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A letter to the Crimson Tide

By Shane from Centerpoint
First and foremost, let me state this fact up front to the University of Alabama football program: there are literally millions of people who have “gotten your back” for as long as I can remember. Many have been loyal fans much longer than your current players have been alive. I am among those, with forty-plus years of solid support. In fact, I feel justified in saying that your fan base is one of the greatest in college football.

That said, what has happened to that long standing tradition of consistent success that was established by real men whose blood, sweat and tears went into making you one of the best football programs in the history of the sport?

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Apparently the winning legacy of Wade, Thomas and Bryant – to accept nothing but perfection – has been lost to this new breed of Alabama player. Where is the “heart” that guys like Barry Kraus, Ken Coley, Tommy Wilcox and many others displayed every time they put on the crimson jersey?

Where is the intense drive to achieve victory that leader’s like Kenny Stabler, Pat Trammel and Joe Namath carried on the field every time they stepped on it? I’m not sure that today’s Tide has any true leaders on the roster.

I, and thousands like me are saddened by the lack of confidence we have in this teams dedication. When are all the excuses going to stop? How long are we going to have to endure these mediocre expectations, which are an insult to every former player who made the ultimate sacrifice to win championships?

Tide fans can only hope that Nick Saban can teach these young men that SEC football is not a party. I personally want the coach to convince future stars like Julio Jones, Burton Scott and Tyler Love that playing for the Crimson Tide is serious business. We need talented leaders at Alabama whose actions do their talking on the field.

It pains me, and I shouldn’t have to say this to some people associated with the program, but this is “The” University of Alabama. We win championships! We do not accept anything less! Why should we?

After only having two seasons with more than seven wins this decade and going 7-6 last year, it is high time we reach down deep as a program and find the fortitude to push everything to the limit to get back where we belong. I hope coach Saban is as hard and demanding as some might say. That is the only hope we have left.

The table is set. We have had the eleventh, the tenth, and the number one classes of recruits in the last three years. We’ve had our full limit (85) for about three years running. We have one of the best head coaches in the game. We have depth and quality competition at all positions. Like I mentioned before, there are no excuses left to make.

I remember what it was like to go into Bryant-Denny stadium and know that our opponent simply could not beat us. Let me assure you Bama, all your fans want to feel that way again. They long for their thirteenth national title.

I’m sorry if my honesty isn’t following the apparent party line of late. I’m speaking here for those who fill the stands, who buy the merchandise, and don’t have the vast public forum this commentary offers. Besides, there is nothing wrong with lofty goals and great expectations. They are the building blocks of champions.

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I want all Tide fans who read this column to demand that we no longer accept the status quo. I believe that coach Saban has the positive attitude and the strength to energize this program. However, he can do nothing if the players (first) and the fans refuse to change their negative ways.

I may be pushing the process along faster than conservative fans or even Saban want. Maybe they don’t care what I think down in Tuscaloosa. Believe me, if they win only seven games this year they will.

I expect an Alabama football player to physically out work his opponents just like Wallace Gilberry. I demand that Bama players watch more film than any other team – see Demeco Ryans. I want coach Saban to drive this team as hard as Bryant drove his.

Time is growing short. The window is open. As far as I’m concerned, we’re burning daylight.

101 thoughts on “A letter to the Crimson Tide”

  1. First, I’m an Alabama fan.

    Second, What the hell are you smoking?

    re: Apparently the winning legacy of Wade, Thomas and Bryant – to accept nothing but perfection – has been lost to this new breed of Alabama player.
    – That’s just stupid nonsense. I mean really?

    But at leasy you got me to reply.

  2. Shano!
    Dont you know that the real standard of excellence now rests on the east side of the state?
    We Rule! Why? Because the War Eagles have fans like me… Auburn Man. And that is what makes Auburn great. Me. Auburn Man. All of Auburn’s players are the next Micheal Jordan of Football! The new “Spread” will be the greatest offensive scheme of all time. And Tommy Tuberville will win the next 5 national Championships. WRITE IT DOWN all you poor Allerbammer trash! Auburn Man says so. And if its Auburn Man …..its always a cut above! Auburn is great…because I say it is great!

  3. Shane must have fallen asleep in the freezer at the ice plant. The paragraph below pretty much states what the Auburnites have been stating for years!!!

    “When are all the excuses going to stop? How long are we going to have to endure these mediocre expectations, which are an insult to every former player who made the ultimate sacrifice to win championships?”

    I just wish Shane would have defined the “ultimate sacrifice” the former players made. Did they go to war and put their lives on the line like our guys are doing in the middle east right now? Cmon Shane cut the drama, stick with the clueless humor you usually provide.

    I read this posting and seriously, a tear came to my eye. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “I laughed so hard I cried.” That is where the tears came from.

    I hope Shanes brain thaws.


  4. so true shane real bama fans understand what u are saying other ones who just jumped on board really no nothing about alabama football .SEC better be ready because alabama football will be BACK ,O BY THE WAY AUBURN U STILL SUCK


  6. So Shane is saying these guys lack character? I think if anybody has been paying attention to the police blotter and seeing all the Bama players that are showing up there know that already. The game comes down to character and until Saban realizes that and quits recruiting and allowing the thugs on the team Bama will collapse in the 4th quarter like a folding chair.

    Bama fans are great at making excuses but it is tough to put spin on the fact that there has been 0 arrests at Auburn the past year and we are going for #7 in a row. Most people can put 2 and 2 together and figure out why.


