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Saban: Smith could return to ‘Bama

AP: Nick Saban said no decision has been made on whether Smith will return to Alabama or enter the NFL draft. NCAA spokeswoman Stacy Osburn confirmed that the university is handling the matter. More details below:

3 thoughts on “Saban: Smith could return to ‘Bama”

  1. Yet another reason I love Saban.

    You can bet if Smith chooses to return to Alabama (I know, a long shot, but by his own words still possible), Saban’s approach with him will be similar to what he dealt Prince Hall. Now, it will be the diet version, but still, it is a shot heard around the world…or at least around the athletic complex: It doesn’t matter who you are or what trophies you’ve won, do things the right way for face the consequences. There is no coach-to-star athlete butt kissing, excusing bad behavior. Just a dictator who believes he can get the next guy ready if you can’t get your act together.

    I still can’t believe the Nictator is really our coach. Pinch me.

  2. I hope he returns, but I have a feeling if he is to return, he would’ve already stated he’s staying.

  3. I wish him the best.
    There is a lot of talent waing in the wings and it is time that we see who is stepping up and who is riding pine.

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