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Hunter: Johns didn’t seem the type

Whoa, Alabama…your Cadillac has a wheel in the ditch and a wheel on the track…what’s going wrong?

Hunter Ford

Jimmy Johns has a website dedicated to selling Pit Bulls and nobody told him that might not be a good idea? It’s a free county, but did anyone suggest that he might keep it cool and not put a picture of himself in uniform on the site?

He was making some extra money selling coke to frat boys? And nobody on the team knew anything about it? That’s not likely.

The Kenny Stabler thing made me think about the drinking culture at Alabama games. 

When I was in high school my buddies and I would drive to Legion Field to watch the Tide. We were all underage but somehow we managed to get beer. We drank that on the way and at whatever parking spot somebody could hustle us into near Graymont Avenue for five bucks.

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We would proceed to the Tide and Tiger where obtaining liquor without an ID was no problem. The challenge was negotiating all the asses and elbows just to get inside. Order a bourbon and coke and you would get a miniature whiskey bottle, a can of coke and a cup of ice.  Order three, mix one for pre-game and pocket a couple for the game.

When I attended school at the Capstone, the standard football weekend was, a Friday night keg party, a Saturday morning meet and greet with alums complete with Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers, and a flask of whiskey for the game. Post game was another keg party either to celebrate or to drown our sorrows…it didn’t matter.

Now that’s a shot version of the drinking scene. The drug scene?

I haven’t been close to the campus scene since I was a student in the late 1980s but when I was there, I can’t imagine a bigger den of debauchery than a frat house in Tuscaloosa on an autumn weekend. One of the Greek houses had been put on probation and shut down because of drug activity. But that didn’t stop many of the others from carrying on.

If the DEA had done a sweep of Greek Row and The Strip on one of those fall evenings I doubt many people would have been left to pay tuition the next semester.

Was I surprised to see Jimmy Johns arrested? Yes, because I interviewed him following the A-Day game. He seemed humble, focused and grounded.  He didn’t seem the type. Then again, I only know him from a distance and from one interview. What was not shocking is the fact that cocaine dealing is still a big game in Tuscaloosa.

The football team is going through a process under Saban. Part of that process is to weed out people who will not do the right thing. I believe Saban will eventually succeed.

I hate it for Jimmy Johns that his career has to end this way.

But football players are not the only students on campus. The Johns situation is an example of a much bigger problem, one that has not been addressed very effectively over the years.

30 thoughts on “Hunter: Johns didn’t seem the type”

  1. It is just another sign of the times. The silliest shit was the Mobile Paper panting over Jimmy dealing at the complex. This “story” is being milked for only it’s face value during the off season. Just like the “Drunken Kenny” story – it will be forgotten. Just like myself giving up on the Jimmy Johns Delusion a long time ago.
    I think that the Quarterback situation has been so unsettled for so long ( even with Parker) that delusional Fans thought that Jimmy could come in and option the offense “Michael Vick” style. (oops sorry…)

  2. I never really understood the true meaning of ‘excessive’ until attending a frat party at Bama. They were kicked off campus for a year as a result.
    It shouldn’t be a surprise that dealers are quick to take advantage of young kids facination with excessive behavior. The Narcs can be as busy as they want on most any campus in America and I wish they would.

  3. pluto, it’s sad that you will soon forget this and the stabler episode. i’m certain you will continue to remember Snake’s on-field accomplishments.

    Daddio is correct. police and administration should crack down at all campuses. we have to stop turning the other way acting like this is all just good fun. drugs are serious. they ruin lives. not just the lives of those who take drugs and their families.

    drugs affect all of us. the overwhleming majority of the crimes we hear about every day relate to drugs. most ordinary thefts and almost all violent crime relate to drug use and trying to obtain $$ to buy more.

    it affects us all. don’t look the other way.

  4. Drugs are on EVERY campus. That is the sad thing. If Jimmy Johns were not a football player, you would have NEVER heard anything about this. I am sad that he decided to ruin his life by getting involved in drugs and glad that he was taken off the street. It is a serious problem and EVERY coach in America should look at their players and wonder if they are doing the same thing. Sad situation.

  5. UAT wasn’t voted the #1 party school in the country because they make great punch. I have seen a number of kids go to Tuscaloosa for school and come home to go to rehab. There has been a whole lot of denial about the cocaine problem on that campus for a very long time. Personally, I don’t think that will change.