  8. Geez, “Auburn Man,” if you’re going to pretend to be an Auburn fan in order to try to make Auburn fans look bad, you’re going to need a little more subtlety.

    (Subtlety is in the dictionary. Look it up.)

  9. Dear John (SHANE)

    I am sorry to be writing you this letter but, I must.If your reading this I am probably in another town with another letter to write but dont worry Uncle Nick is gonna take good care of you. He has promised us he will not leave you or you bretheren. We TRIED like all dickens to replace the BARE but, we just couldnt ( we came close twice )but just …..Hold on gotta wipe,……………..DAMMIT SHANE YOU MUST GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE. Uncle Nick is gonna take good care of you we promise! Just tell the boys to get plenty of rest, eat their veggies, and go forth youg men and WIN ONE FOR THE BARE


  10. Hey shane – how the hell is saban playing Prince Hall after 3 games when he was caught with that much dope? Hell, it will be a miracle if he doesn’t get 20 years for trafficking!!

    Then again, why would a coach play someone like that – desperate much?

  11. And you have proof of this arrest? Police report? Court date?

    Everyone has speculated what Hall did; however, nobody has provided the actual proof.

  12. Better than that – I have all the details. Even know about a conference call from the coaching staff – lol. they all know the grim details and don’t care.

  13. If you don’t want to publish them here, email me at

    Provide some details like when, where (basically what jurisdiction made the arrest) when is court, etc. Just some basic information to provide a starting point for verifying your information.

  14. I heard Saban had a plan to let Prince play in the first three games as well. You know they need him so they have a better chance at winning one of the games unless 0-3 start is part of the “process” of championship and character building.

    They are taking his name off the jersey and replacing it with a symbol then the cheesy guys they hire to call the games on pay per view will have to refer to him as “the player formerly know as Prince”….bada bing!

    I’ll tell you one thing, the Prison Team in Tuscaloosa ought to have a pretty damn good team especially if they let Stabler coach. Just don’t let him drive the team bus. According to Shane they already have the right attitude to play on a prison team. Think of the money the prison team could generate to improve facilities. Tubby being as kind hearted as he is, could allow them them to use Tubberville Field right there on the Alabama facility (I mean campus) and you know it would sell out just because the roster would be filled with Stars off the once proud regular Bama team. They could even pull Namath out of retirement, put him in some panyy hose and a skirt and head up the cheerleading squad.

    JW, you can get your tickets now, just log on to http://www.letshumiliatebamaeven

    This really might work. Bama could actually have a chance at winning a championship even though it would only be the 2008 Prison League Championship. Imagine the excitement. And think about how it would help in recruiting. Some of the degenerate thugs that had no interest in Saban or Bama just might come around especially if the team crack/cocaine is of good quality like most thing Tuscaloosa are.

    Don’t give up hope just yet Shane, Bama Prison Team just be what it takes to bring a championship back to Tuscaloosa! Heck, wouldn’t it be great if the Bama Prison Team could play the championship game against the Penn State Prison Team. Talk about bringing back memories (since that is ALL the Bammers have had for such a long, long, long time)…Bama vs Penn State in the National Prison Football League. Get ready Daniel Moore!


  15. If I released the details, there could be trouble for a friend. Let’s just say it was a ton of pot. That should be enough when more details are available. That is, assuming it doesn’t get covered up again.


  17. Keep the inferiority coming, Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute stepchildren!

    I understand your only solution to dealing with the insecurity surrounding the faith you have in your below average coach, is by hyping up the places he took his team while he had no other competition in the state due to NCAA sanctions and a myriad coaching changes.

    I notice how you backwoods Opelika Barnies are quick to attack Saban’s 7-6 record (in his first season) and the arrests of many of Shula’s players (in his first season), yet you fail to take a trip down memory lane remember Tuberredneck’s 4-7 record in his first season and have nearly as many players arrested AND NOT PUNISHED on his team during his first season as well.

    Your below average coach who never posted a winning record in the SEC until his sixth season, and who never found the key to success until he cleverly managed to fill Alabama’s void courtesy of the NCAA, and who Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute couldn’t follow through with his firing before then, realizes his days are numbered. He’s stocking up on UAB rejects so that when when the next coach takes over, he’ll never have the “success” Tuberredneck had while Alabama wasn’t there to stand in his way. As soon as Tuberredneck loses his first Iron Bowl, which will be the first Iron Bowl loss of his since BEFORE we were placed on probation, and he loses by a margin far beyond 7 points, which is the best he could do while he stomped us in recruiting during our years of decline, he’ll begin typing up that retirement speech and after Alabama stomps his ass for the second consecutive year, he’s gone.

    Live for the moment you’re in right now, because it’ll be a long, long time before Alabama ever endures harsh sanctions or a myriad of coaching changes like they’ve done this decade. Besides, it’s not everyday you only win 4 Iron Bowls in a 12 year period, then oddly win the next six* IMMEDIATELY AFTER your arch rival is placed on probation.

    So go hunker down at another weekend rodeo in that backwoods, outdated and uncivilized farming community known as The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute and prepare to have all your hopes and dreams (six* in a row) diminished just as they were in the 1950s, where you went on to lose for the next two decades, and the 1980s, where you went on to lose the next 8 out of 12.

