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Auburn football and behavioral issues

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Well, by now you’ve heard the news. I know this is shocking, but another Auburn player is in the news for less than becoming behavior.

According to Mike Farrell of, Carl Lawson, an Auburn defensive end commitment from Alpharetta, Georgia was sent home from Nike’s elite camp, “The Opening,” for what coaches are referring to as “disrespectful behavior.”

How bad do you have to act to get sent home from a camp making money off the exposure of you being there?

As one media member tweeted: “War Damn Trouble.”

Now, if you’re like me, I was absolutely stunned to hear of a player linked to Auburn football acting, apparently, like a unbecoming thug. It’s so unlike that program to have players around their program like that.

I almost said that with a straight face.

The fact is, this is becoming the norm, and if you’re an Auburn fan, at what point do you begin questioning the leadership down in Auburn?

But, but, ITK, he’s not a player yet…he’s a prospect! I can hear you out there. But why is your coach attracting players with questionable track records to the program? Anyone surprised from last summer’s twitter barrage and past behavioral issues that Zeke Pike is currently in a fog?

Auburn Fambly: Why do you have so many news stories for all the wrong reasons?

Every team is made up of teenagers, and all teenagers by nature act stupid. But why so many Zeke Pike stories? Why so many Eric Smiths? Why so many Carl Lawsons? Why the Cam Newton story (which STILL has more questions to it than answers) and Nick Fairleys and all the late hits? Why the Michael Dyer unrest and transfer, and the handgun? And though not a player, what about Gus fleeing for a half-million dollar a year pay cut?

Why four current players trading their jerseys for jailtime over an absolutely stupid crime?

Then you have the horrible, involving the shooting at the pool involving current and former Auburn football players.

There is too much smoke in the Lee County air to deny somewhere under there, is a fire.

And folks, this is just off the top of my head. Simply put, there is A LOT of sludge oozing currently around the Auburn athletic program, and I’m just curious as to why.

One thing is for sure: Gene Chizik, if he truly is in control, isn’t getting his message across. But I think we all know the truth on that front. And if you missed it, here it is:

Programs like Auburn are not like programs like ‘Bama. Alabama, when standing on its own two feet, doesn’t have to gamble on questionable riff-raff “that might pan out.” They don’t have to hire towel waiving thugs to lead their team.

Historically, when Alabama is at full strength…and arguably they are as strong now as the 1960’s and 1970’s…Auburn can’t keep up.

There is but one way for Auburn to best Alabama, and that is to hope, pray and scheme that they’ll get themselves into turmoil, or better yet, probation. That literally is their only hope.

Because when ‘Bama continues to stock their cupboards with top choice talent year in and year out, focused on the goal of excellence, Auburn’s gambles lead to young men that apparently don’t play well with others.

Leadership…true leadership…leads to what you’re seeing these days in Tuscaloosa. Desperation and a charade of leadership is what you’re reading about from Auburn. And with that, you can only expect more “War Damn Trouble.” One just has to wonder how long until the Auburn Fambly has enough?

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110 thoughts on “Auburn football and behavioral issues”

    1. If pointing out a string of kids associated with the Auburn program as having questionable character, and your leadership condoning it is “Aubsession”, then guilty as charged.

      I wouldn’t want to put my child in that arena though.

      1. I’m getting owned like Saddam Hussein kicked America’s arse in Dessert Storm. Oh wait… Who’s that swingin’?

    2. You poisoned my trees

      Apparently textbook sales and Jersey signing at shortguy shop means nothing to this clown

      1. I wish you knew the details of the textbook thing so you wouldn’t sound stupid, but you don’t so you did.

        And what became of the other issue you mentioned? (And the crickets chirp…)

          1. You poisoned my trees

            And what became of your issue you illustrate here, clown? Your fries are burning and break time is well over. Get back to work.

          2. You’re right, “you poisoned my trees,” Alabama was terrible.

            I mean, they were letting kids buy extra books and pens. No wonder so many athletes commited there…?

            You linked to the article, but I don’t think you would have if you read it. Yes, they were impermissable….textbooks.

            Plus they had to pay back the cost of the books. So they are more evil? Most people didn’t even know they were doing it.
            But I don’t think anyone commiting armed robbery didn’t know they were doing that.

            I don’t think getting extra books (especially unknowingly in almost every case) is as bad as aggrevated assault, armed robbery, resisting arrest, providing false identification, etc. I think your opinion that extra textbooks being worse is wrong, but you’re entitled to it. Maybe a little blind is all.

          3. You poisoned my trees

            The worst thing is you take an incident where KIDS (the one’s you live your life through for some reason because you don’t have one) are KILLED through no fault of their own because they didn’t HAVE a gun when the thug who they “dissed” did, and then it into an Auburn Football problem is very telling of your lack of compassion for KIDS and your obsession with the football program that is fast passing you by doing it right. Relish your immaturity, clown. It’s right here for all to see. It’s redundant for me to even point it out.

            NOTE: I need a job in this kind of journalism because I blow your billy red ass out of the water and if you are making any kind of money off this you are a lucky man or your readers are as stupid as you for eating the garbage you pen.

          4. You poisoned my trees

            NealSP, I care not what you “think” (LOL what a misnomer) I think the blind one would be the one who didn’t get “forcing the program to vacate victories from any game in which they competed. This means that Alabama technically finished winless in both 2005 and 2006, and only collected two official wins during Nick Saban’s first year in 2007.” Um yes, smart guy, you must have done something wrong eh?

            and then there’s this which decries your “behavior” point made in this article: “This is the fourth time in the past 14 years that the Alabama athletic program has faced major NCAA sanctions and the third time for the football program. In 1995, the football team was placed on a three-year probation, lost 25 scholarships, 11 victories and a chance to play in a bowl game as a result of shenanigans involving players, boosters and sports agents.”

