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Will Duron Carter ever play football at Alabama?

Alabama Crimson Tide Receiver Duron Carter

Alabama Crimson Tide Receiver Duron Carter. Photo via Twitter

The deadline for star receiver Duron Carter to play football this year for the Alabama Crimson Tide is fast approaching. Alabama football coach Nick Saban said the days are dwindling for getting Carter declared eligible.

“We do have a few more days to get this done,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said about the Duron Carter situation.

Carter has not been able to practice with the Alabama football team until his transcripts are received and approved by the University and its compliance staff. Saban said he had not received an update from compliance on Tuesday before speaking with the press.

“The first day of school is not the drop dead date for when somebody can start school,” Saban said.

This means Alabama can wait a few more days before making a decision on the status of Danny Woodson.

“We are weighing several options and several circumstances and several situations,” Saban said. “We don’t have all the information to make all those decisions now, so I can’t really give you any idea on how it will all end up until we get all the information.”

Alabama held its 20th practice session of Fall Camp Tuesday without Carter. This followed a two-day rest for the Crimson Tide.

“We have been off for two days, and obviously this is the time you try to get your players back,” Alabama head coach Nick Saban said Tuesday. “At the same time, there is a lot of fundamental improvement that we need to make. I think the things coming out of the scrimmage that we need to improve on are mental toughness as a team, especially younger players to be able to persevere, focus on the details, sustain and finish plays.”

Alabama will spend this week working on polish before heading into prep work for the season opener.

“This week, the focus is on improvement and the things we need to improve on as a team,” Saban said. “We will also look at some things that our first four opponents do that is a little bit different, and we will probably start working on Kent State on Friday.”

The polish will be on a series of things for both offense and defense, Saban said. The offense will work to improve “on the route running and timing with the quarterback,” Saban said. Defensively, the second team gave up too many big plays and made mistakes. Saban said zone defense must improve and the tackling.

Regarding injuries, Alabama’s coach reported corner Dre Kirkpatrick returned to practice. “We don’t really have anybody out,” Saban said.

Alabama football fans can watch season opener on the SEC Network at 11:21 a.m.

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