    It’s pathetic to be an Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute Cowgirl, say it’s pathetic to be an Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute Cowgirl…

  18. I am going to assume that JW and Bama fan in NYC are like most Crimson Tide fans and have never set foot on campus to pursue any academic endeavors? To try to say a chop block against LSU (by the way no penalty was called on the play) is the same as having 1/5 of your team arrested in the past year is drawing at straws.

    What is amazing about the Bama fans that post here is there total disregard for facts.
    FACT 1-Auburn has won 6 Iron Bowls in a row
    FACT 2- All the Crimson Tide excuses for why fact #1 happened make you sound petty and childish
    FACT 3- You got yourself on NCAA probation so blaming other people for that happening is just plain wrong
    FACT 4- Saban has never stayed in one place for long so to assume he will at Alabama is ignoring logic and past history
    FACT 5- No matter what we say on these blogs the matter will be settled out on the field and we should let the dust settles when that happens
    FACT 6- How many Iron Bowls in row will Auburn have to win to get some respect from Tuscaloosa

    Have a good weekend!

  19. David It dont matter we didnt have a damn thing to do with their probation
    the cheated Tenn. told and ta DAAAAA
    but they blame us I like you Train of thought though LETS PLAY THE GAME!!!


  20. Oh yea and all of em have mullets. They cant leave the past for some reason and realize that come November They have to play POLYTECH again and they have to tell all who ask……..

    Yes POLYTECH beat us again!!!


  21. More players thrown under the bus. Shane DEMANDS certain things from players who wouldn’t deign to glance at him. Hilarious. More self parody cometh from the Ice Man.

  22. “Ultimate sacrifice?” We are still talking about a GAME here, not the Iraq War. Only a delusional bammer would talk in those terms.

    “Maybe they don’t care what I think down in Tuscaloosa.” Shanie, I can GUARANTEE that they don’t care what you think.

    And for the love of Webster, GET YOURSELF A 9TH GRADE GRAMMAR BOOK!!! People who can’t grasp grammar at a 9th grade level should NOT be published anywhere. Jeez.

    I must add one more thing: as stupid as Shanie is, he may have met his match in “JW.” Apparently “JW” stands for “Just Whack.”

  23. I can’t believe Scotty beamed so many dumd-ass Aubies down to the same website. Of course I’m unbiased, being a clinical psycologist, but isn’t this writer’s commentary directed to the Alabama team and possibly Alabama fans? Clearly, the Auburn bloggers are obsessed with this writer and everything Alabama. However, it is both enlightening and fascinating.

  24. bama fan in nyc where in the heck are you grtting your facts from? must be from the birmingham news. anyway you are dead wrong
    tubberville had a losing season in his 1st year. this is true but tubbs not having a winning record against the sec until his 6th season. well lets see
    1999 his 1st year sec record 2-6
    2000 sec record 6-3 thats a losing record?
    2001 sec record 5-3 i guess another losing record
    2002 sec record 5-3
    2003 sec record 5-3
    in his 1st 5 years he has only has 1 losing record
    oh yea by the way
    2000-2002 auburn has either shared or won the west division how does a team do that with a losing record
    jw we ignore fans like you because every year you bama fans say bama is back , bama is going to kill auburn this year but yet auburn still wins,so keep talking but nobody is listening

  25. Shane is a BLOGGER


    Cry all you want too. It will NEVER happen in you old as* lifetime.

    The TIGERS are coming!

    AUBURN “THE” University of Alabama.

  26. Genius! Genius! Genius!

    Tommy Tuberville has been coaching in the SEC for 14 years. Four at Ole Miss and five at Alabama Tech. If you guys claim it didn’t take him six years to finally post a winning record in the SEC, then once again you’ve spammed our message boards with misinformation, which is what you Barnzoes do best!

    1995: 3-5
    1996: 2-6
    1997: 4-4
    1998: 3-5
    1999: 2-6

    And he won his first official – and only – SEC title while Alabama was swimming with the sharks.

    If Tuberville is one of the best in the nation, can you justify why he was nothing more than below average/mediocre until he temporarily flip flopped the state while Alabama had no say in the matter due to strict punishments?

  27. It’s very easy to understand the War Eagles are quick to attack Saban’s first season flaws, simply because this is the only shot they’ll ever have at exposing his weaknesses, but have they forgotten Tuberville was twice as bad in his first season at API?

    It’s a sign of the inevitable. The AUtards have already accepted the fact that their days are numbered and they’re going to make these last few days worth while. The many absurd responses to this blog are evidence of that.

  28. Shane once again you’re a success at stirring the pot and raping those Eastern Alabama sibling lovers of their pride. Keep up the good work!

    PS: The end is near Opelika-Techers! November 28th is your last full day in the sun.

  29. Since we are examining coaching records lets see where Saban stands. This should be fun for the Bama fans because it incorporates their favorite subject–History.

    *Saban has been a head coach for 14 years
    *He has 114 wins against 65 losses
    *He is 4-3 in bowl games

    So lets project where Alabama will be with him.

    *Bama will average 8 wins against 5 losses (so last years 7-6 mark is not too far off the average)
    *Bama will win roughly half the bowl games they play
    *Saban who averages 3 years at every head coaching job will probably stay for the full 5 years on his contract before heading for greener pastures
    *If Auburn continues it’s Iron Bowl dominance and Saban carries a personal 3 loss streak against the Tigers in the 2010 game the pressure will be enormous and should he lose he will more than likely be done after year 4

    I think what most Alabama fans do not understand is the SEC has changed and it is not like the 60’s where Bama was like Ohio State in the Big 10 and could win 10 games a year even in off years. There have been 3 different teams that have won National Championships in the SEC over the past 4 years (I am counting Auburn’s Golfing Digest championship in 2004 to spur debate) No team will ever dominate the conference in the forseeable future so Saban will get the Tide back into contention but will still post about a .500 winning percentage against the SEC elite.

