’t, then you don’t know.

    Winning championships doesn’t give you clarity.

    Winning championships the right way does give you clarity.

    Clarity to know that now is the time to relish in the brilliance of Alabama’s football championships. Hell, the summer might be the best time to enjoy it. There’s no threat. As soon as Alabama loses another football game the nation will point and say their championship run and new title hopes are over.

    Of course, the past has shown that’s probably not the case and losing football games doesn’t stop Alabama from proving they’re the best team in the nation and taking home the crystal, but it won’t stop people from bringing it up after a loss.

    So until then, more than any other time, is it really that hard to believe we feel good and want to scream and shout about it?

    Only if you don’t understand. Roll Tide.

    1. There are some fans in some forums that think they do (follow our lead). But I don’t believe that at all. Saban, Scott Cochran and company have a honed system in place down there that leaves them hungry all the time.

  5. Though the teachings of the Bible are a magnificent way to live your life, and it would be nice if everybody would do it – still, they are nothing more than good ideas. There was no God to ordain those words. There is not nor ever was a God in the context of what the Bible would have you believe. Although there certainly was someone who would love to be thought of as God. Some Geneticist a half million or so years more advanced than us, no doubt. You see a real God – if its possible for something like that to exist – would not tell us “Do Not Kill”, and then proceed to send the Israelites out with orders to kill every living thing in the cities of their enemies from women and children to cats, dogs and chickens. Just one example. A real God would not have turned evil loose on his creation to allow all the unspeakable hell that happens to innocent people on this “God Damned” planet. A real God would not need the sacrifice of hundreds, if not thousands of poor animals every day in his so called Temple, nor would he need to be pleased by the aroma of their burning. A real God would not create an imperfect spiecies like us who would need to eat the flesh of other living spiecies to survive, nor would he have created one which needed to do something as filthy and barbarian as shit and wipe our asses with corn cobs and leaves. Since we are made in His image, I can just see my omnipotent, omnipresent and all powerful creator squating down to take a shit behind the burning bush. Those people back then were so backwards and superstitious that if you lit a match, farted on it and blew fire out your ass – you would be a God. My guess is that they simply put Mary and Joseph asleep and then artificially inseminated her. Those so called stars leading people to Bethlehem were nothing more than the lights on their ships. There are no Gods anymore than there are working tits on a boar hog. Bwaa Haww Haww!

    1. Crimsonite, you obviously are no bible scholar. You should take a look at the “God said, Man said” website to get a good overview of some topics. It provides good information.

      Other than that, this is forum to talk about Alabama football and other related sports. Your post should be deleted for the pure stupidity and insanity of your argument. I really hope someone hacked into your account or something.

      ITK, is this something else we have to be “tolerant” of? Because, I really don’t think I want to come back to this site and read the garbage this guy posted. I love your articles and insight, but Crimsonite will ruin it for me if he wants to continue with his satanic influences.

  6. Moron, I have read the Bible complete 5 times. I have read the extra books of the Catholic Bible 3 times. I have read the works of Josephus twice and many of the difficult to obtain books which the church in its Enlightenment thinks we shouldn’t read. And many others. I am a Bible scholar and you can.t tell me anything about the Bible. My father was a home pastor. My mother a vice president of AGLOW who spent much time in the Holy Land. They both died horribly on separate occasions, as did my spirit filled little brother and only sister..These things prompted my study of ancient religious texts and other things. I have a Masters degree in Civil Engineering and a Mensa IQ rating of 165 and I wasn’t even interested in taking the tests. If you truly are Christian, then you have to believe that we are alone in this universe, and that is truly, childishly stupid. There are about a trillion Galaxies that even our pathetic technology knows about; and each Galaxy has up to hundreds of thousands of solar systems. The majority of these entities are hundreds of billions of years older than our own Galaxie. Only a fucking moron could truly think we are alone. You are the idiot, and even moreso for blindly believing something written before most men even knew how to write, or read for that matter, nor did they even know there was more than one continent and the world wasn’t flat. The Bible is 100% unprovable. Furthermore, I have nothing against Christian beliefs. They hurt no one, at least not too much since the stupid Inquisition ended. Believe what you want. Everybody has a right to their fantasy. As for this forum, it jumped into the realm of religion when dumbass Truth started quoting scripture and ITK and others responded with same. So what – now you want to censure my religious beliefs? That’s pretty small minded and fascist if you ask me. Besides, controversy usually means internet hits.

    1. We live in an extremely hostile universe where no life has been found. Just because there are many galaxies and solar systems, doesn’t mean there is life on them….at least no proof of life.

      Since, the universe is so extremely hostile, how is it little earth is protected? Accident?

      Also, archeological digs around Jerusalem and other artifacts have supported the writings of the Bible many times.

