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Outland Trophy winner Barrett Jones says he’ll return

  • by contributor and Tuscaloosa News sports editor Cecil Hurt is reporting via Twitter that Alabama’s anchor on this year’s offensive line, Barrett Jones, will return for his senior season in 2012.

Jones won the 2011 Outland Trophy awarded to the nation’s top interior lineman, and will be joined by returners Chance Warmack and DJ Fluker. With that core, and the development of Cyrus Kouandjio, Arie Kouandjio and Isaac Luatua (among others), ‘Bama’s run game should be nasty again in their 2012 campaign.

Good news for the Tide’s next national championship campaign.

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24 thoughts on “Outland Trophy winner Barrett Jones says he’ll return”

  1. Huge.
    Talent abounds at every position. Its load and reload. Even an off year Saban defense is a top ten. So the offensive line is a key. The fortune of the offense is dictated by the offensive line. And with the group above we could have one of the top units in the nation. The back s will be productive and A.J. will plug away at the passing game. BJ coming back is terrific news.

  2. This is GREAT. Everyone was asking about this,so now we know. Now if some of the guys on defense will hang on for one more ride,next year could be fun. Roll Tide Barrett.

  3. And once again an obsessed Troll asshole makes a useless flame about a Bama fans benign comment. Nine days until #14. 10 days until we begin the quest for #15. The only position on offense that will take a hit besides Center is RB. Not from lack of talent, but simply because you don’t replace Trent. However, Lacy, Fowler, Hart and Yeldon will suffice. Now if 1 or 2 from the D such as D’onte, Dre’ or Lester will return we could have a better overall team next year. I see where the Corndogs just stole the #2 QB from Indiana. Now if Winston, the #1 QB will just stay home and come to Bama. Not that it really matters. LSWho will be without experience at the most critical position and we will have McCarron for 2 more years. I see a preseason #1 ranking ahead. We were already #2 behind OU before Barrett commited to return. But then I may be jumping the gun here since the irrefutable sources in the Corndog State has incontrversial evidence that Saban will be going to Texas after the BCSNCG. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    1. Crimsonite once again with your small mind and limited vocabulary, your only response is to personally attack and curse someone. While barrett jones is a good “football player” and may even be a “great” football player, but to say he is “the greatest human being alive” is really sad. If hannah or you for that matter believes an bama football player or any football player for that matter, including Tim Tebow, is the greatest “human being” alive, what a sad small existence you bammers must live. But unlike you I did not flame or personally attack or curse hannah for her belief, I simply said I feel sorry for her.

      As for your typical bammer comment that LSU “Stole” the #1 (by all except one site) QB from Indiana, yet is hoping that Winston will change his commitment to Alabama again exemplifies the bammers mentality that if they do something it is because they are great, but if someone else does the same thing, like Auburn last year matching Alabama’s undefeated season and Hiesman Trophy winner from the year before, they either stole or cheated to do it.

      But Crimsonite don’t get so worried already about the #1 QB recruit comming to LSU next year, we already have last years #1 Junior College QB (you know like Cam was) from the year before on the team who will be the starter next year when bama has to come to Tiger Stadium. Bwaa haww haww.

      And after Jan. 9th you will be able to end your post with ROLL TIDE as opposed to just RTR, because then you’ll have the two L’s you need to spell ROLL TIDE! LMAO

  4. Alabama Football Argument Ends in Stabbing
    Published on: December 31, 2011 | Written by: Clay Travis

    “We’ve all been there, you go out with your buddies for a wild night on the town in Huntsville, Alabama and that night ends at a strip club. Only the strip club is already closed. So you head to the local gas station at three in the morning, get in an argument over Alabama football and stab your buddy in the back.”

    “I mean, raise your hand if this hasn’t happened to you. (Every Alabama fan raises hand, rest of y’all are sitting with your hands by your sides).”

    “Every time we post one of these ridiculous Alabama fan stories, Alabama fans email and post below the story that we’re just looking for stories to make Alabama fans look bad. That’s not true. Your fan base is just the most insane in the country. ”

    I rest my case! LMAO!

    1. Flash, Clay Travis reported that incorrectly. It was an AUBURN fan that was the stabber.
      Don’t believe me? Here’s his myspace:

      and also :

      By the way, CR, ITK…how about a piece on Clay’s irresponsible journalism? You’ve done similar pieces on this hatemonger before.Somehow I doubt Clay will retract or remove this article because he would never admit himself wrong. Maybe time to expose this douchebag for what he is?

  5. Ya’ll do what you want, but I would prefer if none of you respond to the POS troll from the putrid swamp State. Besides being an ignorant asshole, he brings nothing of value to this board – ever. Don’t patronize him, don’t argue with him, don’t respond to him, don’t acknowledge him period. RTR!

  6. Wow Crimsonite, after three months of you responding to every single post I mad here, you are now going to try and be the leader of the gump nation and tell them that you would prefer if none of them respond to me. You think mighty highly of your self don’t you?

    You just as soon quit responding because you have proven time and time again that you are not smart enough to argue with me. LMAO

    Denny how do your links prove that the guy in the article, is the same guy in your links and even if it is the same guy, how does it prove he is not an Alabama fan?

    1. Flash dont worry about the one that calls his self crimsonite.You just keep posting and he willl continue to run his man pleaser.Thats all he really does.He is nothing more than an oxygen theif.

  7. Franks is an imposter POS. He’s ‘Just A Fag’ in drag or ‘Toilet Flushes’ alter ego to make us think some dumbass from Alabama actually likes him. What a phucking tool.