  30. OK, who is this and what have you done with Shane!!!!

    Shane, what you are looking for would require time travel, to go back 30 or more years to a time when players chose the college they loved, to a time of more civility.

    Todays college football is faster, tougher and more demanding of physical excellence than ever before. Athletes are in many ways genetic freaks (compared to the rest of us). College is a stepping stone to a multi-million a year pro career.

    Very few college players choose their school because of its tradition, fewer yet choose a school because they “love it”. These players are looking for the school that can enhance their future.

    Perhaps my brother-in-law from Ohio said it best: “my mercenaries can beat your mecenaries”. What is absurd is the expectation of “choir boy” behavior from a thug. And we all have our thugs.

    So what if a kid has a few drinks and gets into a brawl!!! My guess is that this happens almost daily on almost every campus among non-athletes. In my opinion, if no serious damage is done it should be a “no harm-no foul” call.

    AS for these new players being like the old, consider this. A few years ago a Bama recruit arrived on campus and one of the questions asked was what he thought of playing at the school Bear Bryant once coached. His response, “who”.

    Shane, these are different times for all of us, and not necessarily better times.

  31. You Barnies constantly repeat the whole “Alabama will never dominate the SEC” nonsense, but the fact is it’s irrelevant to the initial conversation. I for one never said Alabama will never dominate the SEC, but you said the 60s, and last I recall, in the 90s Georgia, Florida, Auburn, and Tennessee were strong, yet we still played in the division title game five times, and we finished undefeated in two regular seasons (92 and 94). And you say we’ll never dominate the way we did in the 60s and 70s, well do you know how many times you defeated us in the 1990s? THREE! So, what does the 60s and 70s have to do with anything?

    Either way, the point is where you stand today, is where we would be standing had it not been for restrictions and five coaching changes. Instead of bashing us, you should be thanking Logan Young for his allegations and Mal Moore hiring Mike Shula which led to Tub’s and Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute’s sudden success.

    And as far as Saban is concerned, he’s yet to post a losing record in the SEC. The closest he’s came to a losing record was the 4-4 mark he posted at Alabama, a team in recovery from devastation, and that record was FAR MORE BETTER THAN TUBER’S WAS IN HIS FIRST SEASON AT THE Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute!

    Oh, and should I mention he also won TWO SEC titles and ONE national title in FIVE YEARS! That’s twice as much as Tuberredneck has won in FOURTEEN YEARS! What’s your excuse for that?

    You seen what a roster halfway filled with recruiting classes that finished behind Ole Miss in the rankings was able to do under him in his first season and that was lose every game by SEVEN points or less. Call it “moral victories” or whatever you’d like, but what’s he gonna do with talent far beyond what Shula was unfortunate enough to stock us up with? He won’t go undefeated, but he’ll definitely reestablish Alabama’s name among the SEC’s elite, taking your place, or should I say, reclaiming our place by taking it away from you guys.

    Tub’s on the other hand, he couldn’t win with talent similar to what he’s recruiting now, in the past, so what makes YOU think The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute is going to continue their dominance over Alabama, when they struggled to defeat us only FOUR out of TWELVE times, when our program wasn’t in a state of mass destruction, and while we were, Tub’s had to rely on one or two crucial in game mishaps to win the game by a hair during his notorious six* game win streak. What’s gonna happen now that the playing field is slowly leveling out? He’ll retire when he realizes he can no longer win at the expense of Alabama’s weakened state and believe me when I say it’s coming! He’ll leave API on a good note before he’s in over his head by being exposed as the mediocre loser he was BEFORE our downfall began.

    You’ll wish Lowder would’ve followed through with landing Petrino, or at least Cutcliffe because he posted far better results at Ole Miss than Tuberville did!

  32. Saban is the reason LSU has dominated the Western Division since 2001. Until Saban took the job, LSU hadn’t won the western division, or even an SEC title since 1988.

    Tuberville is the reason Ole Miss is still struggling to win 2 or 3 SEC games a year.

  33. hey if i remember correctly auburn was on probation from 93 to 95 we lost scholarships to but yet we still beat bama 2 times in that period and went undefeated in 93. do we aubbies complain costantly about that, no we dont bama fans need to shut up that we beat yall when you were down. and suck it up. bama caused their own problems. stop blaming auburn.
    oh yea by way that was in the 90’s this decade you have beat us 1 time. sorry we dont count moral victories like yall
    i guess bama has a moral victory championship. auburn and the rest of the nation look at losses as a loss whether its by 1 point or 50
    i believe tubbs has a 80-33 record at auburn. bama was not the only team we played . we beat teams yall could not beat,namely teams in the top 10 and we did it with 3 and 4 star players
    p.s bamers stop whining it may be still funny to read but its old

  34. Dark Illusions news flash. tuberville doesnt coach at ole miss.
    saban also didnt have a winning record against auburn when he was at lsu either

  35. 27 days guys and THE GAME BEGINS!!!!

