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Sugar Bowl commentary

Live discussion/reaction to the 2009 Sugar Bowl game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Utah Utes. Join in and share your thoughts as it happens.

5 thoughts on “Sugar Bowl commentary”

  1. This had to be one of the hardest games I’ve ever watched. Pathetic. As good of a beating you would stomach.
    To hell with it.

  2. Saban is a hell of a coach, but he laid an egg in this game. It was blatantly obvious in th 1st qtr that Bama completely underestimated Utah, and thought they would just roll over and die. Bama never even knew what hit ’em before it was 21-0. That’s bad mental preparation, and that lies squarely with the head coach. I’ll be curious to see how many Bama fans can admit that Saban screwed the pooch in this game.

  3. Julio, I will be the first Bama fan to say we are the second youngest team in the country and to lose by the soon to be National Champion Florida and the soon to be rated number 2 Utah, I am very happy with Saban, our team and our progress in year two. Can you imagine what Utah would have done to a team like Aub? I’ll be curious to see how many Aub fans admit we will be competing for the SEC and in BCS bowls yearly while Aub just hopes to make any bowl game. bwahahahahahahahahaha

    36-0 RTR!!!!!
    12-2 RTR!!!!!

  4. Bamaman, show your class to our friend Julio. Auburn will be back, it just might take a while. They’ll get invited to a fine bowl as early as next year, just you wait and see.

    But I do agree with what you said. It took all Florida had to beat us and make it to their cake walk of a title game next Thursday, and Utah will be number 2 with a top 5 preseason ranking next season. Our talent pool is half full, but rising. The future is bright.

    For my full thoughts on Friday night’s game, look for my article…coming soon…

  5. Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Look Bammers………12-2 is something that doesnt happen real often. Sure , you would rather go out with a win. but there aint nothin to hang your head over. Utah looked very good. A Muuuuuch better defense than I would have ever thought. I only wonder what if …..What if Andre didnt get benched. Momentum is a crazy thing. It may not have made a difference. But who knows. Bamas whole offensive front got totaly confused. First Andre benched . Then the other tackle injured. That totally changed Bamas strongest asset, its O-line.

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