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Alabama football: Duron Carter arrives in Tuscaloosa

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide got a big lift at wide receiver Friday as transfer Duron Carter arrived in Tuscaloosa. Carter announced his arrival via twitter. Carter wrote, “I’M HERE!!!!!!” When asked if here was Tuscaloosa, he replied with a “Yes.”

Carter decided on Alabama for a number of reasons. According to ESPN, “We just met with Coach [Nick] Saban and he’s committed,” Cris Carter said. “It’s a combination of the coaching and the structure and for Duron’s maturity. All of those things make it a good match.”

The stats on Alabama’s new receiver from ESPN: “Duron Carter, 6-feet-5, 210 pounds, had 44 catches for 690 yards and 10 touchdowns for Coffeyville.”

UPDATE: Christopher Walsh reports via twitter that Carter will meet with Alabama compliance later today.

15 thoughts on “Alabama football: Duron Carter arrives in Tuscaloosa”

  1. Welcome Mr. Carter.
    Bama’s receiving corps will be awesome this year.
    Here’s hoping our young QBs are as talented as the receivers.

  2. Touting him as Julio part deaux may be premature, but the dude has the same build; look at film from his OSU days and he’s a dead ringer for Julio. Julio was just so freaking tough though, and blocked as hard as he ran routes. Still, looking forward to seeing this playmaker take the field.

  3. Lets really take a closer look at this whole carter situation:

    1. Why did he REALLY leave OSU? Well my “sources” (no not the same as RC’s. ) are saying that not only because of grades issues, and basicly being a THUG, But there was also some questions starting to pop up about some “special benefits” he was getting for playing for OSU. See the down fall of OSU as Example 1.

    2. Does the nut (buckeye) fall far from the tree? Well according to you guys when concerning cecil and cam the answer must be no. With that being said wasnt there a HUGE issue back when his father Cris was at OSU about agents and or money causing him to miss his senior season? ( notorious sports agent Norby Walters)Then his selfish and ignorant behavior caused him to be released by the Philidelphia Eagles.(large amounts of ecstasy and marijuana being his drugs of choice along with alcohol) Lets just say that Duron has learned from the best on how to get paid and being an ass and making very poor decisions while doing it.

    3. Did saban pull a “Tressel” ? Do you really think that hid dad is looking at bama’s and saban’s “structure” as being a main reason he came to bama knowing what we know about Cris? The Carters have a family tradition of cheating and behavior issues , and you really think there wasnt a little extra promised to Duron and his dad to get him to bama other than “structure” ? Has the pressure from east Alabama finaly caught up with nicky that he has stooped to this? We will have to see, But I think there is alot of things pointing this direction.

    4. Youth at QB and coaching staff will be tested. Do you think for a second that not only will the bama coaching staff will be pressured but the young QB whoever it turns out to be will feel the heat also from Cris and son? Do you not think that Duron feels like the world owes him something because of who is father is? This has the potential to be a huge tug of war between saban and his staff and the carters when it comes to playing time and exposure. This could be fun to watch……for the rest of the college world.

  4. I have been lurking on here for a long while and am very entertained by the posts and such on this lovely site.
    It’s funny to me how these Awburn guys are obsessed with The site. You can tell Bama success really gets under their skins and how they try to jump on anything that gets posted on this site. Like this guy Let’s Real. he has personal issues with Duron Carter arrival at Bama and is jealous because the guy didn’t come to Aubrun.
    It’s ok Real, I am sure he will still sling some c@ck you guys way when the Tide walks on Auburn in a few mths. Just have your Tiger girls ready for the after party, and please try to get some cheerleaders under 250 lbs. He likes em thick but Let’s Keep it Real!
    I’m not gonna try to spew out facts or try to come back at you with some crying about laptops and pay for play or casinos of anything of that nature because I am secure in knowing Bama owns you guys and we are stacked and like Mc Hammer once said “You can’t touch this!” So Let’s Keep it Real! And face the truth.
    I am uneducated and don’t know nOthing about nothing cause I bleed Crimson. So you don’t have to come back at me with that. What I do know is I am about to head out to Georges BBQ here in lovely Brewton Al and get me a rib plate cause after all I keep it real. So Let’s Keep it Real! and RTR!

  5. Im suppose to listen to a redneck who quotes MC Hammer? Really? LMAO!!!!! Yeah go put on your cut off overalls and flip flops and head to that dump in Brewton (only thing lovely to see in Brewton is the site of it in your rear view mirror).

  6. Hey ‘real’, you want to come here and criticize Duron Carter? After Cams dad shopped him to Miss St and Auburn? Yeah, what is the ‘real’ reason Cam chose Auburn? Oh, yeah, there is no comment on any ongoing investigations. And whatever the NCAA turns up, that is what Cecil is going with. Take your jealousy and fabricated gossip to the Auburn boards. No one here believes crap from a brain washed Auburn cult member like yourself. Idiot.

  7. @real! I never said you had to listen to me but it sounds like you heard!
    You mad cause my single wide is nicer than yours? It sounds like you have issues son. You can keep your little NC and Heisman trophy.
    I am proud you guys got it. So just brag an cling on to it , you guys deserve it. Congrats on all that came to Aubrun last year it was money well spent .
    It’s kind of like when I pay the guy who cuts my yard . It feels good . I’m proud of my cut off shorts with my flip flops. Shit we just got back from the creek .
    That’s how we roll down here where I am at. That’s how the Tide rolls. We are proud of what we are and aren’t trying to put on a front like guys like you. Its all good son, at least you know who yo daddy is. And if bone of this shit makes sense to you, now you know how I felt when I read that trash you put up.

  8. Poor hillbilly trash….anyway with the combination of Cris Carter and Peaches (if BC is ever allowed to play since the truth came out about houses being paid for) lil nicky will have his hands full with bitchy parents and spoiled kids.

  9. Maybe Mr Carter wants to have his son in a structured, disciplined environment to make sure he stayes on the straight and narrow.

  10. What Cris want’s now that Duron has a short college career left, is to put him in the best program available to give him the best chance of a high draft and future in the NFL. I do believe that in Saban’s 4 years at Bama we have sent more players to the NFL than anybody else and the numbers go up each year. Whatever issues Duron may be suspected of having – He hasn’t stolen any phucking laptops, or cheated on any exams, therefore the Jr. College to qualify, nor has he been openly shopped for a quarter million to half a dozen schools. So go phuck yourself dickwad. I will say this just to prove that Bama fans aren’t full of shyt like Barnturd fans – Duron came from the worst high scholl in Florida as far as crooks and thugs go. But not every athlete from that school is a crook or thug – just most of them. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  11. The Carters’ are already millionaires!! Why would they need any kind of under the table handouts. Anyone saying that Bama bought him is really out of their mind. I’m sure the kid made mistakes, but Chris knows if his son goes to Bama that CNS will straighten him out.

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