    I wonder as I sit here what this blog will be like when the season starts?
    Anyone who says Tubbs has done a bad job at AUburn is just plain …..( looking for a word besides delusional or high)……….. BLIND,DEAF,and DUMB!
    The only thing you do is keep throwing up Ol’Miss Jesus tell the truth EVEN IF Nick Saban was coaching there do you think they would be lining up to play there like they did at UAT? someone please answer


  36. “I think what most Alabama fans do not understand is the SEC has changed and it is not like the 60’s where Bama was like Ohio State in the Big 10 and could win 10 games a year even in off years.”

    If you’re implying the only reason Alabama won mightily in the 1960s was simply because the conference was “weak”, then either you have provided yourself with false facts, or you weren’t alive during the 1960s.

    Alabama won the three AP titles that decade, and all three occurred during the first five years of the decade. Do you know how many SEC teams had losing or mediocre records, on average, during that era? Only four, and that four was the usual Mississippi State, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Georgia who was mediocre.

    Ole Miss, Florida, Auburn, and LSU averaged about 8-9 wins during that five year period while Alabama averaged 9-10. And do you know what those teams all had in common? Losses to Alabama most of the time!

    So, to say the conference was “weak” during that time is absurd. It was just as strong then as it is today. Only difference is we’re scheduling about 3 more games today than we did back then and we’ve added two more teams. The reason we won was because we had the best coach in the league, who also happens to be one of the most legendary coaches of all time. You can try to cover up his untouchable records all you want, but next time you do, please substantiate your sources. You can claim I’m living in the past, but you brought the subject up simply because you can’t accept Alabama has always been a dominant program, but instead has to make pity excuses as to why. You should instead reflect on your program and see why they can’t dominate when Alabama is at full strength.

  37. And if I remember correctly, Alabama was on probation from 1995-1996, but was it anything remotely close to the probation of the new millineum? Absolutely not!

    Point is, these were the worst sanctions handed down from the NCAA ever. They even said so themselves. You never had nearly 30 scholarships taken away over a four year period and that’s a fact. That turned away several would be prospects, and factor in five coaching changes and API has themselves a period of dominance courtesy of Alabama’s weakened state. How many scholarships was deducted during your probation in 1993?

    And can’t you just post under one username instead of twelve, making it seem as if someone else agrees with you?

  38. “It pains me, and I shouldn’t have to say this to some people associated with the program, but this is “The” University of Alabama. We win championships! We do not accept anything less! Why should we?”

    shane – remind us, what years did you letter at bama?

  39. You are just plain wrong about the strength of the SEC in the 60’s or 70’s compared to today. The SEC is widely considered the top conference in the country now. It has not always been that way.

    Thirty years ago the conferences would have been ranked as follows:
    1- Pac 10
    2- Big 10
    3- Big 8
    4- SEC

    Why do you think the Big 10 and the Pac 10 played each others conference champion in the Rose Bowl during those times?

    I stand by my comment that Alabama was good back then but they did not face the competition that is in the SEC today. Alabama was the Ohio State of the SEC back then.

  40. Well David, why is it Florida, Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss, and Tennessee all averaged roughly as many wins as Alabama did during the period where Alabama won 3 AP titles in the 1960s? If Alabama was the “Ohio State”, then Florida, Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss, and Tennessee was only one or two games behind Alabama each season.

  41. This is strange…

    Here is a ranking of all the SEC vs. other conferences for each decade since the debut in the 1800s.

    1880-1889: 13th

    1890-1899: 14th

    1900-1909: 7th

    1910-1919: 7th

    1920-1929: 5th

    1930-1939: 1st

    1940-1949: 2nd

    1950-1959: 1st

    1960-1969: 1st

    1970-1979: 2nd

    1980-1989: 1st

    1990-1999: 2nd

    2000-2007: 1st

    Rankings are based on individual teams’ scoring points, win pct. points, schedule points, big 4 bowl points, and records vs. non conference opponents (including bowl) points.

  42. I don’t mean to post so frequently, but the above ranking goes to show which conference was the most dominant during our run.

    And as I said, during the years Alabama dominated in the 1960s, there were only four SEC teams with losing records, and coincidentally they’re the same four who typically has recorded losing records in modern day times excluding UGA of course, who was more mediocre then than weak, while the others all averaged about one or two wins less than Alabama did during their championship years. Another thing THEY had in common was losses to Alabama.

    The weak logic could’ve been applied to the 1920s, but we found a way to win while the other teams never did. Was that coaching, or was it luck. For crying out loud, it was Alabama, one of the most uncivilized states in existence back then.

  43. Christopherson, where did you get the conference rankings from? What is your source, I would be interested to look at it.


  45. Chris and company, you should examine your opponent in argument more than once. It’s a Bama Tech fan for crying out loud. These are people who don’t consider the facts before speaking. These are people who are constantly reinventing history. These are people who ignorantly claim AP and UPI titles are “illegitimate”. These are people who claim Bear Bryant was a cheater. These are people who claim Mike Shula was a good coach. These are people who claim Alabama only defeated Miami in 92 because they “didn’t show up”. These are people who claim Alabama wasn’t worthy, SIMPLY BECAUSE BAMA TECH NEVER WAS! Their soul purpose in life is to bring Alabama down to their level, and you’re doing a good job of it by arguing with them. The facts are there, as long as y’all know their truthful, who cares about them? Let them do the researching for themselves. BTW isn’t envy a sin? You see what envy is causing them to do right?