            Keep it coming…you are fish in a barrel (not the one you stare down)

          5. You poisoned my trees

            Or maybe …NeilSP…we can enter into discussion of cocaine sales outside your locker room.

  1. If only you had a brain

    I absolutely cannot wait until you eat those words. Nick Saban can’t compete with Gene Chizik on a level playing field, and with Auburn’s recruiting being what it is, that’s going to happen sooner rather than later. See ya in T-town. Hope you’re ready. 😉

    1. Thank you for illustrating for me what AU cult belief looks like.

      So you think a three time national champion coach can’t compete with a stooge who has had one good year in his ENTIRE coaching profession?

      36-0, 42-14…those are the kind of scores you should get used to. Not an improbable 1 point win where the stars and planets had to line up to make it happen. Sadly, you probably actually believe you’re going to see something different this November. I wish I were there to share your disappointment with you.

      1. If only you had a brain

        36-0 happened under Tuberville’s watch. In 2009, Auburn’s defense was razor thin, particularly at linebacker, where only four scholarship players remained healthy. Alabama was in the midst of a run toward the national championship. How close was that game again?

        Last year, Auburn was exceedingly young, while Alabama was loaded with veterans. Hence the level playing field remark; the only year that was even close to a level playing field was 2010, and that stars aligning thing happened right there in Jordan-Hare West. And hey, I’m not even saying Auburn will win this year, because the team is STILL young: 12 seniors on the roster, only half of whom will start, compared with 55 underclassmen. I do think AU will be good this year, and I think there is an outstanding shot to continue the Tigers’ dominance in Tuscaloosa…but this isn’t the year to watch for, because 2013 is going to be special. And quite honestly, I think Bama will probably be outstanding as well, setting up an absolutely epic showdown on the Plains.

        But hey, you keep on keepin’ on with that condescending arrogance. That’s 100% okay. I expect nothing less out of Updykes like you.

        1. I LOVE the fact that every other year your excuse is “Auburn is young.”

          It’s not our fault your leadership let a lazy leader remain in place; a leader more concerned with lifting fingers and pandering to his alcoholic wife than recruiting and preparing for the future. Your program was EXTREMELY lazy during the Dubose/Fran/Shula years because Bama was in such a muck. And why is that? Simple:

          Because Alabama is the gauge by which you measure yourself, determining how hard (or not) you had to work in order to be successful. Auburn has never been the gauge in Tuscaloosa. Once we righted our skeletons from the past you see where we are now, and it’s on the the beginning.

          But expecting anything other than mediocrity in the future from your program is unrealistic. Just blame it on youth though. It’s what you do.

          1. If only you had a brain

            ROTFLMAO. I gave you numbers demonstrating the youth of the football team. It’s not an excuse when it’s the truth. You’re the one holding on to the stagnation of Tommy Tuberville, who won 13, 10, 9, and 11 games in the four seasons before the abysmal 08 campaign that got him fired.

            Auburn’s never been the gauge in Tuscaloosa? Yeah, keep telling yourself that, when Bear Bryant famously stated that he’d rather beat “that cow college” than win the national championship. In an effort to diminish your rival, you diminish the greatest rivalry in all of college football. Nice job, really.

            Chizik has been in Auburn for three full recruiting cycles. As such, juniors such as Corey Lemonier, Jeff Whitaker, and Jake Holland are just getting to the point of leadership, and a whopping 20 starters return from last year’s team (when including the kickers, at least). What’s more is that at least 18 starters will be back next year as well.

            Hey, keep dreaming of a world where Auburn remains under Bama’s thumb. Keep pretending that our outmatched unit didn’t come within a missed pass interference call of destroying that title in 09. That’s perfectly fine.

            Makes it all the sweeter when you don’t see us coming. 😉

      2. If only you had a brain

        By the way, in rereading your response, you made a pretty glaring mistake here. Chizik has had only one good year in his HEAD coaching career, sure, but look back at how Little Nicky did his first five years. He was at Michigan State for five years in his first major college head coaching gig, and his records for those years were 6-5-1, 6-6, 7-5, 6-6, and 9-2. He left immediately following the 9-2 season to coach at LSU. Yeah, he showed GREAT promise, I tell ya.

        Meanwhile, if you look back at Chizik’s career as a defensive coordinator, he was part of Auburn’s 13-0 season in 2004 AND part of Texas’ 14-0 BCS National Championship in 2005. So would you like to rethink that whole “one good year in his ENTIRE coaching profession [sic]” comment?

  2. Who are you referring to as towel waving thug? Coach Trooper? Wow thats whats wrong with you turds today.

  3. Nick Saban can’t keep up with Gene Chizik ON A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD??!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! SERIOUSLY??!! The cheating Cam Newton was the only reason you backwoods hillbillies didn’t have a 3rd straight 8-5 season! A fucking ringer!!! BWAHAHAHAHA

  4. You guys at the crapstain retort are pretty funny, and forgetful. Might I remind you that as you continue to accuse Auburn of cheating, it seems that bammer has just recently, if I am not mistaken, been taken off of probation. AGAIN. For the last 17+ years, bammer has been on continuous probation for major NCAA rules violations. Your last two NCs were both won while on probation. And when was the last time AU was on probation? What like ’93? So before you go spouting off meaningless drivel, at least try to write a piece with some sort of research having been done. At least that way, you can make your fanbase look a little less idiotic than it already looks, if that’s possible.

