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Recruiting 2011 Update: Marvin Shinn of Vigor HS

T.J. Walls
Recruiting Correspondent

About a year ago, Alabama received its first verbal commitment of the 2011 class. The early commitment was the wide receiver out of Vigor High School, Marvin Shinn. Shinn of Prichard-Vigor is a big time junior wide receiver. As a sophomore, the 6-3, 174-pound Shinn caught 46 passes for 872 yards and 17 touchdowns.

When asked what receiver that he is similar to Shinn said, “I really have my own style and finesse, but if I had to say one it‘s Julio Jones. I’m not at thick as him, but in a lot of ways I’m just like him. Some people say that I remind them of that WR from UGA, A.J. Green.”

It’s too early to tell if the comparison is accurate, but Nick Saban and several schools around the country seem to think highly of the Vigor star. Shinn has many offers but Auburn, Texas Tech, California, LSU, and UCLA are a few that he mentioned.

“Coach Saban told me that he was surprised when he found out I wasn’t going to be a senior next season,” Shinn said. “He told me I’m going to be the best receiver in the nation.”

Shinn picked up his offer from Alabama over a year ago.

“I knew when I came up there last year that I was going to commit,” Shinn said. “My mind was already made up. Alabama is where I wanted to go all of my life. The offer was already there, and I felt that I should take it. That’s the way I look at it.”

“I feel at home here,” added Shinn, who attended the A-Day game (last year). “There are a lot of guys up here [from the Mobile area]. I hang out with B.J. Scott early in the process tonight. We’ve talked about my decision. He said that I made a great choice.”

But others remain interested in Shinn.

“UCLA has already offered me, too,” Shinn said. “I know more schools are interested in me, but I’m happy with my decision.” I’m still solid to Alabama.

USC along with numerous other programs are hot on Shinn, but it seems he likes the University of Alabama and the direction the staff has the program headed.

“I’m so ready to get to Alabama,” he said. “But in the meantime I will recruit as many guys as possible.”

Vigor’s Head Coach Kerry Stephenson on Marvin Shinn:

T.J.: What type of person is Marvin?
Coach Stephenson: Marvin is a great kid. He works hard, and has all the physical tools—the sky is the limit!

T..J.: Talk about Marvin as an athlete and Football Player?

Coach Stephenson: Last week I told you Jalston Fowler was the best athlete that I coached, but like I said Shinn is the best football player I’ve ever been around and there has been some good ones! He has a little work in the classroom, but he’s picking it up.

T.J.: What are some of his numbers?

Coach Stephenson: His junior stats were 860 yards. 13 T.D’s. So, over 900 yards with 17 T.D.’s (stats as a junior was with a new quarterback learning the system.)

T.J.: Are there any college or NFL guys that he reminds you of?

Coach Stephenson: Marvin reminds me a lot of (UGA’s) an A.J. Green type WR.
I believe Marvin has a little more shake (Shinn plays like he’s 5ft 9) than A.J. Green though, but Marvin has the most potential as far as a football player and it‘s up to him to live up to his calling and use the gifts he was blessed with for the good. He just has to focus on the right stuff and don’t get distracted. Once he gets to Bama, Coach (Nick) Saban will steer him right.

T.J.: So Coach, out of all the high profile guys that you have coached, you said that Marvin Shinn is the best Football Player that you have ever coached and one of the best that you have ever seen at the level he plays. You also mentioned that Alabama signee, 6’0 240 R.B. Jalston Fowler is the Best Athlete you’ve coached. That is a very bold statement considering that you have coached and been a mentor to some outstanding football players over the years. B.J. Scott was one of those guys. I asked you what was going on with B.J. at Alabama and why hasn‘t he got much playing time. Being so talented at all most any position and receiving the highest scouting review’s and ratings (5-star by all Premium paid site coming out of Vigor), why do you think he’s received very little playing time? The reason I’m asking is I know he has what it takes from seeing B.J. play in games, combines, studying his films and camps. He was one that really caught my eye and really impressed me. So to make a long question short, when do you expect B.J. to start making an impact?

Coach Stephenson: B.J. was a Great asset to our program here. He was able to play any position on the field. So when he went on to Alabama he started off as a wide receiver. I guess they felt B.J. would add more depth and help the team as a defensive back. I know that BJ hasn’t played much in the past few years but I believe BJ will be a huge asset to the program and Alabama. Sometimes it’s difficult to go from one position to another and learning heart system. I believe BJ is now ready incapable of taking his role on the team. BJ will make his mark by the time he leaves and graduates from Alabama.

Notes on Shinn: Bench 240 Squat 360 40 4.49
Has some work to do in the class room.

7 thoughts on “Recruiting 2011 Update: Marvin Shinn of Vigor HS”

  1. Shinn, I believe, really liked the Family atmosphere at Alabama. Its all about Family, they treat you like Family. Its because we have the Bama Family and everyone is one big Family. It takes a special person to be a Bama Man and be part of the Bama Family. I’m glad the Crimson Tide is like a big Family, or he may have committed elsewhere.

    Tradition,Championships, facilities, coaches, and fan support would not have anything to do with it. Its all about Family. Without Family you are nothing…

    Sounds stupid doesn’t it 🙂

  2. You Bammer trash just dont get it do you!?!
    We are Auburn University! Known and feared, respected and loved.
    Why you might ask? Well I will educate you.
    Auburn has always been one big happy family and you Bammers cannot relate to that because you are all motherless basTURDS.

    At Auburn we dont need no stinking TURDishuns. WE HAVE A CREED! And while I might not be able to memorize it, I can copy and paste it! So dont make me whip that bad boy out up in here!!!
    Another thing we have is Gene Chizik. And Gus Malzahn. And to a lesser extent Ted Roof.
    Now I know that ya’ll Bammers are quaking in your Brogans and McDonald’s uniforms at the meer mention of the triumvirate of Domination. Any sane person would.
    Think about the future Bammers.
    More rented Limos with magnetized stick on Auburn signs.
    More Big Cat Weekends. (No cameras allowed, unless you are posting on Rivals. (they got your back, cuz.)
    More Dollar General toilet paper in trees!
    Thousands and thousands of empty Milwakee’s best cans littering the Capstone after Auburn wins by 50 points and Nick Saban commits hari-kari publically in front of the angry Bammer mob.
    Family Values!!!

  3. If Auburn really is to be feared and known and most of loved, why is it that you spend the majority of time on a Alabama website? Guess you are not feared, loved, or known as much as you would like to be. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!! You barners are more than welcomed to visit a real site where a real football team lives.

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