  46. Give them hell, fellows!
    Me, Auburn Man, back from fishing with Bobbo Lowder. We did the usual yacht talk. And came to so wonderful conclusions.
    1 Tony Franklin is an ignorant redneck bastard. But we like the concept of his offense.

    2 Tommy Tuberville is an ignorant redneck bastard, but we only pay him $52,000 a year. And pass the savings on to our pockets.

    3 Paul Rhodes is an ignorant yankee bastard, but he works cheap and as long as he has that shitty biker beard, The trailer park crowd has something to relate to.

    4 Eddie Gran is retarded. And needs to find some soap and water.

    5 Yox is an ignorant redneck bastard who is jacked up on steriods.

    If it werent for the boosters like Bobby Lowder, Key Ramsey and myself this place would be a shitty toilet at a 7-11 in Lee County.

  47. Bama Fan In N Y C

    David, have you ever heard of a google search engine?

    It wouldn’t kill you to search for it at least. I found something similar to what Chris posted and his “source” was accurate:

    And back then was much like today. Very seldom did an SEC team have an out of conference loss. All losses was against other SEC teams.

    The top three SEC teams of the 1960’s were Alabama, LSU, and Ole Miss. Plus my “source” also states the quarter century rankings.

    I also took myself back in time last night to the 1950’s when Alabama had lost four consecutive games to Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute, and was perhaps one of the worst teams in the conference, just like today.

    Then a man by the name of Bear Bryant was hired, and all we heard was he would never lead Alabama to prominence, or even mimic what Wallace Wade and Frank Thomas was. After Bryant went 5-4 in his first season, losing to Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute, we heard the same BS as we’re hearing today. However, when Bryant retired in 1982, facts seemed to have disagreed with the Barnies as he surpassed that of wallace Wade and Frank Thomas by winning 6 AP/UPI titles, 13 SEC titles and on top of that, he literally made Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute and Shug Jordan, their most legendary coach, a laughing stock!

    In 1990, we were in a similar situation where Gene Stallings, a coach of Nick Saban’s caliber at that time, was hired and my my did we hear how he would fail on a major scale and how he would never come close to beating Pat Dye. His very first record wasn’t too impressive either, 7-5, despite him defeating UT (like Saban did) and Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute. However, we heard he’ll never surpass a 7-5 record, and he only defeated The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute because they were due up for a win, but it wouldn’t happen to often.

    In 1996, Stallings retired with a 5-2 record against our nemesis, and won 1 AP/UPI title and an SEC title!

    Here we go again! 20 years from now, if I’m still around, I’ll be telling how Nick Saban came along, went 7-6 in his first season, and ultimately proved the Barnies wrong once again, after they take advantage of yet another down period of ours.

    Alabama=THE University OF Alabama

    Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute=A university IN Alabama.

  48. Shane and all the rest of the delusional Bama fans……..You are not owed anything, You do NOT have the patent on winning…In fact yall suck…And have sucked for at least ten years now…You are Not going to be back..Do I see improvement with Saban ? Sure…Do I see a “return to dominance”? Hell no….Different day and time…If USC cant win it consistantly with thier recruiting and creampuff schedule, then how can Alabama do it in the SEC…Ill answer it for you.. You cant…Not consistantly. This article by Shane is an accurate representation of a typical Bama fan….Yall are just plain nuts…. NYC……You and Shane are 2 peas in a pod…Get a grip dude..

    I also believe that Ol’ Shane anwered my question for me…My question was when does an Auburn Iron Bowl victory count over a “weakened state” Alabama? Shane said this year…Might I remind you , Shane that the assumption that ANY team that comes to Bryant-Tubberville couldnt win , is flawed…..I mean heck son, Yall have never beat us on that “SACRED” field……What a joke..Might I also remind you of what happened to your “winning tradition:? The NCAA happened. No more corruption happened. A level playing field happened…Sorry to burst yalls bubble, but yall aint gonna be back as long as yall cant cheat. That is the true definition of “back” for Alabama football…You will lose this year, then again next year. Then goodbye Saban. Then the cycle of delusion currently known as Bama football will continue…

    If another 7 win season is unacceptable, then I guess you just dont have to accept it. But that is what you are looking at. ENJOY !!!!


  49. Thats rite ball play injun! we izzin the premeer team in tha stayte now! I bet my hole ternip farm on it. we dun had this half acorn ternip farm in my famlee 120 yurs.
    1 moor thing, wear kin i by me 1 of them thar Delusion Motorcyculs you r talkin bout??

    yer buddy, redneckaubie!
    war eeguls!

  50. Ballplay

    So when did Auburn’s winning tradition start?
    Quick! Cue up the “6 in a row” response.

  51. Where in my post did you two jackasses read where I said any thing about Auburn bein a traditional power, that we are something that we are not?

    You peckerheads just cant see it can you? That is the difference between our two fanbases. Auburn people are realistic. Sane. Unretarded. Normal. Rational , people.

    Coma guy. In the last 25-30 years. Weve won considerably more games than yall. By the way , how old are you? Where you even alive during “Bammers dominance”? Im 37 and I cant remember but 1 Bama title. And thats cool. But yall backed into that one.

    Tmc1, good grief, I know thats you. Your not funny, witty, or cute. Your just a bitter old delusional bammer that needs a reality check. You will get another one in November. Not that it will, or ever has , done you any good. I mean heck, if 6 in a row doesnt bring you down to earth, nothing will.

