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Alabama ends Georgia’s fantasy in a thriller

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Mark Richt can’t win the big game. Neither can Aaron Murray.

Earlier this week the normally cool-headed coach shrugged at a question about his Bulldogs’ record against ranked teams. South Carolina had spanked them 35-7 earlier in the year, and against the only other ranked team his Bulldogs had played (Florida) they had bested their opponent in a turnover, penalty riddled game.

Doing his best Steve Spurrier impersonation: “We’ve already played the No. 2 team in the country once this year and had a good day against Florida.”

Richt doesn’t like the question, but the reality is, it’s the reality: Mark Richt cannot win the big game.

Call it luck, of the bad variety. Or call it misfortune. Heck, do whatever you like to make yourself feel better in trying to prop up the nice-guy coach everyone hates to speak ill of.

But the bottom line is the bottom line. Any notion of a Bulldogs’ run at relevance will have to take place with someone else wearing the headset in Athens.

After the game, Richt showed some fire when he came under fire from the media yet again. A media member posed the question about his and Aaron Murray’s record in the “big game.” Here was that exchange:

Across the state line, you have a coach in Alabama’s Nick Saban who is known for being all business. Forget the nice guy accolades. Nick Saban is a winner who doesn’t have to answer as to why his teams don’t have discipline. Or why they get riddled with penalities. Or why he constantly has players getting arrested. Or why he loses the big game over, and over, and over…

No, Nick Saban won’t ever be labeled “a nice guy,” though one’s definition of such is often slanted one way or another with the colors they choose to pull for on Saturdays. His Nick’s Kids Foundation has helped far more than some who enjoy the positive public perception afforded at some’s convenience.

The un-nice Saban just wins. And has an incredibly high graduation rate for his players. And puts tons of players in the NFL. Many of those in the first round. Saban’s approach doesn’t require that security guards check his players for curfew…funny, his system instills personal responsibility and consequences that teach young men to make good decisions.

Oh yeah, and Saban’s un-nice guy system brings home the hardware. Lots of it.

Saturday night Georgia played out of its shoes, and had the game lasted 60 minutes and 15 seconds the Tide may have a different destination this bowl season.

But instead, playing within regulation, Bama did what a champion does, and the Georgia fantasy died a grisly death on the Georgia Dome turf at the five yard line. As the final seconds ticked away, so did another Georgia stab at relevance.

And across the field, in Crimson, another quest for a BCS National Championship wasn’t just a fantasy. It is now a reality.

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45 thoughts on “Alabama ends Georgia’s fantasy in a thriller”

  1. I think if UGA players had talked more trash, they would have won the game. Even their 50-yr old former QB talked trash like a HS QB

  2. Georgia played a very tough game. They played much better than I thought they would.
    Mark Richt is a winning coach. He has an excellent won-loss ratio. And to be honest, if he walked away from georgia they would be sitting in the same boat with Auburn and UT.
    I heard the question, and I thought it was in poor taste. The guy and his team just lost the biggest game of their lives. A little bit too much salt. I also noticed the interviewer couldn’t ask the question on his own behalf too.
    You know. There are 363 other days a year that people may question Richt and Murray. Today should not have been one of them. Today Georgia went toe to toe with the best team in the Nation. And they played in one of the best games I have ever seen. I have to give UGA and Richt credit here. They brought a game with them. They just didnt win.

    1. You are right when you arer right when you say the reporter wouldn’t take ownership of the question about winning the big game, so he must be from bham tv or al.dumb. that is cowardly but that is what we have for “press” now.

    2. I agree, the sissy of a so called reporter wanted to ask a question but was too piss scared to do it. So he hid behind the “a lot of people” line and Richt called him out on it. I would not have blamed him if he had taken off his nice guy hat far a second and gone ape Shiite on that wuss. UGA and Richt have nothing at all to hang their head for. That was one of the best games I have ever had the privalige of seeing in person. Georgia fans could not have been more gracious. Great day, great game, great teams.

  3. Well, I grew up watching Bama under Coach Bryant. I was born in 60, so I remember the 70s games, and a bit of the late 60s. There are some memorable games from that era without question. This win in the SEC title game is up there with the title game when Krause stopped Guman on the goal line to stop Penn State. It was a great game. Like it’s been said this Tide team may not have the talent others have, but they leave it all on the field.

  4. Yes indeed that was one GREAT game!! I may be wrong for feeling this way…. but is it just me, or does Danialson’s remarks just grate on the old nerves. That guy was so bias against BAMA that ….. but then its just my observation…… RTR

  5. If we win in Miami can we then use the word DYNASTY to describe the Tide era we are now enjoying????

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!

