Meyer Worship Alive and Well In Florida

by intheknow72

Want to get someone rubbed out in the state of Florida? Looking to make someone “go away”? It’s simple. Just suggest that someone opposes Urban Meyer and the Meyer mafia will take your foe to task. Like the thugs, they’ll show up at the door and you’ll likely never hear from that person again.

Maybe we live in a state where we’ve just been conditioned to accept critical media outlets, especially critical of the home team. But the Florida media is taking brown nosing and lapdogging to a new low.

First, Mike Bianchi of the Orlando News Sentinel attempted to crown Meyer as king of college football history by suggesting he has replaced Bear Bryant as the greatest coach who ever lived. This comment at SEC Media Days last week was the vocal shot heard around the world, as Finebaum took him to task about it. Apparently eight years as a head coach in the 21st century equals thirty-five years as a head coach in the twentieth, with six national championships and thirteen SEC championships (ten outright, three shared) in the bag.

Then the same writer covered for an unfortunate incident that happened at a University of Florida football camp last Friday. In his blog, “Open Mike”, Bianchi reported on July 25th that last week a player at the camp who had made an oral commitment to the University of Miami was sent packing, reportedly with a Gator coach filling his ear with profanity on the way out. There was some jawing between players at the camp (imagine football players talking smack!), and after a drill the player flashed the Miami “U”.

According to the article, “In a statement, Florida team spokesman Steve McClain said: “He (Tavadis Glenn) was asked to leave during the last drill period of the camp because of potential safety issues to other campers.”

What, were there burning fuses coming out of his fingers? “Potential safety issues to other campers?” Was he like Edward Scissor Hands, with knives protruding from his fingertips as he flashed the sign? Safety issues? Seriously?

Can college coaches not handle high school football players? But here’s what struck me most.

According to (Orlando Sentinel Jeremy) Fowler’s story, Glenn said he flashed the ‘U’ after successfully blocking a defensive lineman to show Gators recruits “what Miami can do” after they taunted him throughout the night. Glenn said that’s when a Florida coach booted him from the camp.

Notice the words, “after they taunted him throughout the night.” So this 17-year-old kid is getting an earful from Florida fans turned campers at this football camp, he makes a great play, makes a legal gesture in all 50 states, and he’s escorted from the football facility under a barrage of profanity from a paid University of Florida employee and someone supposed to be able to act like an adult in that situation.

Can you imagine if this happened to an Auburn verbal commitment this summer in Tuscaloosa?

Says Bianchi, “UF did the right thing by escorting Glenn from the camp to avoid any escalation of tension.”

And come to think of it, whatever happened to trying to turn a verbal commitment? It is just a verbal until next February.

As Bama fans, I know we’ve been accused of worshipping the Bear. And I’ve said it before, I’m not sure how he would have reacted in today’s head coach fishtank/oversaturated sports media market, with a different blog, magazine and writer trying to make a name for himself popping up somewhere every five minutes.

But the unadulturated love fest for and protection of the University of Florida and Urban Meyer is getting downright disturbing.

If there is a Mrs. Bianchi, she better be worried. One wink from Urban and Mike Bianchi is gone.