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Saban has gone to bat for Andre Smith

Andre Smith’s draft problems may be a thing of the past thanks to Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban. According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper, Jr. said Nick Saban has defended Smith to NFL clubs.

Kiper told the Times Free Press, “I don’t think it’s much of an issue anymore. Nick Saban has gone to bat for this kid, and that’s helped Andre immensely and helped him make up for the mismanagement of this process. Getting suspended for Alabama’s bowl game, leaving the combine early, those things are reasons why Andre might be there at pick No. 13. Nick Saban really helped this kid. And by doing that, he helped put to rest some of those doubts those teams had and helped him not drop past No. 13.”

2 thoughts on “Saban has gone to bat for Andre Smith”

  1. What was coach suppose to do? Kick this kid to the curb just because he screwed up one game.No coach did what any coach would do and that is stand up for this kid.This kid gave every thing he had while playing for the great Crimson Tide and always left it on the field.He made one mistake and it just happen to be one of the biggest games of his career.If he had to do it over again i can promise you that would not happen again.We all learn from past history about our selves.So Andre good luck in big time football looking foward to watching you on sundays.And thank you Coach Saban for being the coach you are.

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