    1. Use that argument if it’s all you have. Objectivity is the first thing to be squelched by AU cult thinking. I’m sure a few players selling text books is the same thing as armed robbery.

  5. Well, you guys have your wonderful boosters who provide suits and autograph revenue to the kids, so I guess you feel real good about that. Glad I left the stat of Alabama long ago, so I don’t have to listen to hypocritical bs on a daily basis.

    1. And what became of that story, which was an obvious smear piece by a UT douche and self-pronounced Vol fanatic with an agenda (Clay Travis)?

      And the crickets chirp…

      1. I don’t understand why nearly every Auburn fan here just points instantly to Alabama instead?

        The article talks about how Auburn’s culture recently has had a lot of problems with the law and/or NCAA violations, enough to lose several key players for 2012. Why not just talk about those? I don’t get where the “but Alabama was terrible in 1932” arguments come from. It’s just so off-topic?

        I know Alamaba and Auburn hate each other, and it seems to me people come here explicitly to argue with the author, but the article is addressing a real problem, and I sincerely would like to know what Auburn fans think about it—–does it make them mad? Does it bother them? Do they think the AD and coaches et all should be more involved? Or do they think it’s just kids being kids, and that there’s no pattern?

        I speculate it may just be such a part of Auburn culture that the fans simply accept it—–they move on quickly when a player is removed, or cry foul when it takes too long to remove him. But I would still like to hear an Auburn fan’s opinion on that part of the culture, or if they think it is a fabricated side-effect of their rivalry with Alabama.

        Thank you,

        1. If only you had a brain

          You want an honest reply? Perhaps you shouldn’t come to a site that consistently mocks Auburn then. But okay, I’ll give you an honest reply. Yes, it is troubling that we’ve had as many issues as we have. However, the circumstances surrounding those issues, and the coaches’ response to them, make the situation not quite as critical as the author would have one believe. We don’t have the advantage of having the state media in our pockets to sweep everything under the rug for us (remember, the Albert Means deal was broken by an out of state reporter).

          With the four players who were involved in the robbery, they were immediately suspended without question. They were still welcome to talk with the coaches and with Brother Chet, they simply lost the right to play football. Zeke Pike was arrested for being drunk and causing a ruckus, and he was sent home to get his head screwed on straight. Now Carl Lawson has a run in with one of the most aggressive, not to mention dirty (as voted by his peers), players in the NFL, and considering the lack of details surrounding the situation, I can’t help but to believe that either it was not nearly as serious as it has been portrayed or else would have been embarrassing to the camp for having such an NFL player getting into it like that.

          This isn’t UGA, where a third of the team has a criminal record but is allowed to continue playing. To some degree, yes, it is kids being kids, because kids will indeed be kids and do dumb things from time to time. If I didn’t feel like the coaches were taking appropriate measures or doling out proper punishment, then I wouldn’t have the attitude that I do. As it is, however, the disciplinary issues have been handled quickly and succinctly. If issues keep popping up, then sure, I might reevaluate my feelings.

          As it is, however, I find it pretty stupid that you would expect anything like what you say you honestly want to hear when reading the comments of an attack article written by a fan of Auburn’s biggest rival.

          1. No, I do appreciate it, and I apologize, but I’m only now learning how this place works. It seems like it’s just designed to cause trouble, and there are sites on both sides that do that I suppose. So you’re right, this might not be the best place to ask the question, but I do appreciate your answer.

            You say the problems haven’t happened enough to change your mind, but I wonder how many issues it would take to wonder what was wrong with that part of any culture? I’m not bashing you or Auburn, I’m just saying it seems like a pretty big pattern of some really nasty stuff. It may be a coincidence. I hope it is. I don’t know if the coaches can do anything more than just not continue to recruit the kinds of people who are more likely to do these things. Hopefully nothing else happens from any recruits or players this year. Nobody wants it to happen, but I wonder how much it takes for the fanbase to become vocal about the culture from the inside, and I think the general consensus is it takes a lot more than what these 9 players have done.

            Thanks again.

  6. @If only you had a brain…,,
    Trying to compare Chizick to Saban makes me wonder if you have had a serious head injury.

    1. If only you had a brain

      Glad you made that connection. I mentioned the 09 game, when Auburn was completely outmatched yet played the eventual national champions pretty danged tough, losing on a last minute touchdown. In 2010, your defending national champs hit Auburn in the mouth, yet Chizik was able to rally the troops and make a comeback that took less than two quarters (from the time of the first touchdown to Lutzenkirchen’s stupid dance in the end zone was less than 30 minutes of football), and then the Tigers held on for the rest of the game. That’s twice that Chizik was, at the very least, on par with your mighty Saban. Considering the situation he walked into and the amount of talent he’s brought in since, not to mention the national championship in his fourth year as a head coach (how did Saban do his first four years at Michigan State, btw?), I don’t think it’s such a stretch to think we have a coach at least close to the caliber of your vaunted savior, even if he is much earlier in his career. Yeah, we got destroyed last year, but as I said in another comment, Auburn had less than 20 scholarship upperclassmen on the entire roster; it’s not so surprising that the team had its struggles.

      However, yes, I did actually have a serious head injury. I realize how much the trolls are going to laugh and point fingers at me for this, not to mention making fun of me while disregarding my logic, but the fact is that 15 years ago, right before 8th grade, I was in a four-wheeler wreck that left me comatose for two weeks. My recovery was quite miraculous (doctors said I’d be out of school at least a year, probably two, but I missed less than 9 weeks…and was on the honor roll while taking advanced classes, including Algebra I), not to mention the fact that I didn’t die in the first place. To this day, I believe that Auburn is the reason I recovered so quickly: my parents had bought season tickets so I’d get to go to my first Iron Bowl, and the motivation to get better so I could go to those games caused me to push myself harder than I ever would have otherwise. I was in the same end zone that Jaret Holmes kicked the game winner into that year (1997).

