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Doing the right thing

Doing the Right Thing
by intheknow72

News of Kenny Stabler’s “decision” to take a step back and a year off from Alabama’s broadcast team hit the airwaves today, and like a sonic boom the ripple effects spread like wildfire. There were the usual jokes from those who live to hate the University, speculation on how long he would really be gone, and even more speculation on who his permanent replacement would be (should he not return). There was discussion about the abilities of Tom Roberts as a stand in, and talk of the loss in expertise the broadcast would experience by the absence of a proven field general like the Snake.

Perhaps I wasn’t listening at all the right times, but what I didn’t hear today was that this was the right thing to do. Right for the University, and right for a man who obviously has a problem with alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease that destroys not just the lives of those who partake of “just another drink”, but the lives of those around them. Anyone is capable of a slip here and there, and while I’m not a drinker myself, I can see the danger of having one too many and not knowing it. But with this being Stabler’s third DUI charge, something had to be done.

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You can speculate, if you like, who made the decision. Stabler, who (here’s a shock) may actually mean what his prepared statement said today, or the University who felt the need to create distance from a personality creating headlines for all the wrong reasons. I write “it’d be a shock” to believe what the statement said because we have become a society that automatically doubts what is laid before us. If Kenny Stabler needs a year to get his life in order, who can blame him? It is a sobering thought when one realizes they can’t control something like drinking. And if the University was the source of the decision, who can blame them? Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone you love is to create a soft place for them to land but ask them to suffer the consequences.

What was most troubling today is the predictable muck and mire this news stirred up. Was the Run In The Mud so painful for Auburn fans that they feel the need to take shots at him that their defense couldn’t muster in December of 1967? Possibly it is what Stabler represents: the glory years of Alabama football, where dominance was as common as the fight song being played.

Regardless of who did it or why it was done, what happened today was the right thing for all parties involved. Doing the right thing always comes at a price. In fact, a few years ago the University acted and did the right thing concerning a man NAMED Price. Though his very name conjures up a myriad of jokes, who can argue that a seasoned coach hungry to coach at this level would have been more successful from 2003-2006 than the job done by Coach “Sheila” as his players lovingly called him behind his back? Common sideline decisions experienced for the first time by Don Shula’s boy would have been second nature for Coach Price. Maybe he would have had the sense to take Brodie out, up by 31, and do the same with Tyrone Prothro. Possibly he would’ve found a way to stop the bleeding and not let Arkansas erase a 21 point deficit, and figure out a way to twist the dagger in Tennessee before the fifth overtime.

Or maybe he would have done worse. We’ll never know. But on paper, less than three months before the 2003 season began, the University did a very hard but right thing. And we are still paying for it today. Four years of decisions by a fledgling coach contributed to the already poor state of our program (…did we really need to sign 23 defensive backs in four years? A linebacker or two would feel pretty nice right now). But regardless of the pain, or the outcome, doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.

Regardless of what color you wear, set aside your hate and bias just for a moment to consider what it must be like to be Kenny Stabler today. A shell of the hero he once was, his weakness has been exposed for the world to see, and ridicule. I agree his actions deserve the stiffest penalties the law decides to hand him, and I’m glad my family and I didn’t share the road with him on June 9th. But he is still human, and as many of you reading this suffer from the same addiction, or one like it, perhaps you should take a minute to lift up a prayer for him…or maybe for yourself…and do the right thing in your own life. Even if alcohol isn’t your vice, an inability to see the forest for all the trees may be. If you can’t recognize a real tragedy played out before you because it fuels your passion for your team, you’ve got a bigger problem than the Snake.

43 thoughts on “Doing the right thing”

  1. Since Dr. Witt’s arrival at UA, the University is doing more right than wrong. That hasn’t always been the case, but as you noted the Mike Price situation was the right thing to do.

    The Stabler situation is also the right thing. He needed to pay some price for his reckless actions. Was it enough of a price? We really won’t know until he returns, if he ever returns.

  2. I don’t care for the present commentary and hate the loss of a knowledgable color man. Could they not find a past player to do color? Sigh….I long for the days of Doug Layton, the best there was!

  3. I’m just glad it isn’t Jay Barker.

    He has gotten better on the radio during the last few weeks. I LOVED how he argued with Dawson over whether Christians could partake of alcohol.

    I heard that exchanged driving to the hospital, and had written a blog post at the hospital waiting room–then lost my legal pad I had my notes on. Anyway, I was impressed with Barker’s ability to take a stand on an issue.

    If he’d take those same stands on sports issues, and not spend all his time sucking up to Del Greco…then Barker might be worth listening to.

    As of right now, Barker’s bright moments are fewer than his boring moments.