  6. Do you understand how STUPID you sound writing this “article”, becuase if you could take a step back and look at yourself, you would. Did you watch the game? UGA is every bit as good of a football team as Alabama. You’re myopic, and so is about 80% of the people who are on the Bama bandwagon and have nothing else in there lif e to enjoy. Especially the ones who never set foot in a classroom in T-loosa. Which I’m sure you did not.

    1. Moral victories. They’re what make Georgia great.

      And yes , I hold a degree from the University of Alabama. Sorry to end yet another fantasy for you.

    2. I heard before the game, from GA’s own players, they were BETTER than Bama, was not intimidated, and player for player, had more talent than Bama across the board. Also, the GA players thought they had the edge, since Bama wasn’t in the game last year, and GA was. (Never mind that they were blown out in that game)

      Even though Bama won 2 of the last three National Championships, you did not hear ANY Bama player talking trash. There was respect for Georgia, and Bama had just as much to prove.

      All I have heard and read from GA fans today is how the refs cheated them, how the hit on Murray caused GA to lose the game, and how Murray should have spiked the ball.

      How about if GA was called for the blocks in the back that wasn’t called, and a few other personal fouls that was missed? What if Bama managed the clock better and went up 14-7 at half? What about the great GA defense that surrendered 350 rushing yards?

      Bama took Georgia’s best shot, but in the end, we see which team is championship worthy. Georgia fans call thug behavior ‘swagger’ but it is what it is, just talking smack.

      By the way, Murray was blocked. He was a defensive player at the time. He wasn’t hit from behind. At the worst case, it could have been called helmet to helmet, but GA also got away with a few calls themselves. Y’all need to stop crying and blaming everyone. Calling Bama fans names and hating on Saban doesn’t change the fact that Bama is better.

      Since the blackout game, GA has been on a mission to be more like Bama. Y’all have been comparing Gurley to Richardson, your NG to Mount Cody, and installed a similar defense as Saban in the 4 years since that game.

      You have a lot of nerve to talk about the character of Bama’s team, after all the shit talk from your players, ex-players, and fans this past week.

  7. And by the way….the character of your football team stinks. Your beloved Saban apparently has no problem with taking blind side helmet to earhole cheap shots at defenseless players jogging across the field. Reminds me of Nick Fairly. Thats right, your image is not better today than that sleazy Auburn team.

    1. Sorry, but YOUR team is the one that’s the most penalized in the SEC, not Alabama. Not to mention arrests.

      Sorry to explain physics to you, but after an INT, your QB is a defender that is deserving of a block as much as anyone. It’s not #90’s fault he outweighs Murray by 120 lbs.

      But by all means, continue your crying. I enjoy it. And have fun in the Cotton Bowl. If you need us we’ll be in Miami.

    2. Hey geniass I guess you forgot about the cheapshot Ogletree put on McCarron before Murray’s block happened. I figured it was payback.

  8. Hey Dave chill t f out. Everybody watched the game, it was a great one.
    About that hit on Aarron Murray, If he doestn’t want to take a hit. He shouldn’t be moving within 5 yards of the guy returning the damn football

  9. Hey DAVID, the closeted Auburn Fan who’s too ashamed to admit it: I graduated from UA in 2003. Were your eyes covered to the personal foul penalties called on UGA during the game, you pretentious weasel? Obviously, Auburn OR UGA football is what matters to you above all. Why do I say that? BECAUSE YOU ARE ON A BAMA BLOG, DUMB ASS!!

    I still think you’re a closeted Auburn fan. Only those self-righteous hypocritical scumbag white trash fans use the ‘sidewalk alum’ self-defense mechanism. 49-0, 32-28. Maybe you need to reassess “The South’s Oldest Rivalry” since all Aubs were pulling against their State, and UGA players talked far more trash before they played us! LOL

  10. OK, get it straight. First, I am only on this P.O.S. blog because it was linked to from another website. I can assure you a I care less what ignorant dumbasses have to say. Second, I understand the rules of football (and it has nothing to do with “physics”; although that is probably how that teach science at UA). Yes, he has a right to hit the QB, he does not have the right to lower his head and thrust the tip of his helmet into the chinstrap of another player. Of course I would expect that most Bamer’s would have loved it if just would have been concused and the competition would have been over right there. Fact is, my wife graduated from AU. I have spent plenty of time there. It is a shitty town that offers a second rate education. All you have is football. Contragulations.