      Great job with the insult there, white-haired lady. You really got me.

  7. Leadership? As in Mal Moore who holds the dubious distinction of having 17 different athletic teams simultaneously on NCAA probation? Yeah, that kInd of leadership is exactly what Auburn needs… Any reputable institution would have fired this clown long ago, but Bammu names their athletic complex in his honor. What a bunch of tools!!!

    1. And AU names their field for Pat “pay the players” Dye…and gives him an office. ‘Nuff said.

  8. Dont try to place facts before a turd fan JJ, they will only get confused and start calling you all kinds of names. 9 out of 10 bammers couldn’t even tell you the names of their offensive and defensive coordinators without having to google it.

    1. No, most Bama fans can tell you Kirby Smart is the d-coordinator. The utter domination of your “last” offensive guru was something to behold.

  9. For the record…..I’m an AU fan everyday of every year but 1. United 364 is my motto. But on the subject of Chizick vs Saban let’s be real.
    I’m all for AU, the SEC, and of course ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

    1. Then you’re not a real Bama fan. And before you go all bleeding heart on us, there’s not a single Auburn fan that would want you pulling for Bama “except for one day of the year” either. Grow up.

  10. Your article is nothing more than pure Bama propaganda and trash. As one poster on here has noted, Bama has just come off of probation and has been on it for about 17 of the past 20 years. Let’s see now—how about Jimmie Johns selling crack cocaine in the athletic department parking lot? Have you forgotten about that? How about Rolando McClain and his gang of thugs beating up a defenseless male student there at the Crapstain? What about Brent Calloway being arrested for marijuana-and the question there is: Did he take the rap for another player who was reportedly in the same car with him..which, of course, leads us to Dre Kirkpatrick, who was arrested (although charges were dropped out of nowhere) for marijuana. How about the T-Town Menswear? Oh yeah, dear old Tom Al-Betar was disassociated from dear old UA–funny that was done even though he wasn’t considered a “booster.” What about the mysterious signings of Brent Calloway and Cyrus K, after both had publicly committed to play for Auburn? And, for you to include the very unfortunate killing of 2 former AU players in that incident at the apartment complex as being part of the culture of AU football just shows what a complete moron and total idiot you are.
    Oh, and I almost forgot one other shining example of Tide fandom: Harvey Updyke. Well, hell, I almost forgot about the incident in New Orleans when a Bama alum was videotaping rubbing his genitals all over the face of a drunken, passed out LSU fan. What a scumbag you are.

    1. Wow, Randy, just Wow. Did you have that on a list so you didn’t forget any of it? Did that come from the “All In” foundation for you to reply to any sort of actual criticism of your rehab center, er – program – on the plains? I don’t have to reach very far to get into the pay for play, free grades for sociology classes, and stripper parties for recruits. You wish all that was covered in the Barn was a free suit or two, and not the “crime of the week” in the so-called Athletic Department – Detox Unit. Where will the Barn be in the next 2-3 years when most of the recruiting classes are serving out juvenile sentences or sitting in the courtroom? Cheesenik is very impressive with his recruiting classes, until half of them don’t make it to Fall camp due to court dates, and the other half don’t make their grades. 36 – 0 still stings, and 42-14 is still a rash on your ass, isn’t it? Better get some butt cream, cause it will keep on happening until you guys wise up and get a real coaching staff.

  11. Great article and spot on! Just goes to show that while one University strives for excellence, the other is headed in the opposite direction.
    Regarding all the “War Damn Trouble” that has been coming out as of late, most say the team takes on the personality of the coach. So, who actually IS the coach at auburn?

  12. Geez fellows why all the hate….isn’t there enough hate in our world already.
    All university’s have their own “problems”. Does it really make your school superior when writing about other schools.
    Why can’t we be friends?

  13. The barn is back to its rightful place as 4th in the west.
    Now go back to your message boards jealous whiners &
    get used to 42-14. Another beatdown is on its way.

  14. There is no doubt that there are an inordinate amount of credibility problems surrounding Auburn players right now.

    That has nothing to do with the fact that ITK and the CR are Aubsessed.

    I guess now that things are finally going right for the Tahd, you rednecks can’t help but rub it in.

    This is an Alabama blog …why don’t you stick to talking about your team. ….I’ll tell ya why. Because deep down in places you won’t admit …you know that you are just a bunch of ignorant rednecks and the only way to bolster your self esteem is to constantly put down other teams. It’s been that way since the Bear got there. He brought that mentality from Texas A&M.

    I don’t come on here and talk about your team ..or Auburn. I only come on here to point out your ignorance and bias. I only talk about you ..and it’s real easy to keep saying the same things because your actions continue to provide examples.

    1. No, what is easy is pointing to the transparent sham that is Gene Chizik and Auburn Football. I assure you, if you had anything of valor or respectibility down there, I would be the first to admit it. For instance, I had a tremendous amount of respect for Nick Saban when he was at LSU. Didn’t like losing to him, but the man oozes class and doing things the right way. The problem is, “class” and “congeniality” are often mistakenly lumped together. He isn’t congenial, like Gene Chizik is. However, people who are congenial are usually car salesmen or con artists, who spend most of their time shooting the bull and talking a good game.

      It is human nature to do what is easy. And I admit, we kick dirt on Auburn a lot here. But only because it is easy. Extremely easy. You are second class pretenders that employ whatever gimmicks you can think of to try and bolster attention. We just dominate. I choose the latter. And I know you would too if you could. But you can’t, so you whine.