    As for Tom Roberts, there could be worse.

  4. Stabler’s a very informative commentator. In fact, if it wasn’t for his backwoods Mobile accent, he’d probably be commentating NFL games.

    It’s sad to see take a leave of absence, but hopefully it’ll better his personal life as a human being.

    No matter who you are, driving under the influence of alcohol is a very serious issue, and I highly doubt he’s an “alcoholic”, but if it’s an issue he feels led to have resolved, then so be it.

    I wish him nothing but the absolute best!

  5. I guess the quote “Tuscaloosa: a football town with a drinking problem” is actually true. lol I do hope Stabler straightens his life up, though. Maybe frequently attending AA and church will do it for him.

  6. I appreciate all Stabler has done for our proud University; however, this was an unforgivable mistake that could’ve cost the life of someone innocent and his very own.

    I wish him all the best in hoping he’ll learn never to make the same mistake(s) ever again.

  7. Shane is a BLOGGER

    Tim Roberts and Yankee Doodle Dandy in the box? Watching paint dry will replace tailgating at the capstone.

    The Tigers are coming!

    War Chicken!

  8. I dont see Snake’s mistake as unforgivable. I think he will attempt to do what is best for him and make a comeback to the booth next year. The story shouldnt be about what an AU fan says about the deal or saving face…the only story here is the life of kenny stabler. It is serious to drink and drive putting people in harms way. But luckily this didnt happen.

    Why in the hell does every story written by someone at the capstone end up revolving around what someone from Auburn says. Im AU all the way, if you dont like someone says, dont read it. The deal should be bout snake and the news revolving around his leave of absence.

  9. Hey shaneisabooger,
    That’s beautiful…a barner degrading the team in our booth when the two BOZOs you have in your booth are an absolute disgrace to the broadcasting profession!! Try listening to them sometime…those 2 barners CANNOT call a play without stating there SHOULD have been a penalty called on the other team or the penalty called against AUO SHOULD NOT have been called or “IF so-and-so had been in such-and-such position, then (insert opponent’s name here)would not have scored that touchdown!” Every call they make is WOULDA…SHOULDA…COULDA!! They are nauseating!!

  10. I agree. They’re biased all the way. They’re worse than the Braves commentators when it comes to shoulda coulda woulda. I feel bad for the umpires who call that game down the middle.

  11. Best of luck to you, Snake. Just know you have all the uplifting support of the Bama Nation! We’ll miss you next season.

  12. I understand that the Auburn radio crew’s job is to call the game for the Auburn faithful, but you really have to get out the pepto and maybe drink a little Sprite to settle your stomach when listening to them. Every 2 yard gain is the most incredible run they have ever seen.

  13. None of them are going to bite the hand that feeds them. The issue with Kenny is fair and equal application of the law without regards to one’s status or station in life.

  14. KennyBanya- ummm.. as long as Eli Gold is in the booth at uat.. there is no way in hell you can say anything about ANYONE who works radio for ANY other college team. Eli is a joke and always has been. As far as the snake is concerned. He made the radio broadcast interesting. I really liked the snake. Always told it like it was. Hope he gets the help and comes back.

  15. I liked Kenny as a play caller. he actually let you know what was happening ON THE FEILD.. Eli aint got a clue. It is torture to have to listen to Eli Gold.

  16. Typical Eli G. call from last years LAMO game. ” John Parker Wlson under center. He takes the snap. Oh theres pressure to his weak side. J.P. rooolls right. Here comes another defender , He RROOOLLLS LEFT.. PUMP FAKES, D.J. HALL WIDE OPEN DOWNFIELD . J.P. PLANTS,,,J.P. RARES BACK TO THROW AND!!!!!!!………………………..hes sacked for a 5 yard loss.

    Back to you Snake.

  17. I haven’t really commented on this issue before because I frankly don’t consider it to be much of a football issue, and I don’t think any of us are without fault. However, the theme of the article is straight from fantasy land, along with the quote, “If Kenny Stabler needs a year to get his life in order, who can blame him? It is a sobering thought when one realizes they can’t control something like drinking.” This ain’t about “doing the right thing”, and it ain’t about Stabler getting his life in order b/c he’s realized he has a drinking problem. To the contrary, Stabler is still saying that he is innocent and he mentions nothing of needing to make any personal life changes.

    If anyone out there wants to say he is innocent, I got some swamp land you can buy. He refused to take a breath test, and he refused any field sobriety tests. Sober people don’t do that. However, I’ll give him this: his multitude of experiences has taught him that’s the best way to beat a DUI in court. With the lawyer he’s hired, he probably will beat the rap without breath test results or field tests. Then, he will be hired back next year after beating the rap. Is that the “right thing”?

