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Time to form an anti-UAB PAC

UAB violated NCAA rules by tampering with a University of Alabama Crimson Tide basketball player it was alleged Thursday. It was a “strong suspicion” of tampering that prevented the Justin Knox scholarship transfer to UAB, according to one report.

The Birmingham News was naturally irresponsible in its coverage/commentary on the matter. (Can you expect anything else with an Auburn fan as the newspaper publisher?) The biased News came down on the side of UAB—an irrelevant, incompetent and useless athletic department. Any Alabama fans that continue to read that newspaper are doing harm to the University—the University they claim to love. Every dollar given to the Birmingham News is being used to feed the negative stories favoring UAB and Auburn. If you care about Alabama then you should stop reading the Birmingham News and read the Tuscaloosa News. Here is a handy link to

But Alabama fans shouldn’t stop there.

Alabama fans sick of UAB’s wasteful and unethical athletic department should join in funding an anti-UAB Political Action Committee. This PAC would be committed to electing legislators who would vote to hold UAB accountable and end UAB’s athletic ventures.

Ending UAB sports would benefit UAB students. Valuable land is dedicated to athletics that could be dedicated to parking. Could there be a better use for Bartow Arena or those football practice facilities? It would make getting to class easier than ever!

Parking would serve the interest of students much more than lame athletic programs that nobody cares to watch. It would be fiscally responsible. Something higher education needs.

If UAB won’t pull the plug itself, it is up to Alabama fans via the political process to pull the plug. A PAC would be the best place to start.

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