      It’s the Auburn way, and probably in that lame creed somewhere.

  15. ITK you have no idea who you’re talking to.., imply that I’m not a real BAMA fan made me smh. Sonny boy I’m a little ole white haired lady that was at the University when your momma was chaining your diapers. And my friends that are AU friends are some very classy people. And why not hope both teams are undefeated each November?
    Bleeding heart I’m not but I am respectful to others and try to lead you younguns by example.
    Why don’t you grow up and show a little class?
    Hmmmm……maybe you’re related to Updiyke or the tea bagger…..

    1. First friend, if you’re a little ole white haired lady I’m Betty White.

      Secondly, to my knowledge my mom has never “chained” a diaper. Why she or anyone would do so is simply puzzling.

      Third, if you were a little ole lady, which you’re not…unless little ole ladies graduated high school in the early to mid-70’s…that you know what a tea bagger is is physically nauseating.

      But finally, thanks for visiting our site. You can want whatever you want. But most Bama fans want Auburn exposed for the fraudulent football program that they are.

  16. Barner Fife has maybe 5 players that could even crack Bama’s two-deep. Blake, McCalleb, Lutz, Lemonier and Bates. Good luck winning 7 games this year.

    1. And with all that talent, making up the no. 1 ranked recruiting classes, what 4 out of the last 5 years, Saban and bama has won only 1 out of the last 3 games against Miles and LSU.

  17. Hoopie,

    A hillbilly, REDNECK University is one where 1) Cows graze on campus 2) it’s ok to engage in incest 3) African-American NON-athletes are tokens. THAT IS AUBURN UNIVERSITY, hillbilly, hate-mongerers of the OLD SOUTH

    1. If only you had a brain

      Seems like there was this big thing where the governor of Alabama stood on the steps of a school to deny entry by black students. That couldn’t have happened in Tuscaloosa, could it?

      Oh, and I’m still waiting for you to tell me how I’m wrong in that reply to your previous response to me…

    1. You are from Fort Lauderdale in a state of loud, brash, ignorant yankee transplants. It’s been years since anyone has listened to you or given anything you say any thought. Admit it, your family doesn’t even return your calls anymore. Call names if you want. Like your family, we’re too busy dominating the landscape of college football to listen to you.

    1. “McCalleb would make a good backup punt returner/kick returner for Christion Jones.” And Christion Jones would make a good backup punt returner/kick returner to Tyrann Mathieu!

  18. To ITK, also known as Betty White….sorry about the typo/auto correct and I now have my specs on. That should of said CHANGING your diapers.
    I do have children and a grandson….one would have to live under a rock to have missed all the “tea bag” coverage. Do you kids think just because we are old we don’t know what’s going on in this sad world? Yeah I had to ask the definition of tea bagger after I heard and read it so many times.
    But what I can’t understand is why you think it’s important to expose anyone’s faults. Bet you have a few skeltons in your closet too. So why don’t you get a life?
    Have a nice evening.

    Have a nice evening and

    1. Congratulations on your children and grandchildren. Thanksgivings must be fun in your house.

      Take a look around the site and see what our rivals think of us; they are Aubsessed with us, lady. So if you want to hold hands with everyone and sing Koombaya, be my guest. If you need me, I’ll be spouting the truth.

  19. Little old lady, if that’s what you really are, and age certainly doesn’t keep you from being an axe murderer – see Betty Davis. Don’t come over here trying to impose your damn moralistic standards on our board. If you’re a damn Barner, you’ve got your hands full with your own team and fan base. What’s said about the Barnturds on this site is nothing compared to the shit that’s spewed out against Bama on the Barney sites. Auburn’s Rivals sites and ITAT come to mind. Go away lady! Jimmy Johns was a Shula recruit and like all but 9 of Shulas players he lasted about five minutes after Saban arrived. Trying to compare a little personal Marijuana which is legal in some states, and some minor criminal behavior, to beating another student half to death, armed robbery, murder, player bounties, expulsion of your Heisman hopeful RB and your top incoming recruit kicked out of the Opening, just to name a few, is like comparing eating a Deer to Jeffery Dahlmer. The rest of you dumb fucks aren’t worth responding to. RTR!

  20. Bama’s Daddy must be a Notre Dame fan with that uppity Northern Indiana attitude because he surely couldn’t be a fan of a Southern school calling everyone else redneck. Alabama is the DADDY of all Southern schools, including That Hillbilly Haven in Lee County where cows graze on campus and incest is condoned. ALL IN alright

  21. BOTTOM LINE: 5 of Auburn’s 6 visits to Tuscaloosa were victories against Dubose, Fran, and Shula, only 1 (pot luck) against Saban. Victories prior to that were before automobiles were built. You farmer fags call that “domination” but squirm like little girls when the Bryant years are mentioned. Typical Auburn hypocritical arrogance

  22. To ITK I’m offering an olive branch….. Thanksgiving is always a blast at our home…..heck my family is mixed (son-in-law) is an AU fan. We eat a lot of great food and watch football all day and night. Always pulling for any SEC team that may be playing.
    Let me know if your family would like to join us this year……but I need to let you know we live on a ranch where the cattle graze just like they do on the plains.
    One more piece of info…….we don’t like UT it’s difficult to cheer for them….I couldn’t care less if they win or loose.
    On the road to #15…..,RTR
    Peace and love to you all
    Oh I almost forgot to mention I get my white hair colored every 4 weeks so I’m really not a little ole white haired lady.
    To you other young men…..didn’t your momma teach you to respect your elders? Many of these post give credence to why we are called gumps.