  18. NYC,
    again with the Southern insults? You do realize you are blogging with Southern football fans right? Go lay in a road.

  19. The problem isn’t just that Stabler is an alcoholic. The problem is that so many people have enabled him for far too long. And that includes the powers at UAT. It’s patently ridiculous that it took no less than THREE DUIs to finally get Stabler to “take time off.” He is never going to get sober until the bamzo nation quits telling him how great he is and feeling sorry for him when he screws up. It would be one thing if it only affected him. But he has been incredibly lucky he hasn’t killed anyone yet. He has been arrested for DUI three times, but it’s likely he’s been caught — or escaped — MANY more times without official paperwork.

  20. Kevin, don’t singlehandedly chop him into tiny pieces just because he’s an Alabama football commentator. If he was an Auburn football commentator, you would give him just as much undying support as we do.

  21. And the typical play calling at an Aubbo love fest?

    Arkansas lines up in the power eye…Dick gets the snap and hands to McFadden at the one. Mcfadden fakes and cuts up field. Mcfadden runs over ( I mean past) Marks GOOD GANG TACKLING FROM AUBURN!!! but wait…No McFadden popped out of the other side of the pile and he is GONE! 99 yards….THERE WILL BE A FLAG ON THE PLAY…. ahemmm….cough…cough…THERE WILL BE A FLAG ON THE PLAY.!! There it is….there is the flag … it appears there will be a “roughing the tackler” penalty against McFadden and it looks like it will negate a very long run and its going to give the ball to Auburn on Arkansas 1 foot line……
    Is it me has anyone else noticed that When you play at Auburn you have to beat the Refs too…

  22. Tmac..Sorry to burst your bubble son…But we held Mcfadden AND jones under 100 yards combined…you know …facts and stuff.


  23. tmc1- you wish you knew how the call went. We want even get into how ULM calls went in the game. EVERYONE in college football knows what a joke Eli Gold is and has been for years. You are too ignorant to see it. But typical delusional fan you are. WOOO-HOOOO BAmmers back again baby.

  24. There you go tmc. Now you blame the ref’s for AU’s success. Just another drop in the bucket of your endless supply of excuses for AU’s success and Bama’s failure.

  25. Has any one else noticed that LOSERS tend to blame the refs. The Bammers are taking notes from the Coonasses I guess.

    I hope Ziemba chop blocks yalls asses this year. At least then you would have a reason to squawll.

  26. Ballplay…
    Dont you have someone’s balls you can go play with?…..

    Thank you Redneck Tider… Compared to Aubbos Bammers are Emily Post.

    Julio….Still envying the fact that Bama got Julio Jones and Auburn got Dax Dellenbach I see. Good on ya!

  27. tmc,

    When you are beyond all hope of your players to win ball games based on their skill or athletic ability, your next “logical” step is to whine about the officiating.

    Congratulations — you are officially a weenie.

  28. Kevin,
    Whatever you say… Auburn, Alabama is the only place in the world were Chaz (the spaz) Ramsey can chop block and not get ejected from a game for deliberatly injurying someone.

  29. tmc1- do you fail to remember the chop block your offensive line put on someone last year?? humm….

  30. tmac…You ever play football? If so , what position? Ive never played college ball. Hell , I couldnt IMAGINE what it would be like to have Dorsey whippin my ass for 4 quarters. Chaz wss simply trying to survive . Give him credit, it was quite effective.


  31. Redneck do you fail to realise the chop blocks auburn tried against everyone last year? Up to and including Clemson? Same bush league shit CTT was famous for at Miami. If you cant Beat’em Cheat’em.

  32. your right ballplay…
    It never occured to me, Instead of working hard to be your best. Just clip someone who does.
    That is why most people cant stand Aubbos. It is because you ACCUSE others of cheating while you are the ones who actually do it.

  33. Cheer up Aubbos, LSU and Clemson arent the only ones who had people to sit out several games last year due to an Auburn Cheap Shot.
    Wouldnt it be ironic if Auburn was getting close to winning the SEC west and they lost thier best Defensive Lineman to a chop block?

    “Auburn Football: We promise the Rose Bowl, and We deliver the Toilet Bowl.”

  34. tmc1…Your signout statement is a joke. Why? Because Shreveport La. would not have a bowl in thier dunp of a city if not for Alabama. Thats why.

    Alabama football . We promise the Poulan Weedeater Bowl, And we deliver.

  35. No joke about it ballplayjulio.
    Every year Auburn promises more than it delivers. And as long as their are chicken fired juggheads like you nothing will ever change… Jesus christ. You are a CTT fan….how much lower can you go?

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