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Time to form an anti-UAB PAC

UAB violated NCAA rules by tampering with a University of Alabama Crimson Tide basketball player it was alleged Thursday. It was a “strong suspicion” of tampering that prevented the Justin Knox scholarship transfer to UAB, according to one report.

The Birmingham News was naturally irresponsible in its coverage/commentary on the matter. (Can you expect anything else with an Auburn fan as the newspaper publisher?) The biased News came down on the side of UAB—an irrelevant, incompetent and useless athletic department. Any Alabama fans that continue to read that newspaper are doing harm to the University—the University they claim to love. Every dollar given to the Birmingham News is being used to feed the negative stories favoring UAB and Auburn. If you care about Alabama then you should stop reading the Birmingham News and read the Tuscaloosa News. Here is a handy link to

But Alabama fans shouldn’t stop there.

Alabama fans sick of UAB’s wasteful and unethical athletic department should join in funding an anti-UAB Political Action Committee. This PAC would be committed to electing legislators who would vote to hold UAB accountable and end UAB’s athletic ventures.

Ending UAB sports would benefit UAB students. Valuable land is dedicated to athletics that could be dedicated to parking. Could there be a better use for Bartow Arena or those football practice facilities? It would make getting to class easier than ever!

Parking would serve the interest of students much more than lame athletic programs that nobody cares to watch. It would be fiscally responsible. Something higher education needs.

If UAB won’t pull the plug itself, it is up to Alabama fans via the political process to pull the plug. A PAC would be the best place to start.

18 thoughts on “Time to form an anti-UAB PAC”

  1. It already exists as the Board of Trustees.

    Keep whining though, seeing you morons squirm like this is hilarious.

  2. Wait.

    Did a gump just call another school’s athletic department unethical? That really is priceless.

    Don’t hold your breath on the Pulitzer, Wordsworth.

  3. Reminds me of the beginning of an old Army cadence, “Here we go again, same old stuff again…”

    Man, (or is it napoleanic man… you know in lowercase) your hatred of UAB and UAB athletics is really, really tired and worn out. But, I guess you know your role, however inadequate it is, very well. In fact, you have the same well-trodden string of three thoughts (Bama, Rollll, Tahhhd) so well ingrained, your non sequiturian ideology seems, almost… feasible.

    That is until someone actually thinks. But, you pander to your bullying, pathetic audience exquisitely. Bravo.

    Don’t worry, bIG bROTHER, those of us that aren’t afraid of the dark, id est-we open our eyes, process the sensory, and have novel thoughts, see more to life than, “BAMA” or “Rollllll Tahhhhhddd.”

    I regret that the reply of factual information and figures that I informed you of yesterday, weren’t processed (or was it lack of initial intake? Reading comprehension is soooooo boorish for those that, well, DON’T COMPREHEND). That’s ok. One can only feel sorry for the cerebrally impaired for only so long. Then, one must move along (lest he or she also becomes mired with the rest of the herd in the tar pits of mediocrity).

    So go ahead. Stick (HAHAHA, get it? Tar pits, prehistoric, STICK… Oh nevermind) to your mantra, proudly hold up your toilet paper and detergent box, beat your napoleanic, gynecomastic chest, and scream your famed battle cry. Those co-occupying the depths around you will rally to the height of oh, I’d say around level two on Maslow’s hierarchy.

    Meanwhile, those of us that actually contribute to the betterment of humankind will… Move along. Truly, there’s nothing to see here.

  4. The funny thing is that the UAT half-wit posting on this blog is far out-numbered by UAB fans.

    I thought there were only like 2 UAB fans… hmm…

  5. I’m with you Cappy, have you noticed how these blazers are slithering around this site, reminds me of the lieing, deceitful, athletic department, the booze hounds return……

  6. Cappy,

    I know you are a grad of uab, so you can appreciate this. I took my so to a blazer home game,on his own he looked at me and said “Dad,
    all their fans remind me of pee wee herman and the revenge of the nerd movies”….from the mouth of babes….

  7. I don’t think UAT fans need cast any stones about what UAB fans look like.

    UAT gatherings look like a science experiment on human development gone horribly wrong.

  8. Speaking from a landscape view of the past until today, UAB’s entire athletic program is a joke. It needs to be taken out with the trash.

    UAB, if you need us, we’ll be packing 100,000+ in Bryant-Denny seven Saturdays next season in pursuit of a repeat national championship. You 1,500 have fun at Legion Field against UTEP, or Grambling, or whoever you trick into walking into that dump.

    There are houses surrounding that stadium in better shape than that dilapidated piece of garbage you call a stadium. You can’t afford your own stadium because you can’t generate the funds (or fan interest to generate the funds), so you have to accept a hand-me-down.

    Now quick! Remind me that you beat Alabama in baseball and in the NIT tourney back in 1992. You irrelevant boobs.

    And Jeremiah (post #3), imbecile, UAB’s athletic department is what we’re speaking of here, moron. Not it’s research, development and academic offerings. Those speak for themselves. But your athletic program is a complete facade.

  9. 3:45am?

    Must by third shift at the plant.

    “If we need you”? Well, we don’t.

    Come on by and say hi when all those fried nanner sandwiches catch up with you, though.

  10. Bear Bryant Saban

    58-56 remains.

    And the only reason we are ONLY 1-0 is because UAT is scared to play again.

  11. What a waste of bandwidth. Shane, are you really this stupid? Shut down UAB athletics? Are you kidding me? Do you really think that UAB athletics is hurting little ol’ UAT?

    I think you have a real mental issue. Maybe YOU should come on down to UAB and get that checked out. There are world class doctors at the Kirkland Clinic that can help you with your problem.

    I don’t understand why and autonomous university is not allowed to make decisions for itself and so called “fans” of another autonomous institution has to write ridiculous blog posts that tries to influence the thoughts of others to make decisions regarding another university. I get it, you don’t like UAB athletics. Fine- then don’t worry about UAB athletics. But you don’t need to worry about UAB, worry and write about UAT. It’s what you’re good at doing.

    Instead of this being called the capstone report, maybe you should re-title this blog the, “I’m so worried about other schools so I have to try to convince other people to think like I do in order to do away with them”. That sounds alot better for you. Or maybe the Hitler web site. That’s what you are acting like- ohhh, we don’t like them so UAT should just exterminate UAB.

    You are truly pathetic. Go Blazers! !

  12. First, I’m not Shane.

    Second, did you just compare me to Hitler? Really? Just because we disagree on whether UAB should have a football team?

    Good grief. If this is how you think.

    Well just…damn. That is sad.

  13. Seriously, Cappy, why in the hell do you care if UAB has athletics or not? It’s not up to you, or anyone else who is a fan of another school, to try to shut down anyone else’s athletic programs. Auburn fans don’t care if UAB has athletics. It’s just UAT fans who have some weird obsession over UAB sports. Get over it. It’s none of your damn business.

  14. Kevin, I hold a degree from UAB. That entitles me to have an opinion about what UAB does.

  15. For UAB’s athletic program to be so irrelevant, you sure have spent a lot of time writing about them. I think you must have a crush on Blaze.

    And please fold your “degree” into and place it in an envelope and mail it back to UAB. We want no ASS-ociation with you.

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