  23. Well 4 PETE’S sake…..would you like a picture of me and my diploma? How about a photo of me and the Bear made back in ’74?
    All of you might be surprised to know the names of my uncle and nephews who have played at the Capstone.

  24. 74′ huh. I already had 13 years in the military by then. The API fans are all over this board today. And I do think Flash has changed his name again.RTR

  25. DES my comment was that the photo was made in ’74 (at my uncles house).Though we are close in age if what you say is true??!! I said nothing about being in school then. Ive been called a lot of things but Flash isn’t one of them. What’s an API fan anyways….nevermind.
    Once again based solely on some of the posts on this blog I now know why they call us gumps.
    And BTW my name is Kim.

    1. Kim,I knew that you were talking about the pic was from ’74. Not your age. Maybe I I could have written East Alabama Male College and not API. Would you have understood that better? And Flach was not directed toward you. The Flash knows who he is. And yes I did have 13 years in the Army when that pic of you and CBB was taken. RTR

  26. IF ONlY YoU HAD A BRaIN:

    My last comment never made it, but if only you did have a brain, I wouldn’t have to keep correcting you. The youth “excuse” at Auburn is no longer relevant. Bama was young on defense in 2010, but your team full of seniors would have gotten their sorry asses kicked by 4 teams on the schedule if not for the morally corrupt Cam Newton who was sold to Auburn.

    Get over yourself. The reason I keep investigating and reporting on Auburn U is due to the hypocritical cultish fanbase primarily. I and a few select others have made sure the hypocritical legacy of cheating at Auburn is ending. The FINAL SCORE of the ’09 Iron Bowl was Alabama 26, Auburn 21. Alabama narrowly won the ’09 game with a TEAM EFFORT. Auburn’s ’10 IB win was the result of 1 Player and LUCK. In fact, if you look at the recruiting rankings from 4-5 yrs earlier, Auburn should have creamed Alabama. Why didn’t they? Because Mike Shula was no longer coaching.

    Why don’t you Auburn hillbillies actually start reading and putting your Creed into practice. If you are a Christian, act like one. Demand a clean program from Coach Chizik and CORRECT him and Jay Jacobs when they make excuses for poor coaching. You hillbillies won’t do it, though. The Auburn Creed means nothing to Auburn men & women like True Christianity means nothing to those who use it. Practice what you preach and “walk the walk.” The Auburn Creed is nothing but a cliche’ to Auburn Men & Women. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Alabama will be dominating the Iron Bowl for years to come. It appears Chestic’s highly rated recruits will either be in jail or never make it to campus. Even if they do, they won’t be coached up. That is, unless they are already 1 of a kind players, AKA Cam Newton. Hopefully, the next great player won’t be a morally bankrupt thug….”He reads DR Seuss to 3rd graders, wah Eagle!” IDIOTS

    1. If only you had a brain

      You keep on with that BS about Cam being morally corrupt after the NCAA issued its FIRST EVER clean bill of health at Auburn. And before you say they are in our pocket, let me remind you of what you idiots have been screaming about for years: Auburn has been put on probation more than any other football program in the country…even if the last time was nearly 20 years ago.

      Yeah, keep pounding on us “hypocritical barners” as TJ Yeldon’s family enjoys the benefits of free health care from the REC and Peaches has Brent Calloway hidden away from anyone who might actually be trying to help him. Don’t worry about that Charger Dre Kirkpatrick was cruising around in, or the fishing trip a few of your star players got to go on with a booster and his favorite hookers. If you really want to clean up corruption, look in the mirror first.

      All this one player nonsense is exactly that: nonsense. Yeah, Cam Newton was the star of the team, but Nick Fairley was a pretty big part of it, too. Mike Dyer ran for more than 1,000 yards, Josh Bynes was the QB of the defense, and Antione Carter was the guy who ran down your Heisman running back to strip him of the ball and keep the game at 24-0. Wes Byrum left school as the all time leading scorer. But you’re right, it was clearly NOT a team effort.

      As for coaching, do you remember preseason last year, when your brethren (and probably you, though I’d have to look back in the archives of this website to verify…and now that I’ve said it, undoubtedly it will be erased if it hasn’t already) were proclaiming how lucky Auburn would be just to get to 6-6? All that talk about a defending national champion not making it to a bowl the following year was kinda funny, actually.

      Oh, and leave the Christianity thing off of this, huh? Pushing your own beliefs and morals upon me is pretty stupid. Belittle the Creed all you like, even if you couldn’t possibly understand it, but don’t act so morally superior when you’re getting down in the mud too.

      You did get one thing right in that rambling response, however: youth ISN’T an excuse anymore. Last year, yeah, it was, because Auburn returned a total of six starters and had less than 20 upperclassmen on the entire roster. This year, while the team will still be young in age, there’s a lot of experience coming back; it’s just that most of them will be coming back in 2013 as well. That was the only point I was making about youth.

      The saddest thing about all of this is that you ACTUALLY think you’re that much better. I gave Alabama, as in the football team, not it’s Updyke fan base, credit for being stout, and even mentioned that the Tide would likely be outstanding in 2013. That went completely unnoticed. No, I don’t have any integrity, do I? Moron.

      1. So you spout common sense and then want a parade in return? Saying Bama will be stout at ANY point in the future under Nick Saban is like me saying the Pacific Ocean is big. Now where’s my parade?

        1. If only you had a brain

          Did I say I wanted a parade? Good grief. I do find it pretty funny that that’s the only thing you could comment about from that entire post. You are such a homer that you adamantly refuse to see any good at Auburn while seeing no bad at Alabama. But hey, you’ve got that self-righteous indignation thing down pat. Good luck with that.

