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Reconsidering Saban’s NFL exit

In light of Seattle’s year and the Buc’s collapse during the final weeks of the season, Pro Football Talk mentions Saban’s exit from the Miami Dolphins: “Kiffin is saying that maybe Nick Saban had it right. And maybe, in hindsight, Saban did. Maybe the best way to prevent a potential distraction for a coach’s current team from becoming a complete and total distraction is to conceal the truth.”

Of course Saban did the right thing for his team. Was it the right thing for Saban? No. His life would have been easier if he’d said, “Forget the NFL.” However, Saban was more committed to his team and finishing the job at hand. He is obsessive that way.

Is a lie ever the right thing? I don’t know. But I can think of plenty of times I’ve told people I enjoyed a horrible cup of coffee—was Saban’s lie worse than that?

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