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Utah preps for Alabama

Utah is already watching film on Alabama as it prepares to face the Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl. Ian Rapoport of the Birmingham News provides some insight on how Utah is working on attacking Alabama’s defense.

We search tons of stories every day to determine which to share. Some are useful, some are funny and others have nothing whatsoever to do with football. Take this one as an example: Alabama Team to Compete for Top Dog Title in AKC Agility Invitational. Good luck as “Webb Anderson of McCalla, Alabama and his Miniature Schnauzer, Nigel, will compete against the top dogs in the country at the Dec. 13-14 event in Long Beach, California.”

It is going to snow. Please visit the local grocery store for milk and bread in an orderly fashion. provides regular updates on weather developments here in Alabama.

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No thanks to a playoff
Money. The BCS is superior to a playoff system because of the money it produces. According to The National Championship Issue blog, “On average, the five BCS bowls brought in almost $6.4 Million more per conference per year than March Madness did.”

The blog also goes on to point out that the NCAA’s involvement with March Madness creates additional headaches for schools—you know the NCAA, if there is a way to make life miserable, those bureaucrats will find it. (H/T to Senator Blutarsky on the BCS link.)

Bowl gifts
Bowl sponsors put together very nice gift packs for participants. Alabama and Utah will enjoy, “Sony MP3 Walkman, Sony Blu-Ray player, Timely Watch Co. watch and a New Era cap,” according to Awful Announcing. AA provides a list of almost every bowl gift pack too.

4 thoughts on “Utah preps for Alabama”


    Word in Provo is that the Utes have already reserved several Emrgency room spaces and some tractioning equipment.
    Plus there is a spike in life insurance sales. Several of the players have revised thier wills to include as many as 7 of thier current wives. And among several fundamentalist sects, it is believed that Terrance Cody is the reincarnation of Joseph Smith.
    Even the faculty at Brigham Young is taking notice of the uncanny resemblence between Smith and Cody.
    Back to you Cappy.

  2. boy did this sound funny we were just making sure that your players had a place to go thanks for being such a good game NOT!!!

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