  27. If only you had a brain

    @Dr. Thompson: The only one of those issues that is really all that troubling is the armed robbery. Michael Dyer got a big head and thought he was bigger than the team, and the coaches suspended him from the bowl game as a result. The handgun thing that was mentioned is tied to the robbery, so that should be noted as one event, not a separate one.

    Zeke Pike did have behavior issues, but his only crime was being drunk publicly. He was reprimanded not long after he got to campus for partying too much, and seemed to be doing much better through spring training, but the relapse caused him to be sent home. It is unclear whether he will be back, even with the depth concerns at QB.

    Nick Fairley was so dominant that he drew more flak than he should have. He got flagged for a mild celebration after sacking McElroy that kept a touchdown drive going for Alabama because of that perception. He plays hard; that’s all there is to it.

    That shooting incident the author mentioned, however, is despicable. Yeah, an Auburn player and two former Auburn players were involved. That’s because they were trying to keep the peace when the guy who shot them got violent. It was a pool party at an apartment complex in Auburn which the only carrier of a weapon has no ties to Auburn University whatsoever. To even mention that as evidence of things being wrong at Auburn tells you how slanted this article is.

    As for how much it will take to make me think something is wrong, a great deal of that lies with the coaches. As long as they appear to be handling the situations the best way they can, I will support them, and in every situation, Chizik and company have, in my opinion, handled the situation as best as they possibly could. I didn’t hear any Alabama fans screaming about unfairness when Saban lifted the suspension of Julio Jones against the inferior opponent Bama was playing back in 07 when it looked as if the Tide might lose, all I heard was “process”.

    1. I didn’t know Julio Jones was suspsended? I don’t remember that, but thank you for the response.

      I’m going to bow out, I don’t think this site is the best place to talk about it, but I don’t know many Auburn or Alabama fans here in SC. Thanks again for your responses, they make a lot of sense, and I agree, I hope the arrests and things subside quickly, nobody wants that for any school, and if they do it’s for terrible reasons like a good old-fashioned rivalry.

    2. Ummm, Julio’s first season was 2008. He was in high school in 2007. I don’t know that Saban had the power to suspend a player from participating in his high school games, but hey, he IS Nick Saban.

      Buddy, don’t jump in the deep end with us if you can’t swim, k?

      1. If only you had a brain

        You’re right, because he left after his junior season. I’m pretty sure it was Saban’s first year that this went down; maybe I’m thinking of DJ Hall. Not sure, but I do remember a receiver having his suspension lifted halfway through the game when before the game he was supposed to be suspended for the whole thing.

        1. But dude, that is an awful lot of excuse making you are doing right now. As you probably know, the gun used by the 4 Auburn armed robbers belonged to Dyer. So you are sugar coating Dyers issues. Nick Fairley played hard. He didn’t have to do all of the cheap shots to be a dominating player, yet he did anyway. Zeke Pike got suspended in the playoffs in high school. He is supposed to be a leader, yet he behaves like this. He has had more than one incident since he has been at Auburn, and who can forget his trash talking on twitter during his recruitment? No character issues with him either, according to you.

          There is a pattern starting to develop with Chizik recruits. I am sure Chizik is a nice guy and all, but it doesn’t look like his players give a crap about how they represent Auburn.

          DJ Hall was a character risk player as well. Shula was a nice guy, like Chizik. How long will it be before the inmates at Auburn are running the asylum?

          1. If only you had a brain

            I didn’t mean to sugarcoat Dyer’s issues, I was saying specifically that the handgun thing went along with the players in the armed robbery, which was the one thing that I think IS a significant issue. Not that it’s insignificant, just that it’s not a separate event.

            Fairley’s “cheap shots” were a direct result of him playing hard and being such a dominant player. It’s just that quite a few opposing fans took issue with him playing hard. I’m sure you’ll slam me for thinking that it’s an overreaction to call him dirty, but then no one said a word about the way UGA was stomping on him while he was on the ground.

            I never said Zeke doesn’t have character issues. He is immature, has a big head, and has been coddled for too long. It’s a disciplinary issue, yes, but he was reprimanded already about it while at Auburn, and when it happened again, he was sent home; I think that’s probably strike three for him. Still, he’s 19, so it’s not too out there to think he just needs to be taught a lesson in humility.

            Maybe I’m being too easy on Chizik about it. Maybe he really is inviting disaster by being too nice. But then again, maybe you guys are prejudiced just as much in the opposite way and see everything in the most negative light you possibly can.

            We’ve got RC over here on a crusade to take down the “hypocritical cultish fan base” for all the cheating and lying that we’re covering up, but if he’s really such a seeker of truth, why does he turn a blind eye to those things I mentioned in my response to him? I mean, do you REALLY not see that maybe I have a couple of valid points?

  28. Well boys…..have y’all heard the latest …..AU 5 star recruit from NW AL arrested for the 2nd time this month?

    1. If only you had a brain

      Yeah, because he was sticking up for his mother as she was being wrongfully arrested (police showed up at the wrong house). Man, that’s a horrid offense. The trouble couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the number of Bama fans there are up there who desperately want him to go to Alabama, could it? No…

      1. You guys are so full of excuses and are so paranoid. What about the burglary charge that got reduced to criminal trespass? Don’t let any kind of facts get in the way of you BS defense of yet another Auburn player who can’t control his temper.

        1. If only you had a brain

          Blah. He jumped a fence, along with several other kids, to swim in a community pool. He didn’t steal anything, thus n But don’t let facts get in the way of a good roasting.

        2. If only you had a brain

          Dang it, I clicked submit by hitting my laptop mouse pad too soon. What I meant was “Blah. He jumped a fence, along with several other kids, to swim in a community pool. He didn’t steal anything, thus no burglary. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good roasting.”

