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No. 7 Utah beats No. 4 Alabama 31-17 in Sugar Bowl

AP: After surging to No. 1 in the rankings with a 12-0 regular season, Alabama closed the season with two consecutive losses, the first against Florida in the Southeastern Conference championship game. Read the entire AP story below:

8 thoughts on “No. 7 Utah beats No. 4 Alabama 31-17 in Sugar Bowl”

  1. Man that was a tough loss! took us behind the shed and made us like it!!! The Tide underestimated Utah on all sides of the ball. Hopefully the young guys can take something away from that. That was a crap ending to our perfect reg. season. Still, BAMA has an incredibly bright future ahead of itself!!! A.J. McCarron, D.J. Fluker, M. Marrow, T. Richardson, and so forth will help us to become ever more dominant in the SEC. Oh yeah. we did beat those BOOGER EATERS 36-0 so go ahead and smile!

  2. Hopefully the Alabama fans can take something away from that. All I heard from most of them before the game was how Utah didn’t have a chance and how ya’ll deserved to play a better caliber team. Fluker, Marrow and Richardson maybe, but what I saw of McCarron in the Army game today, he may be the second coming of JPW, and we all know what Bama fans thought of him. Especially after last night.

  3. Come on you bunch of freakin pansies!!! It’s one damn game. You had an incredible season, and one lousy game doesn’t ruin that (no matter what Kevin Scarbinsky says). Sack up and post some replies about what a lousy coaching job Saban did in the game. It’s not gonna jinx you for next season. It’s like a ghost town in here right. If Bama would have won, there would be 300 replies to Cappy’s posts. I don’t think there’s been a total of 5 posts since the end of the game, and half of those were from us “barners”.

  4. Sorry I had too!

    Im just pissed that I did count on that myself..unlike a bammer counting on after prom sex or the ABC store to be open open after the game but like an SEC Football fan counting on what shoulda been a win! Damn I guess the rest of the world will compare you guys and the DAMN SEC to Hawaii of Georgia Fame!


  5. Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Omni………I just ran a wikepedia on UTE, here is what is says. Quote “A polygimist Morman” Unquote…….

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