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Alabama Football: Trent Richardson Named Walter Camp Offensive Player of the Week

Here is the official release courtesy of UA Media Relations:

Richardson earns the national honor after rushing for a career-high 203 yards in the Iron Bowl
Alabama running back Trent Richardson was selected as the Walter Camp Football Foundation’s Offensive Player of the Week after rushing for 203 yards and catching one touchdown in a 42-14 win over BCS No. 24 Auburn.

The 203 rushing yards was a new-career high and the receiving touchdown moved him into a tie for second place in SEC history with 23 total touchdowns on the season. He is the only running back in SEC history to ever rush for 20 touchdowns.

Richardson averaged 7.5 yards per tote on 27 carries, including runs of 57- and 35-yards after half in the Iron Bowl. He converted seven first downs on the ground and helped the Crimson Tide finish off an 11-1 season. No. 2 Alabama is idle next week while they await word on their bowl destination.

Richardson is a finalist for the Maxwell Award and the Doak Walker Award. He has faced seven of the nation’s top-50 defenses, five of the top-50 rush defenses and five top-20 total defenses. Richardson has accounted for 1,583 rushing yards and 1,910 yards from scrimmage – both the second-highest totals in school history.

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10 thoughts on “Alabama Football: Trent Richardson Named Walter Camp Offensive Player of the Week”

  1. According to ESPN and he went against 8 of the top 50 defenses and no other Heisman
    candidate has gone against more than 4.

    1. Is that true Crimsonite?

      I only ask because considering only four of the teams Alabama has beaten all year have winning records, and one of them was not even a division one team, I find it hard to believe he could have faced 8 teams with top 50 defenses, unless that just shows how bad the offenses Alabama faced all year, and then its no wonder your defense has all kinds of inflated stats.

  2. I don’t know if she’s insane but she definitely has a screw loose and is in need of a dose of Thorazine. Although the sound track has been doctored still she must be an embarrassment to Gus, who is in a highly visible position working with kids. She needs a muzzle put on her cause political correctness aint one of her attributes. LMAO!

  3. My reply is off in space somewhere. I will try again. This clip was removed for some reason. And as far as some of the of the comments above,for good reasons. But please don’t her the B**** word. Now that said GO TRENT!!! RTR

  4. Hey guys here is another link to Kristi Malzahn and her Auburn Fambly mindset enjoy…. If they take this one off the youtube I have made a copy on my computer. This bitch is a nutcase. And she seems to live up to every Auburn stereo type their is. Damn she is goofy!!!!
    ITK can you do a take on this one. I would love to read what you think about it!

    1. proudly re-enforcing the sterotype.

      do we need anymore evidence this woman’s a dyed-in-the-(fill in the blank)(no pun intended) blonde??

      A blonde was walking down the road with a healthy looking pig under her arm. As she passed the bus stop, someone asked,

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      The pig replied,

      “I won her in a raffle!”

  5. If they were serious about making her look like a fool, then they shouldn’t have doctored the sound track with all those stupid shutups. Makes the whole thing look fake. She didn’t need any help being a fool.

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