          1. Did he get arrested by the police? Yes. Twice? Yes, he did. For whatever your reasoning is, these facts remain. And it is not what you want to see happening to your recruits, over and over again. Your are just making excuses and justifying it. Wake up!

  29. Pingback: Auburn commit arrested twice in ten days | Capstone Report

  30. Nick Fairley was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct a whopping total of 3 times in 2010. Only 2 were for late hits. Once was in the Kentucky game for allegedly hitting the QB late. It was a direct hit from the front shortly after the qb released the ball, and it was questionable at best. The kind of call that will only go against a visiting team on the road. The second was in the UGA game. That was flagrant, but it shouldn’t be ignored that UGA had already been called for chop blocking Fairley that game and had been stomping him on the ground after the whistle all afternoon. To put that in perspective, Georgia’s Center Ben Jones had already been suspended for a half earleir in the year for a flagrant foul in the MSU game. That’s who Fairley was dealing with. Nonetheless, a flagrant foul for which he was rightfully flagged. Finally, you have the biggest BS unsportsmanlike call in the history of the SEC during the Iron Bowl when Fairley had the audacity to celebrate a sack by clenching his fists and roaring as he walked off the field. I fail to see how this makes Fairley a “dirty player”.

  31. Saban’s daugter beat up some other girl and is getting sewed. I guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    1. What the hell does that have to do with anything? Kristen Saban can whip half the starters on Auburn’s defense. I KNOW she could whip Jake Holland’s arse.

  32. If only you had a brain

    And whatever the facts are, you’re going to view it in the worst possible light for Auburn University. The inclusion of the tragic shooting in this article is pretty solid evidence of such. Yes, he got arrested twice. No, that is not a good thing. But you act as if we should simply turn our back on him because of it rather than looking at the OTHER facts of the case.

    That’s okay though. I don’t expect you to care. I just wonder how true you would stay to your word if the situation were reversed.

      1. If the situation was reversed, and Bama had players and commitments being arrested over and over again in a short time frame, I would be worried about the type of recruits he was getting. But that has not been the case with Saban, and as each year goes by we have seen that. We have little reason to worry about how Saban recruits and runs the program.

        We both know that that is not the case at Auburn. And you are upset that the article mentioned the shooting? Well, it did involve some ex-Auburn players and current player. And it was at a party at a place that Auburn students live. But of course, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about with that either.

        Go ahead, keep the blinders on like an obedient little cult member should.

        1. If only you had a brain

          No, Bama doesn’t have quite the same kinds of issues. Your issues aren’t kids getting into small time trouble like this, because it gets swept under the rug. They are given Chargers to drive around in and get taken on fishing trips with big time boosters, free textbooks to resell for hard cash, walkon roommates whose daddies give them cash cards to distribute to the stars, and God only knows what else, but that’s not a big deal, right? “The way Saban recruits and runs the program”…Tell me again who has blinders on?

          As for the shooting, Yeah, it involved some Auburn players. They were the ones who got shot. Yeah, it was at a place Auburn students live; I used to live directly across the road…but the guy who did the shooting didn’t live there or anywhere else in Auburn, didn’t go to school at Auburn, he was just there for a party. That you continue to use it as evidence that Auburn’s football program is somehow running lawless is further evidence that you want to see anything negative you can about it.

          Call me a cult member all you like, it really doesn’t hurt my feelings, but you’re the one who has been brainwashed if you really think Alabama is a clean program.

          1. Has Bama been convicted of any of your accusations? That would be like me telling you that Cams daddy got paid by Auburn. Is that true as well? Bama got in trouble for textbooks. Auburn players got in trouble for ARMED ROBBERY, if you want to nit-pick and compare.

            It is not only Bama fans that think Saban is running a great program. Basically, anyone that is not an Auburn fan thinks so. It is Mike Slive, the NFL, a lot of high school coaches, and everyone that has worked under him that has climbed the ladder. Saban has had A LOT of success with his classes, with recruiting, academics, and NFL draft prospects. If you don’t see that, you are fooling yourself. Auburn can’t seem to have a senior class with enough players to account for much leadership. Why are they always a ‘young’ team every year? You know why.

            Auburn is the program that is having a lot of recruits and players arrested right now. Not Bama. It is Auburn trying to catch up with Bama, not the other way around. And as long as the cult members like yourself want to compare, let me let you in on another hard fact: There really is no comparison when you want to compare Alabama and Auburn. So, keep making excuses for Auburn and spreading rumors about Bama. You guys are great at that, at least.

  33. If only you had a brain


    Uh, yeah, they have. Both with the textbooks and with the fishing trip. Seems like I remember a Bama player robbing a fellow student a few years back, too, but I’m not sure about that one which is why I didn’t mention it to begin with.

    You’re right though, Auburn is trying to catch up with Bama. I don’t disagree with that one bit. It’s just that I see us as a hell of a lot closer than you do.

    But it’s whatever. Like I’ve been saying, you’ll see soon enough.

    1. Lets see… textbooks, and a fishing trip (by an admitted Auburn booster by the way) cost Bama what? And how long ago now? That was his first full year at Bama, and since then Saban has gained control and run a very tight ship since then.

      This is Chiziks fourth year now? And this stuff has continued to happen, with really no sign of stopping. Yeah, it’s like whatever, dude. Auburn is not backing up your mouth on the football field at all. And it all won’t miraculously change this season, like you are deluding yourself with. You will see soon enough.

    1. Yes, as a matter of fact. My team colors don’t go back in the closet when they aren’t doing well, unlike some fan bases I know of…

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