Gene Chizik is a freaking idiot, according to Georgia signee

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting some of the hilarity taking place in Auburn these days, and it’s hard to believe this story isn’t getting more play. did pick it up, but this should be front page news.

It really is hard to take Auburn seriously, but this makes it even harder.

Georgia signee Jordan Jenkins, interviewed about his recruitment, said he didn’t sign with Alabama because he didn’t have a connection with Alabama head coach Nick Saban. Truth be known he didn’t want to work to “unbury” himself on the depth chart.

But then he said this…I hope you’re not eating as you read this:

“When coach Gene Chizik was comparing Auburn and Alabama…”

STOP THERE. Can you imagine ever, in hundred years, Nick Saban ever COMPARING Alabama to Auburn as part of his recruiting strategy? The man who preaches to his players while preparing for an opponent, “It’s not about them, it’s about us”?

Talk to any Aubie and eventually comparisons are all you’ll get as they try to legitimize their fledgling football program. Now we know it comes from the top.

Okay, now back to the interview:

“He (Chizik) put up a slide that showed they had more wins, more this and that…”

What the…?? According to the 2012 BCS National Championship Media Guide, Alabama’s current overall record in 117 seasons is: 813-320-43, a .717 winning percentage.

According to a recent Auburn media guide, Auburn’s record in 120 seasons is: 711-394-41, a .643 winning percentage.

Alabama owns the edge on the head-to-head series 41-34-1. Basically Auburn would have to win the next seven in a row against NICK SABAN fresh off his newly renewed contract (which has him in Tuscaloosa through 2020) JUST TO TIE the series. There’s a better chance of Alabama winning the next seven in a row itself.

Truthfully speaking, if you’re an Auburn fan reading this article, the likelihood is that you will probably die having never seen Auburn even tie the series, let alone overcome the 112 game overall deficit they currently bear to the University of Alabama in the win column…and that despite having played the game 3 more seasons than the Tide.

I’d love to see that slide the Chiz put in front of Jordan Jenkins, but I’d love even more to know what the man is smoking. If I had to put money on it, what Auburn’s version of Mike Dubose was referring to was the series record since Bear Bryant died…a.k.a. to Auburn fans as “when time began.” It must be terribly confusing to children in Auburn families studying world history since their families don’t believe time existed before 1982.

But it gets better, as Jenkins went on:

“Then he (Gene Chizik) started talking about Florida and how Will Muschamp follows in his shoes. I started busting out laughing. He said ‘When I was at Auburn the first time [as an assistant] and after I left, Muschamp came here. Then I was at Texas and after I left, Muschamp came there.’ He went on and on. He said ‘Muschamp just follows in my footsteps’ and it was hilarious the way he said it.”

Does anybody take Gene Chizik seriously? Does anybody see what happened in 2010 as more than just a complete fluke? A flash in the pan?

And if you’re an Auburn fan, do you really lay your head on your pillow at night confident that your program isn’t the house of cards that everybody…including top recruits not accepting payment…KNOWS it to be?

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