      You can believe what you want and spout off about your supposed IQ number and degree’s etc….(like I could validate if that is true or not).

      I’m a die hard Alabama fan and graduate and love the university. I’m not trying to censure your NON-religious beliefs. However, I dare say the majority of the posters on this site are Christians. We may not act like we should some of the time, I will admit.

      I will say that I will stand with a Christian Auburn fan any day than with someone like you. By the way, I believe the Bible is the word of God, and his Word is Truth. I read the end of the book, and guess what? We (Christians) win!

      God Bless.

  7. Oh really? You call that winning? According to your Bible Story only the best of the best will go before Armagheddon. Think you’re one of them? The other trillions of poor souls will have to stay here and be tortured and killed in the most horrible ways imaginable, and then sipposedly if you can do something you couldn’t do your whe life previously under much better conditions – be a perfect Christian believer
    – you will earn your way to heaven. Don’t hold your breath dude. Some sweet God you have. Prove that the universe is any more hostile than our owm solar system. You been there?0

    1. “Prove that the universe is any more hostile than our owm solar system” ?????????

      Black Holes, Exploding stars, radiation (X-Rays, Gamma Rays, etc) that come from our own Sun, Planets/Moons riddled with Craters, Planets close to star (HOT), planets a little to far from the Sun (Cold!), etc.

      I’m not saying the rest of the Universe is more hostile, but at least as hostile. Earth just happens to have the ingredients to support life and protect it from the cosmic hostilities.

      I guess it “just happened” to be that way. No intelligent design to it at all, huh?

      But we will just agree to disagree. Plus, with all your supposed degrees and supposed high IQ, you shouldn’t bother debating someone that is of normal intelligence. It is beneath you.

      God Bless You !

  8. By the way you should do a little in depth research in the Middle East. Sure they found scrolls there. But it doesn’t prove anything. They have found lots of other writings that the Church won’t tell you about, let you read and or has destroyed. Besides, that place was a hive of fanatics and superstitions. History is full of well documented bullshit written by blinded fanaticism and or superstitions. I prefer to believe un the reality of Biology, Chemistry and Mathmatics compared to a “God” who teaches love and compassion but instead allows torture, pain and death, even to those born in an environment where it is impossible for them to know “God” before they die. Wow! Talk about just.

    1. I was talking more than just the scrolls. They have found ancient Babylonia arrow heads outside the ancient wall of Jerusalem, giving credence to the Old Testament that described that event… one example.

      Point is, I’m talking actual physical evidence that supports many of the events described in the Bible. It only takes very light research to know these things.

      No offense, but I’m not sure you are being totally truthful about your degree’s and IQ score. Not sure why, but call it a feeling……

  9. Ok we can agree to disagree, and I have been a strong Christian once upon a time. But a couple of points. Nobody is disputing historical battles or other physical evidence. But those things have nothing to do with fanatical writings about a virgin givinv birth to a God, or a burning bush talking to you, or an ocean opening up and over a million people animals and equipment tramping across miles of feet deep mud and huge canyons that would exist below any sea, or a flood destoying the world which we now know,was only a localized disaster, not to mention Noah living for years on an animal infested barge, etc, etc, etc. As for the universe, those things you mentioned are dangerous only if you encounter them in our present state od evolvement. Even as relatively dumb as we are we still can fly to the moon and back without problems. We can send photographic probes to mars without problems. And of the hmpteen trillions of galaxies just in our known universe there has to be other planets the right distance from their sun to develop even human life, not to mention life forms that we don’ t understand which could develop under very, very different conditions. Whoever put lifeforming dna here was evolved far beyond our present ability to understand. You don’ t think they searched for a planet that would sustain their form of life? How about considering terra-forming? Then you only have to find a planet the right distance from its sun to maintain livable temperatures. My problem with Christianity is that it is the forgiving religion on the planet. Either you believe it or you’re wrong, full of crap, and evil. There’s no middle ground. Other religions or agnostics for the most part are just live and let live. You do your thing, I’ll do my thing and you leave me alone, etc. But Christianity no. Hence the inquisition and persecutions. Hell, even when the Moors conquered the Christian world they.didn’t persecute Christians. They left them to do their own thing. This could get way to involved if you want to push the discussion, so just let it go. As for my education I have never found a way to post a photo on CR. I suppose I could photograph my degrees and awards and post them one at a time a avatars like my sign above – but then the internet world would know who I am and if you had been on this site long enough you would know I can’t let that happen. Good luck in your “Rapture” and “Paradise”. I’m sure I won’t be seeing you there. Ha Ha.

  10. And I meant to say Christianity is the least forgiving and most intrusive and least flexible of all religions.

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