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FOOTBALL: Alabama-Tennessee Game Scheduled for 6 p.m. Kick on ESPN


The annual rivalry game between Alabama and Tennessee will be on ESPN with a 6 p.m. kickoff. The Crimson Tide enters the Third Saturday in October after a 42-10 win over Missouri. The Volunteers enter the game following a loss to Mississippi State.

Here is the official press release:
The Southeastern Conference announced Sunday that Alabama’s game at Tennessee on October 20 will kick at 6 p.m. (CT) and will be televised by ESPN.

The complete SEC television schedule for Saturday, October 20 includes:
LSU at Texas A&M, 11 a.m. (CT), ESPN

Auburn at Vanderbilt, 11:21 a.m., SEC Network

South Carolina at Florida, 2:30 p.m., CBS

Middle Tennessee at Mississippi State, 6 p.m., ESPN2

Alabama at Tennessee, 6 p.m., ESPN

Georgia at Kentucky, 6 p.m., FSN

46 thoughts on “FOOTBALL: Alabama-Tennessee Game Scheduled for 6 p.m. Kick on ESPN”

  1. I bet when UGA pounds hapless Kentucky, the tough talk by their players will begin again…until FL whips their asses

          1. Bama wasn’t on during that game, you goob. What did you think we would watch? It was about the only game on where the outcome was doubtful until the end. What’s your point?

      1. Thats it. Truth called it. This must mean LSU is better than Bama at football. We should all hold our heads in shame.

      2. My gosh !! You still around here..Dude you need to get a life..I mean really…Obsessed with the Crimson Tide and Coach Saban???Well it sure looks like it;;;;;

    1. It’s Indiana Vol, and I doubt he’s ever been to a UcheaT game. Too busy servicing his little sister/lover/wife. RTR!

      1. I have been to more Tennessee-Crimson Turd games in my lifetime than you have ever been to Bammer games PERIOD, jerk-off!

        You Bammer Morons have a corner on the inbred market you sister-kissing, goat-humping, uneducated, toothless, classless TWIT!

        1. So you should already be well prepared for that ass-beating, Idiot Vol. MORON! TWIT! (Seriously, who says things like that anymore?)

      1. Nice to see you again Vol ! Which rock have you been hiding under?

        What do you think of the Vols chances of not finishing last in the SEC East?

  2. Bammerbrenda,

    Take your stupid little tune, your opinions and and your thumb and stick them all where the sun don’t shine Bammer maggot!


    1. Whaaa! Whaaa! Idiot Vol called me a name! Whaaa!

      I am so glad you showed up on hate week, BEFORE the big ass whoopin.

      1. Looking forward to laughing my arse off at the filthy, classless, inbred, uneducated, mullet-sporting, toothless, tampon-colored clothing wearing hillbilly MORONS from Bammer that will stink up the state of Tennessee this weekend. There is no more disgusting group as the Bammer Moron Nation!

        1. Yeahhh…. don’t ya just love it!!!! especially seeing as how theres not a thing ya can do about it! LMAO RTR!!

          1. Do the letters F O mean anything to you Bammer TURD!

            Keep you dirty, inbed self out of Tennessee and keep it in the armpit of the South, Tuscalooser!

        2. Yep… when he KNOWS the ass beating is coming, all Idiot Vol can do is call names and hide. What will it be, 6 or seven in a row now? is there an end to it in sight? LOL at you, Idiot Vol. You got no game.

          1. Come on you can do better than that Idiot Vol.
            Yo mama’s so ugly, she laid down to take a beauty nap and slipped into a coma. Ba-dump.

            Come on Vol, wheres your nerve? Please tell us how bad UT is going to beat Bama, or something that remotely relates to football.

            Your childish Tourette-like MORON! and all is getting stale. You do nothing to get rid of the mental image of you being this over weight guy in overalls with no shirt, whose eyes are too close together because of the inbreeding, and a puke orange cap with stains on it screaming at the computer.

            If you can’t do any better I guess I will just have to ignore you, because you are just to easy to slap around on here. Dang. You should really give up if that is all the trash-talking you can bring.

  3. ITK I’m so confused!! It was only a few days ago that ol P. Dye was defending Cheesestick by saying that he wouldn’t take 10 Sabans for one Chizic!! Now he’s ‘throwing his favorite Fambly member under that old bus!! and the thing I find really confusing was that he knew what Chizic’s record was when they ‘drafted him!! Now all of a sudden they want to run him off and Dye leading the pack! Did not their favorite coach win a National Championship a couple of years ago? and was he not welcomed to the Fambly with a lot of fanfare?? ….. I don’t guess I’ll ever understand those Barners!!, but then I really could care less!! LMAO!! RTR

  4. If you can t win on the football field you try name calling or trying to make something out of people watching television. Yes people in bham including barners and who’s like college football Are we sure that is Indiama Vile and not a poser? I thought vile choked to death on five in a row. Vile would you like to bet on six, seven, and eight?

      1. Please quit breathing up all of our good air. Your retarded responses are an embarrassment to the rest of the Vol fan base.

        1. Tennessee stunk of Bammer Moron odor since the slime from Bammer crawled to Knoxville on Saturday! The foul stench of the inbred, goat-humping, toothless trash from Bammer left a foul smell as they left the great state of Tennessee on their way back to the cesspool that is Bammer!
          Next time one of you hillbillies venture into Tennessee, do us all a favor and bathe!

          1. I rest my case. I guess getting beatdown by 31 points 3 years in a row makes you act like this. I should go to Indiana just to slap your mama for raising you like that.

  5. I guess dumbass Truth has too much to worry about to stay over here and pester us. It’s refreshing to read what the Vile writes. It’s such childish and simple hate. Pure hate he spews out. Not a quagmire of gobbledy gook bulshite like Truth. Just say what the hell you think, don’t try to dress it up with bullshit statistics. Good for you Vile. Now go suck a turd out of your daddy’s ass! I’ll tell you who was watching LSWho Truth. All those other 1 loss teams who are hoping to sneak back into the race if ya’ll lose again. Guess they’ll just have to wait until Nov 3rd. I wat he’d em too ’cause I also hate Steve Spurrier AND I don’t want ya’ll fucking up our SOS any more than you already have. Bwaa Haww Haww. Have ya’ll been reading up on the Sunserie’s? That shit is starting to make me nervous. Anybody thar emocional about going against their family can be unreliable. You recon Vinney realizes that another beatdown this Saturday could mean the end for Dooley, which means that he and Alabama could be responsible for putting Sal in the unemployment line. Just a thought. Wouldn’t it be funny if Saban caught UcheaT totally unprepared for an option running game and started Blake Simms at QB just to make sure we have AJ for the next 3 weeks when our opponents are 19-2 overall. It wouldn’t scare me a bit. Our offense is very dangerous with Simms, Lacy, Yeldon and Drake running the ball. RTR!

  6. Hey did ya’ll read about the Vile in Seems as if he lost his ass betting on UcheaT and went and robbed Wal-Mart to pay off the bookie. Between UcheaT, Awbie, UGAy and the Corndogs we could get a pretty good prison going. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  7. Hey,

    Did ya’ll read that dumbass Crimsonite is a horse’s ass of the highest order?


    1. Hey, do you all see how retarded Idiot Vol is with each and every post? Keep up the good work, Idiot Vol! Your team may suck, but you sure are AWESOME at what you do!

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