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Alabama’s dumb luck

note: I had planned to post this and another essay this weekend, but was enjoying the bye week so much I forgot. So, here it is on a Monday. Hunter was kind enough to share a different perspective on the win. Enjoy.

By Hunter Ford

Terrence Cody and Alabama were helped by dumb luck in the gut wrenching, jaw dropping escape from defeat last Saturday.

I’m not saying Cody’s second blocked kick, the one that kept Tennessee from converting a 44-yard game winning field goal, was lucky. It was not luck, it was true grit. It would have been lucky had Cody and the Tide sat back and hoped Tennessee’s kicker would miss.
Instead, Mount Cody and Alabama took matters into their own gifted hands and smothered the Vols flight to glory before liftoff.

After more than 48 hours of serious contemplation, I am more proud of this Alabama win than most any others I can think of.

What bothers me is that Cody’s actions after the blocked kick have not been criticized (at least publicly) more by Nick Saban or by concerned Tide fans.

Cody’s dumb but good luck was that the referees did not penalize Alabama when Cody took his helmet off and hurled it across the field, BEFORE the play was completed. Alabama’s dumb luck was that no Volunteer had a bead on the ball, the one that was lying there seemingly for minutes, suspended in time, waiting for someone to scoop it up and take it to the end zone for the winning score. Yes, officials have said it shouldn’t have been a penalty, but why chance it? Yes, the ball looked like it crossed the line of scrimmage, but why chance it?

A couple of weeks ago I was miffed as I watched Tim Tebow take his helmet off and pump his fists after making a perfunctory first down run against Arkansas. I told a good friend I thought “Golden Boy” got a pass from the refs. Any other player would have been flagged.
I believe that Alabama will learn from its game with Tennessee and become stronger. I would bet that Saban has discussed a lot of things, including Cody’s helmet malfunction, with his troops in private.

But I’ll still offer this advice to Cody and any other player who might be tempted to pull their bonnet off (on the field) in exhuberation.

The fans will see your face at the press conference if you do something worthy. The TV cameras will show you grinning ear to ear ON THE SIDELINES, if you do something phenomenal.

Daniel Moore will paint your portrait and it will be hung in barbecue joints from Mobile to Florence from now until the end of time. Part of being a champion is controlling and harnessing your emotions and focusing on the task at hand. Keep it cinched up tight AT ALL TIMES on the field. You have the rest of your life to celebrate. ROLL TIDE!

10 thoughts on “Alabama’s dumb luck”

  1. Ok…this is sooooooo beyond ridiculous. We got the win, even though we played like crap, in our own backyard. The boys were tired, and we still found a way to win. And on top of all of that, we’ve had to hear over the last week how everyone thinks that the refs want to see a Bama/UF championship and how it’s one big conspiracy or whatever.

    I say…cut ’em some SLACK!!! It was a HUGE win that could ultimately be the reason we stay undefeated. He was emotional, it was a huge win, it was crazy…cut ’em some slack. Be glad that we’re winning. And not sure if this guy (or many of the haters) have ever played any organized sports, but…people show emotion. That’s what happens! So relax and enjoy the show!!!

  2. Awww, the poor widdle boys were tired! Papa Saban should have gotten out their “Hello Kitty” nap mats at halftime

  3. The fucking play was done after the helmet was took off. I am so sick of this topic — how about looking down towards Gainesville and see how much shit Tim Tebow gets away with — not to mention Brandon Spikes — one eye equals half a game — both eyes — suspension for a full game? Makes me sick — it wouldn’t of matter if Spikes got a full suspension for one game because Floridumb has Vanderbilt next. I have sympathy for that Oregon player who sucker punched that dude now. He’s been suspended SINCE then. I’d rather take a punch than have my eye GOUGED out.

  4. Get off it Hunter. You’re talkhng about a bunch of kids. Some of Bama’s participants, like Trent, were still in high school in May, just 5 months ago! You people need to remember that. That blocked field goal was the single most important play in either Sabans’ or Codys’ careers’ at Bama. It came at an impossible moment, and Cody while certainly not able to contemplate at that moment the regulations involved, nonetheless knew that 4 seconds had expired and the game was over. Even UcheaT knew it. That’s why they made no move to recover the ball which wouldn’t have done them any good anyway because Julio was right there. Hell, the official had to point to it to let everybody know it was still a live ball. Now the really stupid thing was JPW’s cell phone mimmic at LSU. But Codys’ spontaneous helmet removal was a beautiful thing to see, and it drove the blade even deeper into the hearts of the Viles for them to have to watch their killers’ exuberance with his dreds flying! Leave him alone! RTR!

  5. E.G. — you know better than I do due to our age differences that Bear HATED rocky flop — and it’s been a heated rivalry ever since — most of these rivalry games come down to the wire don’t you agree? I did some research (I’m 28 years old) and looked at some of the scores from the 80’s up into the early 90’s when my dad introduced me to football — there were a SHITLOAD of “close” games and blocked kicks — 12-10 scores — 14-13 scores — what’s the difference in 2009??? Just a lot riding on the Crimson Tide due to the lack of a crystal football in the trophy case since ’92 — once we get that fuckin crystal football — all the chatter changes … agree??

    Well — the story is to be continued… oh BTW — excuse my french — but FUCK Floridumb!!!!!

    The only time you wear orange is when you hunt or you’re doing time in County. Peace bitches.

  6. Oh hell yes. In the old days of the 4 yards and a cloud of dust offenses, 1 td or less wins were the norm. For example, Snakes Run In The Mud or Punt Bama Punt or The Goal Line Stand. But the main difference was communication. There were no computers or internet or text messaging or satellite or even cable tv. You just read your local paper and watched the local network sports, which of course talked up the local team. There was no way to know what the team you had just played was thinking, or anybody else for that matter. If you were lucky enough to have a team ranked in the top 10 you might catch a fleeting remark on CBS, ABC or NBC national news, sports and weather at 6pm. Back then you either rejoyced or suffered in silence, or with your next door neighbor. It’s a different world my friend! RTR!

  7. I Vile, before you start planning any new winning streaks against Bama, you best first figure out where you’re gonna come up with experienced replacements for the dozen or so senior starters you’re going to lose. We’ve already groomed replacements for our seniors and they are good enough already to where they play in every game. When ingram was hurt, Richardson came in and we didn’t miss a beat. When Arenas was hurt Marquise came in and we didn’t miss a beat. When we lost Hightower who is equal to Berry, Nico came in and we have only given up 19 points in the 3 games since. We have replacements for Peek, Woodall, Cody, Mike Johnson and McClain, should he go pro. What would the Volunqueers have done if you had lost Berry, or Hardesty or Crompton. Come apart like a piece of rice paper, that’s what! And that’s what is gonna happen next year! LMAO! RTR!

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