  6. Bama Fan In N Y C

    And Kevin I can assure you the “hood rats” in Aubarn are no different. So let’s not get into a “who’s cleaner” conversation because you can’t single out one SEC school without singling out the other 12, including The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute. I attended UA for two years, and the only drug issue most of the students had was the issue nearly every individual in America has: Marijuana – something I, personally, have never had the desire of doing. Never once did I see cocaine, other than on TV, during my entire tenure in T-Town. Can you, for once, post an objective comment, rather than these inferior pity comments?

    As far as Jimmy Johns is concerned, I hope he’s also banned from the school as well. He should face serious time in the penitentiary as well. This is an issue that should be addressed ACROSS ALL COLLEGE CAMPUSES, not just the football players, but the students as well. Drugs are our country’s perennial downfall and the sad news is, it’s only going to get worse.

  7. bamafan NYC- apparently the cocaine came to campus after you were there. I will agree with one thing you said. It is everywhere. No one campus is immune to it. But when bammer fans hold themselves up to be some kind of self righteous do no wrong with the best coach in the history of the world ever!! This stuff always happens and brings you back down to earth .. wait.. probably didn’t bring you back down you are still the delusional fan.. is bama back yet?

  8. I guess I’ll be the voice of dissent.

    Before the “War on Drugs”, cocaine was sold legally by Pharma companies in small doses for pain relief, etc. Once it became illegal, it became highly concentrated and thus highly addictive. Once it became illegal, criminal networks sprung up all around to distribute the product. I fail to see how prohibition of “hard drugs” has been any more successful than prohibition of alcohol was during the early 1900s. He has not committed a violent crime, he has not physically harmed or threatened anyone, he is only guilty of selling a product the market will bear. Get the government out of the business of regulating my life, and free Jimmy Johns!

  9. mlvikes13,

    Best post of the day! I was not going to even comment on this, because I knew what the typical condescending response would be. It is not drugs that result in criminal activiites. Drugs are not the cause.

    The effect is that because drugs are illegal, there will still be a market which brings in the criminals. The criminals exist because it is illegal.

    Also, before people someone starts pointing out the obvious. No, I am not defending Johns. The fact is that it is illegal and therefore he will deserve the proper punishment.

  10. kenny and mlv:

    I don’t completely disagree, but just remember that alcohol is legal, yet it still causes enormous problems.

    there are some positives from legalizing drugs, but if you think it will reduce the crimes related to drugs significantly, i think you are wrong.

    Also, don’t say he has “not committed a violent crime, has not physically harmed…” First, you don’t know that. Second, even if he hasn’t, the entire culture surrounding drugs is violent. guys trying to buy, sell and use are habitually violent. it’s all interconnected and this is an AMAZINGLY serious crime.

  11. The fact is though, there were more crimes committed during the period of Prohibition, concerning alcohol. The fact that alcohol was illegal then was the cause that brought in the criminal element. The criminal element then did what criminals do (murders, smuggling, etc…). Prohibition was a direct cause that lead to the rise of the Mafia in America.

    I agree that people who are dealing in drugs should be imprisioned and punished. The fact is they are involved in a criminal enterprise and nothing changes that. Just because I disagree with the law and “The War on Drugs” does not grant anyone the permission to break those laws.

    Yes, as I have stated numerous times the Jimmy Johns crime is very serious. He is looking at 5 felony counts, and probably multiple years in prison. Again, just because one disagrees with a law does not make it right to disobey the law.

  12. I was in school there for four and a half years and never saw a drug of any kind. So save it about Bama being a party school.

  13. Are we still discussing this?
    Really there is nothing we can do about it except watch JJ deal with the penal system and hope it doesnt happen again.

  14. It doesnt matter if you make drugs legal(im for it too just for taxes) just look at the red light district in holland,they still have crazy crime becuase people will not wont to work and make drug money they will do what ever else it takes but work to supply there habit

  15. Couldn’t agree more with what Kevin and Hunter had to say…people have been turning their backs on the cocaine problem at UA for years!!!

    I find it funny that the 1st thing BammerFanInNYC wants to do is point a finger at Auburn (see things haven’t changed much while I have been away). I thought there was nothing going on in Auburn, but rodeos?

