Forgotten That 2009 Was “The Year”?

  • by ITK

Pete Fiutak of Fox Sports hasn’t. But it’s amazing how after going 12-2, out of nowhere I may add, and returning a team loaded with NFL talent, Alabama is flying under the radar right now. Frankly, I am enjoying it. Fiutak’s article is a beautiful read.

My favorite lines of his article:

“So why, outside of the Utah embarrassment, is Alabama not being talked about among the preseason favorites to end up in Pasadena? Maybe it’s because it’s too easy, and too lazy, to assume the team will slip after losing a few key players.”

He then explains who we lost and why who we have filling the spots are more than adequate, some even better. Then the kicker…

“So if last year’s team came from out of nowhere to become a heartbeat away from playing for the national championship, don’t be shocked if this year’s team, with all the improvements, is able to finish the job.”

Check it out here.