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Auburn football and behavioral issues

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Well, by now you’ve heard the news. I know this is shocking, but another Auburn player is in the news for less than becoming behavior.

According to Mike Farrell of, Carl Lawson, an Auburn defensive end commitment from Alpharetta, Georgia was sent home from Nike’s elite camp, “The Opening,” for what coaches are referring to as “disrespectful behavior.”

How bad do you have to act to get sent home from a camp making money off the exposure of you being there?

As one media member tweeted: “War Damn Trouble.”

Now, if you’re like me, I was absolutely stunned to hear of a player linked to Auburn football acting, apparently, like a unbecoming thug. It’s so unlike that program to have players around their program like that.

I almost said that with a straight face.

The fact is, this is becoming the norm, and if you’re an Auburn fan, at what point do you begin questioning the leadership down in Auburn?

But, but, ITK, he’s not a player yet…he’s a prospect! I can hear you out there. But why is your coach attracting players with questionable track records to the program? Anyone surprised from last summer’s twitter barrage and past behavioral issues that Zeke Pike is currently in a fog?

Auburn Fambly: Why do you have so many news stories for all the wrong reasons?

Every team is made up of teenagers, and all teenagers by nature act stupid. But why so many Zeke Pike stories? Why so many Eric Smiths? Why so many Carl Lawsons? Why the Cam Newton story (which STILL has more questions to it than answers) and Nick Fairleys and all the late hits? Why the Michael Dyer unrest and transfer, and the handgun? And though not a player, what about Gus fleeing for a half-million dollar a year pay cut?

Why four current players trading their jerseys for jailtime over an absolutely stupid crime?

Then you have the horrible, involving the shooting at the pool involving current and former Auburn football players.

There is too much smoke in the Lee County air to deny somewhere under there, is a fire.

And folks, this is just off the top of my head. Simply put, there is A LOT of sludge oozing currently around the Auburn athletic program, and I’m just curious as to why.

One thing is for sure: Gene Chizik, if he truly is in control, isn’t getting his message across. But I think we all know the truth on that front. And if you missed it, here it is:

Programs like Auburn are not like programs like ‘Bama. Alabama, when standing on its own two feet, doesn’t have to gamble on questionable riff-raff “that might pan out.” They don’t have to hire towel waiving thugs to lead their team.

Historically, when Alabama is at full strength…and arguably they are as strong now as the 1960’s and 1970’s…Auburn can’t keep up.

There is but one way for Auburn to best Alabama, and that is to hope, pray and scheme that they’ll get themselves into turmoil, or better yet, probation. That literally is their only hope.

Because when ‘Bama continues to stock their cupboards with top choice talent year in and year out, focused on the goal of excellence, Auburn’s gambles lead to young men that apparently don’t play well with others.

Leadership…true leadership…leads to what you’re seeing these days in Tuscaloosa. Desperation and a charade of leadership is what you’re reading about from Auburn. And with that, you can only expect more “War Damn Trouble.” One just has to wonder how long until the Auburn Fambly has enough?

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