NCAA continues to probe Tennessee hostesses

Despite the spin that came out of Knoxville that the hostesses scandal was not a big deal, the NCAA continues to probe that area of Tennessee recruiting practices.

According to Joe Schad of ESPN, the NCAA questioned Lane Kiffin’s brother-in-law Tuesday. One of the areas of inquiry was the hostesses.

According to the report, “The source said Reeves, as part of a broadened NCAA inquiry, was asked about Tennessee recruiting hostesses having attended recruits’ high school games, calls to prospects during an all-star game and recruiting weekends.”

Why does the NCAA continue to question about this area? Because of the Tennessee Volunteers’ arrogance in regards to the matter. Tennessee assistant coaches were warned about the hostesses’ visit to see Brandon Willis and Corey Miller of Byrnes High School in North Carolina. Tennessee was informed of the visit, but did not report it as a secondary violation until after the story was reported in the press. (Report: “Byrnes head coach Chris Miller said that upon learning the women were at the game called the players and told them “to get away from them,” then called UT assistant coach David Reaves.”)

On Dec. 11 Wes Rucker wrote, “UT had several weeks to research the situation, and it didn’t self-report any violations. It’s doubtful the NCAA would accept any self-reported violations after a third party gave the initial notification, but several sources inside UT’s athletic department claimed the program saw nothing outside the voluminous rules.”

This type of arrogance ended badly for the Alabama Crimson Tide. This type of arrogance ended badly for USC, and this type of arrogance will end badly for the Tennessee Volunteers. Tennessee should fire Mike Hamilton for allowing it to become mired in this NCAA mess.