Is the SEC just this good?

Is the SEC just this good?

Probably. I’m shocked at just how good LSU’s players are compared with Ohio State. The difference was once again writ large for the nation to see. When an inept coach defeats a great coach, you know the difference is talent—an enormous talent difference.

The Ohio State University’s bowl drought against the SEC runs from Bear Bryant to Les Miles, writes the Hartford Courant. As a side note, The Courant is one of the best looking newspapers in the U.S.

According to Best of the SEC, the LSU victory vindicates the conference and Miles mouth.

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Credibility problems on the Plains
Paul Finebaum nails the biggest issue for Auburn moving forward: credibility. Here’s a great line from the Tuesday column:

I’m not exactly sure what happened with Muschamp but don’t you think it’s interesting that a month ago, while Tuberville was discussing his new deal with Auburn, the thing he seemed most concerned about was “taking care of his assistants,” yet, as soon as the ink is dry on the contract, he throws Borges overboard and Muschamp bails for Texas?

Alabama vs. Florida
Conference basketball action begins, and Mark Gottfried is under fire or at least getting some added pressure. Why? The basketball team has been played very poor this year. Tide Druid writes what a lot of Alabama fans are feeling:

I really do like you Mark, I promise you I do. I want only good things for you and this team. But, I cannot just sit by and ignore how poorly our team is performing. I understand Steele is hurt, and I am willing to accept that this team certainly isn’t a top tier team right now. That’s fine, I promise you. I just want to see a strong effort from this team.