  11. You know what? You are all right. I am wrong. I apologize. The writer is surely intelligent and has a very firm grasp on the situation. ITK, Tims_4Bama, and RC, you all seem like very intelligent and well rounded individuals. I am humbled and sorry I spoke so harshly about your school. God bless you all and the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Good luck in the National Championship game. I digress.

      1. ITK….its called sarcasm. But I wouldn’t expect you to understand that anymore than I would expect you to understand “physics” with your (equivalent to) community college education. So I will now leave you with the last word.

        1. Ha! Spoken like a true sore loser….now running back to momma after that “last” supposed word.

          Have fun in your meaningless bowl.

    1. Go fuck yourself you Leg Humping Cracker! And no the Leg Humpers are not every bit as good as Bama. They played a very good and inspired game. But until the final drive when Bama was laying off in prevent not to mention still reeling from the bullshit o erturned interception that interrupted their celebration, until then JawJsw only had 315 yards of offense to Bama’s 515, and Bama had been running o er and through them like a train over a Yugo. That, dude is not indicative of being equals. RTR!

    2. @David—–that’s very big of you. I’m frankly very impressed. Spoken with the heart of a champion. It takes a real man to be able to say things like you did and for that I congratulate you.

  12. finally saw a good shot of dial murray play on sec rant-abtholutely dial went out of his way to put shoulder into him first…no flag no suspension….most likely to tackle on interception small skilled players fat guys can’t get in position to make tackle – most athletic and most motivated to make tackle – is the qb

    1. Saw that same .gif on sec rant – it looks like he had his elbow up and moving into Murray’s shoulder/ribcage, and the momentum – both his and Murray’s – brought the helmets together. Does NOT look like a lead with the helmet that the UGA (and their riders) crowd wants to cry about.
      Of all people, I heard Rick Burgess give the best explanation of that hit this morning on his show. He said that, ever since playing in junior high, whenever an interception was made, a code word was called out – “osprey” or “bingo” – and that told anyone on defense who was near the quarterback to put his butt on the ground. Murray knew this, and the fact that he wasn’t looking for that hit says a lot about how distracted he was by the interception and the overall game. He knew that was how it worked, and he should at least have been prepared for the hit.
      It was absolutely priceless that Dial fell right on top of him after the hit, too. Insult to injury.

  13. David, the best team won-get over it. To ell the truth I wish he had hit ur qb twice as hard as he did. RTR. Miami here we come.

  14. HooRay for Greg McElroy. Boy the Jets fans are all excited. They are expecting him to start next week. RTR!

  15. We haven’t heard a lot from the barners, corndogs and UcheaTs today. Since they were all pulling so hard for UGA it must feel like we beat them twice this year. Makes last nights win even sweeter.
    Roll Tide!

  16. The chatter on this site reminds me of the shit talk from The barn in ’10. Yeah, Bama will get their next crystal football but who cares except for you inbred assholes. Times will change. Fact is, univ of al, and the entire state of Alabama could drop off the earth and nobody would give a shit. But what do you expect? Stay classy Bammers!

  17. Poor Little Sister TWISTER,

    Your rectal area will stop bleeding in a few days. This is actually Dave’s second screen name. ITK, can you confirm this?

    Twister–32-28 LOSER Redneck. Now, go bark at your neighbor

  18. Dave i e Twister doesn’t care that his team is King of Cheap Shots of the SEC. UGA did win something this year. 2Nd year in a row, most penalized team in the SEC. According to Gary Danielson, when he asked Richt about it, Richt responded with “not a problem.”

  19. I especially liked the “Back Tackle” that Rambo tried to implement on Lacy.

    He was too scared to tackle Lacy in the open field. What a puss!

    1. I agree! I’ve never seen a defensive player make such a pitiful attempt at a tackle in a championship game. And he didn’t even try to fake his fear….like maybe acting like he tripped, or SOMETHING! But to just run over there on national television in the SECCG and turn your back and duck??? That was hilarious! He had taken all of the pounding he could stand for one game.

  20. I would like to offer a sincere apology to everyone on this website for my comments and behavior yesterday. In hind site, my actions were both juvenile and classless. I do not want to be “that guy” for which all UGA fans are judged by another fan base. It was mean spirited and the language uncalled for.

    Although, I do think the original article was petty given the circumstances. Calling out Richt (who is by far a better man than any of us) after what is widely considered by the fans, media, and even Saban himself as one of the most competitive SECCG’s in history, really shows a lack of perspective.

    Anyway, this is not a joke. I apologize. Hope it’s not too late for those that were paying attention to this yesterday. Good luck to the UA football team in the NC game. We will get you next time. Go Dawgs. ,

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