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Analysis: Is the NFL a matter of national interest?

With the draft almost here fans are naturally curious about the NFL’s labor situation. Here are a couple of reports on the pro football league’s legal situation. One thing to note about the ruling (discussed in video #1 below) is that the judge ruled that ending the lockout was in the national interest since there are so many football fans. Also, the antitrust expert predicts a ruling from the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals sometime before or around the start of the preseason. In the second video below, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell explains that litigation will not solve the labor problems; he said a CBA is needed to address the issues.

VIDEO: Is the NFL a national interest?

While a federal judge put a stop to the NFL lockout on Monday, antitrust attorney Matthew Cantor says the league has legal options remaining. Cantor thinks that a settlement will ultimately be reached. He also said many things like the draft and a salary cap are under attack.

VIDEO: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell joined Tom Leyden to discuss what’s recently transpired in the NFL’s labor negotiations

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