    As far as which school has a bigger drug problem….it’s not even a contest:) Some of you guys can refuse to accept that, but it’s a FACT!!!!

  16. Any of you AUtards ever been to an Aubarn house party? I’m quite certain all of you have seeing how there’s nothing else to do. You guys are coming off as hypocritical claiming there’s no drug problem in cowville, because the drug problem on your campus is just as severe as ours – if not worse! Weed. Shrooms. Cocaine. Ecstasy. Even underage drinking could fall under that category. I’ve been to PLENTY of Aubarn parties to know that if there’s one place to find what you’re looking for, it’s Aubarn, Alabama. Hit up a party on Gay Street if you believe your own hypocritical delusions.

    PS: I can’t even imagine what type of substances those crack heads on Wire Road are abusing.

  17. YOU aint been to a party at Auburn!! one lil remark from your ignorant mouth and BAM “SOUP COOLERS SWOLEN SHUT FOR YA!)
    and if you have why are you talking about it? YOU WERE THERE STOOPID! I habent seen anyone say AUburn doesnt have drugs on campus its just your way of letting AU fall out of your filthy mouth!



  19. I am flying back to the states and I will be in L.A. on Sunday. I cant wait to tell them all about the hardcore partying that goes on in the State of Alabama.
    Yeah… they ought to be real impressed with that…..

  20. Tidersider!
    It wernt no reel Aubrun party unlesson you had sum cow tippin’ and some dung flingin!
    Also wus there any freshly made toilet hooch and 40s of beer? Did you kiss ur sister?
    Did you square dance with the local yokels while the gurls kept going outside with the ghetto boys?
    Causin iffen you dint. You aint been to no party at Auburn Univurcity!

  21. Redneck Aubie, I actually did hear Alabama Tech universally ranked number 1 in cow tipping!

    It’s great to be an Alabama Tech fan!

  22. It was evident from Johns’ persona he was bound to be a trouble maker.

    I’m thankful he’s gone and hope he set an example for any of the other thugs on the team — possibly for every other team in the conference as well.

  23. I think you are correct, Christopherson. Number one in both rodeos and cow tipping! Another great reason to attend API!!

  24. No doubt there are drugs on Auburn’s campus, but if you think there is as many drugs on AU’s campus as UA’s campus… are seriously delusional.

    BTW, glad to see that some things didn’t change while I was gone…..some of you Bammers are as trashy as ever!!!

  25. While a student at UA for four and a half years, I never once saw cocaine. Not saying it wasn’t a problem, but I dont appreciate unsubstantiated memes about one state school vs. another.

    As for the party school designation, that was years ago. UA thankfully is no longer listed at the top. And despite what some may think, the great majority of students at UA do not go to Frat parties as they are not in a Frat or Sorority.

    I guess AU students sit home every weekend, and read their bibles.

  26. Cmon people. Nobody on the team knew? PFFFFFTTTTTT. PLEEEEEASE. There aint no way Nobody knew. Ther aint no way nobody on the team was a customer. And there aint no excuse for the staff not knowing. One of the most important jobs of a coach and his staff are knowing the kids. Building relationships. Mentoring them . Investing time in their lives that is involving more than just football. The Saban is a coach with the personality of a doorknob. I hope Im wrong , But The Saban dont seem like much of a relationship builder, or a mentor. Robot seems to be the word that best describes The Saban. Your players are the ones getting the short end of the stick. He needs to step it up or 7,8,9, and 10 are onthe way.

  27. MIVIKES 13 Are you high right now? There aint nothing good about drugs period. I guess Crystal Meth should be legalized too. Either your a 40 year old burnout , or just young and havent seen it wreck enough lives yet. Either way you need to wake up , or grow up.

  28. And Kenny, you need to put down the crackpipe son. Drugs ARE the cause. Drug dealers profit from the cause because they are too damn lazy to work for a living. To insinuate that an illegal drug of ANY kind is “not all that bad” is stupid as hell. As I said to Mivicks 13 you appearantly have never seen what the crap does to families. Now that someone has called yall out dont try to backpedal your stance. Yall are wrong whether you would like to admit it or not. Tell a kid who lost his dad to Meth that it “wasnt the cause”. I have a feeling he would have a hard time understanding you.

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