    Bama fans are Insane. Abnormal. Delusional. Pscitsophrenic. Bat crap crazy. Past livin in. Jeolouse. Dum as dirt. poeple..

    Get it?

  52. Do yall really buy into what Shane is sellin up there? I would be embarrassed. Please win one on the field , or at least show the trend of change before proclaiming your “back”. Yall are FAR from back. If you are back on a level playing field,(ie the ncaa sanction effect is over). And you are no longer a “weakened giant” would an Auburn victory this year be counted as legitimite? Or, will the excuses continue to flow out of T-town like they have been for 6 years now? When Auburn loses, se just say ,hey, we lost. Bammers cant lose. So there must be something beyond thier control that made that loss happen. Yall cheated, NCAA, etc… It just gets sooo old.

  53. Is the “Lack of Institutional Control” himself (Pat Dye) gonna start his Aubie SPIN on the Finebaum show today?

    1. Does Ballplay Indian sound as (DUMB)
    as I-MAN or
    2. As (GAY) as Bobby from Homewood

    Shane, It’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  54. Crimson Brother…..I am not dumb, nor am I gay….But you are delusional..How can you read this crap and it not make you sick at your stomach? I just dont get it. I am not even an Alabama fan (shocked I know), And I am embarrassed for yall. Cant you see it? Cant you see how yall are just setting yourselves up for disappointment yet again?

  55. Ballplay Indian,

    I wouldn’t worry about the (BAMA NATION)untill your team wins more than 12 National Titles and 21 Southeastern Conference Championships.

    It seems to me that would be the logical order of worrying about another teams fan base.

    Shane, It’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  56. IS the “Lack of Institutional Control” himself (Pat Dye) gonna start his Aubie Spin on the Finebaum show today?

    Shane, It’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  57. C.B. Your titles (except for 1) are ancient friggin history…Im not too worried about Princeton or Harvard and BOTH have more titles than your school…See how it works…Worried ? Naw….Not worried about your Piece of crap football team one bit….I am worried about having to live in the same atate as the delusional fans on this board. That scares me….

  58. Ballplay Indian,

    You dont have to live in Alabama, I’m sure we could come up with enough change to buy you a BUS ticket out.

    If you want to talk about ancient times, when was the AUBIE’s only National Title?

    Is the “Lack of Institutional Control” himself (Pat Dye) gonna start his Aubie SPIN on the Finebaum show today?

    Shane, It’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  59. Crimson doosh….Im not the one bringing up ancient times…You managed that all by your lonesome…..I love the state of Alabama…I was refering to your demented fanbase. Look at the black eye yall spastics put on the state with Fulmers media day papers……Way to go Bama…The SEC will run for the hills to Atlanta , as they should….Thanks again Bama….Its not bad enough that you make asses out of yourselves, You have to make the rest of the state look stupid with you….Once again , Thanks Bama…

  60. These 12 National Titles can you name them for me please??? not the ones ANYBODY voted on The ones that were truly decided by a game for the NC.
    As we all know VOTES dont mean SHIT in this world they are like candy bars,they can be bought cheap so if there are any ( i.e 92 ) please tell us crimsonbrother please everyone else in here just wants to sling shit at POLYTECH when you ask a serious question. Thanks in advance for your comment


  61. Shane is a BLOGGER

    NYC, your comments are too long. You blow more hot air than that first POOT in the morning.

    The TIGERS are coming!
    AUBURN “THE” University of Alabama.

    alabama “the” university of POOTville.

  62. If Auburn is The University of Alabama, then why is UA going to admit its biggest freshman class ever for six years in a row? Why are most of the state’s top students enrolling at UA? Why does UA outrank AU in US News and World Report rankings? Why does Forbes list UA as the seventh best public university?

  63. Shane is a BLOGGER

    Daniel, Answer #1-Lower SAT & ACT Scores Answer #2-Because they can’t get into AUBURN Answer #3-Misprint Answer #4-There are only 7 in the State of Alabama.

    Like Bear Byrant said, “When a professor draws 70,000 fans to watch him give a test etc…” You are really hurt that you can’t go to work each day feeling good about an Iron Bowl win. You still have to bow down to your AUBURN co-workers and watch people point and laugh at you when you start spewing about everything except football domination in the state of Alabama. It hurts and we don’t care how many National Merit Scholars you claim to have.

    The TIGERS are coming!
    War Chicken!

  64. The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO, PEOPLE! Here’s an answer to the so-called “Omnipresent” one. Most people who seriously follow college football will admit that the championships awarded by Dunkel, Litkenhous, etc. are debatable, but most historians do include Alabama’s 1925, 1926 and 1934 teams among some of the greatest that ever set foot on the gridiron. Let me conclude with this statement: IF YOU AUBIES HAD BEEN AWARDED A CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE 1920’S OR 1930’S, Y’ALL WOULD WEAR THAT BADGE WITH PRIDE! So quit griping about ‘Bama’s 12 National Championships. If you want one, go win it! Don’t waste our time complaining about 2004, NO ONE would have beaten USC the night they ripped Oklahoma a new one! I say this because some Aubie may answer this by saying the BCS robbed them of a chance to play for the title. Remember 2003? USC 24, AU 0! What makes y’all think you would have faired any better? Maybe USC would have given up a field goal! RANT ON, AUBUMS! You know that we’re ON OUR WAY BACK!

