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Tide notes: Tuesday edition

Wonder who is going to win the QB job?
There are many questions about Alabama’s 2009 team, but the biggest could be who plays quarterback. Over at, Jess Nichols attempts to divine the Crimson Tide’s future starters. Nichols takes it by position starting at left tackle. The projections are just for how things could sort out during the spring, but everyone enjoys making predictions.

Speaking of quarterbacks
The Rap Sheet provides details on what recruit Nick Montana thinks of Alabama. According to the report Montana said, “They know how to win. It helps that they run a pro-style offense. I’d like to get into an offense like that. The school I go to doesn’t have to have one, but I wouldn’t mind going into one.”

Kent Matthes Named National and SEC Player of the Week
(From UA) TUSCALOOSA — Alabama senior right fielder Kent Matthes capped an exceptional week Monday by being named the Collegiate Baseball newspaper Louisville Slugger National Player of the Week and the Southeastern Conference Player of the Week for his efforts in the Tide’s four games last week against Nicholls State and Illinois-Chicago.

The Orlando, Fla., native hit .563 (9 for 16) last week with four home runs and 13 RBI. He also hit for the cycle in one game, had two game-winning RBI, including a walk-off 10th-inning blast, and tied the school record with a home run in five straight games. He also scored nine runs and compiled a 1.563 slugging mark in the four games.

“It’s an honor for me and it was a great week for our team,” Matthes said Monday afternoon. “It is always great to be recognized. It is a real honor for me.”

Kiffin Watch
Steve Spurrier doesn’t want to be compared to Lane Kiffin. Who could blame him? Spurrier is a legend and Lane Kiffin is a legend in his own mind. According to Chris Low’s blog, he asked Spurrier about Tennessee Volunteer coach Lane Kiffin and some of the things the boy blunder has said. Spurrier’s response was interesting, “I don’t need to get into all that. People say I used to talk a lot. I guess any time you win a whole bunch, you talk more than guys who don’t win a whole bunch.”

There is more to the Spurrier answer and other parts of the Q&A, but that part of the response was typical Spurrier—he wove a nice dig at the Tennessee coach by pointing out he owns a winning record in the SEC while Lane Kiffin is winless.

While on the subject of Kiffin, SportsByBrooks hit on Kiffin’s secret recruiting strategy, “In fairness to Kiffin, he allegedly never took off his own shirt. He also may have finally learned that the best thing he can do is stay out of the way and let his surprisingly adept staff do what they do best: Sell teenage kids on a program with no known track record by doing strange and excitable things.”

Random rants
Nothing to do with Alabama football, but Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford is an idiot. As proof I present this latest bit of news from the Birmingham News: “Today, red-lining has been replaced by a new term: a credit score,” Langford said. “We need to pull our money out of banks that won’t lend in these communities and put them in a lending institution that will.”

Hey idiot, lending money to people with bad credit is what got the country into this economic mess. Does anyone feel comfortable about Langford running a bank? Can Langford even balance his own checkbook?

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