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Recruiting: Love letter to Rueben Randle

Recruiting is a creepy affair. Forty-year-old men sit around at lunch talking about the awesome “stats” (bodies) of 18-year-olds.

“Did you see those biceps?”

Of course the homoerotic nature of recruiting isn’t the creepiest part; the creepiest part is how media outlets like recruiting sites and even major newspapers shill for the home team.

Gannett’s Glenn Guilbeau takes it to a whole new level of slobbering. Guilbeau writes a love letter to top recruit Rueben Randle. Guilbeau declares LSU really really really needs Randle.

Guilbeau opines: “But Alabama does not need Randle as much as LSU does. Alabama already has Julio Jones, the No. 1 receiver in the nation last season out of Foley High in Foley, Ala. If Randle goes to Alabama, he’ll only be Jones’ Robin for at least two more years.

“If Randle goes to LSU, he could be Julio Jones all over again…LSU needs Randle more than Alabama needs Randle. It’s America, Randle can go wherever he wants and not have to answer to any self-absorbed fanatic with purple and gold on the brain. But if Randle wants to be the Man, LSU is the place.”

How much did LSU boosters pay for that commercial?

Is Guilbeau now on Les Miles’ Christmas card list? With this slobbering column, Guilbeau and Miles must be new BFFs (best friends forever).

This fine journalism is a prime reason Gannett is teetering on the brink. It is the same company where a Louisiana newspaper editor published an Internet hoax as fact in what amounted to a smear of Nick Saban.

At least recruiting websites and blogs are honest about their agendas. Newspapers aren’t. I’m no longer going to mourn when they fold.

11 thoughts on “Recruiting: Love letter to Rueben Randle”

  1. This is maybe the least perceptive column I have ever read. Anyone who follows LSU football and knows ANYTHING about it knows that Glenn Guilbeau does not have a reputation for being an unofficial Tiger booster. If anything, he is regarded by many LSU fans as being too critical of LSU for their taste.

  2. Oh well, if LSU fans think it….it must be true.

    Please, every fanbase believes people aren’t positive enough about their team.

  3. If that is the LEAST perceptive column you have ever read then you don’t read very much.

    Reporters are humans too and they understandably root for the local team they cover, but it is very unprofessional to break from reporting and commentary and actively encourage a player to go to your school.

    The Tuscaloosa News sports reporters are probably tide fans but I don’t see them ever begging a recruit to come to Alabama.

  4. I agree CJ; as much as I loathe total boobs like Josh Moon, I understand why he beats the drum for Auburn. He was Tubby’s lapdog, and even rolled over, would fetch and sit on command. He also found himself playing dead when his master was shown the door. But understandably, nobody wants to cover a loser, so as a reporter I can see how one might try and tilt things to their team’s favor. This kind of allegation usually churns up righteous indignation from those in the media, like there’s some sort of media hypocratic oath reporters cover their hearts to. But we know it to be far more hypocritical than hypocratic.

    And with a last name like Guilbeau, the reporter Cappy calls out in his article, we all know it’s an incredible reach to assume he grew up around and favors LSU football.

  5. Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    We probably dont have achance, but this was just reported……….Gus Malzahn is going to visit him in Louisiana.

  6. Sounds like a BUNCH of jealous bummers to me or WALDO and ALFALFA trying to WOO
    Darla…. SO this guys writes about the kid bamma wants? And then you write about the guy to make him sound like a pediphile! I ll bet more than one of you bummers pay for the right to go to these crutin websites…..

  7. chris says: Utah-LOL

    Bamaman says:
    AL 36 Aub 0,
    Aub=no bowl game and a 5-19 head coach

    now that’s something to lol about, I think I will. . . .bwahahahahahahahaha

  8. BM there ya go again! OPEN MOUTH SHOW IGNORANCE….Let me ask this, How long will you guys ride the WIN on Polytech?
    It musta been awful damn SPECIAL becuase every negative thing said about uat,You guys come back with 36-0 comments. I dont even rememeber the score to the 36 IB(That was the last one I have been to)..

    Hang on for life and I wanna see you when SAban dissappoints you guys…HE WILL YA KNOW????

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