  65. The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! To “Shane is a Blogger;” you speak of someone being “full of hot air,” well WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK WE CARE? You Aubies are PATHETIC! As I’ve said before, you’re more concerned about the goings-on in Tuscaloosa than that little village y’all describe as “lovely.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; it’s because of your regional way of thinking that Auburn will NEVER be a serious contender on the NATIONAL STAGE. Only on occasion will you even be a “blip” on the radar. Y’all could learn something from us Bammers. We’ve been to the MOUNTAINTOP! 5 TIMES IN MY LIFETIME! Its NICE to be there and ITS GREAT TO KNOW WE’RE ON OUR WAY BACK! Worry about your own back yard. THE PROCESS has started. Its only a matter of time.

  66. well at least you admitted it even though you found a way to Bash AUburn.
    Look all I know is LOVE your team but dont hide when the coin drops. wonder what this years LOSER will whine about
    REFS,PROBATION(are u still on it), TUBBS,
    did the best with what he (saban) had
    or your just gonna call us stepchildren or this one. sun shines on a dog ass sometimes?
    I know im babbbling i just wanted to show new york city how it feels

  67. why would auburn want to learn how to lose or how to get on the alabama prison team.
    st clair why would i worry about what happened in the 20’s or 30’s , my dad wasnt even thought of then. by the way auburn doesnt want championships that were given away like a prize you win at bingo night. auburn has 7 undefeated seasons, were named champion by some poll but dont claim but one. and my thought is your really not champion if you lose your bowl game against notre dame.

  68. Just took a Shane

    Great article as usual. We could probably beat several NFL teams. The Raiders couldn’t stop Julio and JPW. RTR

  69. “Why does Forbes list UA as the seventh best public university?”

    That is best CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTES and the availability of street drugs is why it was so high.

    Johns – coke & dogs
    Hall – tons of pot

  70. get a clue aubies

    There is one thing all you Auburn fans should be worried about. It’s a vital thing called recruiting. Saban’s number one class of 32 players, Auburn went after almost every one of them, only to lose them to Bama. If I am not mistaken, Bama only offered around 4 or 5 of the 20 something players Auburn signed. The class for 2009 that are verbally committing now shows the same thing. Bama has 13 verbals so far, and Auburn offered almost EVERY one of them. Auburn has 22 verbal commitments. And what do ya know, Bama only offered 2 or 3 of them.If you do not believe me, check it for yourself. Most of the verbals are players that no big school is after. Is anyone getting the picture?? BIG EARS might have been able to recruit when Bama was down, but now we are back! Its going to be hard to win the SEC with average talent in your recruiting classes. Poor Tubberville is having to stop chasing the great players and settle for the decent ones now. It’s only a matter of time…….

  71. “Daniel, Answer #1-Lower SAT & ACT Scores Answer #2-Because they can’t get into AUBURN Answer #3-Misprint Answer #4-There are only 7 in the State of Alabama”

    Typical response from an Aubie. The fact is UA and AU have virtually the same ACT and SAT scores. AU’s ACT avg last fall was 24.8, and UA’s was 24.5, some big difference. And UA had a slightly higher SAT overall than AU. Auburn is not as selective as you think. You are in denial if you think AU is getting more of the best students in state. And UA was ranked ahead of AU in the most recent US News rankings, though new ones come out later this month. It was no misprint.

  72. I told you Aubies the “Lack of Institutional Control” himself (Pat Dye) was gonna be on the Finebaum show Monday.

    Stop being so jealous of Alabama’s 12 Natinal Championships and 21 Southeastern Conference Championships little Aubies. I didn’t even mention Bama was the (only) major football program that was undefeated and look over twice for the National Championship.

    You Aubies should probally be more cocerned about GANG Beat Downs at the Auburn practices. One on One yeah, Gang BEAT DOWNS NO! Gang Beat Downs are for COWARDS!

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  73. Shane,
    I’m sure the powers in T’town are shaking now that you gave them the over 7 game ultimatum. I thought you were tired of mediocrity and now it looks like you’re hoping for just 8 games or else…
    As far as the national titles go, I don’t think anybody will recognize the Tuscaloosa hardware store or the Northpointe Times as a legitimate championship anymore like they did back in the 60’s and 70’s. These are the BCS days so why don’t you wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up fastest.
    Saban is really one of the best coaches in the country? Voted by who? RIVALS?

    Just in case you were unaware, he is 2-4 against his biggest rival.


  74. Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  75. One on One, yeah. Gang BEAT DOWNS are for COWARDS!

    Brent, if you really believed what you wrote about some of BAMA’S National Titles you wouldnt even have to write it, would you? But at least I’m helping you Aubie’s think about Natinal Title’s a little. We all have to start somewhwere.

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  76. I hear Furr wants to transfer to Tuscalooser. Word is they don’t beat up anybody…………
    Just sniff a little coke, sell a little coke in the football complex parking lot, and chase a few cars down on the strip.

  77. The University of Alabama is the greatest team ever. I love the Crimson Tide. I feel these last few years have been harder on thee players than us fans. They have been criticized, laughed at, Tubby’s fingers harrassing them, etc. etc. etc. They are winners, they will be back. The only thing that I would like to see is what I saw and felt in the 1960s. When the University of Alabama team took the field, you felt it, you knew it, and your heart pounded. They were confident. They were winners. There are as loved today as yesterday, but they need to believe it. When you come on the field, know you are the best there is. Feel it and believe it.

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