    1. Because if someone doesn’t agree with Crimsonite they POS, an asshole, or a phucking tool or any other foul mouthed name crimsonite can think of in his limited inbred redneck vocabulary.

      Crimsonite one thing is certain, you are not an imposter. You represent the bammer nation spot on. You are the perfect example on the bama fan base and gump nation.


    2. Crimsonite can you not accet the fact that people from different points of view can get along?Im as real as they come.I tell it like it is and leave it like it was.I live in Huntsville Al and if you want my adress i will give it to you.YOU PUNK ASS KID!!

  8. Hey Crimsonite and ITK here are some more interesting current FACTS for you.

    Since 1982, the Bear’s last year, when LSU beat Alabama 20-10 to send the bear into retirement, LSU leads the series with bama 15-14-1. Yes you read that right over the last 30 years LSU has a winning record over bama and that 30 years includes the Archer, Hallman and Dinardo years at LSU just in case you want to start making excuses because of some of the coaches bama had during those 30 years.

    An even more interesting FACT is that LSU is 9-3 over bama since 2000 and 3-2 over bama in the Saban era.

    Not that you could argue with those facts from this corndog even if you wanted to! Baww Waww Waww!!!

    Facts are facts bammer!

  9. Well Flash,here is one for you. I don’t think LSU defeating Bama had anything to do with Paul Bryant’s retirement. He knew he had a bad ” Ticker”. It was just a matter of time. Unlike what Saban did to get Fullmer and Meyers to hit the road and not to even bring up Coach Tubbervile’s name. And I do know there is a difference in Georgia State and Georgia Southern. Barrett Jones may not be the greatest human alive but his deeds on and off the football feild have proven him to be way above others. With that I have one other thing to say- ROLL TIDE.

    1. DES,
      First of all thanks for the civil response.

      LSU beating Bama may or may not have had anything to do with Paul Byrant’s retirement, but me suggesting that it did is no different than you suggesting that Saban had anything to do with Fullmer, Meyers or Tubbervile levaing their coaching jobs in the SEC. I’m sure there are fans from each of the schools they coached at that would challange your assumption that Saban had anything to do with that, as you have challagened my assumption.

      I’m not sure what the reason is for your comment about Georgia State and Georgia Southern. Was that supposed to mean something other than the fact that you know there is a difference between the two?

      With regards to Barret Jones, Crimson Hannah said he was the “greatest human being alive”. You say he “May” not be the “greatest human being alive”. Does that mean you agee with me that he is not the greatest human being alive or are you saying he may or may not be the greatest human being alive? If you believe he “may” be the greatest human being alive (or even close to being considered that) can you please give me some examples of some of the things he has done off the field to justify consideration of being called this?

      Don’t get me wrong I never once said anything derogatory about Barret Jones, and his deeds off the field (I purposely left out on the field because I don’t believe anything a player does on the field could make him/her the greatest human being alive). And his deeds off the field may and I’m sure have proven him to be way above others, but the be called the “greatest human being alive”? Almost every team has one or two players who have done things during their college playing days off the field that prove them to be above others.

      With that I will say Geaux Tigers, and look forward to your response.

  10. Oh, and by the way Flash, you are saying Gump all the time. That movie made some people a lot of money. One thing you may or may not know is that Forrest and his buddy “Bubba” were real. Not in person but nevertheless there. Ever hear of Project one hundred thousand ? And here comes the backlash……RTR

    1. Oh and by the way DES, bama fans are saying Condog all the time. Corndogs have made people a lot of money, not to mention have satisfied many people’s, including a lot of childrens, appitites in Alabama and Louisiana alike. You may or may not like them, but they are not really a whole lot different than the hotdogs sold in Denney Bryant Stadium or any other sports stadium for that matter except that it is fried. A corndog is a real thing, it’s meat and breading.

      Again I don’t understand you statment that “Forrest and his buddy “Bubba” were real. Not in person but nevertheless there.” They are real, not in person but there? I think I may know what you are trying to say, but I don’t want to assume anything.

      I had not ever heard of Project 100,000, but I did google it and research it. I’m not sure what your point is with regards to that, except give credence to why people call bama fans “Gumps”. Perhaps you would prefer bama fans be called the more pejorative name of “Moron Corps” as were those recruited under Project 100,000?

      I will tell you this I would much rather be called a corndog, which really makes no sense, than to be called a Gump or a member of the “Moron Corps”.

      Come to think of it calling someone a “Corndog” could only be thought up by, understood and considered funny or insulting by a Moron.

      By the way DES, I don’t know if you are planning on being in New Orleans for the National Championship Game or not, but if you are there is a Nationally known and acclaimed chef named, John Besh in New Orleans. He has several very nice resturants in the area, including Luke’s and August. He also has a resturant in the World War ll D-Day Musem, which is worth a trip to New Orleans by itself to see, it was done by Steven Speilburg and Tom Hanks. In that resturant you can actually order a corndog a corndog off the menu.

      Just for fun I also found the link below for you.

      Geaux Tigers.

      1. Forrest gump is a fictional character in a book written by an Alabama native, but Baton Rouge (and LSU fans) really do smell like corndogs. Maybe y’all should take some of that liquor money and invest it in a bar of soap sometime.

        1. And bammer fans are as dumb or dumber than the fictional gump character in the book and movie. I would rather smell like the delicious Louisiana food cooked with a roux (that you dumb asses think smell like corndogs) than to be a moron, because you can’t wash stupid off with a bar of soap. So maybe you should take some of the money you spend on moonshine and meth and go get an education Brando!

          Schooled again! Geaux Tigers!

      2. Will reply to you to you later. Busy. Will pass this on to my son. He and friends are leaving Saturday for NOLA. RTR.

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