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Roll Bama Roll takes on Brian Cook of MGoBlog once again. Todd’s eloquent title says it all: Brian Cook is, Among Other Things, a Coward and a Liar

I’m exhausted talking about Cook and his anti-Saban rants. However, I believe Cook illustrates the problem with any civil discourse in the Internet era. Once a person (or faction) becomes entrenched in a position, there is no hope of reasoned discussion.

Cook is a good blogger; but each of his posts involving Nick Saban is filled with such venom that I’d swear I was reading Phillip Marshall’s Auburn website a Josh Moon column.

Cook has ignored facts in his quest to paint Saban as the anti-Christ of college athletics. Unfortunately, his quest is not original. The Miami media (with Saban’s own help) had a large head start.

But the larger lesson from the Cook saga is discouraging. If someone as proficient, and competent as Cook behaves this way, then what is the larger application to modern discourse?

This whole saga reminded me of this line from the Gorgias:“as make-up is to gymnastics, so is sophistic to legislation; and as cookery to medicine, so is rhetoric to justice.”

Cook has no facts on which to base his latest post. But that doesn’t matter. He isn’t interested in truth; his only interest is the rhetoric of debate.

And that is sad.

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While I’m on Roll Bama Roll, they have a new Guide to Alabama football hitting the newsstands. According to RBR, it has been spotted at Booksamillion in Brookwood Mall. (Had I been able to get Brookwood’s WiFi to work last night, I’d have hit the mall and snagged myself a copy. I guess I’ll have to wait until later today to get the pleasure.)

NEWSFLASH: Freshman to play key roles

The Montgomery Advertiser runs with this EXCLUSIVE previously unreported information—Alabama is thin and will need help from the most recent recruiting class.

Which freshman will make the biggest impact? Well, Nick Saban isn’t saying.

From the Daily Sentinel:

Saban said naming names creates only added pressure and could hurt a player’s confidence if that predicted early success doesn’t come.

“It’s not fair,” Saban said, “let the guy create his own expectations.

“Now we think guys are going to go from the high school prom to the SEC and expect them to change the game. Some do, but it’s unfair to put those expectations on them.”

For our Auburn readers
Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss State, South Carolina and Vandy rarely, if ever sold out their games.

Football creeps closer
As the week closes out, we get that much closer to SEC Media Days. That means fall camp is just around the corner too. I know as we swelter under the heat it doesn’t seem close, but we are almost through the doldrums.