Conference Expansion: SEC could net big payday from realignment; is a conference network back on the table?

One of the best sports reporters covering the conference expansion and realignment drama is Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News. Wilner provided some interesting nuggets of information about the SEC, Missouri and conference television packages.

Wilner reported, “Now … with two new schools that bring 11 million TV homes … and the sizzling market for televised sports … and the intense demand for football within its massive footprint … the SEC stands to sign media deals that will likely zoom past the Pac-12′s average of $20.8 million per school per year.We’re talking $25-30 million school/yr for the SEC. And don’t be surprised if SEC commish Mike Slive attempts to form his own TV network — just as the Big Ten and Pac-12 have.” (Source)

Wilner provides much more at the above link, so check it out.

The idea the SEC could launch its own network is interesting. There was little appetite to launch a network when the SEC inked its last deal with CBS and ESPN.

However, things have changed. The Big Ten Network has shown this type of enterprise could work. With Texas launching its own network, perhaps the SEC is ready to try it.

If there is more money on the table with such a network, the SEC presidents will try to grab it.