Thinking about Nick Saban and the Dallas Cowboys

Cecil Hurt of the Tuscaloosa News addressed the already floating rumor that Alabama football coach Nick Saban might head to the Dallas Cowboys. On the Paul Finebaum Radio Network Hurt said, “It’s possible that someone will float the Saban to Dallas rumor. You’ll hear that until he hires someone for the job. … Saban has totally been up front about his NFL experience. It won’t stop people from speculating though.” (source).

It is unlikely Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban would return to the NFL. He claims he was miserable there.

However, there is one reason that Alabama’s football coach should consider the Dallas Cowboys—Tony Romo.

What was Nick Saban’s biggest problem in Miami? The quarterback position.

Everyone knows Saban made a mistake in picking Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees. According to reports, Saban and the Dolphins worried about the durability of “Brees’s surgically repaired right shoulder.”

The choice of Culpepper was “ill-fated.”

And, it more than anything else relegated Saban to misery in the NFL. The league requires not only a healthy quarterback but also a competent quarterback.

How bad would Indianapolis be without Peyton Manning?

Tony Romo is a star quarterback. He has matured; he makes fewer mistakes. He is good enough to take a team to the Super Bowl. In 2009, Romo threw for 4,483 yards and tossed 26 touchdowns with nine interceptions. Romo is a dynamic quarterback that reduced his mistakes. Even as Dallas looked uneven in 2010, Romo wasn’t the problem. He was a positive on an offense that never found its rhythm, on a team that never found its focus.

Everyone, including me, believes control is the most important thing to Saban. It is doubtful owner Jerry Jones would relinquish the control necessary to get Nick Saban to Dallas. But, maybe just as important is going to a place with a solid quarterback. Saban’s time in college and in the NFL should illustrate that. Getting a chance to lead a team with Romo should interest any coach—even a control freak like Alabama’s Nick Saban.